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What is the Best EMF Meter? 

What is the best EMF meter? Knowing what is the best EMF meter is not easy. After all this is not a technology most of us are familiar with. Fortunately, we were happy to do the heavy lifting for you! Check out our collection of the best EMF meters.

For those concerned about the effects of electromagnetic frequencies emitted by all the devices in our lives, or radio waves from local telephone towers, you can now measure them with one of the best EMF meters. 

However, knowing what is the best EMF meter is not easy. After all this is not a technology most of us are familiar with. Fortunately, we were happy to do the heavy lifting for you! Check out our collection of the best EMF meters. 

What Do EMF Meters Do?




An EMF meter can give users a picture of the EMF levels in their immediate location and observe in real-time the effect of the quadratic inverse law of physics, which says that any exposure to any type of EMF will decrease by 75% as the distance from the source doubles. 

Electromagnetic fields are everywhere, but not everywhere with the same intensity. You may find lower EMF levels in an urban basement than in a modern country kitchen. An electromagnetic field meter can help you find out what’s nearby and may attack your body. 


Do We Need EMF Meters? 

EMF meters are a great way to determine how much EMF we are exposed to on a daily basis in our homes, work and on the go. 

The reality is, for most people in the world, EMF exposure is not something we can avoid. With technology advancing more and more each day, the amount of EMF we are exposed to is only going to climb. 


So do we need EMF meters? Well, the argument could be made that instead of spending your money on EMF meters, you could invest instead in EMF protection. 


EMF protection is an important investment as exposure to EMF has been shown to have negative impacts on both humans and animals


The Orgone Energy line of EMF protection products uses our Orgone technology to infuse our products with healthy negative ions. These ions are able to successfully neutralize the unhealthy positive ions produced by EMF. By investing in EMF protection you can protect yourself at home, work and on the go



Our Geocleanse and Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators are two great options for whole home EMF protection. Instead of spending money to determine the amount of exposure in your home, you could spend money on protecting what matters most. 


Of course, it is understandable that many people want to understand the amound of EMF they are being exposed to in their home with an EMF meter.

However, not all EMF meters are created equal. Let’s explore the best options for most people and see how they stack up.





Electricity and magnetism, once thought of as separate forces, have come together in a unified theory called electromagnetism. 

The study of electromagnetism deals with how electrically charged particles interact with magnetic fields and with each other. EMF radiation takes different forms. Common examples are gamma rays, radio waves, x-rays, and microwaves. Sunlight is a form of electromagnetic energy as well, but the visible light it emits is only a very small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, which contains a wide range of wavelengths.

Many things in everyday life also generate electromagnetic fields.


Electronic devices such as cell phones, radios, computers, video game consoles, and even simple electrical outlets emit electromagnetic fields. 


Larger power sources generate larger fields. Power lines, generators, and refrigerators emit a wider field than, for example, a small clock radio. Electromagnetic fields exist in nature too, for example when the atmosphere becomes charged during a thunderstorm.

The task of an electromagnetic field detector is to detect the signals from these electromagnetic fields. Stronger currents emit stronger electromagnetic field readings


The problem with EMFs is that they are seldom, if ever, visible to the naked eye, although they are sometimes present in the atmosphere from natural magnetic or electrical sources. This is why electromagnetic field meters are so essential


EMF meters indicate the presence of an electromagnetic frequency by using one or more receiving antennas that measure various alternating or direct current electrical currents. 

When EMF is present, the meter sends a signal to the user. The reading’s strength is a direct indicator of the frequency’s strength.

How to Choose the Best EMF Meters




When deciding on a solid EMF detector, it is helpful to know why you are measuring in the first place. This is because no EMF meter can meet all requirements. To choose the right measuring device, you need to fill in a few fields. The first thing you want to ask is what do you want to measure?

Types of Radiation Detected



Are you trying to measure magnetic fields such as those generated by power lines, cars, and appliances? 

Would you like to measure electrical fields from lamps, extension cables, and monitors? 

