Yellow Stellar Pendant
Yellow Stellar Pendant
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Yellow Stellar Pendant

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Yellow Stellar Pendant

Based on our ongoing research, we have found that the new Yellow Stellar Pendant ™ has exceeded all expectations for a harmonizing EMF pendant. It is a powerful personal protection pendant.



Why Yellow?

In the color spectrum, yellow has the most effective negative charge frequency than any other color. A long time ago, the nuclear industry discovered that wearing yellow overalls offered their workers protection against passive radiation. However, wearing yellow clothing will not protect you from 5G and other harmful radiation. When our unique Orgonium® frequencies are combined with yellow, something special happens.

Our tests have shown that the Stellar Pendant offers protection up to 8 meters around the wearer. The color of a pendant is no longer required to match the person like our previous line of colored Ionic Personal Protection Pendants. This pendant is suitable for everyone.


Orgone Pendant Testing


Stellar Pendant Vs Colored Ionic Personal Protection Pendants


Our Yellow Stellar Pendant is more efficient than our range of colored pendants because the colored pendants protect the EMF meridians when the correct color is used for an individual's energetic weakness.


Nevertheless, with the Yellow Stellar Pendant ™, it is no longer necessary to match the correct color to the person, as the Stellar Pendant ™ provides full protection for the meridians.


The test method we employed for the Stellar Pendant ™ was performed on an individual standing under an electrical transformer exposed to 100 milligauss + and on a Geomagnetic solar event that generated a Geoelectric field of up to 6 meters from the ground.

This situation is 3X worse than a 5G EMF street lighting environment and probably the worst case in terms of radiation exposure! Also, we tested the normal orange pendant of the person which offers complete protection of the meridians.


The Stellar Pendant ™ not only offers full protection of the meridians but also extends the EMF protection space around the user up to 8 meters.





The Stellar Pendant ™ is much more efficient than electronic personal EMF harmonizers, which are more bipolar in energy and therefore disrupt the wearer's meridian energy rather than balancing and enhancing their meridian energy.

This is a common problem with some electronic personal harmonizer’s brands. The Stellar Pendant ™ is intentionally inexpensive enough to be affordable for anyone. It is priced at under $60 rather than the hundreds of dollars that electronic personal harmonizers.

The Yellow Stellar Pendant ™ is an excellent example of the Art of Harmonizing EMF fields.


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