Why Your Orgonite Pendant Doesn't Work and Why You Should Switch To Orgonium

Orgone energy is known to be the universal life force that permeates, forms, and affects the make-up of all life forms. It has many other names by which it is referred to in some traditional cultures such as Ch’i, Mana, Prana, etc.
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Orgone Energy Pendant vs Orgonite Pendant

Orgone energy is known to be the universal life force that permeates, forms, and affects the make-up of all life forms. It has many other names by which it is referred to in some traditional cultures such as Ch’i, Mana, Prana, etc. 

It could either be in a life-beneficial positive form (Positive Orgone Energy), a harmful negative etheric energy form (Deadly Orgone Energy), or just plain neutral Orgone Energy.

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Wearing an orgone energy pendant can help ensure you have positive energy. 


The Difference Between Orgonium and Orgonite

Although orgonite and orgonium sound like they could be the same thing, really, they aren’t. They are both viewed as sources of Orgone Energy, but one of them is more superior to the other because of the effects that it has. They offer protection from noxious energies such as electrical wirings, power poles, Wi-Fi and cell phone radiations, radio waves, electromagnetic radiations, earth energies, fault lines, and psychic energies.

Orgonite refers to a composition that is made up of metal shavings such as brass or copper and  suspended in polyester resin along with a range of various crystals such as quartz sands or quartz points. Orgonite was first coined by Karl Welz in the 80s. He is mostly credited as the one who made improvements on Wilhelm Reich’s Accumulator Box. The box was known to attract and harness Orgone Energy for several purposes.

On the other hand, orgonium is a resonance device that has been developed to vibrate at high frequencies. The frequencies are tailored to be in harmony with the nervous system of the human body as well as the auric and energy fields. Simultaneously, it must also be in sync with nature as well.

The frequencies mimic purely natural earth resonance and promote the balancing of energies. As a result, stress is relieved as well as pressure, tension, and anxiety. 

Orgonium works to produce negative ions, and these ions contain a lot of beneficial properties, including being conducive for stress relief, helps the maintenance of alkaline pH levels of the blood, and creates a more elevated mood. Orgonium can also improve feelings of relaxation, encourage better sleeping habits, and strengthen immune levels.

Fiberglass resin is used in the formulation of orgonium, and is developed through a light infusion process to remove the residual energy from the resin. Essentially, they have similar functions; however,  orgonium differs from orgonite in its formulation, resin type, and other factors including the possible long-term effects.

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What is an Orgonite Pendant?

To clean stagnant and negative energy, people often wear a pendant made of orgonite to help heal any energy blockages and allow them to begin to feel better. You can also place orgonite around the home in strategic locations to help dissolve any pockets of negative energy that may exist. 

But the best way to take full advantage of the orgonite is by carrying it around with you on your person at all times, and this is how the orgonite pendant was developed. The pendant emits orgone energy that will help protect you from electromagnetic radiation.

But, before you purchase an orgonite pendant, you need to understand a bit more about what orgonium is and why it may be more beneficial for you than wearing an orgonite pendant.

Why Orgonium is Actually Better for You

Your orgonite pendant might be causing you more harm than good, and a change to an orgonium product might be necessary to protect your well-being. You might be wondering why, and you may even attempt to counteract this statement by ascertaining how wonderful your orgonite pendant makes you feel; however, the truth is that orgonium is better for you in the long run for a few reasons.

Orgonite has been discovered to create an energy that pulses at varying positive ion frequencies. Positive ions are particles that have been proven to have adverse effects on the body, such as the ionization of free radicals. The ionization impairs the exchange of materials across cell membranes, which eventually leads to cell death and mutation.

Additionally, positive ions cause oxidative stress. For orgonite to create such energy, it is actually quite alarming. At first, people who choose to wear orgonite pendants may feel an almost immediate increase in positive energy and may even experience a tingling or warm sensation that they believe are the pendants wonderful effects. 

However, the orgonite pendant you are wearing can be harming the nervous system as well as other organs such as the heart and lungs.  

Orgonite may seem like it is working hard to produce Positive Orgone Energy in the beginning, but it's also busy accumulating these positive ions that will eventually absorb into the environment and ultimately into the bloodstream of the wearer. Orgonite users often report a reduction in the strength of the initial pleasant effects over time because of the slow buildup and release of these positive ions. 

When the orgonite is placed over the heart, it can be felt pulsing every 4 to 6 seconds−this can also be monitored via a heart monitor. Each pulse affects the solar plexus and causes a nauseous and sickly effect in the abdomen. It also displays similar energy to that felt from a source of electromagnetic radiation, such as a fluorescent light at about 50 milligauss.

