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Lyme Disease And Chronic Illness To Health And Happiness eBook

Lyme Disease And Chronic Illness To Health And Happiness eBook


Lyme Disease And Chronic Illness To Health And Happiness eBook

Regardless of whether anyone has contracted Lyme disease in Australia or overseas, many people are suffering needlessly for years and years, as their doctors and medical specialists have no knowledge of Lyme Disease, or any ability to recognise or diagnose this disorder in this country, and often cannot find what is wrong with many people.

I am a complementary medicine practitioner who has been in clinical practice since 1992.  I hold a Diploma in Health Sciences in Holistic Kinesiology, which included studying Anatomy and Physiology. 

I have done a lot of research into Lyme Disease since doing a Research Assignment on Tick Borne Disease in 1999, an have treated many clients with these conditions.  This was long before I realised I had Lyme Disease myself.  Through my experience and research, I have come to understand why so many with Lyme Disease are misdiagnosed.

I successfully eradicated my Lyme Disease in only 15 months, after I had it for 24 years.  I contracted it from a mosquito bite inner city Melbourne, Australia.

This ebook will be available late 2017

Subscribe now for a free Diet sheet to prevent feeding Candida yeasts, bacteria, Borrelia (Borreliosis) and other pathogens, and increase your energy immediately by changing your diet.  This book contains my protocol for how I got well, and the "real underlying cause" of Lyme Disease and eradicate it!

Karen Winter
Advanced Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner

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