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Did you know that with Orgone Products or Orgone Devices you can turn all the harmful energy in the home into beneficial energy that actually improves and increases your own life force energy?  All these highly protective Orgone Energy Products, which you can now buy onlineare the most powerful Schumann Resonance Generators and Orgone Devices, or Chi Accumulators.  

Install these highly protective Orgone Devices in your home, your office, your workplace and your clinic and know that you are totally protected from the dangers of electropollution such as electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), extremely low electromagnetic frequencies (ELF)  and ultra low electromagnetic frequencies (ULF) coming from phones, computers, wireless internet modems and other radiation emitting devices.

Orgone Products Testimonial 

The motor in your fridge is more responsible for food "going off" than you think!  We had some cream in our fridge that I needed in a recipe.  It had been opened and the use-by date was 25 February.  It was already over a week out of date and that would normally spell disaster! 
I had a quick smell expecting it to be sour but to my surprise it was still fresh (as though it had just been opened the day it was purchased)!  I used it in my recipe and there was still an inch in the bottom so I decided to put it back in the fridge to see how long it would last.  I checked it each day and the fresh smell remained until 13 March – it finally went off on 19 March (and we've been getting hot weather here too!). The cream which normally goes off several days past its use-by had taken over three weeks to go off! 
I spoke to Gerard Bini, the developer of these highly effective
Orgone Products, and he said that this was because we had a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in at our home.  He said that the motor in our refrigerator was more responsible for the content going off than people realised, due to the electromagnetic radiation (EMF) that your fridge motor emits, which is close to the food it is meant to be protecting.   
The Geoclense Orgone Generator harmonizes and neutralizes this radiation converting it to life force rather than deadly destructive energies throughout all electrical goods in the home.  In addition to this, all Geopathic Stress in the home is completely eliminated.
The Geoclense does not absorb or use electricity;  rather the power point plug simply touches the bare electrical wiring and with the power point switched on, all electrical wiring throughout the home instantly feeds a positive life force to all the occupants throughout.  I cannot emphasise enough how important the Geoclense Orgone Generator is, and it is such a small investment with so powerful an effect!   G Hernon 2009 Melbourne, Australia

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Want to know about the Research we have done on these highly protective Orgone Products?  See Orgonium Orgone Products Research

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Orgone Energy Products
Orgone Products | Orgone Devices

Orgone Products | Orgone Devices

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Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator
Bamboo Orgone Miracle Blanket (Green)
BPA Free Baby Safety Bottle (260mls)
Buddha Schumann Resonance Generator
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Cell Mobile Phone EMF Radiation Protector
Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generator (Green)
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Dowsing Rods | Divining Rod
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Ionic Orgone Energy Shoe Soles
Ionizer Orgone Water Bottle (800ml)
Laptop Computer Radiation Wifi Shield
Natural Orgone Shell Necklace
Orgone BPA Free Baby Bottle (180mls)
Orgone Eco Friendly Ionic Toothbrush
Orgone Energy Healing Blanket (Cream)
Orgone Energy Jewellery Pendant (Pink)
Orgone Energy Necklace Pendant (Blue)
Orgone Energy Pendant Necklace (Green)
Orgone Energy Quantum Pendant (Purple)
Orgone Generator Water Ionizer (Large Plate)
Orgone Iron On EMF Clothing Protection
Orgone Schumann Resonance Generator Dome (Purple)
Orgone Sports Necklace (Cream)
Orgonium Rainmaker Instructions
Quan Yin Schumann Resonance Generator
Schumann Orgone Energy Generator Dome (Pink)
Schumann Resonance Orgone Generator Dome (Blue)
Sports Energized Orgone Wrist Band
Upgrade Memory Card Schumann Orgone Generator
Water Ionization Orgone Generator (Small Plate)
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We Won An Award!

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Feature Products

Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator
Buddha Schumann Resonance Generator
Cell Mobile Phone EMF Radiation Protector
Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generator (Green)
Geoclense Australia NZ Orgone Generator
Orgone Energy Necklace Pendant (Blue)
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