Hydrogen Water Machine - Orgone Energy Australia
Hydrogen Water Machine - Orgone Energy Australia
Hydrogen Water Machine - Orgone Energy Australia
Hydrogen Water Machine - Orgone Energy Australia
Hydrogen Water Machine - Orgone Energy Australia

Orgone Energy Australia

Hydrogen Water Machine

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Your body is 60% water, so it makes sense that hydration is an important part of your overall health. Take your health seriously but putting the best quality of water in your body. 



Many health enthusiasts know the benefits of treating your body with alkaline water. 

While more research is still needed to convince naysayers, many encouraging studies have been popping up in medical news. A 2012 study, found evidence that drinking naturally carbonated alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 was able to deactivate pepsin, which causes acid reflux. 

Another study’s findings suggested alkaline water may benefit people with high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

While all the claims of health benefits of alkaline water cannot yet be substantiated, many believe alkaline water has the ability to: 

  • Provide anti-aging properties (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body)
  • Offer colon-cleansing properties
  • Immune system support
  • Hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties
  • Weight loss
  • Cancer resistance

Depending on the water source, the Hydrogen Water Machine produces hydrogen water with a pH value between 3.5 and 10.5.


How Does the Hydrogen Water Machine Work?

The Hydrogen Water Machine is typically attached to the faucet. It is convenient and simple to install by anyone with little effort.

The water machine will filter and adjust the pH of the water by electrolysis to separate the water streams into ionized alkaline and acidic components.


Hydrogen ions and minerals break down during the electrolysis process, and the water is created by two different streams, one of which is hydrogen water for drinking and the other is steam oxidized water that can be used for cleaning and bathing.


In addition, the machine contains an active carbon water filter, which can also be used to remove impurities, bacteria, metal ions, and other harmful substances. The machine pumps molecular hydrogen separately into the water, improving its overall hydrogen content.


Benefits of the Hydrogen Water Machine

About 40 years ago, Russian scientists allowed plain water to bypass magnetically charged plates and developed a simple method to separate the water into two streams, one alkaline and one acidic, a process known as ionization.


This first ionization technology was developed and improved to the point that now tap water can literally be turned into energized water with a host of life-changing properties.


Ionization technology is here now and has helped transform the lives of many people. It is known as ionized alkaline water.


The amazing alkaline ionized water contains millions of anti-aging antioxidants in each glass. It hydrates the body, provides essential oxygen and calcium, helps flush out harmful wastes and toxins, and relieves allergies and ulcers, digestion, stiffness, and weight management.


Water created with a hydrogen water machine is loaded with potent antioxidant ions, actively emits free radicals, and helps neutralize acids produced by metabolism.


Amazing Antioxidant Benefits

As indicated by the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), ionized alkaline water has excellent antioxidant benefits, unlike most dietary products on the market that have a low ORP. If you need antioxidant protection at the cellular level, nothing is more powerful and convenient than the water produced by the hydrogen water machine.

Alkaline ionized water actually restructures itself during electrolysis, which improves hydration significantly as the water is easier for the body to absorb and use.

Bottled or tap water is usually grouped into groups of 11 to 16 water molecules, but ionized alkaline water reforms with ionization and the water molecules are reduced to only about 5 to 8 molecules per cluster, making it easier for the penetration of water through the cells and purifies the cell from within.

In this way, you can help fight and prevent many of the problems associated with chronic dehydration, such as low energy levels, indigestion, obesity, and constipation.


Source of Additional Oxygen 

Water created with a hydrogen water machine is also saturated with oxygen when water is ionized. The percentage of oxygen to hydrogen is increased dramatically, giving you a plentiful source of additional oxygen in a highly absorbable form that can be almost twice as much as bottled or tap water.

Perhaps more importantly, ionized alkaline water can help your body regain its own ability to function at its peak and maintain a healthy pH balance by providing a plentiful source of alkaline minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium that the body can use easily.


How Does this Water Affect the Body? 

