Orgone Energy Shoe Soles
Orgone Energy Shoe Soles
Orgone Energy Shoe Soles
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Orgone Energy Shoe Soles

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Orgone Ener-Soles

Many people don't realize the importance of taking care of your feet. As the foundation of the body, healthy feet can assist in preventing many health conditions. 

Many different conditions can play a role in developing unhealthy feet. Whether you are genetically predisposed to having foot problems or spend hours on your feet each day. There is a simple solution to healing your body by taking better care of your feet. 

The Orgone Energy Ener-Soles are an ideal solution to preventing sore feet and aching legs even when you are spending hours on your feet. 

Energy levels at the end of the day are greatly improved, giving you the ability to stay on your feet with much less stress and tension, with little to no foot pain or sore legs.

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Great For Varicose Veins And Improving Circulation


These highly effective Orgone Energy Ener Soles also can assist with improving varicose veins, diabetic leg circulation and speed up the recovery of bone fractures and other injuries.


Great for shin splints commonly experienced from walking on concrete, wooden floorboards, and hard surfaces as they prevent foot pain, aching legs, and sore feet.


Amazing Orgone Shoe Soles are suitable for all foot sizes shoe types as they are made from easy to cut highly resilient lightweight foam with an odor and perspiration absorbent top layer which allows the feet to breathe.

The Orgone Energy Shoe Soles are ideal for diabetic foot and leg pain relief due to the increase in circulation in the legs as well as the feet.




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