Ultimate Zapper Frequently Asked Questions

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What postage should I select for The Ultimate Zapper?

Shipping is included in the price to your door.  Both the XE Model Zapper and the QE2 Model is send directly to your door from Canada via Express Post.

There is no shipping to select for these items unless you are in the Middle East. 

Does The Ultimate Zapper come with an US to Australia power converter?

The Ultimate Zapper comes with a Universal Adapter to convert the electricity from 110 Volts to 220 Volts and is included in the price. 

Note:   The Ultimate Zapper comes with a USA/Canada power point plug.  Therefore you will require a power point plug adapter to convert the plug to and Australian power point plug. You can order this from our website, or purchase a Universal Adapter or similar from the supermarket, electronics or travel store. 

How long do I use The Ultimate Zapper to begin with?

Only use The Ultimate Zapper for 15 seconds per day to begin with.  If you use it longer than this to begin with, you may feel unwell due to die-off of pathogens. 

Begin slowly and build yourself up gradually to 30 seconds per day and then one minute and so on. The only consequence of using it longer, is you may detox too quickly.

Would someone with Cancer be easily able to set up The Ultimate Zapper?

The Ultimate Zapper is very easy to set up. It is a matter of clipping all the black plugs into the black points and the red plugs into the red points.  All she will require is wet paper towels or wet cloths (such as "Wet Ones" that come in a packet) to place over the handholds and foot plates.  A spray bottle with water is the best way to wet these further.Someone Cancer who is still mobile would be able to do this easily.  We recommend people leave their zapper set up somewhere, so that can use it quickly every day.

Are the any negative side-effects from using The Ultimate Zapper?

Only if you do not use it according to the instructions. Using it for too long to begin with may cause unnecessary detoxification to happen too quickly, as part of the die-off process.

Liver Fluke Is One Main Cause Of Cancer

Do I grip the handholds lightly or should it be more like a fist and hold them tightly?

You just require to have your hands right around both hand holds on each side and in contact with the wet paper towels and not any mental.  You do not require to grip hold of them tightly or to make a fist.  Just hold them loosely, as once you are using your Zapper for longer periods of time, you will want to be able to sit comfortably for a some time.

For the footplates, can I position my feet on them like when wearing flip flops or thongs touching the cable connectors?

Yes you can to this so that your feet cover the footplates more.  Just as long as your feet are not touching the metal footplates and have wet paper towels. Touching the plastic shielding of the plugs and cable connectors is not harmful.  Wet paper towels on the wiring is fine as they are well insulted.

Does it matter how much contact your skin has with the footplates and handholds? The footplates only hold half of my feet as my feet are rather large. Is this alright?

It is best not to as you may absorb some of the heavy metals into your skin such as nickel and copper. 

We all have this issue, and men more so than women.  As long as a large proportion of your feet are on the footplates, that is all this is required.  My heals usually are off the end of them but they still work.

I think I'm doing good so far, although I forgot to take off my glasses - is that alright? So far, the only Herxing I am experiencing is a mild headache and a bit of nausea.

You do not require to take off your glasses, so that is fine.  Although, if they have metal glasses it is better to be removed if you remember.

Here is what happened to me the first time I used a Zapper 20+ years ago. A fellow practitioner lent me her Hulda Clark Zapper, and I went home that Friday night and used it.  I thought that it wasn't doing much so I used it some more, and I used it some more and I used it some more.

On the Saturday morning, I went shopping at the local shopping centre.  I wasn't feeling very well, and I could hardly eat anything other than a freshly squeezed juice and after a short time, I had to go home to bed and as was I was feeling nauseous, I had a headache, I had to drink lots of water and I was quite unwell. I have not ever used a Zapper before this time, and learnt what the symptoms of Herxing was that day!!!

I totally understand why beginning with 15 seconds and building up slowly and gradually is the best, as you really do not want to go through what I went through the first time I used a Zapper!

Do I  wrap each handheld separately with wet paper towel or do I combine the two copper rods and two steel handheld rods together and wrap around both with a paper towels?

You can wrap the wet paper towel around both hand holds together.  It is not necessary to wrap each one separately.

You have to hold two handholds together in each hand.  Both Copper handholds in one hand and both Steel handholds in the other hand.  These go diagonally opposite the footplates for the same metal.

How many paper towel layers do you recommend that I use?

As far as I am aware on strong paper towel that can hold water without breaking up is sufficient.  Or one "wet one" - cut in half as appropriate.  Place two layers if you wish to but this is not necessary.

What is the maximum and minimum amount of time to use The Ultimate Zapper to treat colds, flu, a virus or Cancer?

Increase the time by 30 seconds per day as per the Important Instructions.  If you continually use your zapper on a regular basis you can use it for much longer periods of time.

We recommend you use your zapper five days per week and take two days off, or every second day.  You must begin slowly.

The QE2 Model Zapper is so powerful you can use it continuously without having breaks.

The XE Model is different, as it requires to be used for 7 minutes on, 20 minutes off, 7 minutes on and then 20 minutes off, and then 7 minutes on again, once you have built yourself you by 30 seconds per day three times daily with 20 minute breaks in between.

How long does one require to use The Ultimate Zapper after feeling better and to make sure any infection has gone?

You would require to use it for maintenance every second day for the rest of your life as we all ingest pathogens in our food, air and water daily.  If you wish to stay health, and be free of cancer and other illness, using The Ultimate Zapper regularly for the rest of your life is the best way to do so.

What time-frame does it take for someone to get well?

This is difference for each person.  Improvements are usually seen the day after usage, and can sometimes be immediate, such as more Metal Clarity right away.  This depends on the person, what their medical condition is, how unwell they are, and how long they have been unwell for.

