The Ultimate Zapper (XE Model) For Superior Results

The Ultimate Zapper XE Model

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Thank you so much for arranging the pick up for me. I feel so much better with the Geoclense Harmonizer in place. Within 10 minutes I felt the energy change in the house, it 'lifted', cleared, got lighter. My partner said he felt better, he had been feeling down, and suddenly wasn't. Even the cat came out of hiding and played on the couch with us. She has been much more herself since then, too.
Kaytie Wood

Product Description

The XE Model Ultimate Zapper

The XE Model Ultimate Zapper features gold plated plug ins connector clips to your Ultimate Zapper handholds and the stainless steel Footplates making it and effective for full blood electrification and it is the best blood purifier when  you zap.

This amazing feature enhances the durability of The Ultimate Zapper, providing greater convenience and improves conductivity.  With the gold plated connector clips, the Deluxe XE Ultimate Zapper will never lose its conductivity right from when it is brand new, even after years and years of zapping.  

This incredible zapper is the most powerful blood purifier and is the only zapper for full stream blood electrification while you zap. 

The Ultimate Zapper can be used as a Zappicator by placing your food, water and drinks on your Footplates to eradicate microbes, mould, pathogens, viruses, bacteria and more.

Not recommended for use during Pregnancy.

Shipping and Universal Transformer is Included free for all Ultimate Zappers

Please note Shipping and Packaging is INCLUDED in the cost of The Ultimate Zapper via International Express Post. 

Additional charges may apply for Middle Eastern Countries which we will advise you of when we receive your order if not paid in advance (except Israel).

Price includes the Universal Transformer from 110 volts to 220 volts. Free copy The Ultimate Liver Cleanse eBook with every order.  

Free Ultimate Liver Cleanse eBook and The Ultimate Zapper Instructions downloadable immediately upon purchase.