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  1. How Many Metres Of Protection Do The Orgonium Quantum Orgone Pendants provide?

    You will find the answer to your question described on our Frequently Answered Questions page, under Orgone Pendant Frequently Answered Questions: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/pendant-frequent-questions.html

    All of these Quantum Orgone Energy Pendants provide you with exactly the same protection of 10 metres around you when you are wearing one.
     Before And After effects of Orgonium Quantum Orgone Pendants

    Does the Quantum Orgone Pendant provide protection only to the person wearing or also those people inside the radius protection zone?

    Your Orgone Pendant will provide protection to anybody who is within this 10 metres radius of Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonances generated by your Orgone Pendant, therefore, everyone in this Orgone Energy field will be protected.

    When wearing a Quantum Orgone Pendant, is it necessary to also use Phone Wifi Computer Protectors and Geoclense Negative Ion Generator,  or are these other items for a boost of protection?

    You would not require wearing a Quantum Orgone Pendant where your Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged into your home, workplace or office providing protection, only when your are away from those locations.  However, if you do not have a Geoclense Orgone Generator nor Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protectors, then your Orgone Pendant will be required to protect you whilst using your phone, WiFi or computer.
    Please note that a Geoclense Orgone Generator provides a far greater scope and far better protection; by protecting your entire property to your boundary fences, and cannot be compared to an Orgone Pendant which has a completely different purpose.  A Quantum Orgone Pendant is what you wear when you are away from home where your Geoclense Orgone Generator providing protection.

    What do you say about other websites that state that most Protection Pendants are not really effective and do not provide shielding or blocking?

    Firstly, please understand that all protection products out there on the market that do "shielding" are dangerous as per the Blog post we wrote about Phone "shielding".  Any shielding or blocking products cause the Radiation Emitting device to actually work much harder, causing it to emit higher and much greater levels of radiation and electromagnetic frequencies!
    The Orgonium Orgone Energy Products work using the healing energy of protective and beneficial Negative Ions of Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance to totally and completely harmonize and neutralize the harmful effects of dangerous Positive Ions removing their harmful effects completely.  They do not work by shielding nor blocking!

    Please see what our customers have said about the protection Orgonium Orgone Products have provided them with over the years, as the best way to verify their effectiveness at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-reviews
    To better understand how these Orgonium Orgone Products work to harmonize and neutralize with beneficial Negative Ions, then please feel free to test these Orgonium Orgone Products for yourself, and read our more detailed explanation about this at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/testing-noxious

    Here is what Gerard Bini (our Techncial Advisor) says about other Protection Pendants on the market:

    "There are no comparisons done by anyone around harmonizers which are valid, because they are not done in a scientific manner.  The comparison websites are done by people who are Extreme Hyper Sensitivity, and are not qualified to give an opinion.  The Bioelectric Shield, however,  when l have tested it at Trade Shows where people have been wearing them, have tested to ONLY protects from electrical EMF only and nothing else!.

    The do not protect from the more harmful earth radiation fields such as  from Uranium, Granite, EMG, Cygnus, Strontium and Caesium (from Nuclear power plants) and especially not from 
    Black water, which the most harmful form of radiation on the planet.  The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator, and our Orgone Schumann Products have been tested to protect all of the harmful energies we have listed including all of the above ."
    For a complete list of what the Orgonium Orgone Products provide you with protection from, please refer to: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/usa-canada-geoclense 

    Orgonium Orgone Products protects you from many forms of Harmful Energy Including Black Water Earth Magnetic Radiation
  2. I am unfortunately very senstitive to energies ( I am an empath amongst other things).  About a year ago I changed my diet to gluten free, diary free, mainly organic and changed my water so there is no chlorine, floride or heavy metals in my water. This has changed my body and for the past 6 months I have been suffering from pain in my body whenever I go to work. I don't sleep well anymore, I wake up feeling slightly nervous, I am on edge at home because of this energy I feel in my body all the time but at work I am surrounded by computers and the pain is unbearable.

    Firstly, if you have Digital Television and a Smart Meter installed in your home, and if the Smart Meter on the wall of your bedroom or within 30 metres of where you are sleeping, this may be causing you much pain and discomport.  Especially too if your Digital Television point towards the bed where you sleep as it puts out a harmful energy imprint when swtiched off.

    If you do have a Smart Meter on your home, then we highly recommend you have the minimum of a Geoclense Orgone Generator and a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator  placed on your below the Smart Meter, as per our blog post explaining this at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/blog/post/3497688

    My arms and legs hurt from inside, I feel huge amount of energy in me, it feels as if I am coming out of my skin ( I must come across as crazy as most of the time I am shaking my arms really hard to get rid of the pain and the pins and needles and am completely hyperactive). I am at my end's vits as I have a family and can't just give up on my job. I am constantly nervous, my body buzzes all the time. Can you please let me know if your products can help with the pain? What do I need to buy for work? I am happy to buy multiple products. I am truly close to giving up on life, I can't feel this much pain all the time. 

    Candida Yeast Infections Will Cause Reactions To EMF And Radiation

    Your pain and health issues may be caused by Systemic Health issues such as Candida (which is highly likely from what you say), Bacteria, Viruses or, most likely Lyme Disease (your brain or body buzzing and the symptoms you describe below are very common symptoms of Lyme Disease) will be what is making you very sensitive.  If this is the case, then you need to sleep much further away from your Smart Meter until you address your Health Issues.  If you have Systemic Health issues you will continue to react to your Smart Meter, due how dreadfully harmful they are, until you address and get rid of these health issues.
    As you are energy sensitive due to these systemic Health issues, you may wish to carry an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator in your handbag, briefcase or backpack for extra protection where ever you go, as an Orgone Pendant will not be strong enough for you in this situation.  

    You may even need to also get your work address programmed into your Geoclense Orgone Generator to give you total protection at work (for further information about how to do this please see http://www.orgoneenergy.org/geoclense-second-location ), as well as place your Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator on your desk besides you at work.  

    This is particularly helpful if you have Systemic Health issues in order to provide you with extra protection you require at present, as you will be very sensitive to radiation and all forms of harmful energy until you recover.   

    The Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generators are very protective especially when travelling on Public Transport such as trains, trams and buses where everyone is using their wireless devices or iPhones.  For more information please see:  http://www.orgoneenergy.net/orgone-generator-aircraft-harmonizer

    Aircraft Harmonizer Personal Space Protector Is Particularly Protective For Energy Sensitive People
  3. You told me that my Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is not programmed to my address, so then I can use it in two addresses or travel with it? 

    When you purchase a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator it is a "stand alone" item.  You can use it anywhere you choose to, at any location anywhere and no address whatsoever it programmed into it - not even you delivery address.

    If we were to program your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator to one address, this would restrict you to use it there only.  Then you would not be able to use it when moved to a new home or wanted to take it with you on vacation, and you would not be able to use it anywhere else, plus it would be totally useless when you move to a new address.

    You can use your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator at as many amount of addresses as you wish, if you want to continually move it about - some people take there Geoclense Negative Ion Generator to work with them every day, and then bring them home again with them.  Therefore, there is absolutely no restriction where you use them, nor any other limitation in this respect. 

    So why is the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator limited to two address only then?

    This is for another entirely different Optional Extra service that we provide in addition to your Geoclense Orgone Generator, which is limited to having nor more than a further two addtional addresses programmed in.  

    This is a service where instead of buying another Geoclense Orgone Generator, for half the price you can have one or two additional properties protected by your Geoclense Orgone Generator.  This Second Address Programing can be purchased as an addtional Optional Extra for your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator to cover another entirely different location, which has a limited of  two additional addresses only.
    Note this is a completely separate product to your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator.  You are asking questions about two entirely different products here. The only programming that is done when you purchase the addition Optional Extra Programming of these address for your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator

    Your Geoclense Can Be Programmed To Also Cover Your Childrens School

    These are programmed into a Memory Card, which is then attached to the back of your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator, if you choose to purchase these. 

    The Second Address Programming is the product that is limited to two addresses.  Your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator can be used at an unlimited and infinite amount of address if you wish, and is not limited to two address only.
    If my Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is not programmed, then how can it be limited to two addresses or a school or anything?  Or if it is programmed to only two addresses, then how can it work elsewhere when I plug it in at another location when travelling and have it work at that address?  

    Only the Second Address Programming is limited to two addresses, as we cannot program more addresses into one Geoclense Negative Ion Generator, as Radionics does not work in that way.   

    Your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is NOT programmed to work any one specific address ever. You may use it at any address and any location on the entire Planet.  The Second Address Programming is a completely separate product which is an Optional Extra you can choose to purchase.   

    There is a completely different products to protect you whilst actually you are travelling, as your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator usually remains at one location (your home).  

    The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is not designed to be carried around to protect you whilst going from one location to another.  An Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator is more suitable for this purpose.

    Carry An Aircraft Harmonizer In Your Pocket, Purse, Briefcase Or Backpack For Extra Protection
  4. Would putting plugging second Geoclense Orgone Generator in at my home give me much more protection ? 

     One Geoclense Orgone Generator is usually sufficient, but as you say that your case is so unique, then certainly a second Geoclense Negative Ion Generator in another location around your home. may improve your situation by providing you with more protection.

    As we stated previously, you would be best to plug a second Geoclense Orgone Generator into the neighbour's garden where you say the worst Electromagnetic Radiation is are coming from to harmonize and neutralize it from its source.  This may be way more effective in your case.

     Geoclense EMR Harmonizer And Negative Ion Resonance Generator

    Would it make the protective barrier or whatever it does stronger ? 

    As your case is so special, and you say you have no low grade health issues at all, but you cannot provide us with any proof of this (which is highly unusual), then this maybe the case.  

    As you are so sensitive to your Geoclense Orgone Generator, without these low grade health issues occurring (despite the Adrenal symptoms you have described to us), then a further Geoclense Orgone Generators may make all the difference to you in respect to what is going on there for you.

    Would getting a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator be advisable ? I'm leaning towards getting another Geoclense cause I know that has helped so thinking maybe two would make it stronger, to provide protection from this nasty hazardous energy?

    We would highly recommend that two Dome Orgone Schumann Generators would be a better option for protection from all forms of hazardous energy. One placed inside each of your refrigerators to provide maximum protection would provide ideal protection for your food, water and drinks.

    You may wish to place one on the side of your property nearest to where you feel the hazardous energy from your neighbour is coming from, and where the energies feel the nastiest, such as on the other property as close as possible to where the offending hazardous energy is coming from.

    Dome Schumann Resonance And Orgone Energy Hazardous Energy EMF Protector

  5. What Are 400 Metre Grid Crossings or Earth Magnetic Grid Lines?

    The 400 metre grid crossing is one of the worst forms of harmful energy that may affect your home aand property.  The 400 metre grid crossing runs north south, east west, is 2000mm wide and is the most harmful of all earth magnetic grid lines. This is why we recommend have a Geolense Orgone Generator in your home, as well as placing Dome Orgone Schumann Generators the actual 400 metre grid crossing actually is, as this may be affecting your health and wellness more than you know. 

    I stayed with friends last year for two nights, and did not know until I got a reading done on their property, that they had a 400 metre grid crossing running through their home.As I am way more energy sensitive than most, and not having personally experienced this energy before, I did not sleep well at their house, and the lady who lived there slept badly when she was at home. 

    Personal Space Protector And Energy Healer

    I was also sleeping between two large refrigerators (these have large electromagnetic fields) there, and I had to get up the night and place my Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator on the floor beside the largest refrigerator, so I could finally sleep. Had I of known that there was a 400 metre grid crossing over their house, I would have taken several Orgone Schumann Generators Domes with me, and did have a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in.

    The nights I stayed at their house, and had the Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in there, the lady who lived their slept very well, hence they had one shipped to them the next day via Express Post, and she now continues to sleep very well at home! 

    Land Curses And Death Imprints

    If you have a Land Curse on your property, these can be caused from Death Imprints, or created by Indigenous people who were extremely angry at the unnessary destruction caused by white settlers or other tribes in the area. If you look into the local history of the area, you may find out what occurred there. Otherwise get a Psychic, Medium or similar to look into what happened if you require to have further knowledge of this.  

    The best way to clear these is with a Geoclense Orgone Generator, which is also a powerful Air Purifier and Ionizer as well as a Negative Ion Resonance Generator, and has been proved to harmonize radiation from microwaves, as well as Nuclear Radiation.

    Geoclense Negative Ion Resonance Generator And Air Purifier

    Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, 

  6. Yes that is correct.  With charging Skin Care products it is best to charge each product just prior to each use for the best effects. The same applies to Ionizing or Energizing water, wine, drinks, food, vitamins and minerals.  
    Water Ionizers

    The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator will harmonize your entire home and the land surrounding it.  This in turn means that all water, including tap or tank water, as well as grey water and black water on your property where you Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is operating.  
    Orgone Schumann Generator Plate are great for the purpose of harmonizing skin care products, shaving products, hair care products, food, water, vitamins, minerals and more. You can stand all your drinks and food on your Orgone Schumann Generator for a couple of minutes just  prior to consumption or usage, is all it takes to energize most things.  
    Energize or Ionize Food And Water in Minutes

    The Orgone Schumann Generator will harmonize a small are of your home, if you have a Large one or a Dome. However, the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is more specific for this and better designed to cover everything to your boundary fences than area are of 30-50 metres, for example.  
    If you wish to protect your entire home, office or workplace from all forms of harmful energy, then the best option is a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator, and one or two Orgone Schumann Domes depending on whether you have Smart Meters there, digital televisions or cell phone towers nearby.

    Aircraft Orgone Generator

     Aircraft Orgone Generator

    Many people who take their Geoclense Negative Ion Generator with them when they travel, as it is small enough and light enough to carry in your luggage.  We always take ours with us no matter where we travel, as well as never going anywhere without our Aircraft Travel Orgone Generators.
  7. I live in a one bedroom downstairs apartment. The outside wall of my bedroom is lined with eight (8) smart meters which is for all the units in my apartment building. Right across from my bedroom is another building with the same amount of smart meters for those units. The whole apartment complex is covered in smart meters, and, I also have a wireless router in my bedroom for my wireless internet service.

    What can I do to protect myself from all these smart meters and my wireless router service.  I am not able to put anything outside on top or under the meters, so is there anything I can do inside for protection from all these smart meters plastered on my bedroom wall?

    You will require a minimum of one Geoclense Orgone Generator, and at least two Dome Orgone Schumann Generators, to completely neutralize your entire apartment in this extreme situation.  
    You can plug you Geoclense Orgone Generator anywhere in your apartment as it will be effective for your entire apartment and the entire apartment building if it is all on one property title/deed.  You require both types of these high efficacy Orgone devices to effectively harmonize the huge amount of radiation coming off all of these Smart Meters and your wireless router, as we have many customers in your situation who have had to do this.

    Geoclense Neutralizes All Forms Of Radiation Including Smart Meter Radiation
    Please read the list below that the Geoclense Orgone Generator covers which includes all Wireless router connections and Smart Meters, at: 

    What The Geoclense Orgone Generator Protects You From
    Would it help if I put a Schumann Orgone Generator Dome on the inside wall of my bedroom that is lined with smart meters on the outside part of that wall? Or would it be better to use something else this for added protection? What are my best options?

    The Geoclense Orgone Generator and the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators are the best options you can possibly choose for protection in this difficult situation.

    You will require to place your Dome Orgone Schumann Generators on the hardest surface possible, such as ceramic tiles on the floor or wooden floorboards, beside the wall or walls where all the Smart Meters are on the other side, as well as have your Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged into an active electrical outlet. 
    We have lots of customers who have the Dome Orgone Generators on top of their refrigerators;  on their wireless router and wireless internet connections;  on their Digital Televisions; and besides or underneath their Smart Meters.  
    Powerful Dome Orgone Schumann Generators Neutralize Smart Meters

  8. Ok my thought is I to put my Orgone Generator Plates in the fridge and it would do all food in the fridge.  Is this correct? 

    Yes this is correct.  You can also place them on top of your fridge as they will still cover the distance with the energy field they generate depending on what size of the Orgone plate you are using and how large your fridge is.  

    Note that if you have a very large fridge, you would need the large Orgone plate or a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator to harmonize the greater levels of electromagnetic radiation or the electromagnetic field that your fridge generates.

    Dome Orgone Schumann Generator

    You say:  "However, the small Orgone Generator plate will cover all contents of your refrigerator if placed on a very hard surface such as metal, ceramic or wood."  Where would I put it to do the fridge I was thinking you put it inside it there is no metal, ceramic, or wood in the fridge?

    You may place your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator on ceramic crockery, for example, anywhere you desire in your fridge.  If there are no hard surfaces in your refrigerator due to everything being plastic, the plastic would work some extent, however, it would not create the largest energy field possible in order to neutralise the large electro magnetic fields your fridge generators.  

    You can then place your Orgone plate on a ceramic or metal dish, a small piece of wood or even on some scrap metal if you have any around, to entirely harmonize your entire fridge.

    Orgone Generator Plate For Ionizing Food And Water

    Would the Dome Orgone Generator Or Orgone Generator Plate also cover foods in cabinets next to the fridge ?

    As the Orgone Energy resonates out from the inside of your fridge for up to 80 metres for Dome Orgone Generator, for example.

    Your Dome Orgone Generator and a large Orgone Plate would certainly cover food in other kitchen cabinets, as well as the area in front of your fridge as this energy sphere is not restricted by walls, wood or anything else, unless encased in solid metal as well as electro magnetic fields your fridge generates.

    Anyway was wondering about the small Orgone Generator Disk whether to possibly put it in the fridge or can it be put under the shoebox I keep my supplements in?

    Your Orgone Generator Disk would actually be more useful in your refrigerator to neutralize and harmonize the harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation coming off its motor, keeping the food in your refrigerator fresher for longer.

    It is only necessary to place your supplements on your Orgone Generator Disk for a few minutes just prior to taking them.  However, you may wish to place your Orgone Generator disk either underneath the box, or even inside the box where you keep your supplements.

