Best Parasite Bug Zapper To Kill Candida, Microorganisms, Bacteria and Viruses

Incredibly Effective For Parasites And Candida Treatment

As a Kinesiology Practitioners with 22 years of Clinical experience, we have found the Ultimate Zapper to be extremely effective.   

The Ultimate Zapper is so effective, that even one to five minutes use can produce amazing results, especially concerning Viruses which seem to be increasingly prevalent these days.  Hence you will find this the most effective product to also use in yourself, your family or your clinic or practice.

Incredible Ultimate Zapper Testimonial

Our next door neighbours recently bought The Ultimate Zapper and after seeing and hearing about their results, I wanted to try it on my husband John who was at point of death a few weeks ago. 
He has had an underlying health issue for 4 years that has only just been diagnosed yesterday and hence untreated - Swine Flu. He ended up sick in bed for a week and lost so much weight and health that I rushed him to the hospital one night. They ended up putting him in the infectious diseases ward and we found out that he had gastro, pneumonia and an extremely dangerous type of influenza (on top of the 2009 swine flu that had ravaged his body). 
After a week in hospital and not really looking or feeling much better, he was sent home because "there was less likely hood of him catching any further diseases that would, in his state probably kill him. Our neighbours were kind enough to offer to let us try the Ultimate Zapper and I can't believe the improvement in him just in the 2 days that he has been using it. The first session- nothing, the afternoon session nothing again but he was able to read the newspaper and be more attentive to conversations, the next day he had more energy and was able to start focusing on his work and the last session of that day he had an irritation in certain parts of his body while on The Ultimate Zapper. 
Today, 3 days later, he has been even more improved and wanted to drive the car (which I didn't allow) to go to his appointment with the doctor. He was so irritable and the whole way there was a backseat driver. Now this may not sound that great, but just the fact that he had the energy to argue and that he was obviously irritable says that he is getting better and The Ultimate Zapper is killing the viruses in his body- amazing!

Anyway, I would like to purchase the Ultimate Zapper for us so he can continue to use it to get better and also so I can try it. Could you please advise on what I need to get from the list you have so that I have all the parts and the Stainless Steel Foot Plates?   
Thank you. Emma, Western Australia email received Wed 16 Oct 2013 6:34:20 AM 

In fact, as soon as we begin feel the start of any cold or flu, we always use The Ultimate Zapper right away and it has continually prevented us from getting any more than just the symptoms of one starting. We actually find that because we use The Ultimate Zapper on a regular basis, we don't even actually catch any cold nor flu viruses whatsoever, even when we are constantly treating Kinesiology clients who have colds and flu viruses, as well as Candida treatment
Bacterial infections, to eliminate Parasites and Fungal infections.
The Ultimate Zapper can easily eliminate cold and flu viruses, as well as bacterial infections, parasites and Fungal infections such very popular for Candida treatment.  

When you use The Ultimate Zapper on a regular basis, you will find that you rarely, if ever, come down with any colds or influenza viruses, and will keep them in check before the symptoms even have time to take effect.

You would not find anything more effective treating any pathogens on the market as the Ultimate Zapper.  It does all that you are looking for and more, including all killing parasites, bacteria, Candida treatment, fungal infections, and viruses - even HIV.  

We are so impressed with this amazing zapper, and was very surprised to actually feel it working while we were use it. The Ultimate Zapper beats all the other Zappers that we have and every used!   
We personally have used many types of Parasite Zappers over the years including the Space Healer, the Robert Beck Zapper and the Hulda Clark Zapper, and we must say, we have never ever used a Zapper as effective.

Not to mention, you feel really amazing after using the Ultimate Zapper on a regular basis - it even comes with Stainless Steel Footplates, making it 63-77% more effective. 

The Zapper

The Zapper

Deluxe XE Model Ultimate Zapper For WITHIN USA And CanadaThe Ultimate Zapper was developed in 1996 inspired by Nikola Tesla, Dr Royal Rife and the Hulda Clark Zapper electro-medicine. Scientific evidence from an electronics expert, who has proven beyond doubt that the Ultimate Zapper's energy wave frequency is unique, making the Ultimate Zapper the most effective.  Due to there being Options to choose for The Ultimate Zapper, please click on the Blue Product Heading to open the Full Product Description to place your order. 
Deluxe XE Ultimate Zapper For OUTSIDE USA And CanadaThe Ultimate Zapper comes with Stainless Steel Footplates makes the ultimate Blood Purifier. We have used the many various types Zappers over the years and are most impressed as the efficiency of The Ultimate Zapper.  Due to there are various Optional Extras to choose from, please click on the Blue Product Heading to open the Full Product Description, so that you can place your order.
Ultimate Liver Parasite Cleanse eBookMany have discovered that instead of having to surgically remove Gall Stones, that doing The Ultimate Liver Cleanse does the job instead. Why have a surgeon cut you open with a knife, when you can learn how to cleanse your liver.  This safely removes the chaff and stones from your Liver and Gall Bladder, and gets rid of your Gall Stones easily and painlessly without surgery.
US To Australia NZ Power Point Plug Adapter

USA and Canada Power Plug Adaptor to a New Zealand and Australia Plug Adapter.  This item is for ordering with your Ultimate Zapper as it comes with a USA and Canadia Power plug.  This power plug adaptor is to convert the power point plug on The Ultimate Zapper to an Australian Power plug.  Price includes Postage worldwide.

Zapper Universal Converter 110 Volts To 220 VoltsThe Ultimate Zapper Transformer from 110 Volts to 220 Volts.  This is the only Voltage Converter to use The Ultimate Zapper in countries outside of USA and Canada. This Transformer converts 220 volts of electricity to 110 volts so that this highly effective Parasite Zapper can be used outside of USA and Canada. If you do not use this particular Transformer your Warranty will be void.
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We Won An Award!

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