Progurt Probiotics And Prebiotic

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We have taken Probiotics for years, and Progurt is the first one that we have taken one that makes us feel great right way, and if we are away and do not take it, we really notice the difference.  We did not ever experienced this with any other probiotic that has made us feel great, nor have any of our Kinesiology clients.  

Progurt is fantastic for correcting Candida which may contribute to allergies, therefore Progurt will be so very helpful with Candida as it assists you to recolonise your gut with good Flora, so that the Candida has less space to grow.  

If Candida is out of balance in the body, you cannot absorb your vitamins and minerals properly, and Progurt will work to improve this, as Progurt will heal the lining of your digestive system, so that you can start absorbing the nutrients properly.
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