It takes 90 days for the blood stream to rebuild itself, and then 30 days per year that they have been ill to recover.  For some people it may take years for them to be well again, especially if they have eaten poorly and not taken care of their health for most of their lives.

Will someone show signs of healing with The Ultimate Zapper and can they stop taking their medication or supplements?

Your body most certainly start showing signs of healing using the ultimate zapper as described above, and you will see improvements.

However, it is up to your Medical Doctor or Complementary Medicine Practitioner to monitor any medication or supplements that you are taking, which we highly recommend you continue to check these regularly whilst using The Ultimate Zapper.

Do I start with the The Ultimate Liver Cleanse before my Zapper arrives?

We do not recommend that you even attempt to begin The Ultimate Liver cleanse until you are on the full program of The Ultimate Zapper and have been using it this way for at least three weeks. The full program is:  7 minutes on, 20 minutes off, 7 minutes on, 20 minutes off, and then seven minutes on again.   

It is best to begin by using The Ultimate Zapper for 30 seconds at a time, and then build yourself up slowly by a few minutes each day until you can do the above for at least three weeks. If you do The Ultimate Liver Cleanse before you reach this stage, it will make you very unwell (and very "liverish") if you have too many parasites and other bacterial infections in your body as you Liver will become to overloaded.

I want to use it on raw fruits and vegetables, especially lettuce.  How long would it need to be used? 

Lettuce is are more difficult to get bugs off, therefore you may need to do lettuce for up to 20 minutes.  However, with most other fruit and vegetables five to ten minutes would be sufficient. Test this with dowsing, divining, Kinesiology or use your intuition.  The bugs would actually be destroyed before cooking.

Washing your food after zapping in either Ozone Water or soak them in water with Iodine in it, would completely remove all bugs and parasites off.  I either Ozone my fruit and vegetables or wash them in water with Iodine.

The Quantum QE2 New Model Ultimate Zapper Is An Magnetic Pulser Too

With blood zapping can that be done on the same day, or do I wait until I am more used to using the zapping?

Every time you use The Ultimate Zapper it is purifying your blood, therefore it would not be possible to use The Ultimate Zapper without this occurring, especially if you are using the Handholds and the Footplates together.

Does your zapper have individual frequencies to program depending upon the intended pathogen?

From our personal experience, and after all the research I have recently done on a Rife Machine

, individual frequencies only kills one bug or pathogen at a time whereas the frequency of The Ultimate Zapper kills all pathogens, micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc at once.

The Ultimate Zapper has a frequency of 2500 Hz which is the most effective frequency that covers all pathogens, micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi including Borrelia (Lyme Disease) rather than the Rife Machine which may not even be set to the correct frequency at all now that the developer is no longer alive.

You can vary the frequencies if you wish by dabbing tiny drops of Essential Oils while you are zapping.  Also, as the moisture in the damp paper towels you place over your hand holds and footplates changes the frequencies, this to ensure all pathogens are eliminated.  You can also vary this by spraying more water onto these prior to each setting.The XE Model Standard Ultimate Zapper For Parasites, Candida, Bacteria And Viruses

Shall I take the Hulda Clark Parasite Cleansing Herbs or do I do The Ultimate Liver Cleanse first?

The Hulda Clark herbs are very gentle, and we would recommend that you can take the Hulda Clark Parasite Cleansing Herbs if you do the programme in the correct order, before even attempting to do The Ultimate Liver Cleanse.  Even Hulda Clark does not recommend doing The Ultimate Liver Cleanse without first doing her Hulda Clark Parasite Cleansing programme entirely, and in the correct order.

Why do I have to be careful zapping when I have Mercury and other heavy metals in my body when I have Lyme Disease (Borreliosis)?

Lyme Disease (Borrelia) has a HUGE affinity to Mercury and Heavy Metals as all the micro-organisms take up the Metals in your body, and then release it back into your body when you kill them, hence the incredible Herxing that occurs.  This is mainly due to the Metals being released back into your body as well as their die-off toxins.  That is why using The Ultimate Zapper is an important part of your Detoxification program. 

Also, you may know about Zinc deficiency or complete Zinc depletion and how it gets replaced by all the Heavy Metals in your body when it cannot eliminate it, and how Lyme Disease (Borrelia) causes you to excrete all your Zinc out via your Kidneys (Pyroluria) so that your Immune System doesn't attack the infections it creates, in order to preserve itself.  See:

High levels of Zinc may assist with getting the metals out of your body and to rebuild your Immune System and bring the environment back so the Co-Infections cannot live there any longer. Have a qualified Health Practitioner assist you with this. 

What are the rules regarding zapping and antibiotics? Is this covered in the instructions?

Due to The Ultimate Zapper improving Electroporation and Hydration, this increases the effectiveness of Antibiotics or anything else you are taking from vitamins to herbs, especially if you use it within one hour of taking these. Therefore you may need to check with the medical doctor who prescribed the Antibiotics if the dosage needs to be reduced, if they seem to be too much or way more effective than usual.

How does The Ultimate Zapper compare to a Rife Machine?

We found this on YouTube recently which is a fantastic explanation of why the Rife machine will not completely help with Lyme Disease:

If you also use The Ultimate Zapper that covers all pathogens of all frequencies you will then get the rest of these co-infections.  Here is a list of some of the common pathogens that are association with Lyme Disease co-infections:  http://www.lymephotos.com/

How is The Ultimate Zapper described for Customs due to some countries having strict guidelines for Medical Devices?

A letter from a UK health company website who used to sell zappers is not permitted to do so any more.  Therefore how do you get The Ultimate Zapper into the UK and the EU?  
"The Ultimate Zapper is not a medical device. It is an experimental pulse generator for personal use that makes no medical claims of any kind whatsoever".