  9. How are the Food Water Ionizers different to the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators?

    The Food Water Ionisers are flat so that you can place food, water or wine on them, and stand them there for a few minutes to energize them.  The Dome Orgone Schumann Generators are dome shaped and when placed on a hard flat surface magnify their abilities in a more dome like sphere.
    You can also place your Food Water Ionisers on hard flat surfaces as this will also magnify their energies.  However, you won’t get the powerful dome shaped sphere you would get with the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators.

     Dome Orgone Generator | Dome Schumann Generator

    Is there a difference to the large Orgone Generator Plate and small Orgone Generator Plate?

    The difference is the size and dimensions. You will find all information relating to all of our products’ weight, size and dimensions at the bottom of each product description.   ALL dimensions, weight and size of all our products are at the bottom of each product description page or each of our Orgone Energy Generators. Click on the Blue Product heading to open the full product description for exact specifications.

    You will can see all the various sizes of the energy fields this high efficacy Orgone Products cover at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-energy-generators under the product summaries.

    Can I use either my Dome Orgone Schumann Generator or my Orgone Generator Plate to energise skin care, food and water as well?  How to do this and how many minutes?

    Yes, you do this by placing your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator on a hard surface such as the top of your refrigerator, and then place any items you wish to energize beside your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator.  For your Orgone Generator Plate, simply stand your items on top of  the  plate.  One (1) minute of energizing is all this requires.  

    I use an AlkaPod Water Alkaliser and Ioniser.  Would it still be ok to recharge it with your Orgone products or will this be too much?

     Yes because the Alka Pod does not actually ionise as their manufacturers claim it does.  Our Technical Advisor thoroughly tested the Alka Pod he has, for its ionising abilities, and has found that it does not actually ionise.  Therefore you will require your Orgone Generator Plates or your Dome Orgone Schumann Generators to do the ionisation.

     Clear Accumulation and negative energy from crystals

     Are these safe to use with Crystals and Salt Lamps?
    Yes, because as Crystals constantly accumulate negative or harmful energies therefore require constant cleansing that your Orgone Generator Plates or Dome Orgone Schumann Generators will do efficiently.

    Salt Lamps are very ineffective due to the high about of Positive unhealthy ions caused by the lamp inside as the electricity goes through it, which in turn neutralises the Negative healthy ions.   
    You will require to place one small Orgone Generator plate beneath each Salt Lamp, otherwise install  a Geoclense Orgone Generator, to completely cover the Salt Lamps to transform the Positive unhealthy Ions into only Negative healthy Ions.


    Polarity Of Crytals

  10. Would the pendant be enough protection if I occasionally used the iPhone for phone calls in the car? I read on your website that the pendant won't protect the whole car, but would it protect me?

    When you use a Cell Phone or iPhone in your car this is VERY dangerous, as it turns your entire car into a Cell Phone or iPhone aerial which you are then sitting inside of.  The metal frame of your vehicle works like a “reverse” Faraday Cage, directing the microwaves and phone signals back towards you.
    An Orgone Pendant is NOT designed to cover this amount of harmful microwave radiation, however, it will provide you with some protect.  You would be best to get out of your car to use your IPhone is much safer, unless of course, you have a Car EMF Harmonizer which is designed to cover this and make sure you turn your ignition on before making/taking calls.
    The other option is to carry an Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator which will cover your entire vehicle just like a Car EMF Harmonizer when you use your iPhone in the car.  I always ensure I have both of them operating when making or answering any calls in a car.

    Car EMF Harmonizer Orgone Generator

    And would the pendant protect me when I fly on a plane? Or is it best to get a plane protector and use it in the car as well? 

    No.  Aeroplane travel is very high in electromagnetic radiation and extremely high in harmful Positive Ions, therefore an Orgone Pendant will definitely not provide enough protection as it is not designed to do this.  This is why we designed and developed the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator for this purpose. 

     Aeroplane Travel Electro Magnetic Pollution Harmonizer

    Does the water purifier protect against fluoride in water? 

    Only very specific water filters that are designed to remove harmful Fluoride from water as most water filters do not take it out, otherwise only drink filtered rain water.  This is an extremely dangerous substance.
    Your Orgone Generator Plates will harmonize and neutralize its effects to change the energy of Fluoride, and it will still go into your body and may still cause harm.  Fluoride is a very harmful and toxic substance in our bodies; avoidance of Fluoride totally is our best solution. 
    See http://www.fluorideaction.net and http://www.fluoridealert.org


  11. I'm feeling that I may need something extra to protect me and am looking at your pendants. I may not wear the pendant around my neck but if I have it in my pocket, would that be ok?

     Yes having your Orgone Pendant in your pocket would still resonate a 10 metre protective field and provide you with protection.

     Like you, many people do not wish to wear something around their neck.  Therefore, you may find that carrying an Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator with you everywhere you go will be much more effective for you. These provide you with a 30 metre protective filed and can be kept in your purse, handbag, backpack, and computer case or even in your pocket so that you carry it with you everywhere you go.

    Find out more about the Aircraft Travel Orgone Geneator at:   http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-generator-aircraft-harmonizer

    Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Devices

    When I use the iPhone or iPad on the internet (with the radiation shield stickers on each of them), I can feel some heat/energy in my hands and a slight tension in my head. Would I be sufficiently protected even though this is happening? 

    Yes, the Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protectors are enough to cover your iPhone and iPad and the wireless radiation coming off them, and as stated above, there is nothing you can do about the heat that these devices actually generate. Know that the EMF and the Radiation from them is being harmonized and neutralized with your Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protectors you have on these items.

    However, when you have Systemic Health issues you will notice EMF and Radiation much more than other people do, therefore you will require greater protection for now until you resolve your health issues. The slight tension you are feeling in your head will most likely being caused by these Health issues, espeically you have "fog" in your head. This is a common symptom of Candida which produces some 100 toxins in your body daily, especially if you are not following the Candida diet strictly and if you continue to feed the yeast infection.

    If you have Systemic Health issues such as Candida and Mercury Toxicity, is is highly recommended to see a Kinergetics Kinesiologist to assist you to address these. For further information about treating this please go to: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/are-you-emf-sensitive

    Do the phone shields protect all of my body? And even if the device is close to my body? 

    Yes.  The Phone WiFi Computer Radiation protectors are providing you with 10 metres of personal space protection or protective field.  However, it is not ever recommended that you put these devices right on your actual body - not even a Laptop/Notebook.  All Cell Phone manufacturers actually state to use your phone 5/8ths of an inch away from your head in the tinest print with their instructions or hidden somewhere obscure on your phone! 

    Please read the Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protectors Frequently Asked Questions page at:  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/faq-radiation-protectors.html

    How To Use Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protectors

  12. Would a small Orgone Plate work for the fridge? 

    Yes.  Although you would find the larger Orgone Plate may be much more useful as it has a larger surface area to place food, water, drinks and supplements on.   The small Orgone Generator plate will cover all contents of your refrigerator if placed on a very hard surface such as metal, ceramic or wood.
    I was reading the small plate it says it works for 10 meters or 50 metres when placed on a hard surface.  What does that mean does it mean cause I have a Geocleanse in the house that plate will work 50 meters ?
    The energy field created by these highly protective Orgone Plates is based on how hard the surface is that the item is place on such as glass, steel, wood or ceramics.
    The Orgone Plates work regardless of whether you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator or not.  In fact, the Geoclense will actually increase the healing and protective benefits.

     Large and Small Orgone Energy Generator Plates

    What is the difference between the Orgone Domes, the Geoclense and the Orgone plates?  If I just got a dome and put that in the cabinet next to the fridge would that do the same thing ?

    It takes two Orgone Schumann Domes to do what a Geoclense Orgone Generator does. However, the Geoclense Orgone Generator is way more effective due to its ability to magnify itself once connected to your electrical wiring and Earth stake, to cover your entire property (and more than 50 floors of an office building and an even an entire farm).
    Whereas, the Orgone Schumann Domes will cover an area of  40 to 80 metres as long as your Dome Schumann Orgone Generator is placed on the hardest surface possible. You can even place Orgone Schumann Domes a metal kitchen bench, and then place your food, water and supplements beside it to be energized.  They work fantastically in or on top of refrigerators.
    The difference between the Orgone Schumann Dome and the Orgone Plates is the size and shape as the Orgone Plates are flat for placing objects onto, and also the radius of the energy field that they cover.  
    The small Orgone Plate covers an energy field for these Orgone Generators is around 10 metres.  When placed on a hard these high efficacy Orgonium Orgone Products will create of greater protective energy field of up to 50 metres.
    The large Orgone Plate covers around 20 metres.  When placed on a very hard surface this Orgone Generator will create of radius of up to 100 metres.  This information is clearly displayed on our website at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-energy-generators

    Dome Orgone Generator | Dome Schumann Generator

  13. Orgone Pendants Provide Personal Space Protection

    All of these highly protective Quantum Orgone Pendants all do the same thing, as explained on our Orgone Pendants Frequently Answered Pendants page at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/pendant-frequent-questions.html

    The main difference being is that they are made from different substances; with the Standared Orgone Pendant made from biocompatible resin and the Shell Orgone Pendant made from Shell.  As for which one would be more durable that is difficult to say - most likely the Shell Orgone Pendant would be.  All of these Quantum Orgone Pendants provide you with 10 metres of protection. and are design to protect your personal space.

    These Orgone Pendants are designed to provide you with protection when you are away from your home, where your Geoclense Orgone Generator is providing you with total protection on your property.  The Geoclense Orgone Generator and the Orgone Pendants are designed for different purposes.  The Geoclense Orgone Generator is designed to cover your home and land, and the Orgone Pendant is designed to protect your personal space when you are away from your home and your land.

    You would therefore not be required to wear your Orgone Pendant at home when you have your Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged there. However, you can still choose to wear it if you wish to, as both items are complementary to each other.  

    You will get added benefit from the two together, and this will speed up the energy healing process and provide you with greater protection, especially if you have any health issues or are particularly energy sensitive.  

    These two items create the same type of energy, but different sized energy fields.  As explained, your Quantum Orgone Pendant provides an energy field of 10 metres of protection around you.  

    Protect Your Entire Energy Fields With 10 Metres Of Protection

    Geoclenses Provide Total Home and Land Protection

    The Geoclense Orgone Generator provides an energy field that covers your entire property to its title or deed boundaries, to provide your home and surrounding land with complete protection.  We have found this to extend to an entire office tower or a whole farm or station, from research testing we have performed.

    Many of our customers have experienced added benefits when they have added more Orgone Products to their homes such as this lady:

    For the Samera's Progress Report and how all her symptoms of EMF Hyper Sensitivity vanished in just 2 1/2 weeks see http://lotusconnections-lotusconnections.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/geoclensse-reviews-customer-testimonial.html

  14. Do you just plug it in?

    Yes that is correct.  You plug your Geoclense Orgone Generator into any active grounded power point plug.  There is no switch on Geoclense Orgone Generators.  

    In Australia and New Zealand we have switches on our power point plugs, therefore where it says in the instructions to switch it on, this is referring to the switch on your power point plug as shown here.

    Australia And New Zealand have switches on their power point plugs

    Do I need to turn it on? 

    In most countries outside of New Zealand and Australia, they do not have switches on their electrical sockets or power points which are live as soon as anything is plugged into them.  You do not require to switch on Geoclense Orgone Generators.

    Simply plug your Geoclense Orgone Generator into any live electrical socket or power point and it will work right away. There is no requirement to switch anything on, as the Geoclense Orgone Generator does not have any switches.

    How do you know it is working? 

    If you are energy sensitive you will feel the energy of the Geoclense Orgone Generator as soon as it is connecting to your electrical circuitry.  Your Geoclense Orgone Generator is constantly working as long as it is connected to the live wiring.  And, if you go camping, you can plug it into the Earth beside your tent and it will work there too.

    Does it light up? 

    There is NO light on your Geoclense Orgone Generator, and your Geoclense Orgone Generator does not use electricity in any way shape or form.  

    It simply connects to your electrical wiring which is connected to your Earth stake, and then magnifies the Schumann Frequencies and Orgone Generator from there, constantly generator healing healthy Negative Ions, exactly as found in untouched Nature.

    It does not "glow" either as there is not way it can do this.

    Does it make a sound?

    There is no audible sound created by Geoclense Orgone Generator, as Negative Ions as found in Nature do not make a sound that is audible to the human ear.  The 7.83 Hertz frequencies need to be measured by other means.  This is the same frequency as Planet Earth.

    You will find most of the answers to your questions on our website  on our Geoclense Frequently Answered Questions Page which is on the links bar of every page of our website, or you can go to: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/geocleanse-faq.html
    Geocleanse Orgone Generator For Japan And Brazil

  15. I recently come across different pieces of information that claim that laptop, iPhone or iPads shields can hamper reception and cause the computer, iPhone or iPad to generate more radiation. Is this correct? 

    Yes this is totally correct!  Anything such as an enclosed case you place your phone, computer or electronic device in that blocks or shields reception, will definitely generate way more radiation as it makes these devices work harder.  This is why these types of products are not recommended, and are in actual fact dangerous!
    All of the Orgonium Orgone Products actually work differently!  They work harmonizing and neutralizing the harmful effects of radiation or EMF by removing the damaging effects of Positive Ions which are neutralized by healing beneficial Negative Ions.  We only call them "shields" as that what people are looking for online.  In actual fact they are "Harmonizers" but not many people know to look for them under this name!

    electro magnetic field

    Can you please clarify if your products protect against electromagnetic radiation, radio frequency radiation and heat radiation? 

    Yes totally! For a comprehensive list of everything these highly effective Orgone Products protect you from, please see: List Of Harmful Energy Orgonium Covers
    Unfortunately, your electronic devices will still generate heat no matter what and we cannot prevent that!  However, what these Orgonium Radiation Protectors are doing is stopping and preventing any damage this heat, EMF and radiation may cause to your DNA, your organs, glands and physiology of your body.  Many of our customers state they they do not feel this heat penetrating their head once they have Orgone Orgone Products providing them with protection.

    Does the Geocleanse Negative Ion Harmonizer protect my body sufficiently from the laptop, iPhone or iPads while in my home? 

    Yes totally!  It does this because the Geocleanse Negative Ion Harmonizer is a constant solid state Negative Ion Resonance generator.  Once plugged in, the Geoclense is actually totally protecting your entire property with healthy, healing beneficial Negative Ions (and cancelling out the unhealthy, harmful Positive Ions), whether it is a quarter acre suburban block, 600 acres of a farm, or a 50 story office building. 

    High Efficacy Orgonium Radiation Protectors

  16. How do I know which Orgone Products would best serve us in our home and while out and about? I don't fully understand how this technology works, but I am trying to find solutions to all the dangerous electrical power lines surrounding us?

    Orgonium Orgone Energy products are infused with octaves of frequencies which produce powerful Negative Ion resonance around each Orgone Product.     
    This Negative Ion resonance is the healing component of these high efficacy Orgone products, which extends to around 10 to 200 metres from where these Orgone products are placed.  The frequency octaves we use to create our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products is far superior to the original resonance created by layering, which is now deemed to be out-of-date and old technology.
    Positive ions are the harmful ions in the air around us that we want to avoid.  It is these harmful ions that occur in cities, and where there are man-made structures such built-up areas.  Positive ions are produced by electrical wiring, electromagnetic radiation, Geopathic stress, cell phones, florescent lights, computers, electronic equipment and much other noxious energy.  
    These are the 'bad ions' that we want to avoid or eliminate, which is why we recommend placing Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance generators in homes, offices and workplace to harmonize and neutralize or cancel out these harmful Positive Ions coming from the power lines
    As it would appear that your family are very energy sensitive, therefore we recommend that each of you carry an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator with you which provide you with 99 Feet of personal space protection, instead of the 33 Feet around the Orgone Pendants provide.  See: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-generator-aircraft-harmonizer 
    Note:  Following the Candida Diet strictly as this will reduce the reactions you have as well as improve your health, energy levels and well-being.

    Best EMF Protection For Sensitive People
    We live in a medium-density housing neighbourhood and have power lines over our backyard. Our yard is very shallow; only 25 Feet deep and those power lines are on the bedroom side of the house. We refused the Smart Meter for our own home but don't know how many are within 50+ feet of us on neighbour’s homes.  I and my children are very sensitive to EMF, WiFi, etc so what do we do?

    Then we would recommend you have a minimum of a Geoclense Orgone Generator in your entire home and garden, to protect you and your family from the overhead power lines, as well as two Dome Orgone Generators placed near the back of your home to further protection you from the other power lines that are so close to your home.  
    You also require to have the Systemic Health issues for your entire family address, as once you have resolved these health issues, you will no longer have reactions to these forms of harmful energy, EMF, WiFi or anything else.  It is due to these Systemic Health issues you are all having reactions to all of this.  For more information about this see:  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/are-your-emf-sensitive
    Do You Have Systemic Health Issues?

  17. I recently left a teaching job in a school where there was a cell phone tower in the building, even after plugging in a Geocleanse.  I had noticed a strange dizziness whenever I was in the building and occasionally would get terrible, strange headaches that would make me sick, even while wearing my Orgone Pendants. The effects seemed to have been lessened while the Geocleanse was plugged into a small room just under the cell tower, but they did not completely clear up for me or my students?

    The Geoclense Orgone Generator certainly does harmonize and neutralize the effects of Cell Phone Towers.  However, Orgone Pendants would not be strong enough to provide total protection from such a source of harmful energy; therefore, you would be better with a stronger Orgone product such as an Aircraft Harmonizer or a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator to provide greater protection.
    If you have Systemic Health issues such as bacteria, viruses, Candida yeast infection, parasites, Mercury, heavy metal toxicity, or Lyme Disease then, no matter what you do to protect yourselves or counter-act the harmful energies, you may still have reactions until you fix the health problems.  This is due to these health issues causing the reaction to the radiation, hence you and the children may still experience symptoms. 

    This is clearly demonstrated in this YouTube Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMAV-pZMlZs 

    Can the Geocleanse be too strong for our small home, (1,300 square feet)? If I put it in the house near living areas, my daughter says she feels dizzy and light headed?  I and the family wear our Orgone pendants 24 hrs a day, and it seemed that with Orgone pendants and Geocleanse it was too much. 

