Wholesale Orgone Products

Become A Wholesale Customer

Below is information to become a Wholesale customer for these high efficacy Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products. 
As we are only interested in setting up Wholesale Accounts with customers who are already familiar with our products and their amazing Health benefits from their personal experience of them, it is a requirement that you first order $300.00 worth of our highly effective Orgonium Orgone Products at Retail to experience them for yourself.  

We know our products work and do what we claim they do, therefore, we want to you to know this for yourself, and then you will be able to market our products much more effectively. 
We offer 30% discount off our entire product range of Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance Products (plus the cost of postage and packaging), however there are some Exclusions: 

Wholesale Discount does NOT include:

  •     The Ultimate Zapper
  •     RESET Jaw Correction Technique Manuals and books
  •     Kinesiology Consultations, Other Health Products and Probiotics 
The minimum of each Wholesale order is $300.00 (after your 30% discount) plus the cost of postage and packaging. 

If you would like to go ahead and set up an account with us, please send us all your business - details including,  ACN, ABN, GST or Tax numbers, website details, as well as your home and business address  and contact telephone numbers, for us to verify your business first.
As Kinesiology practitioners, we have been using Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products in our Kinesiology practice for many years, and lots of our clients have used these products and have been very happy with them, which is what prompted me to set up this website.  

These Orgone Energy products are made using the unique 'Orgonium' technology, which is NOT Orgonite, and are guaranteed to perform as specified. If you have read our article about Orgonium versus Orgonite on our website you will understand why our products are different and work more effectively than other products available on the market.  See the attached document or go to:  http://www.orgoneenergy.com/orgone-articles
We find that having a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator protecting our Kinesiology Clinic, which completely removes all harmful energies present, and reduced the need to constantly be clearing negative energies and paranormal entities that invade our work space or are left by clients.  Many people comment on how nice the energy in the Clinic feels.

In our office we use a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator for all our computers, mobile phones and wireless internet equipment, and at home we have a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in all the times, which we always take with us when we travel.
These Orgonium technology and products has been extensively tested by various alternative and main stream medical practitioners, with various method of testing and verification of intended performance from sophisticated Biofeedback technologies to TCM pulse and muscle testing (Kinesiology), all these methods have verify that our unique Orgonium products such as our Geoclense Orgone Generator, our Dome Orgone Schumann Generator, our Quantum Orgone Energy Healing Pendants, and our Phone Radiation Protectors.  
Many of our Kinesiology clients over the years have experienced amazing benefits from wearing their Quantum Orgone Energy Healing Pendants.  They sleep better, they feel better, have more energy and feel "more protected".  What usually happens is when they feel so good whilst wearing their Quantum Orgone Energy Healing Pendants, and often when they come back, they buy one each for the whole family, their relatives and even for their friends!  People just love them!  
We have seen amazing results with our Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protectors, especially those extremely electromagnetic radiation sensitivity and electrification.  These amazing Radiation Shields often allow people to use technology they could not use before!  When we used to teach Kinesiology in Norway we sold a lot of them there.  We still get many orders from Norway for our Mobile Phone Radiation Shields from the many happy users who bought them from us years ago, and constantly refer their colleagues, friends and family members to our website.
People love our new Dome Orgone Schumann Generators, as well as the Buddha and Quan Yin Schumann Generators.  They find that they assist them in clearing imprinting in their homes, offices and places of work, along with removing Geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and feel a whole lot better when they are put in place. 
We know that you and your patients, clients or customers will thoroughly enjoy the amazing health benefits you will experience from using our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products made using our totally unique secret Orgonium technology and look forward to hearing from you.