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5 EMF Shielding Techniques for 2020

5 EMF Shielding Techniques for 2020

Let's pick this up from the basics, shall we? EMF, if you ask us that currently—what do you think our answer will be? Well, we'll start by telling you that EMF means electromagnetic force. And EMR is electromagnetic radiation. And it's literally everywhere around us. From our microwaves, smartphones, laptops, ovens, etcetera. Actually, you can expect to EMF from any wireless device you have. How? Let's see a smartphone which has a radio transmitter and receiver. The former is explicitly used to send messages (information) to a radio, which then goes to a friend you're chatting or calling. After that, the radio receiver receives the messages being sent by your friend. Throughout both situations, electromagnetic fields are sent constantly as the phones communicate. Cell phone radiation is a huge emf radiation and emf exposure issue in today's world.

The same happens in microwaves as well. It uses the same kind of energy found in radios (radio-frequency energy) to work.

Honestly now, no one feels flattered by such things happening invisibly to their person. We mean, EMF radiation is constantly passing through our bodies, and it's very normal to be skeptical about its presence. Heck, there have been different health talks, both neutral and negative about its presence in our lives. So, because of any fear that it may cause, there are various techniques and devices available that shield us from EMF. Here, we discuss the top 5 emf protection products and shield techniques that we know of.

5 EMF Shielding Techniques for 2019 and Further

  • Wearing EMF Shielding Cloths

Yes, we have normal clothes we wear all the time. But there's a very high possibility (not 100%)  that most people only wear them to make a fashion statement. After that, it's to negate the elements that would otherwise be uncomfortable.

Now, how about all three wrapped into one? Of course, you may find EMF shielding cloths that aren't that stylish, and you may even find some others that do not necessarily shield you from the weather. But that's why there's the option of making a custom order.

Cloths that block EMF are usually lined/coated with silver and copper. And they significantly reduce the amount of radiation that gets to you. You can buy a t-shirt that you can wear underneath your other clothes, caps if you're going out, scarfs, ladies hat, trousers, and skirts, etc. Remember, there's no one saying any of those clothes can't be stylish too.

You'll definitely feel the difference in energy around you. It's refreshing, cool, and natural. One thing to just note is that only wash EMF blocking cloths with good quality water. The pH must be right and sulfur or fluoride shouldn't be in high quantities. They may change the garment’s color and thus, damage the cloth’s EMF blocking capabilities.


  • Building Area Blocking EMF Shielding Devices

An example of devices that block EMF radiation is a Faraday cage. It's essentially a cage that'll wrap around an area and makes it dead from emf exposure, in terms of radio waves, and thus electromagnetic fields. Nothing gets in, nothing gets out. A simple example is using aluminum foil to build a box and drop your phone inside. Your phone won't even see any service, not to talk of receiving any calls or messages. So, the trick is using shielding materials that'll reject EMF.

Places, where you can use this particular method, is your sleeping area. Your bed and all others in the other bedrooms can be outfitted with Faraday cages to offer protection for everyone.


  • Using EMF Shielding Materials and Devices in Your Home

Unlike other techniques or options that you can consider, these devices are strictly for your home. We have curtains which you can install. At the same time, the curtains can look any way you want. Modern and chic, vintage and fresh, or anything in between. It all depends on what you want.

There are also plug-in harmonizers that you can put in wall sockets around your home. We advise that you put one in every room in your house so as to create a shield with essentially no holes.

After that, you have the option of painting your house. This is just like a normal paint, since you use the same equipment, though with different effects. You use electromagnetic shielding paint, which then creates a bigger EMF blocking zone than a Faraday cage can. Services won't be dead though, but combining this with the harmonizers and curtains make for an efficient combination. All with one purpose.


  • Making Use of Mobile EMF Shielding Accessories

These are accessories that you can wear on your person whilst moving about. They can be EMF shielding necklaces like the Quantum Orgone Pendant, car harmonizers, shoe insoles, toothbrushes, water bottles.

emf protection orgone energy pendant

As already mentioned, you can take all of these anywhere you're going. Buy more than one shoe insole, never forget your necklaces, carry your water bottle with you, and include your toothbrushes in your luggage when you're traveling. In fact, you can buy any of these for your friends and families.

Doing this helps maintain your safety, even when you've left the comfort of your home. It's particularly helpful if you're going to spots where there's a hike in the number of devices being used. On that note, you should take it to work too. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose since all of the accessories mentioned are inconspicuous.


  • Shielding the Devices Themselves

Most if not everybody uses a smartphone at this point in time. And most people have more than one just lying around. Those smartphones all emit EMF. As a matter of fact, you should know that just because you use a single phone doesn't mean you're receiving EMF from only your phone. That may increase or decrease depending on the area (population of phone users).

Hence, the quickest way is to use EMF blocking accessories for our phones. Once more, they'll try to block as many waves as they can, from being emitted. A popular form in which they come is a sticker that goes on your phone's back or on the front of a pouch.


Tip: Never forget to keep upgrading your EMF blocking devices. This is because as more technological developments occur, the more EMF coming our way. So it's really important that these blocking devices are up-to-date (so to speak).