    No, your Geoclense Orgone Generator will not be too strong in a small home or even an apartment.  However, you may find that you do not need to wear your Orgone Pendants when you are home with the Geoclense Orgone Generator operating. 
    The reason your daughter feels dizzy and light headed is because the Geoclense Orgone Generator is doing an incredible amount of energy healing on her and is working hard to recalibrate her energies.  If she has issues with Mercury and Candida, it will be working to clear the energy of this from her energy fields and her aura.  What may be occurring is that your family is experiencing Symptoms Of Detoxification as explained here  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/blog/post/3567998  
  18. Do you still sell the Sports Wristband? My adult son doesn`t want to wear an Orgone Pendant or the Sports Wristband would be a great alternative for him. 

    We recently took the Sports Wristband off our website recently, as our Product Manufacturer changed the wording on them from "Ener Band" to a website address. Many customers complained saying that it looked like a cheap promotional product, therefore we have now removed these items from our website.

    The best option for your sone would be for him to carry an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator with him everywhere, as it will provide him for 30 metres of personal space protection.  Or at a minimum, have a Mobile Phone Radiation shield either in his wallet or is Mobile Phone for 10 metres of space protection, if he does not wish to carry an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator with him everywhere he goes.

    Our garden isn`t huge but the area across the bottom has always made me feel incredibly uneasy.  I`ve lived here for 25 years and still don`t like it. We`ve recently adopted 2 RSPCA rescued rabbits and they don`t seem to like it either. Can you advise please? 

    It sounds as through you have some energy issues on your property that need to be addressed with a Geoclense Orgone Generator.  Even animals can sense when the energy is not right and will not go there.  Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will totally address all these sorts of hazardous energy and radiation on your entire property, as it will totally harmonize and neutralize such issues once you install it when it arrives http://www.orgoneenergy.org/united-kingdom-geoclense

    United Kingdom, UAE, Malaysia And Singapore Orgone Energy Generator
    Here is what we found affecting your property there

     ·        400 Metre Grid Crossing over the house
    ·         Digital Television Beams 
    A 400 Metre Grid Crossing is the worse possible harmful energy field you can have over your house.  Also, how close to you are your neighbours at it would appear that you are getting imprints from their Digital Television Beams which go out 200 to 400 metres when you switch these off?
    It may be because of the 400 Metre Grid Crossing that you animals do not wish to go on some parts of your property.   You certainly will require your Geoclense Orgone Generator there to harmonize and neutralize all of this.

  19. How Can I Stop Having Reactions To Electromagnetic Fields?

    Once you receive your Orgone Products and you will continue to see improvements in your health and wellness.  Especially if you have been regularly experiencing reactions to Electromagnetic Fields, Radiation and other forms of harmful energy.  However, sometimes your body can go through the process of healing for a period of time to begin with.
    You do not require a "Grounding or Earthing mat" when you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator as it is already connecting to the Earth Stake in your home Grounding or Earthing you and your entire home.  Read this article to find out why:  Grounding And Earthing - Just Place Your Feet On Soil! http://lotusconnections-lotusconnections.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/earthing-and-grounding-producrs.html
    Orgonium Orgone Products harmonize and neutralize all the harmful effects of Positive Ions, removing the effects from your heart, nervous and lymphatic systems.  However, they will not "fix" your systemic health issues although they will provide health improvements over time.  You need to address these health issues such as Lyme Diseaese, Candida, parasites, bacterial or viral infections, as this would be the only reason you are still having reactions.  
    Grapefruit Seed Extract Is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal
    How Else Can I Improve My Systemic Health Issues And Stop Having Reactions to Electromagnetic Radiation?

    Firstly, are you are required to do everything you can to improve your health and wellness, such as strictly following a Candida Diet, taking Grapefruit Seed Extract and a Probiotic (good gut bacteria)?    
    Secondly, are you drinking two to three litres of pure water per day and energizing your kidneys for five minutes three times daily (or longer) as per the image on this page:  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/heavy-metals-kinesiology

    Your liver is detoxing or reacting to Electromagnetic Fields and all other forms of harmful energy like it is detoxing other toxins in your body.  Candida yeast, parasites, bacteria and viruses can produce a lot of toxins that get dumped into your bloodstream.  You would not be having such reactions to these, if your liver were not overloaded for whatever reason.  

    Doing a Liver Cleanse such as Dr Sandra Cabot's "Liver Cleansing Diet", would be of great assistance and can be done in conjunction with the Candida diet, for an incredible improvement to your health, energy levels and wellness, and less reactions.
    I have had 22 years of clinical experience as a Kinesiologist working with many people who experience these reactions, and I have experienced these thse issues myself in the past.  If you watch this YouTube video again, this is the best explanation of what is occurring for you, as this is the main cause of why you are still having reactions.

    You will require to have your Hydration corrected, your Mercury, Heavy Metals eliminated from your body, and your Candida yeast infection balanced with both Kinergetics Kinesiology and Neurological Integration System (NIS) will quickly addresses these chonic systemic health issues.  

  20. How Do I Clear Residual Energy That Are Affecting Me?

    You can rub your Orgone Pendant while you are wearing it to clean up your energy field so that your "protection guides" can back into your field, bringing your protection back.  To do this, set your Orgone Pendant between your thumb and your first finger, and say:  
    "I ask all residual energy to be cleaned up and to be returned to the Universe, back to where it belongs, and I ask my 'protection guides' to come back into my energy fields to provide me with all the protection I require" Anything that does not allow this to occur, please uncreate and destroy this now. Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, POD, POC, All nines, Shorts and Beyonds"

    Orgone Pendants Are Great For Protection

    And How Do I Clear "Greys" and "Reptilians" that are interfering with me?

    Say this regularly whilst rubbing your Orgone Pendant between your fingers and thumb:
    "I now sanction an exclusion zone around myself, my family, my home and all my property at all times from all Greys and Reptilians.   Anything that does not allow this to occur, please uncreate and destroy this now.  Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, POD, POC, All nines, Shorts and Beyonds" 

    Always continue to "Invoke" your Divine Presence or Divine Self, and always do this before going to bed in the evening and again when you wake up in the morning.  It is as easy as saying:  "I invoke the presence of the Divine", or "I invoke my Divine Self".
    Another way to clear the "greys" and/or other aliens that are around you is to place your right hand around your left wrist and hold it there for five minutes, whilst invoking your Divine Presence. You may say the other clearing statements (above or the Archon ones) whilst also doing this.   Make sure your thumb and one of your fingers are touching whilst doing this as it is the complete connection that makes this work.
  21. Where would be a good location to place my the Dome Orgone Generator?

    Wherever you feel it would provide you the best protection.  For example, Digital Televisions are particularly harmful.  Therefore, you may wish to locate your Dome Orgone Generator either beside, in front of or near your Digital Television whilst watching you are it.

    Could laying or placing my Dome Orgone Generator on my back or my kidney area help?  

    Yes, most certainly.  Many people have stated they have felt a lot better placing their Dome Orgone Schumann Generator over an area of pain on the body, or placing on their abdomen when they are relaxing or when not feeling well, with significant improvements and often total relief of pain.  We have customers who have written testimonials about this on our Orgone Review page at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-reviews

    Would putting the Dome Orgone Generator under the TV in entertainment centre in the middle room be alright?  

    Would it negate and neutralizes the TV as well?  Or just putting the Dome Orgone Generator in the room next to the big TV negate the big TV from other room?  I'm thinking locating the Dome Orgone Generator under the TV in entrainment centre would help. 

    Yes, this would most definitely help with both televisions are within the energy field that your Dome Orgone Generator covers, particularly if it is located on an extremely hard surface. Right in front of the TV as that is where the digital radiation is the worst, and then when you switch your Digital TV off it leaves a harmful imprinting out in from of if from 200 to 400 metres.

    How would you stop the Dome Orgone Generator from working?  

    I own a small device similar called “Safe Space” when I put it in here it made things worse, so putting it back in its original box stopped it from emanating so how would you do that with the Dome Orgone Generator and my Orgone Generator plate?

    We have had other customers say that their "Safe Space" cause them to be in pain also and made them feel very unwell, therefore we would not recommend this device, nor does it even compare to what these highly efficient Orgone Products do.  

    You cannot stop your Dome Orgone Generator from resonating healing energy, and why would you want to stop your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator to stop working when it is creating beneficial healing energy for you and your family?  Your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator will permanently generate Negative Ion Resonance via Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonances for future generations.   

    My back has been hurting so badly after I had my fall, and Iwas going to experiment if my back does not get better, by maybe wrapping my Orgone Products in aluminium foil?

    Aluminium foil would not block Negative Ion Resonance.  If you do not wish to feel the effects of your Orgonium Orgone Products, then the only way stop feeling the beneficial healing effects of these highly efficient Orgone Products would be to totally remove them from your property as they will even permeate solid metal, which is why they are so powerful. 

    However, these powerful Orgonium Orgone Products have assisting many people to relieve pain, therefore we do not understand why you would not want them to work.

    Dome Orgone Generator Can Be Placed Over Areas Of Pain In The Body

  22. I've heard that EMF blockers on cell phones actually make the radiation higher because the cell phone has to work harder to connect.  Is that correct?

    You are entirely correct, which is why you do not want anything to be using to block EMF such as a blocking Phone Shield or phone shielding products, as they actually make your cell phone work harder, actually creating more Radiation.

    Is this true of your cell phone product?

    Our Phone Radiation protectors are not blocking EMF or even shielding, they actually harmonize and neutralize the harmful effects, which is why these Radiation Protection products work better and are far more protective.  For ways of testing this, please see: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/testing-noxious-energies

    All of our highly effective Orgonium Orgone Energy products are both Schumann Waves Generators and Orgone Energy Generators, as they are all infused with all of these energy frequencies which resonate beneficial healing Negative Ion Resonance which is what actually harmonizes and neutralizes the harmful effects of damaging Positive Ions by cancelling them out.

    Danger Of Using A Cell Phone Without Protection

     Also, I have a silicon case on my phone. Would that interfere with the ability to blocking EMF and radiation? Thank you for everything!

    In fact, you cannot actually block radiation unless you place the radiation emitting device in a very strong and thick metal case!  

    Nor can any sort of case that you place your phone inside protect you from your cell phone from emitting EMF and Radiation for Phone Sheilding, especially as you cannot use your cell phone inside the case.   As soon as you remove your cell phone from it's case (if it is at all providing any protection), you have to expose yourself to EMF and Radiation when you go to answer a call or make one which is when the EMF and Radiation is at its worse.

  23. Which sort of Dome Orgone Schumann Generator do I put on top of the Smart Meter as there are quite a few different colours and types to choose from?

    All the Orgone Schumann Generator Domes do exactly the same thing, and the main difference is in their colour.  We offer them in a choice of colours as not everyone wants the same colour and to give people a colour choice.   The colour of Orgone Schumann Generator Domes you is entire your choice.
    Orgone Generator | Schumann Generator

    Do the Orgone Schumann Generator Domes neutralise the dangerous Smart Meter completely?

    We presume you are asking if theOrgone Schumann Generator Domes harmonize and neutralize Smart Meters completely.  No.  You need a Geoclense Orgone Generator and a Orgone Schumann Generator Domes due to the fact that Smart Meters of particularly nasty.
    Smart Meters emit very harmful energy spikes at 10 to 20 second intervals which currently cannot be read by many measuring devices.  Due to this occurrence, harmful Smart Meters have turned out to be far more noxious than originally thought.
    We have had elderly customers become totally disabled and barely able to move or walk once their dangerous Smart Meters are installed.  However, their Geoclense Orgone Generator has turned their life around as you can see from this Customer Testimonial:

    Smart Meter No Longer Making My Father Tired And Unwell

    Recently we had an elderly mother of a customer who got very ill and was rushed into hospital the day her neighbour's harmful Smart Meter was installed (on the wall next to her house).  We shipped her Geoclense Orgone Generator and Orgone Schumann Dome to her that day to harmonize Smart Meter for when it was installed when she got back home.
    We are finding that people who are very energy sensitive are requiring a minimum of a Geoclense Orgone Generator and a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator due to Smart Meters being so dangerous, and it seems to be that most people are finding this a better solution is best, from the feedback from our customers.

    Even with the Orgone Schumann Generator Domes in place, do I still require a Geoclense Orgone Generator for our house?

    Yes, you need the Geoclense Orgone Generator to harmonize and neutralize all forms of harmful energy in your entire and for on your entire property, as well as the Orgone Schumann Generator Domes which will specifically harmonize and neutralize the hazardous energy emitted from your dangerous Smart Meter.

    You may wish to see if just the Geoclense Orgone Generator alone is enough but if you are energy sensitive, then we highly recommend that you get the Orgone Schumann Generator Domes, as well.
    We have lots of customers who have the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators on top of their refrigerators, as refrigerators produce harmful electromagnetic fields in your home, however Smart Meters are far more dangerous and definitely require harmonization.

    Other Resources

    Smart Meter Radiation Poisoning

  24. Would an Orgone Generator Plate work for the fridge, as I would like them for both my refrigerators?

    Yes, however, you would find the larger Orgone Generator Plate may be more useful as it has a larger surface area to place food, water, drinks and supplements on and would be more effective for harmonizing the harmful electromagnetic radiation created by the motor of your refrigerators.  

    However, the small Orgone Generator plate will cover all contents of your refrigerator if placed on a very hard surface such as metal, ceramic or wood expanding its energy field of protection.

    The Orgone Generator Plate covers 10 meters or 50 when placed on a hard surface. What does this mean, as I have a Geocleanse Orgone Generator in the house too?

    An energy field created by these highly protective Orgone Generator Plate is based on how hard the surface is that the item is placed on.   The Orgone Generator Plate works regardless of whether you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator or not.  In fact, adding some Orgone Generator Plates to your home will actually increase the healing and protective benefits.

    Difference Between Geoclense Dome Orgone Generator And Orgone Generator PlateWhat is the difference between the Orgone Schumann Generator Domes,  the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator and the Orgone Generator Plates?
    It takes two Orgone Schumann Generator Domes to do what a Geoclense Orgone Generator does.  However, the Geoclense Orgone Generator is way more efficient due to its ability to magnify the Negative Ion resonance it generates by connecting to your electrical wiring and Earth stake, to cover your entire property (or more than 50 floors of an office building or even an entire farm).
    Whereas, the Orgone Schumann Generator Domes cover an area of 40 to 80 metres as long as your Orgone Schumann Generator Dome is placed on the hardest surface possible.  

    You can even set Orgone Schumann Generator Dome a metal kitchen bench, and then set your food, water and supplements beside the Orgone Schumann Generator Dome to be energized.  They work fantastically in refrigerators.
    The difference between the Orgone Schumann Generator Dome and the Orgone Generator Plates is that the size and shape as the Orgone Generator Plates are flat for placing objects onto, and also the radius of the energy field that they cover is different.  
    The small Orgone Generator Plate covers an energy range of around 10 metres.  When placed on a hard surface, they will then create of greater protective energy field of up to 50 metres.
    The large Orgone Generator Plate covers around 20 metres.  When placed on a very hard surface, this Orgone Generator will create of radius of up to 100 metres.  This information is clearly displayed on our website under the Orgone Generators tab above.

  25. The Geoclense Can Now Be Programmed For Several Addresses

    The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator can harmonize and neutralize two or even three different addresss, as well as the location where it is plugged in. This is very impressive and is a new phenomenon we have only recently started offering.

    This is the power of radionics which is difficult to explain as this is an aspect of Quantum Physics.  Radionics machines of various types have been doing energy programming for many years in various forms.

    House Plug In EMF Harmoniser

    Powerful Geoclense Electromagnetic Radiation Harmonizer

    The benefit of having your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator operating in your home is to increase the vibration frequency within your house, which is being subject to electromagnetic earth magnetic radiation, which is some of the worst types of energy to have in any building.

    Can The Geoclense Cause Me To Detox?

    Often with the installation of a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator, your may body go through some energy healing and recovery to recalibrate your energy, especially if you have any underlying health issues.

    Your body can go through a period of recalibrating to the new energy frequencies, and occasionally, some people go through a small healing crisis.  This is due to the increase in oxygen levels and the body adjusting to the clear energetics in the building which causes this to happen.

    If you have had some sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation and other forms of harmful energy, this may often be caused by underlying Systemic health issues such as Mercury from dental amalgams, heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, bacterial or Candida yeast infections, or even parasites being present in your body.

    What About The Digital Electromagnetic Radiation From Hearing Aids?

    Anyone wearing digital hearing aids, which emit digital electromagnetic radiation, will have their hearing aids harmonized and neutralized by their Geoclense Negative Generator while they are at home where it their Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is operating.

    However, when you leave home you will require an Orgone Pendant or Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator with you to harmonize and neutralized their hearing aids when you go out, as well as protect you from other forms of noxious energy when you are out.

    Orgone Blog References

    So Which Orgone Device Is Best For My Needs?

    Geoclense Programming To Cover Other Addresses

  26. I really like these Orgone solutions and I wish to share these so that others can protect themselves.  Do you have more information about this?

    We were told by many that we had too much information on our Orgone solutions website, and that this is too overwhelming people.  Therefore, we have taken a lot of information off our website for this reason.  

    Instead, we have written multiple blog posts with more in-depth information for people who are interested in learning more about Orgone solutions one this blog here, and on our main Orgone blog at: http://lotusconnections-lotusconnections.blogspot.com.au/

    Being an honest person with integrity would you please provide some Orgone Energy research?

    We too are honest people with high integrity being successful Complementary Medicine Health practitioners, and we do our best to provide people with any information that they require and to contribute to the entire planet.  

    Please note that there is no science laboratory nor scientific equipment that has the technology to test or research Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies, nor how these Orgone Products effectively work.  Therefore, these Orgonium Orgone Products are medically tested through Biofeedback devices, Kinesiology or even Heart Rate Monitor, for example.

