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Hydrogen Water Maker - Orgone Energy Australia
Hydrogen Water Maker - Orgone Energy Australia
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Hydrogen Water Maker

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Your body is 60% water. Hydrate your body in the best way to get maximum health benefits with the Hydrogen Water Maker. 

The Orgone Energy Hydrogen Water Maker will turn your H2O into hydrogen-rich H2O.

What is Hydrogen Water? 

Hydrogen water is water that is enriched with hydrogen. It is a simple concept that has the ability to produce powerful results.


Hydrogen water is an antioxidant that is often compared to alkaline water. Similar to alkaline water that has higher pH levels, hydrogen water uses the added hydrogen to aid in inflammation and muscle soreness.


Hydrogen water is safe and recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the best way to enjoy quality hydrogen water is by using an Orgone Energy Hydrogen Water Maker.


Hydrogen helps reduce inflammation and muscle soreness while increasing energy. While hydrogen water is great for athletes; everyone can benefit from hydrogen water.


Hydrogen water is believed to contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are important to the body because they help prevent oxidative stress. Oxidative stress may lead to cancer and other diseases.


Some studies have suggested that hydrogen water may be anti-inflammatory, a quality that may reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases such as heart disease. 


A recent study also found that consuming hydrogen water can help improve your mood, anxiety levels, and autonomic nerve function. 


How Does Hydrogen Water Benefit your Health? 



A hydrogen water maker will increase pH levels, anti-oxidability, and hydrogen molecular levels. Why are these important?


pH Levels

The standard pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with a balance being found at 7. The pH scale measures the amount of acidity or alkalinity that is found within a substance, such as food or water.

 If food or water is acidic, it will have a pH level between 0 and 7. If food or water is alkaline, it will have a pH level between 7 and 14.


It is difficult to consume alkaline-rich food and water on an everyday basis, so a hydrogen water maker helps achieve homeostasis within the body by raising the pH levels within the body to a more balanced state.


ORP (Oxidation Reducing Potential)

ORP stands for Oxidation Reducing Potential. This is a measurement of oxidizing agents in water. ORP will be measured as a positive or negative number.


A positive ORP represents oxidation is present, which is indicative of aging and deterioration. A negative ORP means anti-oxidant properties are present, and this is indicative of anti-aging benefits.


Electrons within the body should be in pairs. If they are not in pairs, they are called free radicals. It is important to drink anti-oxidant water, such as hydrogen water, as this will protect your body against these free radical molecules.

Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Water that is enriched with hydrogen will help reduce inflammation, pain, and muscle soreness for those who are suffering from any or all of these ailments.

Hydrogen water is beneficial for athletes because of the amount of physical activity the athletes exert, but anyone suffering from inflammation, pain, or muscle soreness can benefit from hydrogen water.


As hydrogen water helps with pain and soreness, many users find their energy levels increase when drinking hydrogen water. Lowering pain, soreness, and inflammation helps those who drink it be able to endure longer workouts or physical activity.


Hydrogen water is also high in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidant water decreases the amount of oxidative stress that is found within the blood vessels of the body.

If the blood vessels within the body are high in oxidative stress, a person will likely suffer from chronic inflammation and an increased risk of various chronic diseases during their lifespan.


Lower your Oxidative Stress with Hydrogen Water

To lower oxidative stress, you will want to drink anti-oxidant water. This makes hydrogen water the perfect solution for lowering the oxidative stress that is commonly found in blood vessels from oxidative water.


Drinking hydrogen water also helps you stay hydrated. Hydration is an imperative way to boost many various areas of well-being. Hydration helps the appearance of skin aging, helps in weight loss, and can help your total cholesterol levels.


However, staying hydrated with hydrogen water offers many overall health benefits that regular water hydration may not be able to maximally offer.

The Benefits of Using a Hydrogen Water Maker



To enjoy hydrogen water without breaking the bank, we suggest using the Orgone Energy Hydrogen Water Maker. Our Hydrogen Water Maker will take regular water and infuse added hydrogen into it, making it rich in hydrogen.


