Your Geoclense Orgone Generator Can Be Plugged Into Any Power Point On Your Property

Geocleanse Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Each Geoclense For Each Country?

The only difference between our Geoclense Orgone Generators is the power point plug for each country they are designed to for.   There is no difference in the programming or in how they work for each country as they are all designed to work the same way. 

It would be inconvenient for to receive Australian Geoclense Orgone Generators in other countries, as you would have to buy power point plug adaptor to use it. Therefore we make them with power point plugs for any country, so that they are ready to plug in right away when customers receive then, so customers are not inconvenienced with having to get an adaptor.

Is There A Geoclense For Every Power Point Plug And Can They Be Used In Any Country?

We make the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator with power point plugs available for most major power point plugs around the world. If you are wanting to use your Geoclense in different countries, then the best option with be a power point plug adapter. A Universal Transformer is not require to be used, to convert the electricity voltage, as no electricity is actually used. The Geoclense is designed to connect to the electrical circuitry, therefore it does not matter if your electricity supply is 110 volts or 220 volts. We can even make them specifically for your country's power point plug.

Can I Order A Geoclense Negative Ion Generator To Go To Another Country Directly?

My son in Canada has also just bought a new home and I would like to send the Canadian US Geoclense Negative Ion Generator. Can I just order on to be sent to his Toronto address? We can certainly send a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator directly to your son in Canada. We can send one with a Canadian US power point plug, or if he will eventually return to Australia and has an adapter, we can send him an Australian one. Simply place his name and the address in Canada you would like his order sent to, in the Shipping part of the order form and we will ship it directly to him.

Does the Geocleanse Orgone Generators come in the Green colour as seen in the pictures?

All our Geoclense Orgone Generators are now made in some form of very soft or light green, as we have found this to be the best colour for this highly protective Orgone product.

Where Is The Best Place To Plug My Geoclense Orgone Generator In?

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator does not need to be plugged in anywhere specific for the best effects.  It needs to be plugged into any power point socket or electrical socket that is connected to the main electricity grid and will cover your entire property based on its Property Title.  We generally suggest that you plug your Geoclense Orgone Generator into a power point or electrical socket that is not used such as behind some furniture, in the garage or somewhere inaccessible so that it does not easily get unplugged by someone who is not aware of its performance and use.  This way it will be less likely that your Geoclense Orgone Generator will accidently become unplugged.

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will protect your entire property from boundary fence to boundary fence no matter where it is plugged in on your property.  You do not require to move your Geoclense Orgone Generator around your home or property.  All you need to do is plug it into a live powerpoint socket anywhere on your property, and it will harmonize and neutralize all harmful energy from your entire house and yard, right up to your boundary fences and will provide energy healing for all your home's occupants.

Can I plug my Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator into any spare electrical outlet? 

Yes.  Your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator will work plugged into any live power point socket, and will actually even still work when you have a power outage, as it will still be connected to all your electrical wiring and your Earth or Grounding Stake.

Can I Plug My Geoclense Into A Powerboard Or Does It Have To Be Plugged Into A Wall Socket?

Yes, your Geoclense will work perfectly fine plugged into a power board. There are no issues with doing this at all, and many customers do this already and it will continue to work perfectly set up this way. It does not have to be plugged into a socket in the wall. However, please ensure that someone does not come along and unplug it because they do not know what it is.

Where Is The Switch To Turn My Geoclense Orgone Generator On?

In some countries such as in Australia and New Zealand, we have switches on our power points or electrical sockets as per the image shown to the right. However, power points or electrical sockets in many countries are live as soon as you plug something in and they do not have any switches. Therefore you do not have to turn any switch on if you do not have a switch on your power point plugs or electrical sockets, so please disregard this step in your instructions. We have asked our Product Manufacturer to remove this from the instructions on several occasions but they deem it necessary to keep this instruction there for countries that do have switches, despite the fact it confuses many people overseas.

Switches on power points in Australia and New Zealand Only

Will My Geoclense Orgone Generator Still Work When The Electricity Goes Out?

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will work at all times even when there is a "black out", electricity outage or power cut. Your Geoclense Orgone Generator only needs to be connected to your electrical wiring, which is connected to the "Earth Stake" of your home, office or workplace, in order for it to work. This means that if your electricity or power is cut or disconnected for any reason, your Geoclense Orgone Generator will work at all times, no matter what as it is the connection to your electrical wiring and your "Earth Stake" which assists your Geoclense Orgone Generator to do its work.