    If you would like a full copy of our Independent Research Report, either subcribe to our Newsletter, or send us an email requesting this.  For further information on some of the research we have done, please see our Orgone Energy Research page at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-energy-research

    After Only Three Hours Exposure To Orgonium Orgone Products

    The Car EMF Orgone Generator is fantastic, by the way, and I cannot deny the positive influence it is having on my Taxi service.  However, I am uncertain about the reduction in fuel usage? 

    What is more, important is that people are feeling much calmer, less stressed and are more relaxed while they are in your vehicle with the Car EMF Orgone Energy Generator operating, and that you are less stressed and less fatigued whilst driving.

    More importantly, the occupants in the back of the vehicle no longer experience travel sickness or car sick.  This is because the Car EMF Orgone Generator neutralizes the effects of the fuel lines which run under the back seat of most vehicles, being one of the leading causes of car sickness, especially when travelling in the back seat of vehicles.

    Our staff have all had Car EMF Orgone Generators in all our vehicles for several years now, and we now use much less fuel usage than we used before.  We also always carry an Aircraft Orgone Energy Harmonizer with us everywhere we go, so perhaps the Aircraft Orgone Energy Harmonizer is providing us with double effect on reducing our fuel usage.

    Here is an example.  We used to do two trips into town (20-30 km return) on quarter of a tank of petrol and then we were on empty.   Since we installed the Car EMF Orgone Generator, we can now do three to four trips into town depending on which town we go to.  Note that we are located in a regional area with gravel roads being third of the trip each way.  That is definitely an improvement in our eyes.

    Other Resources

    EMF And Radiation Protection Solutions Blog

    Energy Healing Health And Wellness Blog

  27. Most Harmful Forms Of Energy

    Many people who are aware of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and believe that radiation emitted from their electrical system is the most dangerous form of EMF hazards inside any building, closely followed accompanied by radio frequencies from WIFI and Smart Meters. After that Earth Magnetic Radiation being the least dangerous.
    Unfortunately, this is not so!  The most dangerous forms of EMF inside any building originates from the various types of Earth Magnetic Radiation in the form of grid lines, then Very Low Frequency (VLF)  and Imprints such as Personal beams, Death Imprints and Black Lines.

    If we were to list all of the different forms of EMF that may potentially exist within a given space, the checklist below would most accurately explain the most dangerous forms of EMF.  Nevertheless, all of these forms of dangerous EMF continue to be a potential health EMF hazards

    ·         Very Low Frequency (VLF)
    ·         Earth Magnetic Radiation
    ·         Photon Lines
    ·         400 Metre Earth Magnetic Grid Lines
    ·         Black  Lines
    ·         Water Veins more than 100 centremetres wide
    ·         Death Imprints and Personal Beams
    ·         Radiation from electrical systems
    ·         Radio Frequencies and Microwave fields from WIFI
    ·         Smart Meters and wireless appliances
    ·         Digital Television beams (up to 400 metres away)
    ·         Benker Grid Lines
    ·         Mirrors holding negative thought forms
    ·         Cursed  land  carrying negative thought forms

    Therefore, having a building assessed for radiation from electrical appliances and radio frequencies from potential outside hazards such as Cellular Phone towers, and not including all forms of Earth Magnetic Radiation, would be misleading.  We are frequently called out to premises with our consultancy work, or are asked to do Google Earth Remote Readings, because the occupants believe that their electrical system or Smart Meter is impacting their health.

    In almost all cases, the true danger is not always their Smart Meter nor the radiation from their electrical system at all.  The harmful energies from VLF, 400 Metre Earth Magnetic grid lines and the new Photon Lines, which have been creeping their way around the planet over the past ten years, pose the biggest health hazard and these appear to be affecting our health and well-being by far.   

    The most hazardous of all of these is the 400 Metre Earth Magnetic Grid Lines and their crossing points along with Death imprints, which cause much discomfort, pain and organ stress and are a greater EMF hazards in buildings.  If you have any of these affecting your home, office or workplace, you will most certainly require a Geoclense Orgone Generator to harmonize and neutralize these.

    Other Resources  http://lotusconnections-lotusconnections.blogspot.com.au/

  28. I got my laboratory test results back on Friday night and have tested positive to Lyme Disease, and it turns out I also have Mycoplasma Pneumonia - two very "stealth" infections. Although I already knew I had Lyme Disease from my own research and knowledge of this condition spread by ticks, fleas and mosquitoes.  

    I started doing Salt and Vitamin C which many say treats Lyme Disease, although when I spoke to the Integrative Medicine Doctor he questioned that this would work, although he was the one who told me to take lots of Vitamin C, and another practitioner I trust said I need to have lots of salt!  I am also making Colloidal Silver every day and drinking this.

    What is Lyme Disease?  Find out more by watch this very informative movie:

    From my years of research into Lyme Disease, I have found that the reason on 20% of the population get ill from this disease is because of "genetic" defects or predispositions, as it is possible that more than 90% of the population carry the bacteria.   Karma may also play a role too!

    If you have the MTHFR Genetic Mutation, this means your body cannot methylate Folate or Folic Acid properly, which has a huge role in enzymes in the body.  You then need to take the methylated form of Folate, or better still eat lots of green leafy vegetables which are high in Folinic Acid.  When you have the MTHFR genetic defect, you are then more prone to bacterial infections, and therefore more likely to getting full-blown symptoms of Lyme Disease compared to others who have normal genes.  

    I was born with Mercury and Heavy Metal induced Porphyria as my mother had all her teeth removed when she was 5 months pregnant with me, as I nearly died of Blood Poisoning.  Her teeth were full of Mercury and Amalgam fillings which severely damaged my brain and my nervous system.  This means my liver detoxification pathways are more reactive, and my liver over produces Cytochrome detoxification enzymes, over-reacting to all the toxins, including the Lyme Disease induced ones.

    Lyme Disease also has a huge affinity to Mercury and Heavy Metal toxicity.  Even though I have detoxed Mercury and heavy metals for many years now, I know I have to be careful not to kill the Lyme related bacterium too quickly, as when they die-off causes the release the Heavy Metals back into the body.

    I also have Pyroluria which is another Genetic Defect I was born with.  This is often another symptom of Lyme Disease, and Pyroluria may also be caused by Lyme Disease.  

    Thankfully I cleared up my Candida Yeast infection (also know as Thrush) many years ago.  Therefore my symptoms from Lyme Disease may be less severe than that of others, as I don't have a Candida yeast infection which generally goes with having Lyme Disease.

    This would make the condition so much worse as I was very ill when I had Candida (most of my life until my late 30's), and I could not imagine what having this along with the Lyme Disease symptoms together.  If you do have Candida, I highly recommend you clear it up quickly.

    Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.

  29. Do your Orgone products relieve symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, as I understand The Ultimate Zapper will be of great assistance?

    Your Orgone Products be very effective for treating Multiple Sclerosis as they heal the Aura as they provide a lot of energy healing.  

    Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies also do a lot of energy healing, assisting in clearing Mercury, Heavy Metals and Candida out of the Aura, energy fields and physical body, as these are usually the underlying issues with everyone with this type of illness.  

    The Ultimate Zapper will greatly assist to support Multiple Sclerosis as it is extremely effective in eliminating all forms micro-organisms, bacterial infections, viruses and Candida, as well as Mercury and Heavy Metals.  

    The Ultimate Zapper is an Energy Healing device and only resonates beneficial healing frequencies.

    Dome Orgone Generator Showing Healing In Aura

    Orgone Generators Provide Incredible Aura Energy Healing And Can Be Tested With Many Devices 

    I have had my Orgone Generator Dome and Car EMF Harmonizer for two weeks.  I live in a small flat and have placed the Dome Orgone Generator on top of my fridge, can I use an EMF Detector to test them?

    Our Technical Advisor has done a Remote Google Earth reading of your home to check that your Orgone Products are actually working, and states that your Dome Orgone Generator is working perfectly there and is now harmonizing your small flat.    

    An EMF Detector can only be used to detect EMF and would not be useful for testing any other forms of harmful energy, therefore is not worth using one nor the money you would pay for such a limited device.

    Kinesiology, Dowsing, Divining or using a Pendulum are far more effective ways of testing for all forms of harmful energy, rather than just dect EMF which only detects one form of harmful energy being EMF.  To see a more comprehensive list of what these incredibly effective Orgone Products cover, please see http://www.orgoneenergy.org/usa-canada-geoclense

    For further details of how best to test any Orgone Products (or Orgonite for that matter), and why using an EMF Detector is a total waste of time to detect EMF, please refer to our page on hor to test for harmful energies adn how to test an yOrgone Products http://www.orgoneenergy.org/testing-harmful-energies

    Kinesiology, Dowsing, Divining Or Using A Pendulum Is The Best Way To Test Anything

    Divining, Dowsing, Pendulums and Kinesiology Work Better Then A EMF Detector 

    If you would like to subcribe to our  monthly Newsletter, CLICK HERE as there is information in the Newsletter email with simple test for testing Orgonite

  30. Ionizing Food And Water With Orgone Generators

    If you have an under bench or counter water filter installed, your water will be totally energized and ionized by your Geoclense Orgone Generator, as will all the water on your property including water in the pipes, grey water, black water and sewerage.  This includes energizing and ionizing all the food in your pantry and refrigerator too.

    You may wish to place an Orgone Energy Generator plate or Schumann Generator beneath your installed water filter as this will add further zing to your water increasing the rejuvenating and ionizing effects.  Therefore, the more Orgone products you have in your home producing Orgone Energy, the better the results.  

    See what happened to Samera's when she added more Orgone products to her home and life, by reading her Progress Report explaining how all her symptoms of EMF Hyper Sensitivity went in a short time:  http://lotusconnections-lotusconnections.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/geoclensse-reviews-customer-testimonial.html

    If you are travelling a lot with your work, we highly recommend carrying an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator with you everywhere you go, and especially whilst you are flying, to provide you with total EMF protection.  

    An Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator Can Energize And Ionize Too

    An Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator will  also energize and ionize your water, and you can stand your water bottle on top of your Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator in your purse or handbag to energize or ionize your water, or simply place your Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator on a bench or table, and stand your food and water beside it.

    You only need to place your water on the an Orgone Generator Ionizer plate for 30 seconds and will stay charged for 12 hours. Otherwise you can leave your water filter on top your Orgone Generator plate all the time if you wish.  For in more information about this, how long this takes and the amount of water , please read: http://lotusconnections-lotusconnections.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/one-gallon-2-litres-of-water-is.html
    Other Resources
    Orgone Reviews And Geoclense Reviews
    What Range Of Protection Does Orgone Energy Provide?

  31. To the best of my knowledge frequency must be less than 2,500 Hz, but the frequency of Ultimate Zapper is using around 25,000 hz. Why is this?

    The Ultimate Zapper has a frequency of 2500 Hz which is the best frequency to operate at the covers all pathogens, micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and more.

    The New XE Model Zapper With Gold Plated Connector Clips And Footpads

    The New Deluxe XE Model Ultimate Zapper With Gold Plated Connector Clips

    In comparision tables The Ultimate Zapper versus Autozap 5, everybody is saying that their product is good.  Autozap 5 they are giving full year guarantee, your are giving three months only. Why?

    We offer a 3-month trial and a lifetime warranty and are not distributors for any other Zapper products now, as we found that we are only selling The Ultimate Zapper as it is the best Zapper on the market, that everyone is wanting.  We therefore took all other Zappers products off our website.  

    We have never been distributors for the Autozap 5, nor do we know anything about this product.  

    We have had much experience with using many different zappers over the years including the Space Healer, the Hulda Clark Zapper, the Robert Beck Zapper and a range of other zappers, some of which we were not impressed or they were extremely expensive.  Also, we did not notice much in the way of improvements, were unable to feel them working with these other zappers, however, we notice all of this with The Utltimate Zapper.
    The Cure For All Disease By Dr Hulda Clark Lists Frequencies Of Pathogens

    The Standard Model SE Zapper And Cure For All Diseases Book By Dr Hulda Clark

    Do You Know What Frequencies Do Different Pathogens Vibrate At?

    You can find out more about the various frequencies of Pathogens, Micro-organisms, viruses and bacteria, from this very informative book by Hulda Clark called “The Cure For All Diseases".  

    This book has a great reference sections with all the frequencies of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, micro-organisms and more written in a very useful form. 

    For further information about this book please see: The Cure For All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark

  32. Deadly Orgone Resonance (DOR)

    Deadly Orgone (DOR) is just another name for a harmful Positive Ion resonance field;  and Positive Orgone (POR) is a healthy, beneficial healing Negative Ion resonance field.

    The  healthy Negative ion resonance balances out the harmful Positive ion resonance, which in turn neutralizes the stress on your organs (especially your Heart, Immune System and Nervous System) caused by all forms of EMF and radiation.

    GDV Image Show Effects Of Orgone Energy Protection
    Effect on Organs Before Exposure (Left) to Orgone Products and Improvements After Exposure To Orgone Products

    To see now to effectively test these highly efficient Orgonium Orgone Products for yourself, please go to http://www.orgoneenergy.org/testing-noxious-energies where there are a series of questions to ask that specifically test for these particulary issues.

    Please note that these highly protective Orgonium Orgone Products are all Medically tested through biofeedback or similar devices. 

    Our testing is not done by inadequate science laboratories that do not have the facilities to do the correct tests, nor specific enough Energy testing equipment to actually properly test the effectiveness this Orgonium Orgone Energy technology.

    For further Independent research done of these Orgonium Orgone Products, please see: 
  33. It would appear that 80-90% of the birds, bees and butterflies have vanished since Phone Towers have erected in the past 20 to 30 years.  For more information about this, we highly recommend watching the movie on You Tube called "Resonance - Beings Of Frequency" where much research has proven this.

    Phone Towers Scramble The Magnetic Lines Bees Use To Find Thei Way Home
    However, when you place the highly effective Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products on your property you will notice that they all return along with the wildlife.  We are on 40 acres here in the Rushworth State Forest.  When we first moved here we hardly heard a bird sing and did not see many of them at all - it was pretty much silent!  

    We have been here for six years now, and everyone comments when they visit on hearing the birds constantly singing and talking, the sound of all the bees buzzing in the gum trees, and on the amount of butterflies and dragon flies flying around, as well as the abundance of wildlife such as kangaroos, wallabies and echidnas on our property.
    Wildlife Prefer Schumann Resonances

    Even the neighbours on either side of us, who are also on 40 acre properties, comment that they do not see many butterflies on their properties that they see a lot of them on our property.  They also comment that they hardly hear the birds nor hear or see many dragon flies
    It just goes to show how much Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonances change the energy of your property, and how much birds, insects and wildlife prefer these energy frequencies.  Many of our customers around the world have said the same thing, as you will read of our Orgone Reviews page.

  34. This week the utility company put one of those Smart Meters outside my apartment, 8 feet from where I sleep.  I have taken your advice and placed my Dome Orgone Generator on top of the Smart Meter.  

    Place a Dome Orgone Generator By Your Smart Meter To Its Neutralize Harmful Energy Spikes
    Dome Orgone Generator Hamonizes Smart Meter Energy Spikes

    In addition I am going to shield the radiation coming off the Smart Meter's box with a Faraday Cage, as despite being confident that the Orgonium Radiation Protection will suffice, I would prefer to be extra cautious and block and shield the radiation away from my property. Would aluminium be a suitable material to use for my cage?

    Aluminum would be OK as a shielding product but it would have to totally enclose whatever it is you are shielding, e.g. Smart Meter Radio Frequency (RF).  However, Aluminium it is the most environmentally damaging and harmful resource you could possibly choose, as it uses huge amounts of water and does a great deal of damage to the environment in its production in the way of pollution and waste products.

    The Geoclense Orgone Generator And A Dome Orgone Generator Is Your Best Defense Against Smart Meters
    This type of shielding is not at all necessary if you are putting your Dome Orgone Generator on top of the Smart Meter, and you also have a Geoclense Orgone Generator which is provide you with totaly protection.  From our extensive research doing on location consultations where smart meters are installed, we have found that totally shielding in metal and even EMF mesh screens are 100% useless in blocking the harmful positive ion resonance caused by the radio frequencies from smart meters.

    We have visited many properties where EMF shielding paints have been utilsed to protect against the Radio Frequencies RF from smart meters, and our Technical Advisor has found every time that there no change in then toxic resonance from these methods, until we installed a Dome Orgone Generator and Geoclense Orgone Generator.  

  35. What exactly are these Archon Parasites?

    Archon parasites are entities that are inter-dimensional beings, which are an energy parasite that have been stopping our human consciousness from evolving for a very long time.

    They cannot be detected by our five senses easily because they exist outside of our physical realities. These energy parasite beings have chosen to experiment with us using the illusions of separation, fear, hate, worry, dread, anxiety, panic, darkness, isolation, conquering, enslavement, pain, discomfort, suffering, struggle, torture, and so on forth towards the strongest degree possible.  In doing so, they have completely cut off all of our nourishing Lightness of Being that supports our existence at higher levels in our universe.

    As a result of this, they energetically nourish themselves by feeding on low-frequency energies that resonate with their chosen manner of expression.

    Through encountering detrimental and destructive emotions, feelings and thoughts such as the ones listed above, along with inducing us into states of depression, melancholy and despair, you entice these dangerous parasite entities to you which have a destructive impact on your daily existence, health and well-being. To learn more about these nasty Archon parasites go to: 


    Archon Parasites Are Now Restricted To The Realms Just Above And Just Below The Earth's Surface

    The Solution

    There is a series of useful meditations at the link above  which you will find useful, as well as an in depth explanation as to what this nasty energy parasite does, how they come to have total control over us and what you to do to better assist yourself.
    To help to rid yourself energetically of these energy parasites, write out in your own personal hand writing, the following affirmations and then read them out aloud, and see how you truly feel immediately after you have written them out and then after you have read them.
    1.    Please uncreate and destroy all Archon Planetary Imprinting with ease, joy and glory.  Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, All Nines, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.
    2.    Please uncreate and destroy all Archon imprinting from my entire body and my entire mind with ease, joy and glory.  Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, All Nines, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.
    3.    Please uncreate and destroy all Archon Antennas and all Axial Imprinting with ease, joy and glory.  Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, All Nines, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.
    4.    Please uncreate and destroy all Archon Ahriman Listening devices with ease, joy and glory.  Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, All Nines, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.
    Read these out loud or to yourself as often as you need to.  You do not need to know what the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement means.  

