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Bagua Mirror

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Help harness energy forces in your home and establish harmony between yourself and your environment with our Bagua Mirror. 

The Bagua mirror is an important tool in the art of feng shui. With eight sides, it serves an important purpose in the home. 


Feng shui is practiced and followed because of its deep connection to ancient China and the energy contained within the objects. Feng shui is a highly respected technique in Chinese culture that has carried over to various cultures throughout the world.




The Bagua mirror has eight total sides with a circular mirror in the middle. The frame of the Bagua mirror is usually made of wood and adorned in various colors or symbols. There are three lines on each of the eight sides of the Bagua frame, with one side having three unbroken lines. This is called the trigram. The three unbroken lines represent heaven, and this side of the Bagua mirror should be placed at the top.


Bagua mirrors transform negative energy into positive energy, giving those who use them harmony and peace. Bagua mirrors repel evil, as the evil disappears after seeing its reflection in the mirror.


Later Heaven Sequence Bagua

When Bagua mirrors are used in the home, they are referred to as Later Heaven Sequence Bagua. Later Heaven Sequence is also called Manifested Bagua. The Later Heaven Sequence Bagua represents the changing of the world and the constant cycle of birth and death. The Later Heaven Sequence also represents the 24 seasonal markers found in the Chinese calendar, astrology, time, anatomy, geography, and astronomy.

Shapes of the Bagua Mirror

The circular mirror in the Bagua mirror can be concave, convex, or flat. Each shape has a distinct meaning.

Concave Mirrors

Concave mirrors are mirrors that curve inwards, similar to a bowl. Concave mirrors represent the absorption of negative energy from the space the Bagua mirror inhabits. Concave mirrors are used more often than convex mirrors. This is because the ancient Chinese culture believes absorbing negative energy in the concave mirror is more effective than reflecting negative energy from a convex mirror.

Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors are mirrors that are curved outwards, similar to a dome. Concave Bagua mirrors represent the reflection of negative energy from entering your home. Concave Bagua mirrors are more effective when they are used in a space where the negative energy cannot be reflected to affect others nearby.

Flat Mirrors

Flat mirrors are mirrors that lay flat with no curvature inward or outward. Flat Bagua mirrors are considered neutral. This means they can reflect both positive and negative energy. Flat mirrors are most commonly used indoors, whereas convex or concave mirrors should be used outside; however, you can use a flat Bagua mirror outside as well.

Where to Place Your Bagua Mirror

Before you purchase a Bagua mirror, you need to know the correct place to hang your Bagua mirror. Placing your Bagua mirror in the wrong place will not only be ineffective, but it could also have negative effects on your home or those around you.

If you purchase a concave Bagua mirror, you will want to place the mirror on the outside of the home. The best placement on the outside of your home is to place it outside by the front door or entryway of the home. The concave Bagua mirror will absorb the negative energy being emitted from an object that the home faces. This can be a busy road or objects that contain high levels of negative energy.


What can my Bagua Mirror Protect Against? 

Some of the objects that your Bagua Mirror can protect you against may include power lines, cell phone towers, or various landscapes, all of which can contain negative energy to send into your home.

The concave mirror placed on the home and pointing towards the source of the negative energy will absorb the negative energy and prevent it from entering your home.

Like the concave Bagua mirror, you will want to place a convex Bagua mirror on the outside of the home as well. Instead of absorbing the negative energy like the convex mirror, the concave Bagua mirror will reflect the negative energy outward.

While this is an effective way to keep negative energy from entering your home, it can affect those neighbors around you. This is because the negative energy will be reflected from the mirror and sent to those who are positioned across from the mirror, such as your neighbors.

These are the most common areas you will want to place the octagonal Bagua mirror:

  • Outside the home that faces a busy road, near a door or window
  • At a T-intersection
  • The outside wall of a home near constant energy, such as power lines or a cell phone tower
  • An outside wall of your home near activity, such as a construction site, police department, or hospital

Colors of the Bagua Mirror

Bagua mirrors come in red, green, or gold. Like the shape of the mirror, each color has a specific meaning that represents a specific energy.

Red mirrors represent summer, illumination, and growth.

Green mirrors represent spring, inspiration, and strength.

Gold mirrors represent late summer/fall, productivity, growth, and success.

If you are looking to remove negative energy from your home while also focusing on a specific type of energy, you should find a feng shui Bagua mirror in the color you need.

Chinese Feng Shui Bagua Concave Mirror


This Chinese feng shui Bagua mirror features a concave mirror with an alloy frame. A Bagua mirror is also called a Geomancy Mascot. According to Chinese tradition, a Geomancy Mascot is used to turn evil spirits from evil into good, as well as attract good luck.

Not only does the concave mirror absorb the negative energy, but it also transforms the negative energy into positive. Additionally, the concave Bagua mirror draws in good luck, wealth, good fortune, and transforms bad luck into blessings.

The size of this concave Bagua mirror is 7.87 inches in diameter. You receive one mirror per order from a relatively new supplier.

Remember to Clean Your Bagua Mirror

Like any other mirror or surface in your home, you will want to clean it. Because the Bagua mirror is absorbing or reflecting high amounts of negative energy, even transforming the negative energy into positive energy, you will need to clean it. Too much negative energy in a space can cause the mirror to break.

To clean the mirror, you will want to use water with a small amount of a cleaning agent safe for mirrors. You will take a cloth that is safe for mirrors to wipe the mirror down and remove any dirt or negative energy that has been absorbed into the mirror. You will want to do this outside so that the negative energy stays outside and does not enter your home.

The Bottom Line of the Bagua Mirror

The feng shui Bagua mirror is approximately 7 to 8 inches in diameter and will be concave, convex, or flat.

A concave or convex Bagua mirror will need to be placed on the outside wall of your home. You will want the mirror to face the direction where the negative energy source is coming from.

For example, if you live on a busy road, you will want to hang the Bagua mirror outside near the front door, entryway, or windows of your home to keep the negative energy out of your home. Other sources of negative energy include living near a hospital, police department, unruly neighbors, or construction site(s).

The difference between concave and convex Bagua mirrors is how negative energy is handled. A concave Bagua mirror will absorb all of the negative energy that is directed towards it. This means the negative energy is in the mirror on your house and nowhere else, making the concave Bagua mirror a popular choice.

A convex Bagua mirror is a mirror that is curved outward like a dome. When negative energy is directed towards the convex mirror, it is reflected from the home and pushed out. This means that innocent neighbors or passersby can be affected by the negative energy that is being reflected in the Bagua mirror.

Most people who use a Bagua mirror do not want to put negative energy out into the world for innocent people to suffer from, so you may only want to use a convex mirror if there are no neighbors or nearby roads where innocent people may be.

You can also use a flat Bagua mirror. Flat Bagua mirrors can be used both indoors and outdoors. Flat Bagua mirrors are considered neutral because they can attract both positive and negative energy.

Bagua mirrors will have red, green, or gold colors, which each represent a season and element of life. Reg mirrors are representative of summer and are symbolic of growth and illustration. Green mirrors represent spring and are symbolic of inspiration and strength. Gold is symbolic of late summer/fall and is symbolic of productivity, growth, and success.


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