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Ionic Orgone Energy Healing Wand Versus Other Orgone Products
Plates Versus Domes Versus Blankets Versus Ionic Wands

Orgone Schumann Resonance provides a sphere or energy therefore it provides you with coverage in all ten directions.

Effects Of Earthing Or Grounding
Geoclense Negative Ion Generators With Earthing Products

Do not use Earthing products until you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in to cover you for all the Earth Magnetic Radiation and Geopathic Stress you are plugging yourself into as this will make you quite unwell.

Orgone Energy Ionic Shoe Insoles
What Area Of Coverage Do Ionic Shoe Soles Protect?

We recommend that you place a Phone Radiation Protector on your iPhone, as there may be times when you are not wearing your Orgone Energy Shoe Insoles and answer your iPhone.

Energy Healing Ionic Wand
How Much Space Does My Aircraft Travel Protector Cover?

Many people use the Aircraft Travel Protector by carrying one every where they go to keep them protected where ever they are as they are not just for Aircraft Travel for travel anywhere.

Crystals Have A Positive And Negative Side
Where Can I Find Information About Polarity Of Crystals?

If you are wear crystals on a necklace around your neck, then the Negative Polarity of the crystals over your Thymus Gland, for example, may switch the energy of your Thymus Gland off, and will reduce its function.

Your Orgone Pendant will provide protection to everybody who is within the 10 metres radius of Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance.
How Much Protection Do Orgone Pendants Provide?

Your Orgone Pendant will provide protection to everybody who is within the 10 metres radius of Orgone and Schumann Frequencies generated by your Orgone Pendant, therefore everyone in this Orgone Energy field will be protected.

Pendants Seal Your Aura And Heal Your Energy Fields
Are Pendants Or Wristbands More Suitable For Children?

The Wristbands have improved sleep for many children and of course they will provide assistance with Night Terrors and more, just as the Pendants do for children.

Overhead Power Lines Can Cause Many To Become Electromagnetic Radiation Sensitive
I Am Very Sensitive And I Do Not Know How To Protect Myself?

If you have Digital Television and a Smart Meter installed in your home, and if the Smart Meter on the wall of your bedroom or within 30 metres of where you are sleeping, this may be causing you much pain and discomfort, and making your more sensitive.

Geoclense With Second Address With Programmed Memory Card On Back
Is My Geoclense Programmed to My Home Address?

The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is a stand alone product that you can use at any location and no address is programmed into it.

The Ultimate Zapper Q2 Quantum Model
Orgone Energy, The Ultimate Zapper And Multiple Sclerosis

The Ultimate Zapper, along with Orgone Energy, is effective to the elimination of Mercury Toxicity and Heavy Metals, which we have found in our research with Kinergetics Kinesiology, to be one of the largest contributing factors to Multiple Sclerosis.

How Much Land Area Does The Geocleanse Orgone Generator Cover?
What Area Does The Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator Cover?

If your house is on one Property Title, that area your Geoclense Orgone Generator would be harmonizing and neutralizing will be the area from boundary fence to boundary fence, including all buildings within.

Overhead Power Lines Can Cause Many To Become Electromagnetic Radiation Sensitive
Which Orgone Products Are Best To Treat My Sensitive Family?

For sensitive people, the Negative Ion resonance from the Geoclense extends up to 200 metres from where your Gecolense is placed, to protect you from overhead electrical power lines near your home.

The Efficient Geoclense Orgone Energie Generator and Efficient Dome Orgone Generators
Would A Second Geoclense Negative Ion Generator Be More Efficient?

Placing a Geoclense in your neighbours garden would be more efficient for eliminating your situation there, particularly when the harmful energy is coming from next door.

House and property showing where 400 metre crossings giong over entire property
Earth Magnetic Grid Lines Or 400 Metre Crossings

The 400 metre crossings are some of the worst forms of harmful energy that may affect your home and property. The 400 metre crossings runs north south, east west, are 2000mm wide and are the most harmful of all earth magnetic grid lines.

Water Ionizing Orgone Energy Plate
Ionizing My Food, Water, Wine And Skin Care Products?

When Ionizing Skin Care products, ionizing each product just prior to each use for the best effects. The same applies to Ionizing water, wine, drinks, food, vitamins and minerals.