How do I know that my Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is on? 
As long as it is plugged into a working power point socket it will be on.  Even when there is an electricity outage, it will still work.  If you are Energy Sensitive you will actually feel it working instantly the moment you plug it in, so you may actually be able to feel that it is working instantly.

Would the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator lower the electric bill?

Yes.  This is because the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator reduces the resistance in your electrical wiring by 10% to 15%.  This then reduces the cost of your electricity usage, due to this reduction in resistance.

Also, if you turn your WiFi off at night when you are not using it, instead of leaving it on for 24 hours of the day, as this will reduce your electricity usage and will significantly improve your sleep.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of My Geoclense Negative Ion Generator?

The life expectancy of your Geocleanse Orgone Generator is that they will last you for your entire lifetime, and for the lifetime of your future generations. You do not have to be concerned about your Geoclense Orgone Generator becoming ineffective, as we have written special programmes to stop this occurring.  However, we do recommend a Memory Card Upgrade every few years so that you are protected from any new forms of harmful energy.

Does The Geoclense Protect Phones, Computers, Electronic Devices And Wireless Connectivity?

A Geoclense Orgone Generator will protect all occupants of these places who are not using wireless devices but are in their beams, as well as those who are using the wireless technology. You would only need Phone Computer WiFi Harmonizers for each electronic such as iPhones, wireless (Wi-Fi) technology and computers (which emit their own radiation), only when they are being taken outside of the home, office or workplace, as your Geoclense Orgone Generator will cover all these devices. For a detailed list of harmful energies that all the Orgonium Orgone products provide protection from please our comprehensive list of Forms Of Harmful Energy Orgonium Orgone Generators Protect You From

What Device Would Be Best To Protect Me When I Live In A Large Apartment Building?

For an apartment, or for large apartment buildings you will require a minimum of a Geoclense Orgone Generator. This is because you will be more prone to having everyone else's WiFi radiation, iPhones and cordless phones, and everyone's Digital Televisions from other apartments coming through the walls, as well as a close density of electrical appliances everyone is using, and there may even an electrical transformer in the actual building. Now these days there are often dozens of Smart Meters on apartment buildings as each apartment may have several each.

Is My Geoclense Orgone Generator Programmed to My  Address?

No.  We do not programme your Geoclense Orgone Generator to any address whatsoever.  This way you are free to use your Geoclense Orgone Generator in any location that you choose.  You can take yoru Geoclense Orgone Generator on holiday with you, plug it in anywhere you stay even if it is only for a night or a weekend, or even plug in it at friends houses as it will do a lot of clearing in even just a few days.  If you are camping, just plug it into the soil besides your tent and it will still work.

The only "programming" we do is when you choose to have your Geoclense Orgone Generator for schools, unversities and kindergartens.  Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will still work at any location you choose to use it, as well as cover the second property that it has been programmed to cover.  Having another address programmed means you only need to purchase one Geoclense Orgone Generator and saving you money.  This is done via Radonics and Google Earth maps. For further information about doing this, please read:

My mailing address is a PO Box, is that address programmed into my Geoclense Negative Ion Generator or do I give you the exact address of where I live?

As mentioned above and on our blog, we do not do any programming of any of the Geoclense Negative Ion Generators we send out, unless you order the Second Address programming for Schools, Universities and Kindergartens.  We only do programming for having your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator covering other addresses as per:
Your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator can be used anywhere as explained in this blog post call Geoclense Orgone Generators Can Be Used Anywhere at:  including taking it with you when you travel; go away on holiday or just for a weekend;  or if you move to another home.

What Is The Best Way To Protect My Entire Family From The Smart Meter On The front Of Our House?

To completely neutralize and harmonizer your Smart Meter we highly recommend both a Geoclense Orgone Generator and a Dome Orgone Generator to place on or below your Smart Meter. This is because of the requirement to further protect you from the harmful energy spikes it emits, as advised in the posts on our blog at Best Protection From Smart Meters and in our recent newsletters. To see our full range of Dome Orgone Generators please go to:
I live in an apartment building where there are 12 separate units all together at one address. There are currently 12 smart meters on the property.  Would one Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator take care of all 12 apartments or would they require 12 Geocleanse products?

