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These environmentally friendly bamboo Orgone Blankets produce amazing Negative Ion resonance as their main healing component, extend their protective energy field to around 10 metres (33 feet) and are incredibly relaxing.   The frequency octaves we use to create through this Orgone Blankets is superior to the original resonances created by layering, which is now deemed to be out-of-date and old technology.

Orgone Frequently Answered Questions

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Unique Bamboo Energy Healing Orgone Blankets

Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and other diseases are caused by an accumulated too many unhealthy Positive Ions in your body from city living, fast food and not releasing and letting go of your emotions, especially where there are now too many harmful energies bombarding us.

In order to bring these wholesome Negative ions back into balance within your body, we warmly recommend wrapping yourself up in one of these beautifully soft and gentle bamboo blankets.  This speeds up your recovery and the energy healing process, improving your presence in your body and increasing your wellness.

These splendid Bamboo Orgone Blankets consist of just one solitary layer and are produced from fast-growing ecologically friendly bamboo, which is a completely renewable and eco-friendly resource making them extremely light, portable and washable.  

The Exciting Therapeutic Results Of These Energy Healing Orgone Blankets Are:

* Protection from Earth Magnetic Radiation, Electromagnetic Fields and all forms of Electro-Pollution

* Cleansing of your Aura, recharging your life force energy when you feel depleted and rejuvenation

* Slowing down of your mind and body to bring about better relaxation, deeper meditation and more restful sleep
* Fantastic for Complementary Medicine and Health Practitioners for Orgone Therapy, energy healing treatments and health consultations
If you desire more in-depth information about this distinctively unique Orgonium Orgone technology, please ensure read about our Orgonium Innovative Technology

Orgone Blankets Washing Instructions: 

Wash in cold or lukewarm hand wash (no more than 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit) without bleach or fabric softeners.  Wash separately.  They must be dried hanging on an outdoor clothesline only, to avoid accumulation. 

Washing these will not influence the dynamics of these blankets, and they will carry on working energetically.