Trying to measure radio waves from cell towers, microwaves, or Wi-Fi connections

What about body voltage in devices or dirty electricity in wiring? Different EMF detectors and meters are made for various purposes.



Sensor Sensitivity and Accuracy

How sensitive and precise should your measuring device be? In other words, do you need an EMF meter that can detect traces of weak signals? Can you only see powerful signals? Is the device able to get a few Hz in its measurements or are you searching for ballpark numbers? 


Again, depending on what you want to do with the detector, you will need a different type of EMF detector. Suffice it to say, however, that greater precision and sensitivity add to the cost of the device you ultimately choose. 


Therefore, it is a good idea to choose an EMF meter and detector that has the least sensitivity and accuracy and is still functional for the purposes intended.

User Interface




Is the instrument complicated? Is it difficult to read and then put this information into practice? 

Can the data you collect be transferred from the device in some way? 

Do you receive the announcement on an analog or digital screen? Can you view the measurements from a distance or is the screen too small? These types of details add up and may affect the performance of the EMF reader or detector.

Portability Issues



As with almost all meters of this type, you need to think about EMF meter/detector portability. Whether the instrument is portable enough or not can be a choice, as well as its actual functions. Robustness is also related to portability. Unless a handheld instrument is designed to withstand accidental drops, it is generally not worth buying.




A device with warning lights or tones informs the user of the proximity of the radiation source. 

While most EMF meters have this type of notification, not all devices use it correctly. Most times, you will find meters that can go haywire, giving incorrect readings, or simply cannot locate the radiation source. 

Pay particular attention to devices that have options to turn off or customize the audible alarm, as this can be useful in certain situations.

Best EMF Meter Reviews

Advanced GQ EMF-390 EMF Meter



The Advanced GQ EMF-390 is a multifunctional EMF and ELF measuring device. It’s great for general testing, but it also has additional uses for scientific testing and regulatory reporting. 

To deliver an accurate image of the electromagnetic field, the multi-sensor function is essential. 

As a result, you can use this device for cell phones, power lines, cell towers, etc. This unit measures approximately 5.5 x 3 x 1 inch and weighs approximately 9 ounces. 



Although it still fits in your hand, it would be a bit of a stretch to call it a portable device. The front of the device has four simple control buttons. Unfortunately, only one of them is labeled, namely the power button.

The screen is relatively small as it measures approximately 1.2 x 2.6 inches. However, it provides absolute clarity when you are within touching distance of the screen. If you are more than a few feet away, readability becomes a little poor

The graphic feature offers real-time data metrics placed alongside a graph of the last 45 seconds of data collection. The navigator can also see the RF radiation on its screen. And there is an RF spectrum analyzer for advanced users to determine the signal strength of a given frequency. 



For example, the distinction between overlapping microwave and Wi-Fi signals. The GQ EMF-390 has a built-in alarm function. The alarm will make an audible sound and a visual effect to get your attention. And fortunately, it is possible to mute the sound when you are tired of listening to it. 

How is your data stored? The built-in flash memory provides excellent data logging support, including timestamps for all collected data.


  • Contains various highly sensitive sensors to detect electromagnetic fields
  • Quickly identify potential sources of electromagnetic fields
  • Can detect RF radiation and 5G networks
  • Allows users to have real-time radiofrequency monitoring
  • Includes a multi-channel spectrum analyzer


  • Mainly detects frequencies when pointed directly at the source
  • It displays all of your readings on one screen, making it difficult to compare different readings on the fly

Gauss Master EMF Meter



The Gauss Master EMF meter measures the strength of alternating magnetic fields, also known as electromagnetic fields (EMF), and allows you to locate the safest areas of your home or office to minimize exposure

It measures the radiation level of the ELF magnetic field from kitchen appliances, computers, power lines, and more!


The easy-to-read scale, unique built-in audio signal, and auto power-off make it easy to use and a great way to identify hidden sources of ELF magnetic fields.