Most apartment buildings, condos and blocks of flats are usually all on the property title or deed.  If this is the case, then you will only require the one Geoclense Orgone Generator to cover the entire building, and then place a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator to cover each set of Smart Meters as they are usually grouped, although at times they can all together as you.

An Example of A Bank Of Smart Meters

How Best Can I Protect My Children From The Phone Tower Near Right Beside Their School And How Else Can They Be Protected?

Due to the phone tower being so close to your children's school, then the best way to protect them would be with your Geoclense Orgone Generator which you can find at Geoclense Orgone Generators  Then have the school's address programmed your Geoclense Orgone Generator to cover your children's school, which you will find at Geoclense Programming For Schools You may also wish to get Orgone Pendants, Aircraft Orgone Generators, Phone Protectors or Iron On Clothing Harmonizers to protect your children further, for when they are not covered by the properties that your Geoclense Orgone Generator covers.

You may also wish to get Orgone Pendants, Aircraft Orgone Generators, Phone Protectors or IronOn Clothing Harmonizers to protect your children further, for when they are not covered by the properties that your Geoclense Orgone Generator covers.  

Does The Geoclense Orgone Generator Improve Sleep And Dreaming?

The best protection for people who do not sleep well, is the Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged into your home and switched on at all times. This is due to the very harmful energy now affecting us these days such as very low electromagnetic frequencies or VLF, as we as some many other harmful energy now affecting all of us. Nearly all of our customers report better and far restful sleep once they have their Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in and operating in their homes, unless their Geoclense Orgone Generator is doing Energy Healing on them initially. See our testimonials page at: Orgone Reviews and Testimonials It would also be highly recommended that you wear a Quantum Orgone Energy Pendant, if you do not sleep well as this will strengthen and heal your Aura as well as you physical body.

Will The Geoclense Orgone Generator Stop Night Terrors And Nightmares For Children?

We have found that our Geocleanse Orgone generators has a tremendous impact on reducing nightmares and night terrors for children as these do indeed seem to be related to the amount of harmful energy and EMF present in your home. We have had many customers also state that children who are Autistic, have ADD, ADHD and other disorders, sleep better, longer and more peacefully and are much easier to be around during the day. In fact, many parents claim the issues with a lot of these children are actually suffering from "Sleep Deprivation", which is greatly alleviated when a Geoclense Orgone Generator is operating in their homes.

The behaviour of children improves dramatically when they get the sleep that they require, thanks to their Geoclense Orgone Generator. Protecting these children with Quantum Orgone Energy Healing Pendants also strengthen their energy fields which are often not very strong, and this alone will certainly keep children more protected especially those that are really sensitive. Quantum Orgone Pendants would appear to improve their behaviour at school and at day care centres making it easier for their teachers and carers.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Geoclense Orgone Generator?

The Geoclense Orgone Generator harmonizes and neutralizes all harmful energy such as Earth Magnetic Radiation, Electromagnetic Fields, Radio Frequencies, Paranormal activities and the Geopathic Stress affecting your home, office or workplace, keeping everyone there protected from your entire Electrical system, Electrical Wiring, Electrical Appliances, power tools and all devices emitting very low electromagnetic frequencies (VLF) such as cell phones, mobile phones, hand phones, WiFi, cordless phones, portable phones, computers and wireless devices as well as printers, fax machines and all other electrical equipment.

Is the Geocleanse Orgone Generator itself enough to counteract the effect of a 50" Plasma TV?

The best Orgone Generator to harmonize and neutralize the beams of harmful radiation coming off all modern televisions is the Geoclense Orgone Generator. Some people also prefer to place a Dome Orgone Generator on or beside their television for extra protection, particularly if they are noticing they are being particularly affected these Plasma televisions, for further harmonization of the digital radiation, as well as have their Geoclense Orgone Generator operating. The worst time is turning the plasma TV as that is when the 200 to 400 metre digital tv radiation is left.

How Does The Geoclense Know What Area Of Land To Cover?

