Zeolite (Activated) Mercury Detox Drops

Activated Zeolite Mercury Detox Drops

Activated Liquid Zeolite which has been heated treated to 3000 degrees, and it is the most effective form of Zeolite that is safe for getting rid of Mercury toxicity, heavy metal poisoning, chemicals and toxins out of your body.

Watch out as not just any liquid Zeolite product on the market which has not been activated, because it will probably be completely full of heavy metals and environmental toxins and will cause you to be unwell.  This heat treatment, or activation, is required to initially open up the cages within the liquid Zeolite crystals, to ensure that they are completely cleaned of all heavy metals and toxins so that they can work to detoxify your body.


Effective Mercury And Heavy Metal Detoxification

By using Activated Liquid Zeolite, you know that you are taking thoroughly cleaned Zeolite which will then efficiently trap and lure the heavy metal poisoning, chemicals and toxins inside your body to get rid of them safely, particularly in the event that you have heavy metal poisoning or Mercury toxicity.


Digital download of additional Zeolite information available upon your purchase