Best Protection From All Harmful Radiation
Help I Have Eight Smart Meters On The Bedroom Wall Of My Apartment

The wall outside my bedroom is lined with eight smart meters which is for all the units in my apartment building. Right across from my bedroom is another building with eight more of them.

Orgone Energy Water Ionizers And Dome Orgone Schumann Generators?
What Is The Difference Between Water Ionizer Plates And Domes?

Can I use either my Dome Orgone Schumann Generator or my Orgone Energy Ionizer to energise skin care, food and water as well? How to do this and how many minutes?

Aircraft Travel Harmonizers Provides Radiation Protection
Radiation Protection in Cars, Aircraft Travel and Water Floridation

When you use a Cell Phone or iPhone in your car this is very dangerous, as it turns your entire car into an iPhone aerial which you are then sitting inside of, therefore you require much greater radiation protection.

Personal Protective Equipment For iPhones, iPads and Cell Phones
Personal Protective Equipment For iPhones, iPads and Cell Phones

Carrying an Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator with you everywhere you go will be much more effective for you. These provide you with a 30 metre protective filed and can be kept in your purse, handbag, backpack, and computer case or even in your pocket.

The US, UK And EU Geocleanse, Orgonium Domes and Ionizer Plates
A Comparison Between Domes, Ionizer Plates And Geocleanse Devices

It takes two Domes to do what a Geocleanse, however, the Geocleanse is way more effective due to its ability to magnify itself once connected to your electrical wiring and earth stake.

Orgone Pendants Strengthen Aura GDV Research
Difference Between Quantum Pendants And Glass Pendants?

As for which one would be more durable that is difficult to say, most likely the Shell Orgone Pendants would be. All of the Orgonium Orgone Pendants provide you with 10 metres of protection and are design to protect your personal space.

Geoclense Back View When Not Working
Does It Make Sound? Is There A Light? Is My Geocleanse Working?

Your Geoclense is working as soon as it is plugged into an active power point and it will work automatically. There is no switch on Geoclenses.

Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protectors are not radiation shields
Do Radiation Shields Actually Cause More Radiation?

Anything such as an enclosed case you place your phone, computer or electronic device in that blocks or shields reception, will definitely generate way more radiation as it makes these devices work harder.

How To Prevent Reactions To Electromagnetic Radiation
How To Prevent Reactions To Electromagnetic Radiation?

Orgone Products neutralize Radiation by removing the harmful effects from your heart and nervous system reducing your reactions.

You Can Clear Residual Energies With Your Orgone Energy Pendant
Clearing Residual Energies With Your Orgone Pendant

You can rub your Orgone Pendant while you are wearing it to clean up your energy field so that your Protection Guides to come into your energy fields, and ask them to provide you with protection for harmful and residual energies.

Pink Dome Schumann Resonance Generator
Will My Dome Schumann Resonance Generator Heal Areas Of Pain In My Body?

Place your Dome Schumann Resonance Generator over the area of your back to heal the pain and will reduce the pain quickly.

Orgone Radiation Protectors
Radiation Shielding And EMF Blockers

I've heard that EMF blockers on electronic devices actually make the radiation higher because they have to work harder to connect. Is that correct?

US Geoclense And Dome Schumann Generators
Smart Meters, Geoclenses And Dome Schumann Generators

All the Dome Schumann Generators all do exactly the same thing, and the main difference is in their colour. We offer them in a choice of colours.

Digital Hearing Aids and other Digital products are now protected
Will The Geoclense Cover My Digital Hearing Aids And Digital Medic Alert Necklace?

Anyone wearing digital hearing aids which emit digital electromagnetic radiation will have their hearing aids harmonized and neutralized by the Geoclense Negative Generator while they are at home where it is operating.

Vehicle And Car Harmonizer
I Really Like The Benefits Of These EMF Protection Devices

Car EMF Protection Devices neutralize the effects of the fuel lines which run under the back seat of most vehicles, being one of the leading causes of car sickness, especially when travelling in the back seat of vehicles.

So What Is The Most Harmful Energy In Any Building?
So What Is The Most Harmful Energy In Any Building?

The most dangerous forms of energy inside a building originates from Earth Magnetic Radiation in the form of grid lines, then Very Low Frequencies (VLF) and then Death Imprints and Black Water.