The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator works in much the same way as Radionics technology works, based on Universal Laws. Our research has shown us that generally the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator covers the entire property based on your property title or land deed, covering you right to your boundary fences, and often even further depending on what forms of hazardous energy that requires harmonization around your home, office or work space.The Geoclense Negative Generator covers all areas evenly and does not cover any are more densely, not even where it is plugged in.

The effective range of the Geoclense Orgone Generator is a radius of 600 acres, right?

No.  It may be much greater than that.  This depends on the property, where the property is located and many other factors.  We have know the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator to cover a farm of more than 1,000 acre farm.

We have one Geoclense plugged into a 50+ floor building in Melbourne and it covers the entire building.    Unfortunately, it's twin building is on a separate property title, otherwise the Geoclense would have covered that building to.

Would a couple of extra Geoclense Orgone Generators work as well?

No!  This may cause an effect of over-stimulation like you have drunk too much caffeine, and may cause you to be over-energized and have difficulty sleeping.

You would be better of placing additional Dome Orgone Schumann Generators around your property to cover specific areas of higher levels of harmful energy, such as your Smart Meter, Digital Television or an office with lots of WiFi and electronic equipment for example.One Geoclense Negative Ion Generator will cover your entire property to your boundary fences.

What If Our Geoclense Does Not Cover Parts Of Our Property?

This would only happen with unusual circumstances.  We have found one Geoclense Negative Ion Generator to covered 600 acres of the farm of one of our neighbours that was 611 acres in total. The reason the last 11 acres were not covered, was there as some extremely high level over harmful energies on this part of the farm, which even the farm animals would not go near. When we were in this paddock we would feel extremely ill, as though someone had kicked me hard in the stomach.

Then we placed another Orgone Generator on this part of the farm on a Geopathic Stress Fault Line, it neutralized and harmonized this extremely harmful energy from what had happened there over 100 years ago. Now the farm animals are comfortable going there. If you feel there is still some harmful energy or some part of your property not covered by your Geocleanse Orgone Generator, please send us your address and we will do a free Google Earth reading on your property to have a look at what is going on and what else may be required, of if there are "curses" on your land needing clearing. It may be, as in the above example, that something else may be required as there is more going on there than you realize.

Is My Address Of My Residence Programmed Into My Geoclense Orgone Generator?
Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will work on any property you plug it into, even if you lend it to someone for a little while.  There does not need to be any address programmed into it to work on your property.  This way you can take it with you when you go on holiday and harmonize the hotel you are staying it, or any location where ever you stay.  If you are camping, simply plug your Geoclense Orgone Generator into the soil beside your tent.  You may even lend your Geoclense Orgone Generator to friends for them to trial, or to clear some specific harmful energy on their property for a short time, such as Death Imprints.

Will my Geocleanse harmonize the Inverter running all the time for a Solar Electricity System?

Yes, this is correct. Your Geoclense will harmonize and neutralize all harmful energy from any Solar Electricity System, and any dirty electricity that may come from that. The Geoclense will also reduce the resistance of the electrical current running through your electrical wiring, making your Solar System more effective, thereby effectively reducing your electricity usage by around 10-15%.

Will The Geoclense Harmonize All The Land Here Or Just Our Unit When There Are 20 Units Here?

We are aware of properties such as these in many countries. In these situations, your Geoclense Orgone Generator will cover the entire property due to the complex being on one property title or deed. Therefore, you will be harmonizing all the homes at that location, as they are not on separate Property titles or deeds.

We Have Two Kinds Of Powerpoints - Grounded And Un-Grounded - Does It Matter Where I Plug My Geoclense?

You will require your Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged into any power point plug that has earth or grounding. Grounding or Earthing is a very big part of what your Geoclense Orgone Generator does. When your Geoclense Orgone Generator is connected to you, this means that all the Earth Magnetic Radiation and Geopathic Stress will also be totally harmonized and neutralized. However, if you do not have any Grounded power point plugs in your home, then plugging your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator into an Ungrounded power point plug will work also, as many countries only have these. Your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator will still work perfectly if you do not have any option in this situation.

We Have Three Different Circuits In Our Home - One Is 220 Volts And Two Are 110 volts. The Bedroom Is On A Separate System - Would One Geoclense Work For Them All?

Yes that is correct. One Geoclense Orgone Generator will protect your entire home and yard, even though you have three different electrical circuits operating there. Note that the Geoclense Orgone Generator will work on both 110 volts and 220 volts and does not require a Converter.