Orgonium, on the other hand, has already been established as a source of negative ions, which is quite beneficial along with its release of Positive Orgone Energy. While orgonium resonates at Ley line frequencies causing the production of negative ions−oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron−orgonite resonates at the earth’s magnetic grid resonance and produces positive ions. 

Orgonium is a better choice than orgonite in the long run, especially if it is worn as jewelry in close proximity with the body because of its long term harmonizing effect on the body’s system.

Your orgonite pendant might not seem so bad right now but think about the unseen effects and the prolonged use of the pendant in the long run. It is potentially harmful to your overall health and well-being and should be given up in favor of orgonium pendants.

Think of the switch as more of an upgrade. If you haven’t gotten your orgonium pendant yet, you can find one of our very own Quantum Orgone Pendants that are made solely of orgonium because it’s better for you and protects you from the adverse health effects you may experience with an orgonite pendant.

How Is Orgonium Made?

Orgonium is a vibrational snapshot that creates an aura around itself. It has a significant impact on all living beings around them. It is known to help reduce stress and mental pressure and help release tension while maintaining the proper pH level for the body.

It allows for a constant etheric cleaning that effectively protects you from electromagnetic pollution. Orgonite and orgonium differ in their formation because they happen via two different processes. Orgonium is formed through fiberglass resins through a process involving light infusion. Through this process, the residual energy is removed from the resins.

How Is Orgonite Made?

The resin that crystallizes mechanically and presses the quartz is what activates the piezoelectric properties of orgonite. This process allows for basic repolarization to take place in the orgonite. 

Orgone Pendants FAQ

If you still have some questions about orgone pendants or want some more summarized information, then read our FAQ below. 

Does orgonite need to be cleansed?

It has been said that it is almost impossible to get to the point in which orgonite is saturated, and the quartz starts to charge negatively. So, cleansing orgonite is pointless. However, the best thing you can do is let it bathe in the sun for a few hours.

What are the benefits of orgone energy pendants?

Obviously, most people use Orgone Energy Pendants to protect themselves from EMF radiation and to balance their energy field. However, there are other uses for these pendants as well. Therefore, Orgone Energy Pendants can be used to:

  • Improve the quality of sleep and encourage vivid dreams.
  • Improves the energy and vitality level and at the same time reduces lethargy and apathy.
  • Deflect, block, and absorb harmful EMFs.
  • Improve visualization.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Clears the chakras and deflects harmful vibrations.
  • Increase your confidence.
  • Eliminate negative energy from a particular place or area.
  • Improve physical and mental health.
  • Cleanses the environment.
  • Reduces dizziness and headaches.
  • Promotes a happier and more positive mood.

As with most EMF protective devices, the benefits of the Orgone Energy Pendant can vary from person to person. While some will see immediate improvements, others will see the benefits of the pendants later.

What do orgone pendants have to do with your chakra?

Your chakra is the main energy vortex in your body. Negative emotions are a clear symptom of energy blockages and this causes a disruption in the way your energy flows throughout your body. Chakra Orgone pendants, in combination with chakra meditation, can help you dispel these negative emotions so that your energy can once again flow freely throughout your body.

What other orgone energy products are there?

There are several different orgone devices in addition to orgone pendants. These devices are typically made by hand and are made of resin, metals in powder and filings form, minerals, gems, and quartz. Orgone energy devices help harmonize bio-energy. 

In addition to orgone energy pendants, there is also something known as an orgone accumulator. It is a device that absorbs orgone energy through a person's skin and lungs. The orgone accumulator is said to have a positive and healthy effect on blood and body tissue and improves the flow of life-energy by releasing any energy blocks a person may have.

Does orgone protect against electromagnetic fields?

Orgone pendants are personal EMF protection devices that can help shield you from the harmful side effects that come alongside electromagnetic radiation. However, this isn't the biggest benefit you will find with an orgone pendant either. They can also help heal and improve your spiritual and physical health as well.

What Does an Orgonite Necklace do?

Wearing an Orgonite necklace is an excellent way to feel the beneficial effects of orgonite all the time. Since you are in constant contact with your body, your energy is constantly being purified and returned to its original and balanced state. They can be a nice tool for meditation and promote your spiritual growth. Orgone Energy necklaces can also provide great relief from the effects of electromagnetic fields.

While it's always a smart idea to have larger pieces in your home environment (for example, an orgonite pyramid next to your television or computer), orgone necklaces work well when you are on the go. Some people feel the energy of orgonite right away, while it is more of a cumulative effect for others. Some of the first effects may be a feeling of warmth or tingling, increased energy, and vivid dreams.