The Gauss Master EMF Meter measures 5.83 x 2.9 x 1.65 inches and weighs approximately 6 ounces. The top has a screen that measures approximately 2.4" x 3". The screen displays a moving cursor as well as a large digital display showing milli-Gauss (mG). 

Adjustable Backlight



The case of this EMF meter is not particularly appealing, but the display boasts an adjustable backlight. It makes it so much easier on the eyes. It also makes reading 1-axis data values ​​easier and helps the display to follow the indicator bar relatively quickly. This is very useful for displaying the access points in an area.


Most experts agree that continuous exposure to more than 2.5 mG is not recommended

This EMF meter shows you which ranges in the frequency range from 50 to 60 Hz are above or below 2.5 mG. 


Beyond that, it has an ultra-fast needle response and the audio output corresponds to the intensity of the radiation. It is portable, light, and durable, with two easy-to-read scales (0-1 mG and 0-10 mG) and a spectacular audio signal. 


For many experts, it is a preferred measuring device for demonstrating the presence of detrimental electromagnetic fields and paranormal work to others.


The Gauss Master EMF Meter comes with an excellent guide on how to properly inspect your office, home, or schoolyard.


  • It can detect the magnetic field and electric field radiation at the same time
  • Audible light alarm alerts you when the safety value is exceeded
  • LCD value display for easy reading
  • Fashionable design and easy to carry
  • The audio output corresponds to the intensity of the radiation


  • The needle jiggles when you’re moving around


Meterk EMF Meter



As a complete radiation measuring device with a good price-performance ratio, the electromagnetic field detector from Meterk can test both magnetic and electrical field radiation.

 It’s a great, inexpensive device that can detect even the smallest amount of radiation

The device works as it should and is well equipped to display the radiation on the supplied LCD screen through an electronic chip. 



With this electromagnetic field detector, you can test both indoors and outdoors. The device has a dedicated on/off button as well as short audio on/off button. Also, it allows the reading to be frozen, which is easy to observe as the numbers change from one place to another. 

This high-end electromagnetic field detector allows you to measure the frequencies emitted by the computer, refrigerator, television, household appliances, rice cookers, induction cookers, electrical lines, and many more. If the results exceed acceptable levels, the audio alarm will automatically alert you of the intensity.



The Meterk EMF Meter can even be operated with one hand, which makes the product absolutely practical. The monitor boasts a sturdy build quality but feels light. 

Despite some negative reviews on the internet, we’ve found this device to do quite well when compared to other devices in the same range.

 This EMF meter precisely reflects levels and starts beeping when higher frequencies are recorded. It will surprise you when and where this device informs you of the presence of radiation. Regardless of what it’s, a mobile phone, television, or microwave, the detector detects fluctuating amounts of radiation and records for future references.


  • Auto power-off function activated
  • Temperature change possible
  • Low battery indication
  • One-touch play lock
  • Economically and portable
  • Backlight support


  • Can only measure basic radiation
  • Clear manual instructions are not provided

Trifield 100XE EMF Meter



The Trifield 100XE EMF Meter is an all-in-one kit that can detect the magnetic, electrical, and radio frequencies present in your environment. 

It is among the top-rated EMF detectors for measuring frequencies up to 3 GHz. 

The meter is reasonably priced and has some unique features

The Trifield 100XE is precise, fast, and absolutely reliable. It helps you accurately identify the presence of EMF pollution in your surroundings. 

Furthermore, this EMF meter measures the actual strength of each field, regardless of its origin. 



The screen is analog and has a pretty quick response time too. This device helps you measure EMF radiation from nearby computers, Wi-Fi devices, electrical wiring, fluorescent lights, microwaves, and even power lines.

The Trifield 100XE EMF Meter is an excellent and very precise 3-axis measuring device for EMF radiation with low frequency

It can also measure electric fields and radiofrequency (RF) EMF radiation, but we found it less useful. 

The Trifield 100XE can measure high frequencies of EMF radiation, but only from the high level of 10 uW/cm2. 



This unit is particularly useful for low-frequency measurements. It can measure magnetic fields from 0.2 mG to 100 mG. 

