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How To Make Orgonite

Harness the power of orgonite by creating it with your own two hands! Check out how to make orgonite. 

Harness the power of orgonite by creating it with your own two hands! Check out how to make orgonite. 

Imagine a world where negativity dissolves, replaced by a constant flow of positive energy. Now picture having the ability to create this haven yourself. With your own two hands you can foster a sense of peace and well-being.

That's the power of orgonite pyramids, and the best part? You can craft your own!


Orgonite: A Symphony of Energy

Authentic Orgonite Pyramids

Orgonite pyramids are more than just beautiful crystals encased in resin. They are energetic powerhouses, harmonizing the very life force around you.

Orgonite is a substance that is used to avoid negative energy by channeling Orgone energy. Organite can take many different forms. The three most common are Orgonite pendants, Orgonite pyramids, and Orgonite pucks, also called tower busters.


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7 Chakra Orgonite Necklace - Orgone Energy Australia

7 Chakra Orgonite Necklace


Although all are effective, Organite pendants are useful because they work like an Orgone blanket to offer protection from electromagnetic radiation and geographic stress regions at all times.

The pucks are probably the most simple to make to give positive energy and protect you from negative energy. Finally, Orgonite pyramids are not only beautiful but the pyramid is an important shape in sacred geometry.

Developed based on the work of Wilhelm Reich, orgonite combines organic and inorganic materials – crystals, metals, and resin – to create a unique energetic field. This field is believed to:

  • Neutralize negativity: Orgonite is said to attract and transform negative orgone energy (DOR) into positive orgone energy (POR).
  • Enhance your environment: Imagine your home or workspace infused with positive energy. Orgonite pyramids are believed to promote feelings of calm, focus, and overall well-being.
  • Empower your well-being: Many users report improved sleep, reduced stress, and an uplifted mood when using orgonite pyramids.

Creating Your Own Orgonite Pyramid



Ready to harness the power of orgonite? The good news is, you can create your own pyramid at home! Here's what you'll need:

  • High-quality orgonite casting kit: Our curated kits provide everything you need – crystal chips, metal shavings, pre-measured resin, and pyramid molds.
  • Positive intention: As you create your orgonite pyramid, focus on the positive energy you wish to cultivate.
  • Creativity: Beyond the core components, you can personalize your pyramid with essential oils, dried flowers, or even small symbols that resonate with you.

Are you a little less DIY inclined but still want to experience all the benefits of orgonite in your life? Check out our orgonite collection featuring a beautiful collection of pyramids and pendants. 



A Few Simple Steps to Crafting Your Orgonite Pyramid:

  1. Prepare your mold: Lightly coat the mold with a mold release spray for easier removal.
  2. Layer with intention: Following the kit instructions, begin by layering metal shavings in the mold. Then, add your chosen crystal chips and any personal touches 
  3. Pour the resin:Slowly and carefully pour the pre-measured resin, ensuring all elements are encased.
  4. Set and cure:Allow the resin to cure completely, following the recommended curing time for your specific kit.
  5. Unmold and cleanse: Once cured, gently remove your orgonite pyramid from the mold. Cleanse it with sage or your preferred method to clear any residual energy.


Safety First



When making your own Orgonite, it is important to consider your own safety first. We recommend using industrial strength rubber gloves to protect your hands. You should also wear safety goggles and a mask to ensure you are not breathing in any toxic chemicals. In addition, if you are using a muffin tin to create Orgonite pucks, we recommend that the tray never be used again to prepare food.

List of Ingredients

Whatever style of Orgonite generator you decide to make, the ingredients will remain essentially the same.

Polyester Resin: Polyester Resin is the easiest casing material to find. It can be found in industrial stores or hardware stores, as well as occasionally in a well-stocked craft or art store. You can also buy polyester resin on Amazon. Polyester resin is perfect for creating an Orgonite generator because it is clear and sets hard, creating a very durable object.

Metal: Most people like to use aluminum or copper shaving to create their Orgonite piece. Some people also use gold but, clearly, gold is a much more expensive metal to use. Metal shavings can be procured from any mechanic and the shavings should be as small as possible.

Quartz crystals: The base crystal most commonly used in Orgonite is clear quartz because quartz crystals have the ability to magnify energy. Other healing abilities of quartz include heightened consciousness and spirituality, clear thought, and increases psychic energy. You can add in other crystals to compliment the quartz and for personal preference, as well as specific healing power. For instance, Jade can be a nice addition to quartz as it strengthens energy and helps encourage balance and inner harmony. You can add as many or as few different crystals as you want

Herbed Water (optional): Some people like to put herbed water into their Orgone generator for their therapeutic and healing properties.


Orgonite Puck


Organite pucks are the easiest to make and have the added advantage that with this method, you can make several at one time. This is ideal if you want to cleanse the energy in your home or office and maybe want to give the gift of life energy to friends or family.

Start by oiling a muffin tray, as you would if you were preparing to bake. Fill the muffin cups to about the halfway point with your metal shavings. Place your crystals on top. This way, they will end up in the center of your puck.

Finish filling the cup with your metal scraps. When it is full, you can sprinkle some crushed gemstones on the top. If you want to add some herbed water to your Orgone generator, you can sprinkle some in now as well.

Pour your polyester resin into a jug and mix in the catalyst or hardener according to the directions on the bottle. You can add color to it now if you want a pigmented piece of Orgonite. Stir carefully.

You now have approximately 20 minutes to pour your resin into the cups before it starts to harden. You will likely need to pour in small amounts of resin at a time to keep the cups from overflowing.

Now, allow the muffin tin to sit in an area around 20 degrees Celsius to harden. When hardened, your Orgonite pucks should slide right out with some gentle tapping.


Orgonite Pendant


7 Chakra Orgonite Necklace - Orgone Energy Australia

To make an orgonite pendant you need a mold in the shape you want your pendant to take. You need to create a base layer to put your objects into. After you pour your base layer and it is dry, place in your crystals and metal shavings.

Remember that your jewelry bail needs to stick out of this layer. The final layer of your pendant should be just resin. Once set, you can use sandpaper on the outside of your pendant for a smooth finish.

Creating beautiful Orgonite objects takes time and patience. With enough practice, you will be well on your way to making both pretty and effective generators to keep your home and workplace peaceful and balance and to keep you safe from dangerous electromagnetic radiation and from deadly Orgone energy in geographic stress regions.