Borrelia Spirochete causes Lyme Disease
Why 20% Of People Get Lyme Disease Symptoms?

Lyme Disease symptoms are not only spread by ticks, but by lice, spiders, fleas and mosquitoes, blood transfusions (as blood is not screened), eating uncooked meat, raw milk products, sexual contact, and most importantly, even from kissing!

Kinesiology or Dowsing with L Rods Or A Pendulum Are The Best Testing Methods
Using An EMF Detector To Test For Electromagnetic Fields

An EMF Detector can only be used to detect EMF and would not be useful for testing any other forms of harmful energy, therefore is not worth using one nor the money you would pay for such a limited device.

What Frequencies Does The Ultimate Zapper Cover?
How Many Hertz Frequencies Is The Ultimate Zapper?

The Ultimate Zapper has frequencies of 2500 Hz which covers all the frequencies of pathogens, micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and more.

Products that resonate POR
What is Deadly Orgone Resonance (DOR)?

The healthy Negative ion resonance balances out the harmful POR neutralizes the stress on your organs especially your Heart, Immune System and Nervous System caused by DOR

80% Of The Birds, Bees And Butterflies Gone?
Where Have The Animals, Birds, Bees And Butterflies Gone?

It would appear that 80-90% of the birds, bees and butterflies have vanished since Phone Towers have erected in the past 20 to 30 years. Many people report hardly seeing animals and wildlife as well.

Archon Energy Parasites
How To Protect Ourselves From Archon Energy Parasites

Archon parasites are entities that are inter-dimensional beings and are energy parasites that attempt to stop our human consciousness from evolving.

Dyne Surface Tension Of Orgone Water Ionization Plates
Dynes Surface Tension Of Orgone Water Ionization Plates

The dynes level is a way of measuring the surface tension, or "force" of water, liquids or any materials such as food.

Danger Nuclear Radiation
Do Orgone Products Actually Harmonize Nuclear Fallout?

After they placed in homes or carried with you, these highly effective Orgone Energy Product reduce the effects of organ stress created by the nuclear radiation imprinting.

Geoclense Harmonizes Smart Meter Radiation
Does A Faraway Cage Shield EMF From Smart Meters?

This week the utility company put one of those Smart Meters outside my apartment, 8 feet from where I sleep. I have taken your advice and placed my Dome Orgone Generator on the Smart Meter.

Sealing Of Aura Before And Afterwards
Orgone Products May Detox, Purify And Heal Your Body

These high quality Orgone Products recalibrate the energies in your body by strengthening your Aura, Chakras, Light Bodies and your entire energy fields.

High Voltage Power Lines
High Voltage Power Lines, Cell Phone Towers And Metal Rooftops

Your metal rooftop acts as conductors for electromagnetic fields (EMF). Geoclense Orgone Generators totally protect you from EMF so you are safe.

Protect Yourself With An Orgone Pendant
How To Use Your Pendant To Protect You

Using Orgone EMF Protection Pendants For Radiation Protection

iPhone Radiation Harmonizer
iPhone Affecting Hands When Using An iPhone Radiation Harmonizer

Why Do My Hands Get Sore Or Hurt While I Use My iPhone With My Radiation Protector On My iPhone?

Microwave Radiation Harmonized By The Geocleanse
Protecting Children From Experiencing Racing Hearts At School

Many children going to schools where they are exposed to wireless radiation from WiFi modems at school are experiencing their hearts either racing, heart palpitations and heart arrythmias.

What Is The Difference Between Healing And Kinesiology?
What Is The Difference Between Healing And Kinesiology?

General Healing is NOT always specific enough to heal what is going on in your body especially when you have Systemic Health issues such as a Candida issues, bacterial or viral infections.

Access Consciousness
Do Orgone Products Protect Us From Entities, Ghosts And Spirits?

We are all affected by entities, Ghosts and negative energy and need to constantly be clearing them.. Many of us just do not see them, nor acknowledge, them or have been encouraged to not believe they are they from a very young age.

The Effects Of Wireless Radiaton
Why Do I Need To Turn My WiFi Modem Off When Not In Use?

We have not heard of anyone with WiFi modems that cannot be turned off ! We unplug ours from the power point when we have finished. Here are many of the reasons why it is necessary to turn WiFi off when not in use.