The body needs to work extra hard to maintain its pH level as we are producing acidic waste constantly. The nutrients in our food are left alone to burn with oxygen to provide us with life energy, almost always leaving behind acidic by-products or waste.

Our bloodstream normally picks up this waste and filters it through the kidneys, liver, colon, or skin to clear it up. But our very stressful lifestyles, the toxins or pollutants we are exposed to, the types of foods we eat, lack of rest, and a host of other factors affect the body’s ability to get rid of acidic waste adequately.

So the body is playing a smart trick by converting acidic waste into solid waste and then storing the solid waste in less critical areas such as capillary blood vessels, arteries, or adipose tissue.

Some scientists even suggest that it is the accumulation of acidic waste that causes aging and disease.


Water created with a hydrogen water machine has such therapeutic value in Korea and Japan that it has been widely used in hospitals and clinics in both countries for over 20 years to help with conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, psoriasis, and other debilitating diseases.


What is the Best Hydrogen Water Machine?

 The best hydrogen water machine makes the difference between drinking good quality water and thirsting for something other than tap water.

The machines are built with remarkable technology and intelligent engineering; everything to supply your home with clear, clean water.

Hydrogen water machines remove contaminants and unwanted acid from drinking water, which of course is a very desirable benefit.


Easily accessible hydrogen water can provide you with several health benefits, including reducing fatigue, rejuvenating your skin, and neutralizing acid. While acidic water can be great for cleaning, water with a balanced pH is desirable for all other household water uses.


Our hydrogen water machine is feature-packed and remarkably powerful. It creates a pH range that delivers the ionized water experience.

The machine’s power does not just affect the pH, but it also affects the ORP taking it a high rank with a value of about -1050. This delivers several beneficial antioxidants.

Our powerful hydrogen water machine also delivers visual appeal. It sits comfortably on your countertop to offer continuous ionized alkaline or acidic water as you need.

What are the Benefits of Hydrogen Water?

You may be wondering, or you may have heard of hydrogen water, but are you surprised by all the hype? Well, the reason is quite simple. The research began only 12 years ago after a team of researchers discovered that inhaled molecular hydrogen could serve as an antioxidant and protect our brain from free radicals.

Since the discovery of molecular hydrogen, its effects have been studied in 65 publications in humans and shown to be beneficial in more than 170 disease models.


Some major benefits of hydrogen water to consider:

Hydrogen Corrects DNA Damage

Molecular hydrogen has many benefits, one of which is to correct DNA damage in the mitochondria of the cell.

This is supported by a study showing that molecular hydrogen offers protection against radiation-induced DNA damage, with the removal of OH being the only mechanism involved in the process discussed so far. Repairing damaged DNA is a breakthrough, a feat that molecular hydrogen has achieved.

Hydrogen Fights Allergies

It is said that people who are prone to allergies are atopic or allergic. This reaction can be deactivated by the uptake of molecular hydrogen, simply by inhibiting intracellular signaling pathways and reducing oxidative and inflammatory reactions.


Reduction in Obesity

Excess fat is an inflammatory condition that is one of the strengths of the molecular hydrogen approach, as prolonged consumption of hydrogen-rich water lowers sugar, plasma glucose, and triglyceride levels, similar to the effects of intense practices like diet restriction and dieting.


Improves the Brain’s Cognitive Function

Molecular hydrogen can cross the blood barrier and brain, thereby improving the cognitive functions and health of people with Parkinson’s disease.

Faster Recovery from Sports Injuries

Excessive muscle contraction during intense exercise can cause oxidative stress, which leads to fatigue and micro-injuries that we perceive as inflammation. Studies have proven that hydrogen-enriched water improves the decline in muscle function caused by exercise.

Improves the Skin

In most cases, skin lesions are not a factor in aging, but oxidative stress that occurs on the skin. Antioxidants derived from molecular hydrogen have the best balance in the fight against oxidative skin damage.


May Help Prevent Diabetes

Studies have shown that patients with type-2 diabetes who consumed enough hydrogen-enriched water for eight weeks (56 days) showed overall improvements because the tests performed on them did not show symptoms of the disease as they did before. The effects of consuming hydrogen water were also enormous and effective.

