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Divorceless Relationships Gary Douglas Dain Heer

Divorceless Relationships Book


Do you give up parts of yourself in relationship?

What else is possible in a relationship where there in only nurturing, expansiveness, vulnerability, freedom and no judgment?

How much of the time you are in your relationship is spent trying to cater for your partner's desires and not your own, while losing who you are?

How many times do you continually judge your relationship by what you have given up in your life to please the other person, or by what you are receiving or not receiving from it?

Be Yourself In Relationship

What if an entire different relationship was possible coming from a space of nurturing,empowerment, doing what you choose and without being judged for it?  Where each person involves into simply being themselves;  from a choice of simply sharing with another being.

This book explores how simple it actually is to have a better relationship, without divorcing or giving up any parts of yourself or parts of your life you live to enjoy.


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