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How an Orgonite Pendant Can Help You?

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“Orgonite” is a mixture of organic and inorganic materials including types of metal shavings, specialized crystals, and herb-infused H20. This solid compound is used to channel a source of energy called “Orgone”. Lack of or inaccessibility of this type of spiritual energy is thought in alternative medicine to be the cause of many illnesses and imbalances. If you believe that you do not possess proper levels of or are having trouble accessing this source of power and vitality, an Orgonite or Orgone pendant is an energy pendant that can be the key to solving your worries.

Organite creates an energy field that works in a similar way that the chakra system or Tai Chi works. All of these thought processes focus on neutralizing negative energy and keeping your mind and body free of blockages to healthy energy flow. The presence of Organite, an Orgone generator, does the same thing, which can provide a variety of health benefits. Organite works without direction, it recognizes and neutralizes sources of deadly, negative orgone energy, as well as identifies and balances out energy blockages in the body.

Orgonite can be used to make a variety of devices that will channel Orgone, which will balance the disturbed energy in your life. A Orgonite energy pendant is a beautiful and stylish way to be able to access Orgone cosmic energy, find peace, and have it at your disposal 24/7. You can buy an Orgonite pendant or make your own. Orgonite pendants are made out of polyester resin (to keep all your materials together), any type of metal shavings, crystals (you can pick a variety of different crystals or chakra stones for their particular benefits, although quartz crystals are thought of as essential base crystals) and, optionally, herb-infused water.

Ideal metals used for the creation of an Orgonite pendant are aluminum and copper. They are inexpensive and easy to find. The metal shaving should be as small as possible for maximum effectiveness.

The base crystal used in an Orgonite pendant is Quartz; however, additional crystals can be added depending on personal preference.

Benefits of Wearing an Orgonite pendant

Sleep Disturbances & Night Terrors: Organite is a great source of energy for balance. Our subconscious often tells us when we are feeling unbalanced or having blockages if life energy. Dream reading can be a great way to identify what plagues us in the waking world. Orgonite can help banish and protect you from negative energy that may be causing horrific and paralyzing night terrors. Exposure to electromagnetic pollution can also disturb your sleep patterns, making it difficult for you to fall or stay asleep. The simple presence of an Organite pendant around your neck will protect you from this negative energy, allowing you to fall and stay asleep.

Protect The Wearer From Electromagnetic Pollution: In this new age, we are exposed to many sources of electromagnetic radiation. This subtle energy includes emissions from your telephone, your computer, your tablet, and, essentially, any other wireless device. These sorts of electromagnetic emissions can cause a variety of illnesses including tumors and various types of deadly cancer, as well as in sleep disturbances and insomnia. Wearing an orgonite pendant at all times can help protect you from these emissions. The etheric energy in an Orgonite pendant will serve to balance the disorganized, chaotic electromagnetic energy and render it harmless to you.

Spiritual Growth: As mentioned above, Orgonite is a powerful energy-balancing tool. As it has the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy, wearing an Orgonite pendant can allow you to grow and develop spiritually as you will not be caught up in negative thoughts or being drained by negative energy sources. Wearing an Orgonite pendant will allow your vital energies to continuously flow and to keep you free of blockages from negatively and will keep your general demeanor neutral, centered and calm.

Healthy Levels of Life Force Energy: Our bodies need positive Orgone energy to survive. Keeping an Orgonite pendant on your person will help repel deadly, stagnant orgone as well as prevent blockages in this source of life force energy, allowing it to flow through our bodies. Doctors will admit that stress kills. By repelling negative energy and neutralizing deadly Orgone, as well and allowing life force energy to flow freely, your energy levels will improve, you will benefit from more balanced moods and you will stay stress-free and healthy for years to come.

Protects the Wearer from Geopathic Stress and Related Disease: Geopathic stress occurs in areas where a distorted electromagnetic field exists. This can include both natural and man-made disturbances. A few good examples of areas where geopathic stress may occur are where underground streams, sewers, and tunnels exist. Living in geopathic stress zones can have ill effects on both physical and mental well-being. People affected by geopathic stress related conditions are often resistant to treatment. Signs that you may live in a geopathic stress zone are the presence of bees and wasps (as they thrive in geopathic stress zones) and sick plant life, such as cancers on trees. An Orgonite pendant can help balance the negative energy in your body and protect you from illness related to living in a geopathic stress zone.

In conclusion, an Organite pendant can be a powerful protector and the perfect way to channel Organite energy and have it on your person at all times. Not only will an Organite pendant help improve the quality of your sleep, your energy levels and the balance of your mood, but it can also help protect you from sources of negative of deadly Orgone. Both electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi devices and geopathic stress zones can cause illnesses related to imbalanced levels of energy or energy blockages. In our world, it may be difficult or impossible to avoid these sources of energy. Orgonite will help neutralize and balance this energy and, in turn, protect you from it. Wearing an Organite pendant means you will always be protected from these sources of energy.

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