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The Delicate Energy From Eeman Bio Circuits Or Chi Products For Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Bio circuit Chi Products are passive devices which have been documented to induce relaxation, rest and peace in users, facilitating the body’s subtle energy flows and movement.  Repeated measurements in double-blind studies was been performed to check whether relaxation Biocircuits do in fact produce additional relaxation, than in the placebo controlled bio circuits as discovered and developed originally by Leon Eeman.
This research style and design was set up for expectation, order effects, initial time effects and for ultradian rhythms. Dependent measures included four physiological variables associated with arousal, relaxation of the frontalis muscle tension, one mono-polar channel of EEG monitored for theta episodes, finger temperature, finger pores and skin conductance and a ten-item comparative questionnaire utilized to rank subjective experiences associated with relaxation, rest and peace within session.
The twelve subjects each completed four sessions. The very first session for all subjects was for familiarization and its data was not analysed. Subjects then completed three additional sessions, each individual session being counter-balanced and randomly assigned between all the subjects. The three sessions exposed subjects to the Relaxation bio circuit, a Placebo-Cintrol dummy bio circuit and a Tension bio circuit.
The EEG theta measurements showed noticeably far more theta episodes associated with using the relaxation device than using the placebo-control (Wilcoxon signed ranks exam: p .025 one-tailed). The frontalis muscle tension measure showed considerably reduced tension levels associated with using the relaxation device than with using the placebo-control (Wilcoxon signed ranks exam: p.01 one-tailed). The pores and skin conductivity and temperature measures did not reach significance importance in any direction throughout any treatment options.
Five out of ten questionnaire items evaluating the relaxation device together with the placebo-control significantly favoured the relaxation device (all by sign test with a priori probability of .5);  subjective estimate of relaxation (p £ .0002); sensations of warmth (p £ .03);  non-ordinariness of experience (p £ .02); perceived effectiveness (p £ 0.02);  perceived benefit (p £ 0.02).   No questionnaire items at 0.05 significance level favoured the placebo control over the relaxation device.
The conclusions from further research demonstrate the prevalence of these Chi Products or Relaxation Bio Circuits over above a placebo-controlled study for generating relaxation and rest more than the controlled double blind conditions.

Also Known As The Linderman Circuit

Whilst Eeman Biocircuits, also known as Linderman Circuit or Chi Products, in themselves are terrific tools for rest and relaxation, deepening meditation, for entering the energy body quickly, balancing the physical body and etheric energies, research by L E Eeman himself, Dr Peter Lindemann in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Leslie Patten’s research in the 1990’s as well as other researchers, indicate that there is huge potential for their use for in powerfully potent form of vibrational healing.

Chi Products Research And Assumptions

Dr Peter Lindemann (from Borderlands Research in USA) showed and confirmed in many experiments over the years that the Lindemann Circuit is an efficient medium for receiving comprehensive information about the entire body directly from its energy field and for communicating healing information to the body purely, directly and efficiently.”
Dr Lindemann’s view of life energy as consciousness was fundamental to these experiments that the body heals itself and that a good practitioner will simply facilitate that process, helping to remove blockages in the various energy flows which promote health.  Healing is a natural process, and all vibrational therapies are attempts to catalyse these natural processes, and accelerate what the body would do normally anyway.
The intelligence of all life functions through our DNA which controls all processes and functions within the body.  When injury and damage occur the DNA assesses it, decides how to proceed and does this utilizing the body’s blueprint much the same way as in building your body in the first place.  The main reason that not everybody is perfectly and completely healthy is that the working of DNA continues to be compromised by toxic and poisonous deposits, unresolved emotions and feelings, poor diet and so on because of high levels of toxicity. The DNA can correct these conditions when we stop creating them by making behaviour modifications and better lifestyle choices a way of life.
The Second Great Leap
The second great leap that Leon Eeman made was to realize that bio circuit chi products carry energies and information around the body, rather like a session of Polarity Therapy aims to do.

These movements occurred as a result of the three axis of polarity that he found in the body.  The first being the head to toe; the second being from the right side to left side; and the third being from the back to front.  These form a ‘pressure gradient’ rather like a voltage (potential gradient), much like water pressure in a plumbing system.

He reasoned that if a healing substance were to be placed in line somewhere in the biocircuit (in the bottle), its influence and qualities would be carried through the entire circuit. Years of painstaking research proved him right — and this is all fully documented in his books, and in books written by some of his co-researchers.

The next incredible discovery that Leon Eeman made was to recognize that bio circuits carry energies and sequences around your body, rather like a session of Polarity healing aims to do.

Further, he found that just one-tenth of a normal dose of a substance (such as Vitamin C or aspirin) was as effective as a full dose taken physically, say, as a capsule or pill. Furthermore, the drawbacks associated with such normal ingesting of medication did not occur, such as their symptoms and side-effects.  For example, taking a capsule or pill means the substance is exposed to the acidity of the stomach, which can be detrimental to the effect required.
Further Circuit Chi Products Research
Researchers have found that in cases of degenerative disease, the side effects of nausea affected appetite.  An example of this, is using Cesium Chloride in the bio circuit, along with other substances to make up for the reduction in potassium caused by Cesium, and other preparations for oxygenating the body, helped with blood formation.  The results are reported to be very encouraging:

1.  There is a clear reduction in pain
2.  The nausea side-effects are much diminished or did not occur
3.  Lesser quantities of the substances are required than for oral ingestion
4.  Cesium chloride seems to be a natural anti-depressant reducing effects of  manic-depressive states
5.  Cesium chloride has an effect of removing wrinkles in the skin with cosmetic improvements 
6. This vibrational mix can also be used topically—it seems to remove certain skin growths and moles
What does this mean in practice?
There is massive potential opened up by this dual approach.  Firstly, the use of the bio circuit without any medication inline has many advantages.