    We have done this on ourselves and have felt quite a lot lighter and freer of thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not ours, immediately after doing this. We also feel considerably more at ease.  

    Powerful Negative Ion Generators Provide Total Protection From Harmful Energy

    Please ensure that you have your Geoclense Orgone Generator always plugged in to always provide you with total protection from thre energy parasites, and also ensure you always have some form of Orgone Energy And Schumann Resonances for protection where when you are out such as an Aircraft Harmonizer, a Car EMF Orgone Generator, an Orgone EMF Protection Pendant.

    We trust that you feel these incredible improvements and please share these affirmations, and the Ascension website link above with everyone you know.

  36. What is the Surface Tension of Food, Water and Drinks Energized With Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonances?

    These incredible Orgone Energy Generators energize water which makes it easier for the body to hydrate itself better.  When you drink water energized or ionized this way, you can actually feel the water going all the way into your cells as soon as you drink this water.  Our clients in our clinic comment on this all the time.

    Orgone Energy Food and Water Ionizers do this by lowering the surface tension of cells, making your food store longer and tastier when consumed.  Energizing and ionizing your food, water and drinks before consumption increases your water assimilation, hydration and the absorption of the nutrition in your food.   

    At the same time, these highly effective Orgone Energy Food and Water Ionizers are still capable of harmonizing electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic fields (EMF) and Geopathic Stress in your home, office or workplace. 

    For more information please see:  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/food-water-energizers

    Orgonium Orgone Generators Bring The Surface Tension to 40 Dyne

    What is the Dyne Surface Tension?

    The Dyne level is a way of measuring the surface tension, or "force" of water, liquids or any materials such as food.  

    Standard tap water which is often exposed to fluoride and other chemicals, heavy metals from galvanized or copper pipes, and a lot of stress such as filtration processes, is around 80 dynes.  The surface tension of our stomach linings is about 40 dynes

    The surface tension of distilled water is 72 dynes, which is why it is not so healthy to ingest distilled water.

    Therefore if you lower the surface tension of you food, water and drinks, you then absorb more nutrients and hydrate yourself better. This is exactly the effect of charging, energizing or ionizing your food, water and drinks with Orgone Schumann Ionizers and Energizers do.  

    When you do this, you restore all ionized or energized items to a healthy 40 dynes, which is the equivalent of your stomach lining, making it more digestible and easier to assimilate.

  37. So do Orgonium Orgone Energy Products really provide protection from Nuclear Radiation?

    Firstly, this is due to Orgone Products changing the energy, which is the science behind what we do here. 

    In fact, when we test people with Bioresonance (GDV) and Kinesiology, after they placed these highly effective Orgnium Orgone Energy Products in their homes or on their person, there is no longer organ stress created by the nuclear radiation.

    Secondly the nuclear disaster created an imprint which we have tested, and we have found that these Orgonium Orgone Energy products do actually remove this imprinting completely.  Scientists do not know anything about the imprinted field because nor how to test for it.

    How Did We Test This Nuclear Radiation Imprinting?

    We tested this imprinting ourselves a couple of years ago with a Toyota motor vehicle, which was imprinted by the nuclear fallout from Fukishima.  We did this by placed one of our Orgone Car Harmonizers into the vehicle.  The Orgone Car Harmonizer removed the nuclear radiation imprint completely. 

    Radiation From Fukishima Has Spread Further Than Expected

    How Orgone Products May Cause The Release Of Radiation?

    A personal friend of ours, who bought one of our Orgone Blankets, thought he was a big tough guy and wrapped himself up in his Orgone Blanket for long periods of time each day.

    For many years he had worked as a computer technical services computers in offices, where he knows he was exposed to extremely high levels of radiation due to the nature of his work.  To his surprise, after wrapping himself up in his Orgone Blanket regularly for some time, he had a massive “detox” and released all this accumulated radiation from his body.

    Boy Did He Have A Massive Release of Radiation!

    This manifested itself as severe skin lesions on his back and the back of his neck where huge flakes of skin were peeling off, and all these black toxins being released from his body which took some time to come out. 

    As he has now trained in complementary medicine, he has a Bioresonance Feedback device which he treats people with.  He used this Bioresonance Feedback devise to test what he was having a reaction to.  This is how we knew what it a release of radiation.  I also tested this with Kinesiology and also verified this with Kinesiology, when I provided him with elimination support.  

    It took him some time to get all the toxins out of his body from this radiation, but he was pleased that he was able to release it all after many years of health issues that doctors were not able to solve, and has now a far greater level of wellness.

    Radiation Exposure Is Everywhere Around Us

    It is that only our Orgonium Orgone Energy technology can remove the Earth Radiation Imprinting from food.

    There are no other Food and Water Energizing products available that have the ability to remove earth radiation imprinting on food, other than these highly effective Orgonium Orgone Products.
  38. What Other Effects May I Experience With My Orgone Products??

    Your highly effective Orgone Products will only provide you with beneficial healing and total protection from all forms of harmful energies at all time, due to them being extremely powerful Energy Healing products.

    When you are initially exposed to these highly protective Orgone Products, the first thing they will do is recalibrate the energies in your body and around you, bringing your entire body back into balance including your aura, chakras, light bodies and all of your energy fields.

    If you have any Health issues whatsoever, these incredible energy healing Orgone Energy Generators will assist you to detox or purify, in order for your body to heal.   

    In fact, these are actually a "positive effect", as once you have released these environmental toxins, emotions, chemicals and pollutants that your body wants to eliminiate, you will feel much better and have better energy levels.  

    Aura Before and After Wearing An Orgonium Orgone Energy Healing Protection Pendant

    The Healing Effects Of Orgone Energy In Your Energetic Fields

    Your highly effective Orgone Products will only provide you with beneficial energy healing and total protection from all forms of harmful energies at all time.  

    When you are initially exposed to these highly protective Orgone Products, the first thing they will do is recalibrate your energies in your body, bringing your entire body back into balance as well are your Aura, Chakras, Light Bodies and your entire energy fields.

    If you have any Health issues whatsoever, these incredible energy healing Orgone Energy Healing products will assist you to detox or purify, in order for your body to heal.   

    In fact, all these Orgone Products are especially programmed to assist you to eliminate unwanted toxins and chemicals from your body such as Heavy Metals, Mercury Toxicity and Candida toxins.  We have programmed these highly effective Orgone Products to clear these harmful energies that may causes of allergies and health issues.

    Please refer to our blog posts below about how to deal with these Health issues with Kinergetics Kinesiology, and other energy healing systems, if you wish to deal with these issues and speed up your healing process.

    Symptoms Of Energy Healing With Orgone Products

    Symptoms of energy healing, purifying and detox may show as:
    • Fatigue
    • Headaches
    • Nausea
    • Restless sleep
    • Tiredness
    • Dehydration

    For ways to assist you with these symptoms:  Energizing Your Kidneys And Improving Detoxification Symptoms

  39. Do you think it is a bad idea to live in a house with a metal roof, and does the metal act as a conductor of electro magnetic fields (EMF)?

    Yes that is correct that your metal rooftop can act as a conductors for electro magnetic fields (EMF), however, your Geoclense Orgone Generator is working to totally harmonizing and neutralizing this, therefore your metal rooftop is no longer affecting you, nor is it acting as a conductor for EMF's.  

    Your Geoclense Orgone Generator also totally protects you from all these electo magnetic fields so you are totally safe.

    Is it a good idea to move into a house close to high voltage power lines or close to a Cell Phone Tower?

    You would be best not to choose a home near high voltage overhead power lines or Cell phone towers, even though your Geoclense Orgone Generator will totally protect you.  
    One of the main reasons for this is that there is a lot of static noise coming from both of these if you have a choice to choose a home, away from them you will be better off.   Even though you cannot always physically hear this noise, it is very irritating to your entire body and being, and you will not be able to feel a sense of peace because of this constant noise, therefore rest and relaxation will not be easy.  

    Common High Voltage Power Lines Are Not Good To Live Near

    Have you seen the Resonance - Beings Of Frequency Movie?  They do tests demonstrating this noise with devices and it really is quite atrocious!  

    Interersting enough in this movie demonstrates that a very high number of people who have been living near Cell Phone Towers end up with Cancer after seven years. These statistics are showing up all over the world.

    How Do We Remove Toxins, Metals and Chemicals From Our Homes and Ourselves?

    Thousands of us are using the following clearing statement to dissolve all the plastic in the sea, and it is working as a floating island the size of the state of Texas "vanished", and the scientists are amazed but cannot explain why.  This Clearing Statement also clears toxicity and heavy metals from our bodies and our environment.  

    This is from Access Consciousness:

    "Demolecular Manifestation, Molecular Demanifestation.  Source field for the elimination of toxic amalgamations. Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, POD, POC, All nines, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds"

    You can use this to Clearing Statement to cleanse and purify anything you wish, even from your body.  It does not matter if you do not understand the Clearing Statement - it will still work anyway.

  40. Using Orgone EMF Protection Pendants For Radiation Protection

    Orgone Pendants can be worn beneath your clothing, and can indeed be carried around in a pocket. However, you may risk of losing them this way.  If you do not wish to have your Orgone Pendant seen underneath clothing you may wish to put it on over your shoulder before getting dressed, where it will stay securely without being seen.

    Your Orgone Pendant does not necessarily need to be worn around your neck, as it will provide you with 33 Feet of personal space protection from wherever it is.  You may even carry your Orgone Pendant in a purse or a backpack, as long as it is within 33 Feet of you, although, an Aircraft Harmonizer is more powerful for this purpose.

    How Do I Compare These Orgone Pendants With Others 

    If you wish to compare which Orgone Pendants on the market are the best to provide you with the most protection, simply compare what the Orgonium Orgone Products protection you from, with any compariable product from List Of Harmful Energies 

    So far, our Technical Advisor, who has tested most radiation protection products on the market, has not found anything that even comes close in comparison to these powerful Orgonium Orgone Products cover.

    You do not need to have a Geoclense Orgone Generator installed for your Orgone Pendant to work.  In fact, your Orgone Pendant is designed to be worn to provide you with protection when you go out, are away from your Geoclense Orgone Generator, and does not require the Geoclense Orgone Generator to work at all as it is an entire "stand alone" Orgone product.

    Can I Use My Pendant To Energize My Food And Water And To Remove Energy

    You can use your Orgone Pendant to energize food and water, and you are able to use it as mini Ionizer as you would be able to swing it over or around your food and water, and through you aura in much the same way. However, an Ionic Orgone Energy Wand would be more powerful as they are designed for this purpose, as are the Food and Water Orgone Schumann Generator Disks.

    You can also use your Orgone Pendant to remove energy out of anything such as soft furnishings, crystals, etc.  To do this, place your Orgone Pendant between your thumb and first two fingers, and rub both sides of your pendant as you say:

    I 100% release and clear all residual energies from (name of item)...

    Repeat this several times until you feel you have cleared the item concerned. This is great to remove energy carpets, drapes, clothing, furniture, jewellery or any items (even crystals) that you feel has energies that need to be removed, especially if they are second hand or antique.

    Safe For Pregnant Women

    Orgone Pendants can be of great assistance to pregnant women and certainly would be most beneficial as it will seal and protect their energy fields and aura, and provide them with a lot of protection from Electrogmagnetic fields and Radiaition, as shown in the image below.

    It is believed that Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder and related health issues may be contributed to pregnant women being exposed to high levels of Electromagnetic Radiation during pregnancy.
    These highly protective Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequency products only resonate healthy Negative Ions, which are the beneficial ions that are found in nature. These Negative Ions are what make us feel great when we have spent time in the mountains, the forest or at the sea side.

    Orgone Pendant Provides Total Radiation and EMF Protection

    Have you read our new Orgone Pendants Frequently Answered Questions page yet?  Frequently Asked Orgone Pendant Questions
  41. Why Do My Hands Get Sore Or Hurt While I Use My iPhone?

    I have a Phone Radiation Harmonizer on my IPhone, but after using the internet on the phone for a few minutes, my fingers have pins and needles and sometimes go numb. I shake my hands to get clear them. I also have one of the plug in to the electricity socket protectors in the house. Should this be happening if I have a protector on the phone? 

    These highly protective Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance Phone Radiation Harmonizers totally neutralize all harmful EMF and radation comfing off your phone, as they remove the "Organ" stress caused by the Radio Frequencies from all portable, cordless, hand, cell, mobile and iPhones.  Your Phone Radiation Harmonizer is definitely protecting you, however, there is most likely something else happening.  Please read on for further information about what else may be happening here.
    Using Phones To SMS May Be Harmful To Your Palm Chakras And Your Hand Muscles

    Systemic Health Issues May Cause Issues With The Muscles In Your Hands

    You may have Systemic Health issues such has Heavy Metals Toxicity, Candida out of balance in your body, bacterial or viral infections.  If so, this would affect the Oppens Pollicus muscles in your hands as these muscles relate to your Spleen and Immune System in Chinese Medicine.  As a result of this, your may actually be experiencing a small amount of Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI.  

    We therefore would highly recommend that you have these issues address tthese health issues.  If you would like further information about how to do this please see:  Am I EMF Sensitive And Why Is This So?

    Your Palm Chakras May Be Affected And So May Your Skin

    Your Palm Chakras may also be affected by constantly sending of SMS text messages, or from using your iPhone to play games on constantly.  This is why using Phone Radiation Harmonizers are essential for protection.

    Also, Some people have skin that more sensitive to the static than others, which is not harmful even though you may feel this.  
    Phone WiFi And Computer Harmonizer Are Essential To Protect Your Hands From Damage

  42. I generally do not experience nausea, but on occasion, around strong fields such as near a bank of multiple Smart Meters or in an underground garage at a mall,  I have had a reaction in the pit of my stomach, not severe, but definitely a response, which made me question whether I needed additional EMF protection.  

    Personal Space Protector, Orgone Button,  Aircraft Orgone Generator
    What you experienced with the "nausea at the pit of your stomach" is a normal reaction to very unhealthy and harmful Positive Ions, such as an extremely strong electromagnetic field. This is the usual warning of your body give, when telling you that you need to move away from where you were, as it was making your body feel very uncomfortable.

    Your Orgone Products will not remove your body's warning systems nor your biofeedback systems. Therefore, if you are somewhere dangerous and that your body requires you to move yourself from the situation your body will still warn you about this.  

    The best Orgone Product to have with you every where you go for total protection, would be your Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator.

    If you feel that it may be other issues going, as Systemic Health issues can also cause these sort of rections, or if you continue to experience these reactions, then we highly recommend that you go to an Neurological Integration System Practitioner (NIS) who can check you for Fungi, Viruses and Bacteria.  Using The Ultimate Zapper regularly will certainly keep Fungi, Viruses and Bacteria under control.

  43. Energetic Heart Interaction With Others

    Many children going to schools where they are exposed to wireless radiaton from WiFi modems at 
    school are experiencing their hearts either racing, heart palpitations and /or heart arrythmias.  

    Here are the findings of testing the heart against the effects of electromagnetic radiation and microwave radation.

    Effects On Microwave Radiation On The Heart 
  44. Kinergetics Kinesiology Gets To The Cause Of The ProblemJust any form of Energy Healing is NOT always specific enough to heal what is going on in your body, especially when you have Systemic Health issues such as a Candida issues, bacterial or viral infections.

    Kinesiology is much more specific form of energy healing, as it identifies and corrects the cause of the imbalances in the body. Whereas these other forms of healing are more for balancing energy in the body in general, and they certainly have their place.

    Kinergetics Kinesiology, more specifically, will correct and balance your hydration so you body can take water in better, by identifying exactly which organs, glands, etcare out of balance.This particular system of Kinesiology works on strengthening your elimination pathways so your body and release the toxins more specifically.

    It will then balance your body to much more specific issues, identifying the causes of them, what you body requires to correct these, and then balances the body to handle whatever the issues are better.

    Kinesiology works on the same principals as Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, but once again is more specific for getting to the bottom of what is going on.

    Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, AKA, NAET Adv.II

    Other Resources

    Testing For Heavy Metal and Mercury Toxicity With Kinesiology

    How Else Can I Restore My Health From Candida?

  45. Do I have Entities affecting my family or myself?

    We are all affected by entities, Ghosts and negative energy and need to constantly be clearing them..  Many of us just do not see them, nor acknowledge, them or have been encouraged to not believe they are they from a very young age.

    Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will harmonize and neutralize the Ghosts and negative energy, as well as the Spirit Lines on your property to keep it protected and stop them coming in.  Wearing an Orgone Pendant or carrying an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator when you go out will keep you protected when you are away from home.

    This is because these highly protective Orgone Products complete seal your Aura which prevents ghosts, entities and negative energy from affecting you.

    How Do I Clear These Negative Energies?

    Access Consciousness Clearing Statement for removing Entities:

    Entities, Demons and Devils return from whenst you came, never to return to us, our reality or our bodies ever again.  Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, POC, POD, All Nines, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds

    This is required to be repeated 100 to 1000 times on a regular basis to eliminate them and to keep them away.  You can use the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement for clearing Entities as often as you like and whenever you like.  We would recommend you keep using this Access Consciousness Clearing statement continually, as we are all prone to being affected by entities on a constant basis.

    This Access Consciousness Clearing Statement is not dependent on having Orgone Products in place.  However, these highly protective Orgone Products will assist in clearing Ghosts, entities, spirits and negative energy, as well as keep them away.

    The Geoclense Orgone Generator does protect you from Black Magic as long as you do not participate in using it, nor accept or invite them in.  However, if you have already been affected by Black Magic, then you require to see a Traditional Healer to have this removed from your body.  

    The same applies to Entities.  If you invite them in on any level of your being (even unconsciously based on past life agreements), even your Geoclense Orgone Generator cannot stop this, and your require the assistance of a qualified practitioner to clear in you the reason you continue to attract them.
    The Access Consciousness Clearing statement is not an affirmation.  It is simple a tool for all of us to use daily to keep ourselves clear of entities and negative energy. Therefore this is really easy to use on a daily basis.  Say it every night when you are going to sleep for example, or when doing mundane task throughout the day, or as required.

