Black Tourmaline Necklace - Orgone Energy Australia
Black Tourmaline Necklace - Orgone Energy Australia
Black Tourmaline Necklace - Orgone Energy Australia
Black Tourmaline Necklace - Orgone Energy Australia
Black Tourmaline Necklace - Orgone Energy Australia
Black Tourmaline Necklace - Orgone Energy Australia
Orgone Energy Australia

Black Tourmaline Necklace

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Protect your energy with our stylish and elegant Black Tourmaline Necklace. 

Now you don't have to choose between a balanced aura and beautiful accessories. Our Black Tourmaline Necklace combines both. 

What is Black Tourmaline Good for?

Black Tourmaline is the strongest protection crystal in the mineral kingdom. It is used by different stone healers to harmonize and balance the root chakras that are linked with the sensation of safety and grounding.


This stone has potent grounding power and is electrical in nature. It improves decision-making abilities, self-confidence, and strength to fight against all odds. 


Black Tourmaline is not only a very grounding stone, but it is also known for its extremely protective properties. This is because it protects and prevents any type of negative energy from attaching to you. Another common use is when you are in a crowded place as it helps keep negative people away from you.


Black Tourmaline for EMF Protection

In addition, black tourmaline is also used for protection against harmful EMF radiation.  EMF radiation is emitted from both natural and man-made elements. 

Common man-made materials that emit EMFs include Wi-Fi, laptops, smartwatches, and cellphones.

EMF exposure can lead to serious health concerns. One study showed a link between prolonged EMF exposure and an increase in Leukemia in adults. 

In addition, there are many mental and physical health concerns that can be attributed to EMF exposure. These include: 

  • restlessness and anxiety
  • dizziness
  • irritability
  • nausea
  • skin burning and tingling
  • changes in an electroencephalogram (which measures electrical activity in the brain)
  • sleep disturbances, including insomnia
  • headache
  • depression and depressive symptoms
  • tiredness and fatigue
  • lack of concentration
  • changes in memory


Are you ready to Feel Better? 

Slipping our beautiful genuine tourmaline gemstone necklace around your neck is more than just a fashion statement. It is also a wonderful tool for protection and balance. 

This Black Tourmaline necklace is made from genuine black gemstones that have been polished and faceted into round beads. They are cut to brilliantly reflect the light. 

This necklace is 27 inches, so you can just slip it over your head or use the included lobster clasp.

This subtle but sophisticated gemstone necklace can be dressed up or you can wear it every day for sophisticated healing.

In crystal healing, tourmaline is known as a stone of protection. It is also great to calm the nerves. 


Wearing the Black Tourmaline Necklace can make your heart healthy and happy as the crystal will be in line with your chest.

Does Black Tourmaline Really Work?

Yes, it does! Black Tourmaline is a popular black stone known for its cleansing and protecting properties. It is an excellent stone with several benefits.

Generally, Tourmaline cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. So it’s the perfect stone to have in your cleansing spiritual rituals.

Black Tourmaline grounds our spiritual energy and clears and balances all our chakras. It also forms a protective shield around our body, which is why tourmaline is traditionally a shamanic stone.

Furthermore, Black Tourmaline can protect us from cellphone radiation and electromagnetic smog. It can protect us from negative energies, including psychic attacks and ill-wishing spells placed upon us.

It is connected to our base chakra which grounds our energy and clears tension and stress away.

It’s also helpful in clearing away negative thoughts and it can promote a really laid-back attitude.

Black Tourmaline can guide us in rational and clear thinking thought processes. It is a great stone to have with you when you are making those really big decisions in life.

Is Black Tourmaline Expensive?

Black Tourmaline is readily available, which keeps its prices reasonable. It isn’t until you get into extremely rare colors or large sizes that prices go over $100 per karat.

Black Tourmaline per carat typically ranges from $3 per carat to $6 per carat. The price of this crystal depends on the parameters below:

  • Clarity: The quality of Black Tourmaline and the general appearance determine its value. If it is clean to the eyes and has no defects, it will be more appreciated. As a rule, a Black Tourmaline crystal with visible defects is sold at a much cheaper price.
  • Cut: The Black Tourmaline available on the market is mainly rectangular and narrow. This is due to its roughness. To reduce waste, it is mainly cut this way. However, it can be cut and styled in different ways. A clean longitudinal cut is sometimes sold at higher prices.
  • Carat: The price of Black Tourmaline is generally moderate. However, prices increase considerably once the stone’s weight exceeds 5 karats.
  • Color: A deep, untreated, intense, and anthracite color is the ideal choice when purchasing a Black Tourmaline stone. Black Tourmaline treated chemically or thermally is easy to see, but not as valuable as natural stones.

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