Secondly, there seems to be no end to the possibilities of placing a healing substance in line, amongst them vitamins, minerals, essential oils, essences of all kinds, flower remedies, even colours.  

Thirdly, this is a totally non-invasive way of delivering healing influences — in which the body will take what it needs and no more, just as a battery takes just the current it needs for charging.   Most people have a sense of when ‘enough is enough’ and stop the session.  

Fourthly, many side-effects due to too much of a substance in the system, or how it has to be digested through the mouth and/or the stomach, can be side-stepped. This is a great advantage for frail or hyper-sensitive people, and for people who have to take a number of medications regularly.  

Fifthly, even synthetic pharmaceutical drugs are candidates for use in this way, because less needs to be used, and the vibrational effect of the drug will be stronger with less. Thus there will be less toxicity.

Here Are Some Suggestions for Using These Circuit Chi Products

  • Use Essential Oils for improving health and wellness as all of the energy of aromatherapy is accessible through the Biocircuits which is powerful, non-invasive, safe and natural.
  • For a headache place a pinch of paracetamol in the water jar to act immediately.
  • For fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome and others with low energy states use of oxygenating compounds like Stabilised Oxygen or Cellfood will have a great effect.
  • Everyone taking vitamins and minerals can get the effect of utilizing a great multivitamin within the bio circuit, along with colloidal minerals with only using 10% of the quantity.
  • When morphine is administered, we discovered that rather of several milligrams orally being require, only twenty five drops in-line had a much better impact (with no constipation as a side-effect), along with the pain and discomfort still significantly reduced. (This was carried out under the Medical supervision at St Vincent’s Hospice in Australia).
  • For energy boosts place seven drops of Cellfood or Stabilised Oxygen in the bottle to provide a nourishing impact.
  • A small quantity of urine taken early morning and mixed with water may be placed in the online bottle. Urine treatment has an historical background going back 1000's of years.
  • Limitless other possibilities such as Flower Essences, Gem Essences or any other Vibrational remedies placed in the chi products circuit.

‘Bio Circuits—Amazing New Tools for Energy Health’ By Leslie Patten with Terry Patten
‘Technique of Conscious Evolution’ By L E Eeman
‘Co-operative Healing’ By L E Eeman
‘The L E Eeman Report—The Pioneering Years of Biocircuitry’ By Tom Brown (Borderlands Science)

Eeman Biocircuits For Total Relaxation * NEW *
Eeman Biocircuits For Total Relaxation * NEW *
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Symmetrical Chi Biocircuits

Biocircuits deliver equilibrium and harmony to the energy of your body to enhance your vitality and strength, which is generally known as chi, Prana or life force energy.   

The copper screens act like an antenna that capture and radiate energy, while the copper electrodes make contact with the meridian points in the hands. Copper wire, an excellent conductor for this energy, connects the wire mesh screens with the electrodes.  Connected as illustrated, the Eeman Biocircuit relaxation screens quickly reduces your stress and fatigue, quietens your mind, and promotes deep calm and uninterrupted sleep. A great way to relax for 20 minutes, to renew your energy at any time.

Biocircuitry is a simple and universal principle.  By externally linking certain of the body's energy centers, Eeman Biocircuits enhance the flow and balance of the body's natural energy.  Biocircuits act as polarity screens promote calmness within you, physical relaxation and refreshment.  They can also facilitate trance states, sensitivity to life energy and many extraordinary states, of consciousness, gently and safely.  

By harmonizing the flow of life energy in and around the body, tension and bodily stress are relieved.   As a result, in only 15-30 minutes, you feel muscular tension and knots begin to relax, respiration becomes deeper and your whole body feels calm, peaceful and balanced.

Widely reported effects:
  • They relieve sleeplessness with great success
  • A consistent balancing, relaxing and energizing of the whole person
  • They relax and calm nervous system and relieves stress, tiredness and fatigue
  • They can be used to magnify the effects of visualizations, affirmations and reprogramming
  • They can be used in preventing or speeding recovery from exhaustion and jet lag after flying
  • They are used to promote sensitivity to subtle energies and to develop or enhance psychic abilities
  • They can be used as tools for personal development by releasing hidden emotions, body armour, memories and other knots

"My Relaxation Screens not only help me sleep, they relieved my back pain.", J.P., Cullman, AL
"Woke up with a headache, laid on the screens for 15 minutes and the headache was gone."
J.W., Denver, CO
"The Relaxation Screens really do help me sleep all night, without waking up." , M.S., Huntsville, AL
"I feel more relaxed and did not wake up all night, for a change.", S.P., N.Y.


The Eeman Biocircuit screens are 8 inch (24 cm) squares of .011 copper, 16 mesh and are sewn together with heavy cotton backing to insure comfort and durability.  

The handles are 4" long (12 cm), 1" (2.5cm) polished copper tube.  All connections are silver soldered to avoid lead and increase durability.  All materials and workmanship are warranted against manufacture defects for one year.

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