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Metal Rooftops And Sleeping In Metal Beds

Is it bad to live in a house with a metal roof, and do they act as a conductor of electromagnetic fields (EMF)?

Yes, your metal rooftop can act as a conductors for EMF.  

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator is working to totally harmonizing and neutralizing this, therefore your metal rooftop is no longer affecting you, nor is it acting as a conductor for EMF's.

Can I Totally Block Out All Forms Of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) With Metal?

There is not any actually way that you would be able to cancel out nor “block out” EMR unless of course you locate yourself inside of a heavy steel or metal box, which would actually be impossible as you would suffocate due to having no air holes, otherwise they would actually allow the harmful energy to enter.

Even with radiation shielding or blocking materials that people put on the walls of their homes (or make clothing out), only block or defend you temporarily until the EMR comes in through their windows and when they open their doors, or you go outside.

To best understand how protective Orgonium Orgone products function to counter-act the damaging effects of harmful energy, by harmonizing and neutralizing them, and how to actually check that your Orgonium Orgone Products are operating, please be sure that you do these tests outlined on this page:

The Geoclense Orgone Generator Safeguards You EMR From Metal Rooftops, Steel Bed Frames and Metal Mattress Springs

These highly protective Orgonium Orgone products function by supplying you with complete Radiation and Electromagnetic Pollution protection by sealing your body’s energy fields, bringing your Chakras back into alignment and strengthening your Aura. This thereby eliminates the tension from harmful energy which leads to less strain on your Nervous System and Heart especially, as well as your other organs and glands.

Will My Geoclense Orgone Generator protect me from my metal bed springs?

I recall our Technical Advisor coming to our home several years ago doing research on metal springs in mattresses. He actually attached a small Orgone Generator onto the metal springs of our mattress to enhance sleep.

This was prior to him developing the incredible Geoclense Orgone Generator, which is how we did this research| within this area some eight or nine years ago. Now the Geoclense Orgone Generator take care of all of this for us.

Comprehensive Orgone Protection List

You can see from this comprehensive checklist the extraordinary list of harmful energies that the Geoclense Orgone Generator addresses and protects you from, which is by no means complete.

We have recently added that the Geoclense Orgone Generator also neutralizes and harmonizes:

√ Metal roof tops of houses

√ Metal bed frames

√ Steel box springs

√ Steel springs in mattresses

Is it sensible to sleep in a bed a with metal frame and on a mattress with metal springs in it?

We actual choose not to sleep on bed mattresses with metal or steel springs in them, or on beds with metal or steel frames.

Nevertheless, this is entirely your choice and at a minimum you can rest assured that your Geoclense Orgone Generator is providing you with total protect from the effects of this.

However, if you do require a new mattress or are planning on purchasing a new bed in future, then we highly recommend that you might wish to update your bed and/or your mattress to one that does not| have steel or metal mattress springs, nor a metal frame.

How Do We Remove Toxins, Metals and Chemicals From Our Homes and Ourselves?

Thousands of us are using the following clearing statement to dissolve all the plastic in the sea, and it is working as a floating island the size of the state of Texas "vanished", and the scientists are amazed but cannot explain why. This Clearing Statement also clears toxicity and heavy metals from our bodies, and and the resto of our environment.

This is from Access Consciousness:

"Demolecular Manifestation, Molecular Demanifestation. Source field for the elimination of toxic amalgamations. Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, POD, POC, All nines, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds"

You can use this to Clearing Statement to cleanse and purify anything you wish, even from your body. It does not matter if you do not understand the Clearing Statement - it will still work anyway.


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