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Natural Shell Energy Necklace

  • Orgone Energy Shell Necklace
  • Orgone Energy Shell Necklace
  • Orgone Energy Shell Necklace
  • Orgone Energy Shell Necklace

Categories: Personal Protection , Phone Computer WiFi

Uses: Wearable EMF Protection , For Rejuvenation

The Orgone Shell Necklace provides you with a complete protection against electromagnetic pollution, electromagnetic radiation, and all varieties of dangerous and destructive energy.

Orgone Pendants are best made from natural energy holding materials. They are an energetic tool that creates a harmonizing field of healing Negative Ion around our body, to support and balance your magnetic field and aura, and to provide protection from depleting Positive Ion energy influences created by various aspects of our environment. 

This amazing Orgone Shell Necklace is made from natural Kabibie shell; therefore, marks may appear on one side due to the shape of the shell where it has been compressed to make the beautiful Seashell Necklace.  

These incredible Orgone protection products work even more efficiently because of these slight imperfections, as the stunning Shell Necklace Pendant is hand-made.  Serenity with imperfections as naturally found in nature.

This Shell Pendant is energetically superior to many other energetic pendants, due to not having any negative polarity.  We have been able to engineer this out leaving no negative energy polarity using our secret technology, so they are positive on both sides. This means that it does not matter which side the pendant is facing, there is no negative polarity affecting you, unlike wearing crystal pendants. This makes these Shell Pendants completely safe to wear, no matter what your own sensitivity levels may be. 

This special Orgone Shell Necklace delivers ten metres (for thirty-two feet) of personal space protection all around you from electromagnetic fields, radiation and all forms of harmful Positive Ions everywhere you go whilst you are wearing your Pendant.

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Shell Necklace Orgone Reviews

Orgone Review StarsOrgone Review StarsOrgone Review StarsOrgone Review StarsOrgone Review StarsAwesome Orgone Energy Products
The Orgone Shell Pendant that I wear is stylish and a great protector and everyone comments on how beautiful it is. We also have two Geocleanse Orgone Generators (one for home and one for the workplace) - these are just awesome. Written by J Harris, Qld Australia on Fri 20 Sep 2013 9:02:42 AM
Orgone Review StarsOrgone Review StarsOrgone Review StarsOrgone Review StarsOrgone Review Stars Orgone Shell Pendant Actually Does What They Say It Does
The first couple of days, I was tired then I started to feel energized. I am empathic so I am always picking up others thoughts, emotions, pains, etc. I have found that I don't hear all the negativity anymore, as this Orgone Shell Necklace Pendant has helped with psychic attacks being projected at me. I have purchased crystals, other different types of pendants before and none of them worked. This Orgone Pendant has been my miracle. I let my son, who is 20, use my Orgone Pendant, he doesn't really believe in all of this.  He loved it so much and felt a difference that he purchased one for himself. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Written by Darlene Bruno on Wed 31 Jul 2013 2:07:14 AM 

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