Treatment For Lyme Disease

Essential recommended products for treatment of Lyme Disease are:
  • The Geolense Negative Ion Generator for energy healing and total protection of your home
  • Bamboo Orgone Enegy Healing Blanket for rejuvenation and healing of your body

Protect yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation

Get yourself a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator and carry Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator everywhere for EMF Protection as you will react to everything until you get well.  These will do a lot of energy healing eradicating the energy of Mercury, Heavy Metals and Candida from your energy fields.

How To Effectively Eradicating Lyme Disease

There are three Phases to Eliminating Lyme Disease and these may take from serveral months to a year or more (especially Phase Three):
  •    Phase One:  Decrease body burden of toxins
  •    Phase Two:  Eradication (Killing Pathogens)
  •    Phase Three:  Detoxification
Activated Zeolite to eliminates heavy metals and deactivates viruses


Why 30% Of People Become Unwell With Lyme Disease

From my years of research into Lyme Disease, I have found that the reason 30% of the population get ill from this disease is because of genetic defects or predispositions we are born with, as it may be possible that more than 90% of the population carry the bacteria Borrelia.   Karma may also play a role too!

If you have one of the MTHFR Genetic Mutations, this means your body cannot methylate Folate or Folic Acid properly, which has a huge role in enzymes in the body.  You then need to take the methylated form of Folate, or better still eat lots of green leafy vegetables which are high in Folinic Acid.  When you have the MTHFR genetic defect, you are then more prone to bacterial infections, and therefore more likely to getting full-blown symptoms of Lyme Disease compared to others who have normal genes.  

I was born with Mercury and Heavy Metal induced Porphyria as my mother had all her teeth removed when she was 5 months pregnant with me, as I nearly died of Blood Poisoning.  Her teeth were full of Mercury and Amalgam fillings which severely damaged my brain and my nervous system.  This means my liver detoxification pathways are more reactive, and my liver over produces Cytochrome detoxification enzymes, over-reacting to all the toxins, including the Lyme Disease induced ones.

Lyme Disease also has a huge affinity to Mercury and Heavy Metal toxicity.  Even though I have detoxed Mercury and heavy metals for many years now, I know I have to be careful not to kill the Lyme related bacterium too quickly, as when they die-off causes the release the Heavy Metals back into the body.

I also have Pyroluria which is another Genetic Defect I was born with.  This is often another symptom of Lyme Disease, and Pyroluria may also be caused by Lyme Disease.

Thankfully I cleared up my Candida Yeast infection (also known as Thrush) many years ago.  Therefore my symptoms from Lyme Disease may be less severe than that of others, as I don't have a Candida yeast infection which generally goes with having Lyme Disease.

This would make the condition so much worse as I was very ill when I had Candida (most of my life until my early 30's), and I could not imagine what having this along with the Lyme Disease symptoms together.  If you do have Candida, I highly recommend you clear it up quickly.

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.
Advanced Specialised Kinesiology Practioner