An Overloaded Liver Will Cause EMF Reactions
An Overloaded Liver Will Cause EMF Reactions

With 22 years of clinical experience as a Kinesiologist, having treated many people who have reacted to electromagnetic fields and radiation, it may take 120 days for your body to heal when first exposed to these impressive Orgone energy healing products.

These Energy Healing Products Strengthen Your Aura
Sensitive To Orgone Energy And Schumann Resonance

I just received some of your Orgone products but I am so sensitive that I cannot be near them long. I acknowledge that they are actually beneficial but I think the only way I would use them is to gradually adjust to them.

Orgonium Protection Products Are Exactly Like Helmholz Or Super Conductive Coils
Orgonium Works Exactly Like Helmholtz Super Conductive Coils?

The Ionic resonate technology of these very effective Orgonium Orgone products does exactly what the Helmholtz Coil achieves, which is harmonize and neutralize via ionic resonance.

Geoclense Negative Ion Generators Have Not Programme For One Address
Geoclense Negative Ion Generators Have No Specific Address Programme

We do not programme the Geoclense for any particular address and can be used anywhere, including being when you go on holiday or away for a weekend.

Orgone Products Protect Us From Cell Phone Towers
Do Orgone Products Protect Us From Cell Phone Towers?

The Geoclense Orgone Generator harmonizes and neutralizes the effects of Cell Phone Towers up to 200 metres (656 feet) from your home.

Melatonin Deficiency Is Due To A Lack Of Schumann 7.83 Hz Waves
Melatonin Deficiency And Man-made Electromagnetic Frequencies

Dr David Cherry, a New Zealand based expert on EMR, made the connection between electromagnetic frequencies and Melatonin production.

Programme Geoclense With Second Address To Cover WiFi At School
What Can We Do About WiFi Radiation In Schools?

Education in schools now uses computers, iPads, tablets and electronic devices as part of delivering their classes . No matter how many sign petitions to stop them, they may not remove Wifi from schools.

Aircraft EMR Harmonizer
How Do I Best Use My Aircraft EMR Harmonizer?

The amazing Aircraft EMR Harmonizer can also be carried around with you in your handbag, purse, briefcase, backpack or pocket.

Geoclense Negative Ion Generators Harmonize Negative Effects?
Do Geoclense Negative Ion Generators Cause Negative Effects?

The Geoclense Orgone Generator would not even be able to cause a fire, as there is no electrical components or circuitry in them whatsoever, and they are made to Australian Safety Standards Specifications.

Geocleanse Orgone Generator
What Sort Of Result Can I Expect From My Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator?

These days, as a result of modern technology, we are all being bombarded with harmful energy in the form of extremely low electromagnetic frequencies (ELF) and very low electromagnetic frequencies (VLF).

What Is The Best EMF Meter Or EMF Device?
What Is The Best EMF Meter Or EMF Device?

There is NO device that is an EMF Meter or RF Meter on the market that can read or measure all the different forms of harmful energy we are exposed to these days.

Kirlian Images Using Mobile Phones Without And With Mobile Phones Radiation Protectors
Are We Putting Ourselves At Risk Using Mobile Phones And Cell Phones?

The solution to preventing damage from Radiation from these phones is these recently designed and developed highly protective Mobile Phones EMF Radiation Protectors.

Solar Panels
Do Solar Panels Create Dirty Electricity, EMF's And Radiation?

Being energy sensitive we did not want our Stand Alone solar system affecting us, so thanks to our Geoclense Orgone Generator we have not affected be the Solar System or the Smart Meter!

Protective Quantum Pendant
Would I Feel Fatigue When I Begin Wearing My Quantum Pendant?

The Quantum Pendant is a powerful energy healing device that increases your energy, reduces your fatigue and heals your body.

Make It Rain Using An Rainmaker
Can An Orgone Generator Be Used As A Rainmaker To Make It Rain?

We used our Rainmaker here all through the summer to make it rain. In the following winter we got the most rain in 25 years - breaking a record drought.

Orgonium Orgone Devices
More About Orgonium Versus Orgonite

What I Need To Know About Orgonite?

