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Schumann Resonance And Orgone Energy

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Orgone Energy And The Healing Properties of Schumann Resonance

Do you ever feel as though all of your energy has suddenly been sapped away, for no explainable reason?  Does unnecessary stress get in the way of your daily routine?  Do you suffer from unexplainable health issues, and wonder if you can find any relief?

We live in the most technologically advanced age that humanity has ever experienced, and yet ailments like lack of energy, headaches, and stress are at an all time high.  When you think about it, it doesn’t make sense! With so many modern conveniences making our lives easier, we should be feeling great, have good health and be free of constant worry.

While technology has certainly ushered in a Golden Age for humanity, it also has introduced countless forms of electromagnetic frequencies in the form of harmful radiation.  In other words, the same tools that are making our lives easier, have also damaged our syncopation with Earth’s resonance.

In the not-too-distant-past, we were naturally linked to the Earth’s harmonious frequency fields.  However, our modern world is filled with malevolent electromagnetic radiation, continuously emanating from cell phones and cell towers, computers and computer monitors, WiFi, power lines, and countless other sources.  In many ways, it’s a wonder we ever feel well enough to reach our full potential. 

So, what can we do to heal our natural flow in life and get back into synch with the natural resonance of our nurturing planet?

Schumann Resonance, Schumann Frequencies and Schumann Waves Offer Hope

In 1952, a German scientist and university lecturer named Winfred Otto Schumann predicted that electromagnetic waves existed naturally within the earth’s natural environment.  His experiments proved that these waves possessed a frequency 7.83 Hz, something which we refer to as “Schumann Resonance.”

If you are out in nature, far from the hustle of the city, it is easy to measure Schumann Waves at their natural resonance.  However, scientific studies of these waves within the city make measurements almost impossible.  This is because manmade electromagnetic radiation in the city is so strong; it overpowers the natural waves created by Schumann Resonance.

This is especially damaging to humans because Schumann Resonance is hardwired into our biology, as it is all mammals, birds, and other terrestrial life forms.  Indeed, electromagnetic radiation is the bane of our body’s natural resonance, and it cuts us off from our natural source leaving us stranded in a vortex of harmful vibrations.

Have you ever gone on a vacation to the country, perhaps camping or just enjoying the peaceful energy of the outdoors for a few days?  What happened when you returned home and walked into your place of work?  Did you feel like things were suddenly vibrating in a strange way?  Did you feel heavy, or suddenly stressed, as though you never had a holiday to begin with?

If so, then you now have a pretty good idea of how Schumann Resonance works and why it is so important to our wellness and energy levels.  What can you do to re-establish your natural link to the Earth’s Schumann Frequencies, and revitalize your health and well-being?

Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products are the answer.

Orgone Energy

Re-establish Your Natural Resonance With The Assistance Of Orgone Energy

For our bodies to function up to their fullest potential, the very cells in our bodies must be better able thrive at their natural frequency – the Schumann Resonance.  But how is this possible if we are constantly being drowned in a deluge of so much harmful electromagnetic radiation?

The answer is Orgone Energy.  Orgone Energy offers incredible protection from electromagnetic radiation and restores your body’s resonance with nature’s frequencies.  These natural products are designed for use in your home, office, automobile, and just about anywhere else you can think of.  This makes it possible for you to counter the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation in any environment.  

Why is this beneficial?

Understanding the Benefits of Orgone Energy

If we fail to keep our bodies in tune with the natural resonance of the planet, then we become unwell.  Unnatural frequencies created by cell phones and other producers of radiation can cause a spectrum of health problems that range from simple headaches to terminal cancer.

However, with assistance of Orgone Energy, you can harmonize your circadian rhythms and synchronize the healing frequencies of every cell in your body.  In this way, you are using Orgone Energy to protect your organs, strengthen your immune system, and increase your overall mental health and well-being.

Are you ready to feel better, healthier, and more alive?  Browse through your extensive list of energy healing products today, and find your preferred way to re-establish your connection to our planet’s healing frequencies.