  46. Geoclense Orgone Energy Generator Home Plug In EMF & Radiation Blocker
    We have never heard of anyone with WiFi modems that cannot be switched off - we unplug ours from the power point when we have finished.   Here are a couple of the reasons we are saying to need to turn WiFi  off when they not in use is:

    1.   to save the usage of unnecessary electricity

    2.   to lessen the impact on your neighbours or others close by that may not be protected

    Your Geoclense Orgone Generator covers your home and not your neighbours home,so you may be safe but what about your neighours who may have their head on the other side of the wall where your wireless modem may be on all night?

    People who are extremely sensitive to WiFi are getting kept awake all night long, and experience being extremely hot and feel like they are burning up, due to their neighbours leaving their WiFi on all the time.  This is one of the main reasons we suggest you turn your WiFi off when not in use.  Not to mention you would be saving hundred of dollars each year in electricity bills.

    You are being protected by your Geoclense Orgone Generator which is harmonizing and neutralizing your WiFi radiation in your home, as long as your Geoclense Orgone Generator is always plugged into a live power point.  

    If you wish to understand this better, get a visual of what all these signals look like in the air by watching this movie "Resonance - Beings of Frequency" 
  47. Car EMF Orgone Generator Comes With Spring Loaded Clips

    Car Harmonizer Now Has 2 USB Ports And Is Spring Loaded To Fill All 12 Volt Points

    The Car EMF Orgone Generator is designed to fit all cars that have a 12 volt "cigarette lighter" point, therefore is very easy to install.

    Some of the cigarette lighter or 12 volt DC points in some cars are slightly smaller than others.  Because of this, the Car EMF Orgone Generator comes with "spring loaded" side arms to accommodate this.  Aircraft Harmonizers Are The Best Option If You Cannot Use A Car Harmonizer Orgone Generator

    These are the sliver clips on each side. You may need to push in it bit harder in order to get it to fit in some vehicles. If you do not have a cigarette lighter or 12 volt DC point in your car (we have only found two customers who have not), no problem!

    The next best solution would be to carry an Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator in your vehicle, or better still keep one in your purse, hand bag, backpack or brief case so that you have one with you for total protection where ever you go, or use Aircraft Harmonizer in car.

    How To Test Your Car Electromagnetic Radiation Harmonizer With Dowsing, Divining Or A Pendulum

  48. With 22 years of clinical experience as a Kinesiologist, having treated many people who have reacted to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiation over the years.  It can take some 120 days for your body to heal when first exposed to these impressive Orgone Energy Healing products, especially if you have been unwell for a long period of time, and then a further month for every year that you have been ill.  These powerful Orgone products do a profound amount of healing on you.

    The best way you can improve how you feel and improve your health and wellness levels, is to strictly follow the Candida diet.  Just doing this alone can take an incredible amount of stress off your Liver, improve your energy levels and have you feeling much, much better in a short period of time.  For more information on this, please see: Best EMF Protection Candida Diet or send us an email requesting a copy of this Candida Diet.

    Candida Fungal Infections Grow Like This Within Your Body

    We highly recommend that you see the appropriate practitioners such as a Kinergetics Kinesiologist or a Neurlogical Integration System (NIS) practitioner to assist you to a faster recovery.  One of the main reasons women suff from menopausal symptoms, is because their livers are overloaded.  And, the main reason you cannot tolerate being on your computer, iPhone or any other form of radiatoin for long, as your liver is working very hard to detox all this radiation, when it is already overloaded from other toxins in the body.  

    If you have a Candida imbalance in your body, this releases some 100+ toxins into your body and bloodstream every day.  Just this alone will cause your liver to be constantly overloaded, and this may have been happening already for a long period of time.  Than add all the daily toxins and environmental pollutants that we are all exposed to, and this causes "overload".

    Your Orgone products are definitely working to assist you and heal you, and we can guarantee that they do exactly what we say they do.   However, they cannot "fix" your systemic health issues although they are working very hard to clear these for you energetically, as well as heal your energetic systems such as seal your aura, balance your chakras and balance your energetic bodies.  

    You are the one who needs to detox your body of chemicals, toxins and heavy metals out from your body.  The healing systems we suggested above are the most effective, as we have been working with Kinergetics Kinesiology for 22 years and Neurological Integration System (NIS) for around 10 years or more. To see how what you can do regularly to remove Mercury toxicity from your body yourself, please see: How To Remove Mercury Toxicity From Your Body Effectivcely

    I personally benefited from these systems myself, as I was extremely EMF sensitivity (even before the amount of mobile phone towers were around).  I used to react just standing underneath a fluorescent light for a couple of minutes!  I was born with severe Mercury toxicity from my mother having to have all her teeth removed when she was five months pregnant with me, and suffered from severe Candida most of my life until I completely clear  it up, when I found Kinergetics Kinesiology, which totally changed my life.

    Please read my testimonial at: My Personal Kinesiology Results  it is at the bottom of the page so scroll down to read it.

    Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.

  49. Testing Whether WiFi Modems Are Harmful

    Inelia is going to replicate the experiment the school children did with growing seeds near their wireless wifi router, using the Geoclense Orgone Generator to test if the WiFi radiation is harmonized and if the seeds grow near the wireless wifi router with the Geoclense Orgone Generator and without.

    Cress Grown Near Wireless Router Never Sprouted Nor Hardly Grew

    For further details of the original experiment please see: http://mastsanity.org/health-52/research/324-experiments-with-cress-in-9th-grade-attracts-international-attention-denmark-16th-may-2013.html

    Cress Grown Away From Wireless Router (Control)

    And here:  http://www.c4st.org/news/item/what-s-happening-around-the-world/danish-students-attract-international-attention-with-cress-and-wifi-experiment.html

    By the way, if you are staying somewhere and there are electrical sockets or power point plugs that are not connected to the electricity grid, your Geoclense Orgone Generator will still work anyway.   The Geoclense Orgone Generator does not use any electricity whatsoever.  All it needs to do is connect to the electrical wiring, which is connected to the Earth and that is all your Geoclense Orgone Generator needs to work.  Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will even work when the electricity goes out when there are black outs or power cuts.

    Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will totally protect your entire family, and keep your home, office and workplace totally safe from all forms of wireless radation and Wi-Fi Radiation.

    These highly Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products are what are called "active shielding".  Sheet shielding, for example, is "passive" shielding.

  50. Orgone Energy Healing EMF Protection PendantsI was just wondering if you have any Glass Orgone Beads 14mm with large round hole so they fit on a piece of cord  if not will you be getting some any jewellery shop sells them i think?

    We already tried this around three years ago, however, our extensive research showed that having holes in the middle of anything distorts the Orgone Energy Schumann Resonance energy infusion resonance.

    You are better off not having a hole at all, other than at the top of Orgone Pendants, otherwise this does not work with Orgone Energy and Schumann resonances.  

    Holes in top of items, such as Pendants are fine.  However, holes through the centre of items do not hold the energy frequencies well.

    To have any items of your choice Orgonium Orgone Energy Infused, please purchase this from this link:  

    We can turn any items that you have into an Orgone Generator, resonanting Orgone Energy and Schumann frequencies.
  51. I just received some of your Orgone products, but I have found that I am so sensitive that I cannot be near them long.  I acknowledge that they are actually beneficial, but I think the only way I could use them would be to gradually adjust to them.  

    So I have the following questions:   Which orgone device is the LEAST powerful (has the smallest radius of effect)?

    You have an Aircraft Harmonizer which provides you with 99 Feet of space protection, an Orgone Pendant which provides you with 33 Feet of space protection, and a Phone Radiation Shield which provides you with 33 Feet of personal space protection (being the lesser radius).

    Aura Prior To Orgone Energy And Only 24 Hours Afterwards
    Is there some way to take one of the weaker products I have (the cellphone sticker and Orgone Pendant) and make it even weaker, for example, cut it in half, encase it in tinfoil, etc? 

    Your cannot reduce the effectiveness of these highly protective Orgone Energy Healing products, other than to keep them away from your energy field and only spend short periods of time within their radius to allow them to heal your body, your aura, balance your chakras and seal you aura as you can see by the attached images.

    Orgonium Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products are extremely powerful energy healing products. They have been known to purge emotions, toxins, chemicals, radiation, impurities and even nuclear radiation from the body. These Orgone products are energetically programmed to also assist you to clear the energy of Mercury toxicity and Candida out of your Aura which you say you know you have in relation to System Health issues which may appear as being sensitive to your Orgone Products. Your body may be working to clear these energetically, especially the Mercury Toxidity you say you are affected by.

    Therefore, we suggest that you only expose yourself to them for a few minutes at time one to three times daily,and then increase this by one minute per day, one to three times daily until you body heals and becomes stronger, and until you can handle the healing energy frequencies and resonances from these highly powerful energy healing products.  

    To assist your body to heal faster, please also drink 10 glasses of pure water daily, and energize your Kidneys for five minutes three times daily to assist in the release of heavy metals.  For more information on this please see:  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/heavy-metals-kinesiology

    Remove Mercury Toxicity By Drink 10 Glasses Of Pure Water Daily And Energizing Your Kidneys
    Although for me, that doesn't seem very practical cutting them up would be more practical if that would work.  Presumably I could get a weaker effect by putting these items 33 Feet away from me? 
    Cutting up these Orgone Products will not reduce their effects, because they are infused with Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies in their manufacture.   Although you may try this with the Phone Radiation Shield, you may try this if you wish and see what sort of effects this produces, as you can still use both pieces together later on, if you do choose to cut your Phone Radiation Shield in half.  

    Is there some way to take one of the weaker products I have (the cellphone sticker and orgone pendant) and make it even weaker?

    No because the energy frequency field will still permeate through the foil or any metal, as these highly effective Orgone products are designed to work this way in order to harmonize and neutralize the effects of metals that may be harmful.

    I know that Orgonite makes me feel sick and extremely unwell.   Why is that?

    For an explanation on why Orgonite makes you feel unwell as this is for a completely different reason.  Please read our article explaining the difference between Orgonium Orgone Energy technology and Orgonite to understand why this happens at:  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-articles

  52. The Ionic resonate technology of our very effective Orgonium Orgone products does exactly what the Helmholtz Coil achieves, which is harmonize and neutralize via ionic resonance.
    We have done a lot of research into these Helmholtz coils and many energy-reading comparisons in the past year.  The Geoclense Orgone Generator and the Helmholtz coils both created a healthy "negative ion" resonance to balance out harmful "positive ion" radiation.

    USA Canada Orgone Generator | Geoclense EMF Harmonizer Radiation Protection
    Otherwise now known as "superconducting coils", NASA in 1969 produced a paper on their research into the use of this technology known as "Superconductor Coils in Space Craft".   For an astronaut to be protected from radio frequencies (RF) in the space capsule, they would have needed so much passive shielding, such as lead or some other metallic RF absorbing material, that the spacecraft would have been too heavy to fly.
    By using the "superconducting coils" in the spacecraft, this meant that they were light and small and achieved the same Radio Frequency protection for the astronauts by changing the ionic resonance to healthy "negative ions", just like the Geoclense Orgone Generator and Orgonium Orgone products do, thus removing the stress of the astronaut’s organs during space travel.
    Therefore, our Orgonium Orgone Energy technology works in exactly the same way, which is why they do not compare, and cannot be compared, to any other protective products available other than these "Helmholtz Coils” or "superconductive coils".

    The Ionic resonate technology of our very effective Orgonium Orgone products does exactly what the Helmholtz Coil achieves, which is harmonize and neutralize via ionic resonance.
    We have done a lot of research into these Helmholtz coils and many energy-reading comparisons in the past year.  The Geoclense Orgone Generator and the Helmholtz coils both created a healthy "negative ion" resonance to balance out harmful "positive ion" radiation.
    Otherwise now known as "superconducting coils", NASA in 1969 produced a paper on their research into the use of this technology known as "Superconductor Coils in Space Craft".   For an astronaut to be protected from radio frequencies (RF) in the space capsule, they would have needed so much passive shielding, such as lead or some other metallic RF absorbing material, that the spacecraft would have been too heavy to fly.
    By using the "superconducting coils" in the spacecraft, this meant that they were light and small and achieved the same Radio Frequency protection for the astronauts by changing the ionic resonance to healthy "negative ions", just like the Geoclense Orgone Generator and Orgonium Orgone products do, thus removing the stress of the astronaut’s organs during space travel.
    Therefore, our Orgonium Orgone Energy technology works in exactly the same way, which is why they do not compare, and cannot be compared, to any other protective products available other than these "Helmholtz Coils” or "superconductive coils".

  53. Geoclense Orgone Generators are NOT programmed for any particular address and can be used anywhere, including being taken with you when you go on holiday or away for the weekend.

    You may be getting confused with the fact that we can now programme the Geoclense Orgone Generators for a second address.  See Geoclense Second Address Programme at:  http://orgoneenergy.org/second-address-programming

    Portable Orgone Device  That Can Be Taken When You TravelMany people have their work address, children's school, university, their gymnasium, their parents home, or their holiday house programmed with a second address, so that another location (or even two locations) are covered by their Geoclense Orgone Generator.  You may choose to also do this for your place of work if you wish to.  

    However the advantage and benefits of a Dome Orgone Generator is you can take it with you, carry it around in your handbag or even keep it in your car so that you always have it with you, or place it on your desk when you get to work each day, to provide you with total protection. Having a portable Orgone Device is very useful.

    All these highly protective Orgone Energy and Schumann Products work in every country. For expample, in the United Kingdom Geoclense Orgone Generator which has been made to fit the power point plugs in those countries that use this type of power point plug, although they will also work in every country but would require a power point plug adaptor to be plugged in.

    As for our Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protectors, Orgone Pendants, Orgone Generators, Schumann Generators, Orgone Blankets and any other of our highly efficient Orgone products, which generate the healing energies of nature, they will work anywhere in any country whatsoever.

  54. If I order 12 Ionic Toothbrushes, are they just as effective if some are for friends? Or are they somehow "programmed" just to work for me?

    The only item we sell that is especially programmed for something specific is the Geoclense Second Address Programming.  All the rest of our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products are infused so that anyone can use them, no matter whom they are purchased for or whose address they are sent to.  

    We do NOT even programme the Geoclense Orgone Generator to anyone's shipping address, as this product is designed to be used by anyone, anywhere at any time.  Therefore we have many people who order large quantities of items such as Ionic bamboo toothbrushes for their entire family and give them to friends as gifts.  

    These Orgone Producrs do not require programming for any individual person, address or location.   If we had to do this we would have to charge a lot more for them and then it would take days to get orders out if we had to programme each item to an individual.  This just would simply not work!

    IonicOrgone Energy ToothbrushesSame question on Orgone products in general - are the products best if ordered by and shipped to the actual user? Or does it matter if I order for them and pass their Orgone products onto them? 

    It does not matter where you get items shipped to, and it is fine to get together with others and have a large order sent via a safer method such as Registered Post or Express Post, and then distribute these items out to others.  We have several customers and many families who actually do this. 

    The only Orgone products that are especially programmed for a specific address or location are the Geoclense Second Address Memory cards, however, these can actually be placed on any Geoclense Orgone Generator anywhere.  

    For further Shipping Questions, please see  Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

  55. The Dome Orgone Schumann Generator will modulate all interfering frequencies as they appear or occur.  This will occur no matter where you may be with your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator, as this powerful device will counter-act, harmonize and neutralize any harmful energy including Smart Meters.  

    The best solution for your Smart Meter is to place a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator right on top.  This will prevent your smart meter EMF from affecting you.  However, please note, that you will also require a Geoclense Orgone Generator in you home, as well to completely combat your Smart Meter EMF harmful energy spikes.

    How Does My Smart Meter Affect Me?

    Most Efficient Way To Harmonizer Smart Meter


    Effective Radiation Shielding For All Electronic Devices Best And Most Protective Orgone DevicesDigital televisions put out harmful EMF in front of them when on and also when you turn them off.  In fact, sitting directly in front of one of them is not a great due to the harmful energy that comes off your digitial television screen.  

    Many people report nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue and generally feeling unwell since they began to use their digital television, or feel totally drained and unable to move when in front of their Digital TV, especially those who suffer from the effects of electrification or have EMF Sensitivity.

    Did you know that your Digital Television and the Smart Meter on your home or office is as just as harmful as Cell Phone tower or Mobile Phone tower in your neighbourhood?

    Provide Protection From Digital Televisions, Smart Meters, Wifi, Computers & Cell Phones

    The best solution for this major issue that most people encounter now is our Geoclense Orgone Generator.  The best Orgone product to completely harmonize and neutralize your home would be to install an Geoclense Orgone Generator, for total protect from all harmful energy.

    The Dome Orgone Energy Generators are designed to cover small flats, apartments, clinics and offices. You would need two Dome Orgone Energy Generators, to do what our highly protective Geoclense Orgone Generator does.  

    However, two Dome Orgone Energy Generators would not be as effective, due to the the way our Geoclense Orgone Generator is programmed to magnify its energy field by being in contact with your electrical wiring, protecting your entire building as well as your surrounding garden and land.

  57. The report by Dr David Cherry, a New Zealand based expert on EMR,  on his research on the connection between electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic eadiation shows how these man-made energy fields are harming us. 

    If you would like a copy of Dr David Cherry's research regarding Melatonin and EMF, please send us an email via http://www.orgoneenergy.org/contact-us

    Specifically noted is the research done in Switzerland, when they turned the Short Wave Radio Mast off when they were running Melatonin tests of people.   

    These people did not know that the Short Wave Radio Mast had been turned off, during this experiment and showed that their bodies then began to produce Melatonin again, until it was turned back on again!  

    This research proves that we are becoming Melatonin deficiency is caused by man-made electro magnetic radiation. The Brain cannot detect the difference between "man-made" electromagnetic frequencies and light frequencies.    
    Because EMF is everywhere, and is affecting all of us 24/7, most peole are not producing Melatonin as our brain thinks it is daylight all the time, and more and more people suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders. Hence many people are Melatonin deficient and are having difficulty sleeping.  

