Orgone Energy Radiation And EMF Protection
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Request For Tracking Number


Tracking Number For Express Post Orders

As you agreed to the Terms and Conditions when placing your order, Tracking Numbers for Express Post orders are not provided unless your item appears to be delayed or has not arrive after six weeks, to track your order.

We only request this number from our very busy Shipping Department when your order has not arrive within a timely manner has been delayed for any reason or may have been delayed by the Customs service in your country.

Please Carefully Read Our Shipping FAQ Page  https://www.orgoneenergy.org/pages/shipping-frequently-asked-questions

We only provide you with your tracking number on the basis that you have check that your local post office is not holding your order at their counter awaiting your collection (as many post offices worldwide do not advise customers of items waiting for you to pick them up); and that you have check with your local Customs office that your item is not waiting there for you to pay taxes.

Note for orders sent by Airmail (with tracking) orders, this number can be made available to locate your item after your order has not arrived after a six week period.  This a new service provide by Australia Post since 1 July 2016.


 Allow three to five business days for our Shipping Department to locate your tracking number

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