Where To Place A Memory Card Upgrade On A Geoclense
The Orgonium Technology Memory Card Upgrade

Turn your Geoclense over and place your Memory Card Upgrade onto the back on the part that faces the wall when plugged in.

Can Ionization Products Provide Protection From Electronic Harassment?
Can Orgone Devices Protect Against Electronic Harassment?

I would like to let your know that I have a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator, as it harmonizes and neutralizes the harmful effects of the electronic harassment equipment.

A Digital Meter
Beware Of Misleading Graphs About The Smart Meter

Many people ask what they can do about the new meter recently installed, very commonly on the wall of their master bedroom where they sleep.

Does Colour Impact On Effectiveness Of Protection Products?
Does Colour Impact On Effectiveness Of Orgone Energy?

Some people have beliefs that a certain colour does certain things, relates to certain chakras, organs or acupuncture meridians.

Always Consult A Qualified Health Practitoner
Always Consult A Qualified Health Practitoner

We recommend that you consult a qualified Complementary Medicine Practitioner. We are not at liberty to give advice regarding other Health products or nutritional products.

The Orgonium Pendant Range
The Orgonium Pendant Still Works Eight Years On

Even when they are eight years old, we have found them still balancing the energy fields and organ stress caused by electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

How Do We Test For Negative Ion Frequencies Generated By Orgonium Orgone Energy Products?
How Do We Test For Negative Ions?

Many of the Ion Meters that measure ions on the market are very unreliable, and basically modern science has failed to produce a reliable Ion Meter.

How Would Orgone Energy Help Me Release My Emotions?
Would Orgone Energy Assist Releasing My Emotions?

Can An Emotional Release Occur With Orgone Energy?

Staying Healthy And Living A Longer Life
Staying Healthy And Living A Longer Life

How To Be Live Longer And Stay Healthy

Car Orgone Generator With USB Port For Charging iPhones
Car EMF Protection With USB Ports For Charging iPhones

Car Harmonizers do a lot of healing on all occupants inside a vehicle, particularly if they have not been exposed to these powerful energy healing products

Improve Your Health By Grounding With Your Feet
Improve Your Health By Grounding With Your Feet

In the early 1950's 95% of our footwear had leather soles (which is very conductive). There were no mobile phones, DECT cordless phones, microwave ovens, wireless technolgy or WiFi. The airwaves were much "quieter" then.

About The Author Of This Blog
About One Of The Authors Of This Blog

Karen attained a Diploma of Health Sciences in Holistic Kinesiology from the College of Complementary Medicine, Carlton, Melbourne, Australia, graduating in the year 2000.

Electromagnetic Fields, Road Rage And Driver Fatigue
Electromagnetic Fields, Road Rage And Driver Fatigue

The Car Orgone Generator reduces driver fatigue by harmonizing and neutralizing electromagnetic radiaton harmful energy everywhere you go in your vehicle, with this amazing Orgone Energy Generator.

Energy Sensitivity Fine Tuned Amazing Orgone Devices
Energy Sensitivity And Fine Tuning These Amazing Orgone Devices

Due to being incredibly "Energy Sensitive" we have been able to fine tune these highly effective Orgone Products beyond what everyone else is doing on the entire planet.

How To Measure Or Count Negative Ions
How To Measure Or Count Negative Ions

Gerard Bini, our Orgonium Orgone Energy Product Developer and Technical Advisor, has an Alpha Labs Air Ion Counter, which gives excellent negative Ion readings for all our highly effective Orgone Devices. However upon further research, he has found that

Smart Meters May Be Making You Ill
Warning Smart Meters May Be Making You Ill

This is scary - there is No Opt Out With Smart Meters - they will just disconnect you instead and take away any analogue meter you install!!!

What Other Orgone Products Do My Family Require?
What Other Orgone Products Do My Family Require?

The advantage of having Water and Food Ionizers as well is that you can more specifically energize and ionize items such as your drinks, wine, or give your food an extra zing. You may wish to place all your hair care products, skin care products, saving

Schumann Hz Frequencies
What Is The Hertz Frequency Of The Geocleanse Device?

According to Fred Soyka, author of "The Ion Effect" the frequencies of 60-100 Hz are stimulating to a person, while less than 25 Hz are relaxing. A Negative Ion generator with Ion frequencies greater than 25Hz would actually keep one too alert and awake