Orgone Personal Protection Home Pack
USA, Canada, Tahiti, Korea And Vietnam Geoclense Plug
Australia And New Zealand Geoclense Plug
Japan, Brazil And Mexicon Geoclense Plug
Europa, Scandinavia And Indonesia Geoclense Plug
United Kingdom, UAE, Singapore And Malaysia Geoclense Plug
Switzerland, South Africa, India And Requested Order Geoclense Plug
Orgone Energy Australia

Orgone Personal Protection Home Pack

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Orgone Energy Generators Personal Protection Special Home Pack

1 X Geoclense Orgone Generator (for your country based on your shipping address)

1 X Green Dome Orgone Schumann Generator

1 X Green Aircraft Travel EMF Protector for personal protection when driving, flying and everywhere

1 X Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protector


NEW 5G TESTING on our Geoclense!


Orgonium Orgone Energy Research

We will send the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator for correct power point plug for your country into your personal protection pack. If you would a different colours for your Dome Orgone Generator or Aircraft Travel EMF Protector, please let us know via our Contact Us Form.