Fight Against Autoimmune Diseases

If there’s one thing that molecular hydrogen is commonly known for is its ability to reduce excess free radicals in the body that cause cellular imbalance. With this in mind, molecular hydrogen may help fight many autoimmune diseases such as lupus, keeping the body in a healthy state.

May Fight Cancerous Tumors

Cancer and cancerous tumors are rooted in oxidative stress, also known as high reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels, which in turn promote many aspects of tumor development and progression. With all the above, we all know that oxidative stress isn’t a match for H2, as it tends to eliminate oxidative stress and the resulting tumor growth. In a study of patients with liver tumors, they had a better quality of life when they underwent radiation therapy.

Does Hydrogen Water Really Work?

Yes, hydrogen water does work and there are hundreds of clinical publications that have confirmed the health benefits of hydrogen-enriched water. The effects of hydrogen are well documented in more than 750 studies. Here are the top five (5) benefits of hydrogen with related studies.


Hydrogen-rich water improves brain and cognitive functions. In a study published by Medical Gas Research, it was found that “in healthy individuals, aging, stress at work and cognitive stress for hours on end also leads to increased oxidative stress, suggesting that preventing the accumulation of oxidative stress caused by daily work and daily stress helps to maintain the quality of life and improves the effects of aging.


In this placebo-controlled study, 13 people received hydrogen water and 13 plain water as a placebo. According to the study, “the ratios of change (pretreatment/post-treatment) in the K6 score and dormant sympathetic nerve activity after administration of hydrogen water were significantly lower than after administration of placebo water. These results suggest that hydrogen water can improve quality of life through effects that improve the nervous system functions, including anxiety, mood, and autonomic nervous function.


Numerous studies have also shown that hydrogen-rich water positively regulates the neuroprotective mechanisms that are helpful in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, dementia, anxiety, and depression.


Hydrogen-infused water has been proven to have regenerative benefits in wound healing. A 2016 study of cell longevity and oxidative medicine showed that rats with sores on the palate that were given hydrogen water healed “much faster” than rats with plain water by activating the antioxidant defense pathway.


Hydrogen water can also help strengthen and regulate your immune system. In a zebrafish study, it was found that hydrogen water has an inhibitory effect on inflammatory immune response genes and also up-regulates anti-inflammatory genes in the liver, kidney, and spleen.


Researchers have also shown that hydrogen water has antimicrobial effects.



A Healthier Gut

Other studies have also shown that consuming hydrogen water can help microbes in the intestines. This is important because 70 to 80 percent of our immune system is in the gut. In a study published in Medical Gas Research, mice given hydrogen water had more bacteria in the appendix and more frequent short-chain fatty acids, a sign of healthy fiber and starch fermentation from the microbiota.

Hydrogen-rich water improves the functioning of the mitochondria in human cells. The mitochondria are the primary source of cellular energy. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are a natural by-product of cell metabolism. Human cells have a built-in natural antioxidant system that protects them. Energy production decreases once this system is out of balance.


A 2020 study published in the Canadian Journal of Physiologic Pharmacology states: “Molecular hydrogen has been shown to be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, including cardiovascular disease. It removes the hydroxyl peroxynitrite and radical selectively, reduces oxidative stress, and has anti-apoptotic effects anti-inflammatory.


The study also found that hydrogen-rich water increased ATP production through mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. The results suggest that molecular hydrogen can be used to treat/prevent disease states with impaired myocardial mitochondrial function. This means they found that hydrogen water increased cell energy by reducing oxidative stress in the mitochondria.


Improve Your Endurance

Hydrogen-rich water improves endurance. In a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers conducted a randomized, placebo-controlled crossover study in 12 healthy men. Half were given clear water 30 minutes before the prescribed exercise and the other half were given hydrogen-rich water.

What the researchers found was that “acute pre-exercise hydrogen-rich water supplementation reduced blood lactate at higher rates, improved perception of exercise-induced stress, and improved ventilation efficiency.” Since hydrogen-enriched water acts as an antioxidant and a signal modulator for upregulating ghrelin, it is safe to say that drinking hydrogen water has positive health benefits for all body systems.