    Coincidently, a lot of the sypmtoms of Electro Sensitivity or Electro Hyper Sensitivity disorders (EHS) are almost ALL of same symptoms  caused by Melatonin deficiency. Without Melatonin, our bodies can not product the necessary Free Radicals, which is how EMF exposure causes Cancer!!!

    EMF is destroying the essential 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance, which is essential for any and all life to exist on this planet.  This is the same Schumann Resonance all our highly protective Orgone Schumann Generators resonate.  
    These highly effective Orgonium Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products block the EMF, so that our brains can begin to produce Melatonin again.  To better understand this more effectively, watch this 1 1/2 movie "Resonance - Beings Of Frequency". Watch the promo for this movie here and for the full version, click on the link below:

    For further details about Schumann Resonance Generators see:  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/schumann-resonance-generators

  58. We are very happy with the Vehicle Orgone Generators, however, when we are in the car travelling long distances (e.g. 4 hours) but we have noticed that after the trip we are much more tired than usual.  We have tested  this on a number of trips since last year. Please note that we have been making these trips once or twice a month for the last 8 years.  Does this make any sense?

    Your Vehicle Orgone Generator is doing a lot of healing on all the occupants in the vehicle, particularly if they have not been exposed to a Geoclense Orgone Generator or any other of our Orgone products at home on a regular basis.  In fact, all of our customers notice the complete opposite and are usually energized after a long trip in their vehicle.  

    Car Orgone Generator  | Car Harmonzier | Orgone For CarThis will improve over time as the energy healing continues to occur, and eventually once everyone's aura and energy fields are sealed.  Then everyone in the vehicle will arrived feeling refreshed and revived.  What is occurring is all part of the healing process.

    You will also notice and incredible reduction in your fuel usage on such journey having your Vehicle Orgone Generator plugged in the entire time.

    Our April newsletter has an incredible Progress Report from a customer in the USA whose symptoms of Hyper Electro EMF Sensitivity have gone, and of the amazing energy healing her Geoclense Orgone Generator did in just two and a half  weeks - see:  

  59. My son in Canada has also just bought a new home and I would like to send the Canadian Geoclense Orgone Generator.  Can I just order and pay for it and have it sent straight to his Toronto address, or do I have to have it sent to Brisbane and then post it off myself?  

    We can certainly send a Geoclense Orgone Generator directly to your son in Canada.  We can send one with a Canadian power point plug, or if he will eventually return to Australia and has an adaptor, we can send him an Australia one.   
    Simply place his name and the address in Canada you would like his order sent to and we will ship it directly to him.
    Is the Geocleanse Orgone Generator itself enough to counteract the effect of a 50" Plasma TV or do you need to do something else as well ?
    Canadian Geocleanse Orgone Energy Generator Home EMF Blocker Plug In Radiation Protector

    The best Orgone Generator to harmonize and neutralize the beams of harmful radiation coming off all modern televisions is the Geoclense Orgone Generator.  Some people also prefer to place a Dome Orgone Generator on top of or besides their television too for extra protection.  

    I assume that the Geocleanse Orgone Generators are all the Green colour as seen in the pictures of them?  

    All our Geoclense Orgone Generators are now made in some form of green, as we have found this to be the best colour for this highly protective Orgone product.  We have made one in Purple, however, we do not feel people would enjoy them in this colour!

  60. We have done tests that have showing that water placed in a Microwave without a Geoclense Orgone Generator operating, and then with a Geoclense Orgone Generator operating.  The tests show that the water was harmonized by a Geoclense Orgone Generator, as follows:

    Water Without And Then With A Geoclense Orgone Generator Microwaved For 1 Minute

    However, even with a Geoclense Orgone Generator, which harmonizes and neutralizes the harmful effects of microwave ovens, unfortunately, once you have cooked your food one of these ovens, the damage is done. 
    Microwave ovens reverse the organic fibres (or spirals) of your food to inorganic.  When you eat food where this has occurred, your body no longer recognizes it as food, therefore you cannot absorb any nutrition from that food.  Have you ever wondered why you got hungry very quickly after you ate something microwaved?  Alternatively, why it sat like a big lump in your digestive tract and felt uncomfortable.
    It has not ever been safe to eat food cooked in Microwave ovens. See resources below for more information why.

  61. We have spoken to many schools and school principals, and so have many parents about the dangers of wireless modems in schools.  As the Education Department are now using computers, iPads and electronic devices as part of their way of delivering their classes in schools currently, no matter how many sign these petitions to stop them, they may not remove Wi-Fi from schools.

    See this informative video of the dangers of Wi-Fi to your children while they are at school:  

    Stop WiFi In SchoolsWe totally agree that removing wireless technology from all schools is the best solution. However, knowing what we know, and after speaking to the Education Department (we know someone who in NSW who was a representative going around all the schools for the Education Department), says this is not going to happen soon.

    Therefore what we are offering is the best solution possible to harmonize and neutralize the problem and provide protection to our children's health.  A Geoclense Orgone Generator for your home will provide your entire family with total protection, and then have your Geoclense Orgone Generator also programmed with a Second Address Programming for another location, being that of your children's school.  

    This way, all the wireless radiation at the school will be toally harmonized and neutralized while they are at school, keeping everyone protected.  If you would like to protect your children by doing this, please see: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/geoclense-second-location

    We are then not only harmonizing the entire school with Geoclense Orgone Generators, we are also providing and incredible amount of healing for the children attending the schools that have been covered by these highly protective Orgone Devices.

  62. I have a Dome Orgone Generator from you and it is on my refrigerator.  Can the Dome Orgone Generator loose its frequencies?  It fell off the top of the refrigerator onto a tile floor.  I know that if you hit stones together it will clear the energies in them, do you suppose this happened to the Orgone Dome?  If so, can they be put back in with a radionics device?

    Dome Orgone Generators resonate protective Negative Ions protecting you from all harmful energy
    No this will not affect your Dome Orgone Generators performance in any way whatsoever.  It is impossible to knock out the energy infusions our of our Orgone Products as most of these are added before the resins set.

    These Orgone Products are not infused with a radionics device. Most people get used to the effects of our highly protective Orgone Products very quickly, therefore don't notice them as much as they did when they first received them.  

    Your Geoclense Orgone Generator is the best product for reducing mold.  In fact, one of our customers who lives in Sydney, had a considerable reduction in mold in her entire house after only a few weeks of having her Geoclense Orgone Generator installed. You can read Karen's from Sydney's testimonial here: 

    Orgone and Geoclense Reviews 

    Mold in your refrigerator is due to high amounts of moisture there due to condensation.  Most modern refrigerators done usually have such issues these days. Perhaps try placing your Dome Orgone Generator inside your refrigerator.  However, please note your Dome Orgone Generator will not eliminate nor get rid of mold that is already there, but will stop the build up once is it throughly removed.

    I have several different Pendants besides my Quantum Orgone Pendant and they all have different functions.  Will wearing my Quantum Orgone Pendant wipe out the programs in my other pendants? 

    These Quantum Orgone Pendants harmonize and neutralize whatever necklace or chain you place your Quantum Orgone Pendant on, as stated on our website.  They are not designed to Orgone Infuse other pendants that you may be wearing, but will harmonize and neutralize them all, as well as clear them of any negative energy.

    Your Quantum Orgone Pendant would also not interfere with any other programming of any other pendants you would be wearing with them.  The Quantum Orgone Pendant generates Negative Ions, providing you with total protection from harmful energy, therefore would not interfere in any way.
    Will my Geocleanse Orgone Generator, when plugged it, will harmonize an Inverter running all the time on and off grid system?

    Yes this is correct.  Your Geoclense Orgone Generators harmonize and neutralize all harmful energy from any Solar Electricity System, and any dirty electricity that may come from that.  

    Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will also reduce the resistance of the electrical current running through your electrical wiring, making your Solar System more effective, thereby effectively reducing your electricity usage by around 10-15%.

  63. How close can the Orgone Schumann Generator Domes be placed to my Computer?   (My negative Ioniser which I haven't had on while trialing my Orgone Products suggested 2 feet away)?

    You can place your Orgone Schumann Generator Dome right on your computer, beside your computer on the desk as it has an energy field of 30 to 50 metres, and it will completely compensate for all radiation and EMF coming from your computer and any wireless radiation, as well as heal you.

    An Aircraft Orgone Generator Compensate For Radiation and Harmful Energy Everywhere You Travel

    When using the Airplane Orgone Device it is suggested to put it in your pocket or bag.  How does this fit with the advise to place Dome Orgone Generators on a hard surface?

    I also ask this question because previously to the above problems I tried it directly in the bra and did experience pain on the medial side of the breast that it was touching in an area the size of the harmoniser.  

    I had no problem while I was wearing it until several days later.  I thought of bruising but no bruise came up, and I did experience lymph issues which I don't usually have. Again this lasted for four days.

    The Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator has completely different programming to the Orgone Schumann Generator Dome, therefore is NOT designed to be placed on a hard surface.  These Orgone Devices is designed to harmonize an entire aircraft, even when inside your luggage, so will even work on soft surfaces.

    This amazing Aircraft Harmonizer can also be carried around with you in your handbag, purse, briefcase, backpack or pocket if you prefer.  However, we would not recommend wearing such a powerful Aircraft Harmonizer in your bra, as this would be uncomfortable and unnecessary.  

    The Aircraft Harmonizer provides you with 30 metres of personal space protection around you.  As long as your Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator is within that distance from you, you are totally protected, even when using a computer and Wi-Fi.  

    Your Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator is a powerful energy healing tool, so wearing it in your bra may bring about more healing than your body is able to handle, or may even bring about a lot of detoxification, as it sounds like you have experience with your Lymphatic System.

    Hope I am able to do manifestation and creating what I want in life with an Aircraft Harmonizer because later I wanted to buy the food and water energizer.

    Yes, you can certainly use your Aircraft Harmonizing for creating more in your life.  Simply write what it is that you would like more of in your life on a piece of paper.  Place this beneath your Aircraft Harmonizer while it is placed on a hard flat surface, and leave it there until you create it.

    If you wish to use your Aircraft Harmonizer when you go out, simply take it with you, and then replace it on top of the piece of paper when you return.  This can also be done with the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators and Food And Water Energizers in the same way.

  64. Best Orgone Energy Generators Harmonizer All Harmful Energy For Your Entire Property
    Home And Office Plug In EMF Protector

    Your Geoclense Plug in EMF Protector will work anywhere you plug it in at any location, whether you are the long term.  We do not any programming of your delivery address into your Geoclense Plug in EMF Protector as it is designed to work where ever it is operating, at any location.  

    As for the Second Address Programming, your Geoclense Plug in EMF Protector will continue to harmonize and neutralize the second addresses for Schools, Kindergartens and Universities which have been programmed into it, as long as your Geoclense Plug in EMF Protector is plugged into a live electric socket and is operating.  

    For further details regarding having your Geoclense Plug in EMF Protector programmed for a Kindergarten, School or University, this can be ordered at: 

  65. Which side should the Water Ionization Orgone Generators (large and small) is to be used or doesn't it make any difference?

    It does not matter which side your Large or Small Orgone Generator plate is facing as it makes no difference whatsoever which side you use or choose.  This amazing Energy Generator resonates a dome sphere of energy around them from 20 metres to 80 metres depending on their size, and how hard the surface is that they are placed upon.

    Highly Effective Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Energy Generators

    Is there a difference between the four Dome Schumann Orgone Generator products you have, as they read slightly differently on the website but both came with the same label "Space Clearing Orgone Dome"?

    All of our highly effective Orgonium Orgone Energy products are both Schumann Generators and Orgone Button Energy Devices, as they are all infused with all of these energy frequencies.  These highly protective Orgone Dome Generators are Schumann Generators as well, and are known as "Space Clearing Domes". The only difference is the colour that they come in which is to give you a choice.

  66. These unique Orgonium Miracle Orgone Blankets do not contain any layers of steel wool or dangerous aluminium filings, therefore will NOT interfere with any therapeutic devices you may be using including your Scenar, The Ultimate Zapper or Lasers.
    Miracle Orgone Energy Healing Blankets

    These incredibly effective Miracle Orgone Blankets are totally safe to use whilst watching television, using a computer or any other electrical devices. In fact, we are always kept on one on our office chair,where we sit on it every day when we are working, reducing the stress levels from the body as we work.

    The highly protective Miracle Orgone Blanket will not interfere with crystal wands or anything energetic either, and in fact, will clean them and clear them of the harmful accumulation of Positive Ions they acquire, assisting them to work better so that they will be more beneficial for healing.

    Using any other forms of energy healing, Eeman Biocircuits, crystals, wands or any other form of healing will be totally safe to use whilst you are using your 
    Miracle Orgone Blanket.

  67. Will my Quantum Orgone Pendant, Aircraft Orgone Generator, Orgone Energy Chi Dome and my Geoclense Orgone Generator harmonize and neutralize air pollution and electromagnetic pollution from wind farms and windmills?  We have many wind turbines here that are a huge controversy replacing hyro-electricity and are causing illness to some people?

    Wind Turbines are a real cause of the health issues is very low electromagnetic frequencies (VLF).  This is because all wind farms are over VLF zones, and no one is yet aware of the energetic interference caused.  It is the actual area that is severally affected by VLF where they locate Wind Turbines that is the issue, and not the Wind Turbines themselves.  

    Orgonium Orgone Energy devices totally harmonize and neutralize this harmful energy, as they are the only Orgone products on the market so far that are designed to deal with VLF, as not many people are aware of the effects of VLF yet, nor know how to remove the effects of it.
    Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies Change Water To Make It More Pure
    This would also apply to Hydro Electricity although Hydro Electricity has been about for a long time, and their generators are often in locations away from population in most countries.

    As for laser be it hand held cosmetic laser or therapeutic laser ,  it is used for all types of things it gives off all sorts of frequencies or radiation issues.  Can the energy from these also be harmonized and neutralized? 

    Some lasers and hand held therapeutic devices do create harmful "positive ion" resonance.  However, your highly protective Geoclense Orgone Generator, and any of the Orgonium Orgone Energy Devices you have will balance the energy of these devices, making make them more effective, depending on the purpose and intended usage of the Orgone Device.

  68. Ways For Testing For Harmful Energy With A Pendulum Or Dowsing

    `Kinesiology, Dowsing, Divining And Pendulums Can All Test Harmful Energy
    Are you wanting to learn the art of Dowsing, Divining and using a Pendulum yourself so that you can test for harmful or noxious energies too?  

    We have an excellent article on our website explaining the origins of Dowsing, Divining and Pendulums if you are interested in more information about this fascinating topic.  You can find this very interesting article at:   History and Orgins of Dowsing, Divining and Pendulum Usage

    Questions to ask to test for harmful energy or to test how effective Orgone Products are: Questions To Ask When Testing For Harmful Energy Or To Test How Effective Orgone Products Are

    Type the key word of any item you are looking for in the Search Box on the top right hand side of every page of our site, and you can find everything on our website this way.

  69. Geoclense Orgone Generators Are Made For Every Country

    We make our Geoclense Orgone Generator with power point plugs available for most major power point plugs around the world.  If you are wanting to use your Geoclense Orgone Generator in different countries, then the best option with be a power point plug adaptor.  

    A Universal Transformer does not need to be used, as no electricity is actually used.  The Geoclense Orgone Generator is only designed to connect to the electrical circuitry, therefore it does not matter if your electricity supply is 110 volts or 220 volts.

    For the UK Geoclense Orgone Generator please go to: United Kingdom Geoclense

    For our European Geoclense Orgone Generator please go to: Europa and Scandanavia Geoclense

    We can even make them to order specifically for your country's power point plug.  See our entire range of Geoclense Orgone Generators at:  United States And Canada Geoclense EMF Harmonizer

    Pearl Shell Orgone Pendant Same on Both Sides But Can Have Natural Colour Variants

    Harmony Wear Shell Pendants are shell on both sides.  All of our Harmony Wear Quantum Pendants do exactly the same thing and provide the same 10 metres of personal space protection.

    For Frequently Asked Questions regarding our highly protective Orgone Energy Pendants, please go to: Orgone Pendants Frequently Asked Questions

    Protective Sports Pendants Keep You Protected When Out Running, Cycling Or Enjoying Nature

    The Cream Orgone Energy Pendant is the Sports Energizer Pendant and can be worn like any other Quantum Orgone Pendant, whilst providing maximum protection from electromagnetic fields, radiation and all forms of harmful energy. 

  70. Many of the Ion Meters that measure ions on the market are very unreliable, and basically modern science has failed to produce a reliable Ion Meter.

    We have three different types of Ion Meters, which give different readings depending on the time of the day.  So what we have found is that there are different types of Negative Ion.   One type of Negative Ion, which a needle Ion generator produces, is sometimes read well by Ion meters read.  

    The Geoclense Orgone Generator produces a Negative Ion “resonance”, which is the same as Nature produces from running streams, lei lines, forests, mountains and the sea.  We use our senses or our “energy sensitivity” to feel the Negative Ion resonance which the Geoclense Orgone Generator produces. However, the other methods you can use are Dowsing or Divining, a Pendulum or Biofeedback such as Kinesiology.  

    For further ways to test your Orgone Products, see:  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/testing-noxious-energies

    With a reliable Negative Ion Counter, we have found the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator to produce an Ion count of 2,500 and the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators to produce a Negative Ion count of 2000.   The correct term is actually "negative charge" and you will find more information on Google about this.

    Geoclense Orgone Generators do not produce heat in any way whatsoever.  Therefore your Geoclense Orgone Generator can safely be placed into a power point in a cupboard. 

    For further information about the safety of Geoclense Orgone Generators, see the information below in this Blog, where we talk about this amazingly protective Orgone Device being completely safe and are not actually able to cause house fires or any such mishaps.

  71. Some people are more Electro Senstive or EMF sensitive than others

    For someone with extremely Electro Sensitivity, they would be much better off with an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator which gives them 30 metres of personal space protection, compared to wearing an Orgone Pendant which provides you with 10 metres of personal space protection.