The Trifield 100XE is called a “Tri-field” EMF meter for a reason. You can stand at one point and the meter will measure ALL electromagnetic fields coming from any direction (as opposed to a “one-way” or directional EMF meter, which will only measure electromagnetic fields coming from the direction you are using the meter).



The Trifield 100XE EMF Meter is useful for measuring levels of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation and for finding sources of EMF both inside and outside the home.


  • A portable device
  • It is a three-axis counter
  • Fast and reliable
  • Excellent Gaussian meter function
  • Precise
  • Easy to use


  • Clumsy and big
  • Changing the battery can be tricky

Cornet ED78S EMF RF Meter



The Cornet ED78S EMF RF Meter is a powerful device that accurately detects the amount of radiation present in your surroundings

It can measure both high-frequency and low-frequency magnetic radiation. The sound output makes it easy for you to immediately recognize the measured values

The device can measure a radio frequency range of up to 8 GHz. 

Besides reading frequencies from AM and FM signals, it can read frequencies from telephones, computers, Wi-Fi devices, game consoles, and other household appliances, as well as from nearby power lines.



Just walk around your house with this device and point at all electrical devices for accurate readings. The EMF meter will tell you where the electromagnetic field was generated so you can take preventive action.

 This handy device is also useful when looking for ghosts. This meter is powerful enough to show you exposure through an audio output and colored LEDs. 



Also, you get a wide range of measurement options with this unit, making it a great solution. It helps you with a complete safety analysis of your environment. The device can measure emissions with low and high sensitivity.


  • Sensitive
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with an LED display
  • It has a moving histogram to display the frequency
  • Sound output activated
  • Portable design


  • Instructions are not detailed enough


DT 1130 EMF Meter



The DT 1130 EMF Meter is designed to provide the user with a fast, reliable, and easy way to measure the radiation levels of electromagnetic fields around home appliances, power lines, and industrial devices. 

The DT 1130 is a portable and economical instrument designed and calibrated to measure the radiation of the electromagnetic field in different bandwidths.



Being a pocket-sized EMF meter, the DT 1130 probably does the job of any great professional meter. 

The DT 1130 EMF Meter is available in black and instantly delivers an accurate reading thanks to the three semi-liquid crystal displays with a maximum reading of 1999 V/m. You have only one Power and Data Hold button to control this equipment, which makes the operation very convenient.



The DT 1130 is an advanced radiation monitor that certainly takes a few minutes to master at first, but then it looks pretty straightforward to use

What you need to do with this device is just walk around the entire house, including the attic and the basement. This will offer users the correct measurements

But, we think something needs to be improved for sure! What is it? It has no visual indication apart from the readings displayed on the LCD screen. 

However, when you look at the price, the readout-only feature doesn’t seem like a big deal. At least you get an accurate device that can measure AC magnetic frequencies like a snap. 



Beyond that, the DT 1130 comes with sound alerts so you can easily take note of the frequencies. The DT 1130 EMF Meter is ideal for measurements in areas where high-resolution detection of alternating magnetic frequencies is required.


  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Ideal for testing electromagnetic radiation in the environment
  • Wide range of detectable frequencies
  • Comes with a built-in stand for convenient placement on the table or other smooth surface
  • Portable, lightweight design, easy to use, and comfortable to carry
  • 0.4 seconds response time
  • It is battery-powered, and the lifespan is quite manageable


  • Basic LCD screen
  • Single-axis device

Final Thoughts

To measure and eliminate the EMF pollution present in your surroundings, the first step is to invest in a top-notch EMF meter

In case you’re having a hard time choosing the right device, check out our top EMF meter reviews to help ease the confusion. After all, it’s about your safety and that of your loved ones

So why risk something you can’t smell or see, but can certainly detect with advanced techniques? It is important to consider the price of the device you purchased, as well as its performance, ease of use, specifications, design, and construction

When all aspects meet your specific needs, choose the exact device. Rest assured, if you choose any of the above options, you won’t be disappointed.