If I purchase a Geoclense Orgone Generator, programmed to cover a Second Address , if I wanted to transfer the coverage from one school, university or kindergarten to another, can this be done?

It is a lengthy process for us to programme a Second Address into a Geoclense Orgone Generator Memory Card.  This requires us to do a Google Earth Reading of the actual property, and then programming the Memory card via Radionics.   The advantage to you is that you save the cost of buying a second Geoclense Orgone Generator.  This product is at:

However, if you wish to change your Geoclense Second Address programming at a later date, you would need to order a further Second Address Programme for the new location, as we would need to create another completely new Second Address Memory Card.  Hence, there would be a further cost if you change the address at a later point in time.

Why is My Geoclense Negative Ion Generator Limited To Two Addresses?

There is a limitation another entirely different Optional Extra on how many additional Second Address Programmes you can to purchase for your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator to over addresses at entire different locations, which is limited only two (2) addresses. Note this is a completely separate product to your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator. You are asking questions about two entirely different products here. The only programming that is done, is when you purchase the addition Optional Extra Programming, that you can purchase for your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator! These are programmed into a Memory Card and are attached to the back of your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator, if you choose to purchase these. The Second Address Programming is limited to two addresses. Your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator can be used at an unlimited and infinite amount of address if you wish, and is not limited to two address only.

If The Geoclense Is Limited To Two Addresses, How Can It Work At Any Location When I Travelling Or Have It At Work?

Your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is NOT programmed to work any one specific address ever. You may use it at any address and any location on the entire Planet. The Second Address Programming is a completely separate product which is an Optional Extra that you can choose to purchase. There are completely different products to protect you whilst actually in transit trave which is the Aircraft Travel EMF Protector, as your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator usually remains at one location (your home) as it only provides 50cm area when unplugged, which is why the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is not designed to be carried around to protect you whilst going from one location to another.

How and where do I place my Memory Card on my Geoclense Orgone Generator?

When you unplug your Geoclense Orgone Generator and took at the back on it that faces the wall, you will see an area that is blank as shown below.  This is the best place to put your Memory Card Upgrade, as per the attached image.  It does not really matter where you stick it on, as even it you place in on the front over the label it will still work.  

This applies to placing a Memory Card onto one of your Orgone Generators or Schumann Generators.  They can be placed onto the bottom, back or even the side of your Orgone Device, such as for the Car EMF Harmonizer.

Place Your Memory Card On The Back Of Your Orgone Device

Can I place my new Memory Card Upgrade on top of the one already on my Geoclense Negative Ion Generator?

We have designed our Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protectors and our Memory Cards to stick permanently and not be removed, so that customers do not loose these item when they are attached to their devices. Therefore, you will not be able to easily remove your previous Memory Card and it is not actually necessary to remove it.  Simply place your new Memory card over the top of the old Memory Card on the back of your Geoclense Orgone Generator, or over the top of any Memory Cards you have placed on the bottom of your Orgone Schumann Generators.

Does The Geoclense Work Even When Not Plugged Into An Electrical Socket?

Yes it does, but it creates a much smaller energy field of Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance when it is not plugged it of 50 cm or approximately 20 inches which is very small as it is not designed to be used in this way nor to be carry around. It works by expanding these frequencies to cover your entire property to its boundaries based on your Property Title or Property Deed, when it connects to your electrical wiring.

Do I Need A Radio Frequency Screen As Well As My Geo Cleanse?

The improvements you are seeing would be attributed to your Geoclense Orgone Generator working to harmonize and neutralize your Smart Meter, and would not be to do with the Radio Frequency (RF) screen or EMF curtain. A RF screen does nothing to reduce the organ stress, not to mention that a RF screen will leave an imprint, which is what really caused the stress in the first place, whereas a Geoclense Orgone Generator will not.

In fact, your Geoclense Orgone Generator will remove and neutralize all such imprints. A Radio Frequency meter will show a reduction in Radio Frequencies. However, a Radio Frequency meter is overly sensitive and give the impression that the Radio Frequency levels in a given space are dangerous to human health, when really they are not! Geopathic Stress is what was affecting your health and your home's overall energetics, which we now see has been improved on all levels when we view your property via Google Earth.

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