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Orgonium Orgone Independent Research

Independent Geoclense Research from Switzerland

When installing the Geoclense Orgone Generator, research and measuring with the Lecher Antenna, I can confirm that it possible to reach the following frequencies.  Paolo, Switzerland

The Five Harmonies: For rating and measuring higher life energy (in the houses)
  • 2.5 Hz: Cellular (found everywhere)
  • 8 Hz: Earth or Telluric Energy (found only in the 20% of the houses)
  • 12 Hz: Cosmic or Heaven Energy (found only in the 10% of the houses)
  • 15.3 Hz: Electromagnetic Synergy (found only in the churches)
  • 17.6 Hz: Global Synergy (found only in the churches or cathedrals) which is 60-90 % protective coverage
With the Geoclense 2.5 - 8 - 12 - 15.3 Hz = 100%
Lecher Antennae Measures Hz
 A Lecter Antennae

Orgone Research Using GDV And Kirlian Imaging


Water Before Exposure To A Geoclense Negative Ion Generator And Then After Exposure

GDV Images Showing Water Before And After Exposure To Geoclense Orgone Generator

Research shows that all of these Orgone Devices actually do what we claim they to do as you will read on our Orgonite Reviews And Geoclense Negative Ion Generator Reviews page.  

Aura Before Using A Phone Radiation Protection And Then With Using A Phone Radiation Protector
Research Before And After Using A GDV Biofeedback And
Kirlian Photography Of Before And After Using Of Phone Radiation Shields

Orgonium Orgone Energy and Schumann resonance unique secret technology that goes into products the Radiation and EMF products are the closest to Wilheim Reich's original Orgone Energy work and Orgonomy.

Aura Before Exposure To Orgonium Orgone Energy
Orgonium Orgone Energy products are best tested medically with biofeedback devices such as the Biocom, Mora and Bioresonance Devices such as GDV, with Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine Pulse Point Testing or by using Dowsing Or Divining as this research shows.  


Aura After Only 3 Hours Exposure To Orgonium Orgone Energy
The Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Technique works on certain colour settings only, such as white and blue, and black or white. The colours in this research, do not represent different parts of the body with different corresponding to chakra colours, aura or anything else other that what the machine has been set on to show the results. 

Exposure To Orgonium Orgone Products After 6 Hours

We have had many before and after research images done using Gas Discharge Visualization Technique (GDV) images and Kirlian photography.  The experienced operators of these systems had not ever seen any other Orgone products produce such incredible results.  Have these tests done yourself and compare Orgonite to Orgonium, and you will reproduce the same impressive results. See how these high efficacy Orgone products produce the best Orgone to seal and protect your aura.


Aura After 24 Hours Of Exposure To Orgonium Orgone Energy Products
If you would like a copy of our Orgonium Orgone Energy Research Report to see the entire report using GDV showing the time frames of Before and After aura images of these Orgonium Orgone Energy products, please email us via our Contact Us page and we can send this to you this an independent research report show you more.

We invite you to do the research on these Orgonium Orgone Energy products yourself.