What are the Side Effects of Hydrogen Water?

There are no negative side effects from drinking hydrogen-enriched water. In fact, molecular hydrogen (h2) is not a foreign substance. We produce hydrogen every day. Humans usually produce around 10 liters of hydrogen a day with a good diet that includes vegetables, fruits, and foods rich in fiber. This is due to the production of hydrogen by our intestinal flora (intestinal bacteria). There is a constant fight in our body, too much oxidative stress but too little hydrogen to defend itself, and this ultimately leads to many degenerative diseases.

Everyone is exposed to oxidative stress, which has been linked to the pathogenesis of almost all diseases, including cancer.


Drinking water enriched with molecular hydrogen is what our society needs to fight degenerative diseases. The studies done so far have reported no negative side effects of drinking hydrogen water.


Hydrogen-rich water is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) certified by the Food and Drug Administration, which means it is generally considered safe. Additionally, a recent study has shown that the pH of hydrogen water actually acts as an alkalizing agent, reducing metabolic acidosis.


- 3.8" color LCD, large digital display, human-computer dialogue, easy to use for the elderly.

- Automatic detection and display of water flow, filter life, pH value and ORP value, real-time monitoring of the status of the water machine, helping the user to choose the right water for convenient use.

- CDC touch technology, beautiful and durable, super touch function, intuitive and simple operation, just one click, brilliant and beautiful.

- Microcomputer automatic control of electrolysis, suitable for a variety of water quality TDS = 50 ~ 1000ppm;

- The filter system is built inside, real-time display filter cartridge use status for improved water quality.

- Automatic electrode cleaning function to prevent scaling.

- Japan imported stainless steel coils, never rust; can freely change the location of water, and user-friendly.

- Japanese ion membrane, titanium white gold electrolytic plate, high-efficiency electrolysis, long working life

It has 7 water settings including 4 hydrogen water levels for drinking, 2 acidic water levels for cleaning, and 1 level of non-ionized purified water for wide usage.

The Hydrogen Water Machine uses tap water and groundwater to produce ionized alkaline or acidic water through an electrolytic device. At the cathode (-), alkaline ionized water is created which contains minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium, and at the anode, acidic ionized water is created (+) which contains minerals like chlorine, sulfur, and phosphorus in the electrolysis device.


All of our hydrogen water machines not only allow the pH value of the water to be adjusted but are also equipped with integrated active carbon water filters, which can be used to remove any harmful impurities in tap water.


A replaceable internal active carbon water filter effectively removes bad taste, odor, residual chlorine, organic matter, and other harmful substances. Each internal active carbon water filter cleans and treats up to 4000 liters.


Produces Both Hydrogen and Alkaline Water  

Our Hydrogen Water Machine contains a combination of hydrogen and alkaline water, two ingredients that, when combined, offer a number of benefits. Our machine will work in almost any environment where you need water. At home, you can make sure that your whole family stays perfectly hydrated and avoid the potential dangers of tap water that has not been carefully treated and may contain contaminants. The whole family will be protected and hydrated with the Hydrogen Water Machine.


At Orgone Energy we want you to love your products and feel confident with your order. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, simply send it back in sellable condition* for a full refund.

*Personal items must be unworn in order to maintain proper hygiene.


At Orgone Energy we want you to love your products and feel confident with your order. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, simply send it back in sellable condition* for a full refund.

*Personal items must be unworn in order to maintain proper hygiene.

Fast Delivery

Our Orgone Energy line is shipped to our North American customers from our New York Warehouse and Worldwide directly from Australia.

Fast Delivery

Our Orgone Energy line is shipped to our North American customers from our New York Warehouse and Worldwide directly from Australia.

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We love to hear from you. Simply reach out to support@orgoneenergy.org for fast and friendly support.

Customer Support

We love to hear from you. Simply reach out to support@orgoneenergy.org for fast and friendly support.