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Deluxe XE Model Ultimate Zapper For WITHIN USA And CanadaThe Ultimate Zapper was developed in 1996 inspired by Nikola Tesla, Dr Royal Rife and the Hulda Clark Zapper electro-medicine. Scientific evidence from an electronics expert, who has proven beyond doubt that the Ultimate Zapper's energy wave frequency is unique, making the Ultimate Zapper the most effective.  Due to there being Options to choose for The Ultimate Zapper, please click on the Blue Product Heading to open the Full Product Description to place your order. 
Deluxe XE Ultimate Zapper For OUTSIDE USA And CanadaThe Ultimate Zapper comes with Stainless Steel Footplates makes the ultimate Blood Purifier. We have used the many various types Zappers over the years and are most impressed as the efficiency of The Ultimate Zapper.  Due to there are various Optional Extras to choose from, please click on the Blue Product Heading to open the Full Product Description, so that you can place your order.
Ultimate Liver Parasite Cleanse eBookMany have discovered that instead of having to surgically remove Gall Stones, that doing The Ultimate Liver Cleanse does the job instead. Why have a surgeon cut you open with a knife, when you can learn how to cleanse your liver.  This safely removes the chaff and stones from your Liver and Gall Bladder, and gets rid of your Gall Stones easily and painlessly without surgery.
US To Australia NZ Power Point Plug Adapter

USA and Canada Power Plug Adaptor to a New Zealand and Australia Plug Adapter.  This item is for ordering with your Ultimate Zapper as it comes with a USA and Canadia Power plug.  This power plug adaptor is to convert the power point plug on The Ultimate Zapper to an Australian Power plug.  Price includes Postage worldwide.

Zapper Universal Converter 110 Volts To 220 VoltsThe Ultimate Zapper Transformer from 110 Volts to 220 Volts.  This is the only Voltage Converter to use The Ultimate Zapper in countries outside of USA and Canada. This Transformer converts 220 volts of electricity to 110 volts so that this highly effective Parasite Zapper can be used outside of USA and Canada. If you do not use this particular Transformer your Warranty will be void.
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Activated Zeolite Mercury Toxicty Detox 15mlsYou need to ensure you drink at least two to three litres (quartz) of pure or filtered water each day while taking Activated Liquid Zeolite assists your body eliminate heavy metal poisoning.  Activated Liquid Zeolite is known to kill Cancer cells on contact within 72 hours. Highly effective for treating Heavy Metal Poisoning.
Natural Progesterone Oil 28mlsNatural Progesterone oil to for the relief of hot flushes, sweating and other menopausal symptoms.
Porphyria A Common Cause Of Environmental IllnessIntolerance of coffee, foods, stress, tension, medicine, vitamin and mineral dietary supplements and MSG are feasible indicators of Porphyria — Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), EMF sensitivity and other reactive Environmental Illnesses.
Progurt Acidophilus Probiotic 15 Sachets PackWe have been using this amazing product for some since January 2010, and as Kinesiologists specialising in treating people with severe allergies and chronic health issues, we have seen amazing results and have been able to transform chronic cases with many of our clients who have had long term chronic health issues.
Progurt Lactobacillus Probiotic (Individual Sachet)Each sachet is 100% natural and contains multiple strains of broad spectrum probiotic bacteria.  In fact, one sachet makes one whole litre of Progurt, consumed as yoghurt, making it easy to digest too.  This makes Progurt especially useful for those who have difficulty swallowing pills, tablets or capsules.  It can even be taken as a power can be taken that dissolves in a glass of water or fresh juice can be taken instead.  
Progurt Prebiotic Multi Gludic Syrup (MGS)Multi Glucidic Syrup (MGS) is a pure form of fruco-oliosaccharides which only feed the good flora in your digestive tract and is a natural sweetener that does not feed the bad bacteria or Candida.  Multi Glucidic Syrup works as a prebiotic to feed your healthy probiotics which assists our probiotics to work even better.
Progurt Probiotic IncubatorThe Progurt Incubator is a safe, easy and convenient way to make Progurt. Consisting of Progurt Tub and Incubator, this Yoghurt Maker is very easy to use, and is perfect for making yogurt anytime.
Progurt Probiotic Sachets (5 Sachets)Progurt contains 1 trillion cfu with broad spectrum coverage that you will not find in any other probiotic anywhere.  For example one litre of Progurt is the equivalent of 1,000 probiotic capsules.  One bowl of Progurt  is the equivalent of 100 probiotic capsules.  
RESET Jaw Correction Treatment ManualJaw muscles can maintain significant degrees of stress, tension, anxiety and rigidity and are therefore identified to affect learning, headaches, migraines, spinal and cranial imbalances, digestion and posture, along with pain, discomfort and stress. By balancing the Jaw improves water assimilation and your Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) will stay in its correct position.
Smart Solutions That Keep You Away From DoctorsThe greatest weapon for improving your health and wellness.  Why doctors are dangerous and cannot be trusted and why better health alternatives are not know or kept secret.  Healthy natural remedies are available but why don't they tell us about them?  What you need to know and what your doctor is now telling you.  
Zeolite Heavy Metal Detox Drops 40mlsActivated Liquid Zeolite crystals eliminate Mercury toxicity, heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals and other xeno toxins from your body safely and effectively.  All you need to do is ensure you drink plenty of water to assist your body to flush out the toxins and take the drops regularly two to three times daily.
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