To use your water maker, simply fill your hydrogen water bottle with regular water. For the best results, you should use distilled water or tap water that has been boiled.


This will lower the number of chemicals found in regular tap water, such as chlorine, lead, or mercury, making the hydrogen water as pure and clean as possible.


Once your hydrogen water bottle has been filled with water, you will seal the bottle and press the power button to begin infusing your water with hydrogen. Once the hydrogen water maker has finished, you will have alkaline-rich, anti-oxidant hydrogen water that will be charged and ready to drink for the next two hours.


Our Hydrogen Water Maker saves you time and money by turning your normal tap water into aking your regular water and adding hydrogen, rather than having to purchase hydrogen water each time you want to enjoy hydrogen water.


The Best Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle


This hydrogen water maker is everything you need to be able to make hydrogen water anywhere at any time. It has a USB charging port that allows you to charge the water bottle to take with you anywhere.


Simply pour regular water into the water maker and hit the power button. The regular water will be immediately turned into hydrogen-rich water for you to raise your pH levels and ORP levels within your body, helping you to stay in a state of homeostasis.


There are many features about this hydrogen water bottle that make it better than the rest:

  • There is a non-slip silicone base for the hydrogen water bottle to stay securely in place while the water bottle is turned on. The USB charging port allows the water bottle to be portable and taken anywhere you need; restaurants, amusement parks, or the gym.


  • It includes a cartridge with an antibacterial ball and chlorine reducer, improving regular tap water that you may use in the maker as it acts as a water purifier. There is also an easy-to-open top for you to immediately enjoy the hydrogen water as soon as it is made.

How to Care for your Hydrogen Water Maker

To preserve and lengthen the lifespan of your hydrogen water maker, you will need to regularly clean and care for it. You will want to take your hydrogen water bottle apart and clean each individual piece of the bottle.

Certain areas may require more care than others. For example, the reservoir of the water bottle can be easily cleaned by using standard dish soap and water to disinfect.

The cartridge with the antibacterial ball will require additional cleaning. You may want to use citric acid to make sure the cartridge gets adequately cleaned.

As the cartridge will be the piece of the hydrogen water maker that filters and collects imperfections of the water poured into the maker, it will likely be dirtier than the remaining pieces of the water maker. Therefore, it will require more cleaning than the remaining pieces.

The Bottom Line

A hydrogen water maker is a great tool to have if you are looking to improve various physical aspects of your body. Hydrogen water helps relieve inflammation, making aches and pains greatly subside for you to be able to perform longer and harder.

Hydrogen water reduces the amount of lactic acid that is released during weight lifting and working out. The release of lactic acid is what makes your muscles sore after working out. Drinking hydrogen water will lower this soreness and allow you to recover from workouts quicker.

Hydrogen water will help you achieve homeostasis. Homeostasis is the body’s ability to remain balanced between various components commonly found within the body, such as alkalinity and acidity.

Hydrogen water increases the pH level found in regular drinking water. This means if you have eaten foods that are rich in acidity, hydrogen water will help increase the pH level within your body because of the high pH levels that are found in the hydrogen water. This helps achieve homeostasis.

The best hydrogen water bottle featured here is perfect for a variety of reasons. First, it is easy to use which makes turning regular drinking water into hydrogen-rich water an easy process. Second, it is rechargeable and portable. This means you can take your hydrogen water bottle anywhere you want to enjoy hydrogen water.

Lastly, this hydrogen water bottle also includes a cartridge with an antibacterial ball. This means the regular drinking water that you use to fill the hydrogen water bottle will be purified to produce the best results.

Rated Power: 5W
Working Voltage: 5V USB
Bottle Capacity: 430ml
Item Size: Approx. 210*70mm (H*D)
Using Water Temperature Period: 0-45°
USB charger, which can be connected to your USB adapter

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