Orgone Energy Information - Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich was a psychoanalyst from Austria. He was heavily influenced and inspired by the work of Sigmund Freud. Born to Jewish parents, Reich was not raised as a Jew. Even throughout his early life and childhood, Reich developed and maintained an intense interest in human sexuality. His mother committed suicide after Reich exposed an affair she had been having to his father. His mother was subject to many beatings and eventually chose to end her life, for which Reich never forgave himself.

Dr Reich became a medical student and was introduced to Freud when he was still an undergraduate. After graduating and publishing several books, Wilhelm Reich became obsessed with the theory of Orgastic Potency. His theory was that, without the ability to fully lose themselves in an orgasm and release all of their emotions, people could not be psychologically healthy and could not truly possess the ability to love. In very brief terms, Reich believed that most psychological illness and blockages came from the inability to reach orgasm because of your ego.

Dr Reich became more and more interested in the subject of sexuality and the idea that many psychological problems were the results of sexual taboos or repressing sexual desires. He concluded that the release of tension that takes place during an orgasm must be a specific type of cosmic energy or electricity as he felt the process was fairly unique. In 1938, Reich conducted The Bion Experiments, which are believed to be the beginning of his theory on Orgone energy.

In short, Wilhelm Reich believed that Orgone energy was a sort of universal energy present in the atmosphere and all natural elements and live organisms. The name Orgone is probably a combination of the words Orgasm and Hormone. Reich began to build what he called Orgone energy accumulators, essentially boxes that would attract Orgone energy and within which the Orgone levels would be way higher than they would be outside the box. Reich was convinced that sitting in these Orgone energy accumulators could help remove negative energy and help cure mental illnesses and cancer, as he believed Orgone energy blockages were at the source of these illnesses.

Reich’s theories were essentially an extension of Freud’s beliefs. Freud believed that there were certain sexual stages in human development and that people could get “stuck” in certain of these stages, causing psychological problems ranging into adulthood. Children that got stuck in stages usually did so because their impulse were shamed or repressed. Reich’s theory is that blockages in Orgone energy caused most psychological deficiencies or problems. Reich’s theory essentially turns Freud’s theory of the place of the libido in human development into a form of all-encompassing or life source energy. Reich’s theory also extends the presence of this energy to all living things and to natural elements, essentially describing the world as charged with this Orgone energy.

Orgones were also closely tied into Reich’s theory of Orgastic Potency as in this theory, he places blame on the inability to release tension through orgasm due to sexual repression or taboo for the cause of many diseases.

In the 1950s, Reich claimed to have discovered deadly Orgone energy. Reich believed that Deadly Orgone energy, in fact, caused neurosis and diseases such as cancer. He believed Deadly Orgone was in fact negatively charged Orgone Energy and that it was the result of electromagnetic radioactivity or the presence of a geopathic stress region.

Electromagnetic radiation is thought to be a disease-causing type of radiation resulting from radio waves in the air. This radiation is caused by wireless Internet, as well as handheld devices such as cell phones and tablets. Reich claimed that he found exceptionally high levels of electromagnetic radiation around radio towers.

Geopathic stress regions are regions where a distortion of electromagnetic energy occurs because of either manmade or natural elements. These elements include underwater streams, tunnels, sewers, caves, fault lines, and underground railways. Reich believed that sleeping or living in a geopathic, stress region could have negative effects on the human psyche, as well as our physical well-being. Signs of geopathic stress include illness on tree and plants, as well as inability to grow plants. In addition, bees, wasps, ants, and cats are said to be attracted to geopathic stress regions, with mammals such as dogs and horses being repelled by them.

To combat this Deadly Orgone energy, Reich invented what he called a Cloud Buster. He claimed that this Orgone generator device, made from aluminum pipes and water, could release Orgone Energy trapped in the clouds and make it rain. A Reich Cloud Buster is essentially an inverted Orgone accumulator.

Orgonite is a substance made from the same principle elements involved in an Orgonite energy accumulator or a Reich Cloud Buster, but on a smaller scale. Orgonite is an Orgone generator made of quartz crystals, metal shavings a polyester resin, often taking the form of jewelry or decorative piece inside your home to protect your energy field. Orgonite works to combat negative energy giving people harmony and elevating their consciousness, as well as protects from Deadly Orgone Energy. The idea is that the organic materials in Orgonite attract Orgone energy and then the inorganic material changes its polarization. Like a magnet, the inorganic material then repels the now positive Orgone energy back out into the world where it will have positive effects.

The true power of Orgone energy, discovered in the 1930s by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, is still largely ignored and unused to skepticism and disbelievers. Unfortunately, like the devices that cause dangerous electromagnetic poisoning, cynicism and doubt are one of the plagues of our modern society and in themselves, a blockage of powerful life force, cosmic energy. Hopefully, our society can learn to appreciate and positively exploit this influential and all-encompassing source of positive energy.