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Progurt Acidophilus Probiotic 15 Sachets PackWe have been using this amazing product for some since January 2010, and as Kinesiologists specialising in treating people with severe allergies and chronic health issues, we have seen amazing results and have been able to transform chronic cases with many of our clients who have had long term chronic health issues.
Progurt Prebiotic Multi Gludic Syrup (MGS)Multi Glucidic Syrup is a pure form of fruco-oliosaccharides which only feed the good flora in your digestive tract and is a natural sweetener that does not feed the bad bacteria or Candida.  Multi Glucidic Syrup works as a prebiotic to feed your healthy probiotics which assists our probiotics to work even better.
Progurt Probiotic IncubatorThe Progurt Incubator is a safe, easy and convenient way to make Progurt. Consisting of Progurt Tub and Incubator, this Yoghurt Maker is very easy to use, and is perfect for making yogurt anytime.
Progurt Probiotic Sachets (5 Pack Box)Progurt contains 1 trillion cfu with broad spectrum coverage that you will not find in any other probiotic anywhere.  For example one litre of Progurt is the equivalent of 1,000 probiotic capsules.  One bowl of Progurt  is the equivalent of 100 probiotic capsules.  
RESET Jaw Correction Treatment ManualJaw muscles can maintain significant degrees of stress, tension, anxiety and rigidity and are therefore identified to affect learning, headaches, migraines, spinal and cranial imbalances, digestion and posture, along with pain, discomfort and stress. By balancing the Jaw improves water assimilation and your Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) will stay in its correct position.
Treatment: Kinesiology Or Access Consciousness 1 1/2 HoursAmazing and powerful Kinesiology and Access Consciousness Energy Healing Sessions improve your health, reduce fatigue, increase energy, ease pain,  reduce stress, deal with allergies, emotional issues, spiritual and metaphysical healing using The Access Bars or Access Consciousness Body work and Oneness Blessings.

Treatment: Kinesiology Or Access Consciousness Bars 2 HoursI am a Kinesiologist using Neurological Integration System (NIS), NAET Allergy Elimination,  Access Concessions Bars Facilitator and Access Consciousness Body Works.  Available in Rushworth and Murchison area in country Victoria, Australia by appointment only.
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Schumann Resonance Orgone Generator Dome (Blue)
Laptop Computer Radiation Radiation Wifi Shield
Geoclense Canada USA Orgone Generator
Car EMF Orgone Harmonizer
Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator
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