    Anyone within the vicinity of the range pf this 10 to 30  metres that these Orgone Products cover, is also protected.

    Manmade Electro-magnetic Fields Are Become More Frequent With More Cell Phone Users Worldwide

    Our Shell Orgone Pendant is made of a harder substance, which is why we suggest it will last longer as they are more solid.  The technology that goes into Orgonium Orgone Energy Schumann Resonance infusion, of our Orgone Products will last your entire lifetime and even longer, so you never need be concerned about this.

    Mobile Phone Radiation Shields provide you with 10 metres of personal space protection, and they are specifically designed to cover phone radiation.  Orgone Pendants can be used as Mobile Phone Radiation Shields, but you be required to remember to be wear your Orgone Pendant at all times to cover you whilst using your Mobile Phone.

    Phone Radiation Shields Keep You Completely Protected Whilst You Are Using Your iPhone

    Please note that our Orgonium Quantum Orgone Pendant technology is different, and actually provides you with more protection than a Mobile Phone Radiation Shield, due to the powerful and secretive Orgonium Stand Alone Negative Ion Technology or S.A.N.I.T. technology that is programmed into our Orgone Pendants.

  72. Geoclense Orgone Generators work based on "Radionics" technology.  The Geoclense Orgone Generator covers all areas evenly and does NOT cover any are more densely, not even where it is plugged in.

    Home Plug In EMF Blocker That Protecrs Against All Forms Of Harmful Radiation

    All our current stock has the latest Orgonium technology energy infusion to cover the lastest energy changes we have made.  We keep our customers informed if we have upgraded this via our Monthly Newsletters.  

    This is often necessary from time to time, due to all new harmful energy attacks we have had to combat on a regular basis, then we need to do the research to find out how to harmonize and neutralize them, before programme these into our Orgonium technology energy infusion. 

    We update this information on our website regularly and this blog, and inform customers in our monthly newsletters if there has been an urgent change that is having serious affects on people.  

    Upgrade Your Orgone Generator With A Memory Card To Protect Yourself From Harmful Energy Attacks
    Simple Stick Your Memory Card Upgrade Onto The Back Of
    Your Orgone Schumann Generator

    You would mainly need to do a Memory Card Upgrade for your Geoclense Orgone Generator and any Orgone Generators or Schumann Generators you have, such as Aircraft Harmonizers, Car Harmonizer and our Water Energizers and Ionizers.  Memory card upgrades are not necessary for any other Orgone Products.

  73. Orgone Energy Generators Do Not Cause Harmful Effects  

    Please do not mistaken these top quality, highly effective Orgone Products with Steterizers Filters, which have been know to set many buildings on fire both here in Australia and in USA.   

    They may be the nearest compariable products to the Geoclense Orgone Generator, which cost around USD$700.00 and only do a tiny fraction of what these highly protective Orgone Products, however they do not provide any energy healing at all.

    In fact, the Geoclense Orgone Generator is 3000% 
    more effective and has not set any buildings on fire.
    Safest, Most Powerful And Most Protective Best Orgone Geocleanse

    Your Geoclense Orgone Generator Will Not Cause Fires

    There is no way whatsoever that you Geoclense Orgone Generator would or could cause a fire in any way whatsoever!  The Geoclense Orgone Generator would not even be able to cause a fire, as there is no electrical components or circuitry in them whatsoever; and they are made to Australian Safety Standards Specifications.

    In fact, the largest cause of nearly ALL house fires in our local towns here during winter (except one fire caused by candles) has been causes by Digital Televisions left on standy, which burnt down a beautifully restored house of some close friends (who were out at the time).  

    If you have a Digital Television you need to purchase a new PowerBoard that has Master/Slave switches that take your Digital Television off "standby" removing all risk of your house burning down while you are out.  You can find these available online.

  74. Is Every Property Affected By Radiation, EMF And Harmful Energy These Days?

    Yhese days we are all being bombarded with harmful energy in the form of extremely low electromagnetic frequencies (ELF) and very low electro-magnetic frequenies (VLF).  Please note there is more and more VLF around now and this alone is making lots of people very unwell, especially if you live in a suburban area.

    We live here on 40 acres out in the Rushworth State Forest, although we don't have WiFi and and only have very weak mobile phone signals affecting us there, we still have a Geoclense Orgone Generator there as there and it still makes a difference, and certainly would not be without this protection. 

     Greoclense Orgone Generator – world’s best Orgone – for Australia and New Zealand

    Geocense Orgone Generators Harmonize All Harmful Energy

    The town where our office is in Rushworth, regional Victora, has had some really bad energy here, with thousands of lost souls from the Gold Mining here for over 100 years or more.  When our Technical Advisor, Gerard Bini first did a Google Earth Remote Reading on the entire town, he said the energy here was horrible!  Health Practitioners I used to work with in Melbourne, wouldn't even get out of their vehicles when they went there one day, as they were able to see all these entities.

    Several of our Kinesiology clients who live in this Rushworth have bought Geoclense Orgone Generators in recent years.  We even had one shop who stocked our Orgone Products at one stage, and had a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in there, right in Main Street.  We had someone living on the opposite side of Main Street who also had a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in too, as well as several others around town.

    Rushworth Township Now Looks Better And All Harmful Energy Has Now Been Removed

    Rainmaker Instructions Downloadable With Every Dome, Disk And Aircraft Orgone Schumann GeneratorAbout 12 months later, Gerard Bini looked at Rushworth on Google Earth and did another Remote Reading of the town.  He was extremely surprised to see how much the energy of the town entire town had been cleaned up and had changed.  We have now totally changed the energy of the entire town.

    Not only that, we had severe drought here for many years and hardly any rain at all.  In 2011,the Geoclense Orgone Generators plugged in, around town and with using our Orgone Generator Disks as Rainmakers, we had more than here last year than in 25 years.  

    Free Rainmaker Instructions are available with your purchase of any of our Dome Orgone Generators, Orgone Generator Disks and our Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generators. 

  75. There is NO device that is an EMF Meter or RF Meter on the market that can read or measure all the different forms of harmful energy we are exposed to these days.  

    Dowsing | Divining Is The Best Way To Test For Harmful Energy, EMF, EMF And VLF

    There is not an EMF Meter or a RF Meter that measure Electromagnetic Radiaton (EMR) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), and another devices that measures Radio Frequencies (RF), but they are not very good, or are actually overly sensitive, and there is not such device that measures everything, other than dowsing, divining and pendulums.
    Pendulums Are Great To Test For EMF, EMR Harmful Radiation

    Divining or Dowsing is very much recognised, even by local Councils and Shires here in Australia and around the world; and the best method of measuring all harmful energies or for measure how your Orgone Devices are working.  

    Have you read this page on our website yet:   http://www.orgoneenergy.org/divining-dousing-pendulums   Pendulums are another good method for testing also.

    We would recommend you get a set of Divining Rods and learn to use them.  There are plenty of books available on the subject for you to learn this amazing skill, which is a great way to show people what is actually going on as they see the rods move.

  76. We invite you to take and moment and watch this segment shown on "60 Minutes" in Australia recently titled "Wake Up Call" 

    These Australian Farmers have been using Mobile Phones whilst working on their farms for some 25 years or more.  This top Australian Brain Surgeon says he knows why they have brain tumours

    Aura Before Using Phone Radiation EMF Sheild And AFTER Using Phone Radiation EMF Shield

    Young business men working in the Stock Exchange on Wall Street, using cell phones in the 1990's are no longer alive now.  Or by 35 they have to stop working five years ago due to the brain tumours behind the ear they always held their cell phone up to, and many of their colleagues had already died: http://www.gq.com/cars-gear/gear-and-gadgets/201002/warning-cell-phone-radiation

    Your best protection?  Highly protection Cell Phone And Mobile Phone Radiation Shielding EMF Protection Devices...

    Phone WiFi And Computer Radiation Shields Harmonize And Neutralize Microwave Radiation
    Protect Yourself With These Highly Effective Radiation Shields For Phones Which
    "Harmonize"  EMF Devices Constant Generate Healthy Negative Ions For Total Protection

  77. What Harm Would Solar Panels Being Doing To Us?

    Yes, Solar Panels do in fact emit quite a lot of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF).  Worse still they actually generate a lot of "dirty electricity", especially "Stand Alone Systems".

    However, most people asking you this question would most likely only have Solar Panels on their rooftops to sell electricity back to the grid.  These still require an Inverter an a lot of electrical wiring, connecting up the the Solar Panels to the Inverter, and then to the electrical switchboard and the Smart Meter.

    Of course, you most likely know how dangerous Smart Meters are?  And this is where most people who put Solar Panels on their rooftops come unstuck, as once you get Solar Panels put on your rooftop, you need get a Smart Meter installed, so that you can sell your electricity back to the grid.

    Smart Meters put out extremely noxious "energy spikes" that not many devices can actually detect at present, as they are extremely fast and intermittent.   Please see the detailed information we have written on this Blog below.  In fact, our Geoclense Orgone Generator is the only effective Orgone device to provide defence against these harmful energy spikes.
    The Best Defence Against Harmful Energy Spikes From Smart Meters And Dirty Electricity
    We have a "Stand Alone" Solar System (which has been upgrade twice since we have been here) and live totally "off the grid".  We , are 5 kms from the nearest highway where the power lines go through, and at least 1 km or more, from the nearest neighbours connected to the grid.  Our office in town has Solar Panels on the roof, and of course, a Smart Meter!

    And of course, we have had our Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in constantly, at both these properties, as being extremely "energy sensitive" we did not want our "Stand Alone" solar system affecting us here either, and with thanks to our Geoclense Orgone Generator we have not affected be the "Stand Alone" Solar System nor the Smart Meter!

    What people do not know, is being connected to the actual "Electricity Grid" itself is harmful!  When Gerard Bini, our Technical Advsisor, visited our property up here in Regional Victoria, he was wondering why all the young trees were growing crooked at the back of our property?  
    Would you believe that when Gerard tested why the trees were all growing crooked with his Dowsing Rods, the answer he got was because the Electricity Grid (some way away from our property), was affected them and causing them to grow this way?   Interesting isn't it?  I wonder what harm it is really doing to us?

  78. All of these Orgone Pendants are very powerful energy healing devices, therefore if you have imbalances in your body, underlying Systemic health issues and other chronic conditions, and will assist your body to heal.  They first do this by sealing up your Aura and healing your body's Chakras and energy fields, this may cause you to eliminate toxins and you may possibly feel some fatigue.Candida Releases More Than 100 Toxins Into Your Body And Bloodstream Daily
    This may show up in many ways such as releasing suppressed emotions, allergic reactions, multiple chemical sensitivity and toxins being released from your body, especially if you have Mercury, Heavy Metals (e.g. from silver fillings in your teeth), have ever had a Candida yeast infection or other Systemic Health issues.  This may result in toxins coming out through your skin too.
    If you would like more information regarding this, please send us an email and we can send you further information, or see Are You EMF Sensitive
    Pendant | Energy Pendant | Healng Pendant | EMF Pendant | Protection Pendant

    Protective Quantum Orgone Pendants

    Quantum Orgone Pendants Customer Reviews

  79. Tower busters, Cloud Busters And Chemtrail Busters Are Out-Of-Date Orgonite  

    The Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator or one of the Dome Orgone Generators would be more effective and would be the best Orgone products to use if you wish to "Gift Orgone".  
    Many of these Orgone Schumann Generators Can Be Carried For Personal Space Protection

    The mini Orgone Aircraft Harmonizer would be the best Orgone product for you to carry with you where ever you go as it provides you will 30 metres of Personal Space Protection.  Mine permanently lives in my bag and I don't go anywhere without it.

    The highly protective Dome Orone Energy Generators would totally supercede Cloud Busters and Tower Busters, and would be way more effective for "Gifting", especially when placed on an extremely hard surface, as this will magnify their protective energy dome greatly providing way more protection than anything else possible.  

    Otherwise the plug in Geocleanse Orgone Generator would be the most effective Cloud Buster or Tower Buster, especially for keeping Chemtrails and Contrails away from your property!

  80. What I Need To Know About Orgonite?

    As these Orgonium Orgone Energy Devices are 3000% more effective than any other Orgone Products on the market, you have made the right choice.  Please take the time to have a look at our Orgonium Orgone Energy Research, showing how these highly protective Orgone Products actually work.  To best understand the point-of-difference in between Orgonium Orgone Products and Orgonite, please read: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-articles
    Without this other company properly testing these Orgonium Orgone Pendants out first  themselves, how would they actually know anything about them? For testing Orgone products (ours or any others), please see:  http://www.orgoneenergy.com/testing-noxious-energies
    The problem with most people making many Orgone Products, is that they are not Energy Sensitive (as we are), and cannot feel the energy being generated off their products (good, bad or otherwise), and are not testing Orgone products correctly.

    We originally began making Orgonite, but it was making us feel unwell due to us all being Energy Sensitivity here.  This made us realize something was not right.  If we were not so Energy Sensitive, then why did Orgonite make us feel not quite right?  Hence we did a whole lot of research to find out why.  

    Orgonite does generate healthy Negative Ions, to begin with, however, due to the ingredients they used, such as crystals, aluminium fillings and steel wool, they then accumulate unhealthy Positive Ions around them, and then they begin to generate these harmful Positive Ions back at you, which is why we did feel unwell when we had them around us.  

    This is how we ended up fine-tuning our unique highly innovative technology to make these highly protective Orgonium Orgone Products what they are today.
     Orgonium Orgone Devices are 3000% more effective As Negative Ion Generators Than Orgonite

    In fact, we have had many customers come to us over the years, who have told us how they became physically disabled soon after they bought Orgonite, and were no longer able to work.  It wasn't until they put these incredibly effective Orgonium Orgone products in place, that they got better and were then able to return to work.

  81. Geoclense Orgone Upgrade For Greater Protection

    Memory Card Upgrade Cards are placed on your Orgonium Orgone Devices

    Believe it or not, our Orgone Products are more protective when they have slight defects in them, therefore when they are damaged they are even more effective.  This is the law of Nature as nothing is perfect, therefore this actually magnifies their energies. These Orgonium Orgone Products will continue to work for the rest of your life, and even longer.

    We Are Constantly Being Attacked By New Harmful Energies

    We are currently being affected by some very noxious energies, in the form of new Satellite beams which have been attacking everyone recently.  You were being beamed from above by these, when you were at the airport.  We have now done an Orgone upgrade all of this amazing range of Orgonium Orgone Energy products, to provide protection against these new very harmful energies that are affecting many people on the planet.

    Our Geoclense Orgone Generator has now been programmed to have this new level of protection. This means that these highly effective Orgonium Orgone Energy products made now have this extra protection programmed into them.

    Therefore we would highly recommend you get an Orgone Upgrade for each of your Orgone Energy Generators that you have (with the exception of Phone Computer Wi-Fi Shields and Orgone Pendants), to provide you with total protection from harmful radiation.

     Orgone Schumann Generator Memory Cards go onto the back of each of your Orgone Devices

    To Purchase Your Orgone Upgrade Memory Card 

    For Orgone Schumann Generators:  http://www.orgoneenergy.com/orgone-energy-memory-card-upgrade

    For Geoclense Negative Ion Generators:   http://www.orgoneenergy.com/geoclense-memory-card-upgrade

    How To Place Your Orgone Memory Card On Your Orgone Devices

    To place your Geocleanse Orgone Memory Card on your Geoclense Orgone Generator, first unplug it from the wall    Turn your Geoclense Orgone Generator over, and place your Geoclense Orgone Memory Card onto the back of your Geoclense Orgone Generator (the part that faces the wall when plugged in), as you will find space for it there.  Place your Orgone Memory Card on the back of your Geoclense Orgone Generator, where the plug prongs are - the side that goes in facing the power point socket, where you won't see it.

    You can place your new Orgone Memory Card over the top of your previous one, or you can take the old one off, if you wish, and then place the new one on.  Each future Orgone Memory Card upgrade will supercede the previous one, therefore it does not matter if you leave the old one on, or take the old one off and place the new one on.

    You can also place a new Orgone Memory Card onto your Car Harmonizer, as it will still fit over the label, or you may wish to place it on the part underneath the where to label goes.

  82. Are We Being Electronically Tortured?  

    A Geoclense Orgone Generator will most certainly harmonize and neutralize the harmful energy attacks that you are been experiencing from this type of Electronic toture, harrassment or interference.  

    A active static field shielding system is created by a Helmholtz coil, which when you read the energy coming from these devices, is similar to the energy that the Geoclense Orgone Generator, and any of the highly protective Orgone Schumann Generators actually generate or produce.  

    This is fantastic, because this verifies scientifically what these highly effective Orgonium Orgone Energy Products do, and this is testimony to how our Ionic Resonance Products actually work, although the scientists would not call the coils "Ionic Resonance Devices".  

    What Can We Do To Protect Ourselves?

    Please ensure that you always have your Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in and operating.  Also sleeping with an Orgonium Orgone Energy Healing Blanket will  provide you with much protection, as will carrying your Aircraft Orgone Generator with you, where ever you go when you are way from home.

    Electronic Harrassment Customer Review And Update 11th July 2013

    Highly Effective Orgonium Orgone Devices Protect You From Harmful Radiation

    I am the owner of the website chicagotortureconspiracy.com   I would like to let your know that I have a Geoclense Orgone Generator, and it does ACTUALLY block the effects of the Electronic Torture equipment.   There is a relentless group that is outside of the norm for electronic harassment as one can note form the information on the above website. These people to include public servants such as police who went crazy.  

    I do believe that a second Geoclense Orgone Generator in the same power strip would be best for stopping this relentless group. I am pleased to say I can feel the difference when I return home.  Again this is outside of the norm for something that is supposed to done.  

    I am going to now get three Orgone Schumann Resonance Domes and an Orgone Energy Pendant, and I will let you know my results. Thank you please feel free to blog this information and alert others above the positve effects these protective products have against electronic torture targets. Thank you again, Tony, Chicago

  83. Beware Of Smart Meters

    Many people ask us what they can do about the Smart Meter they have recently had installed on the front of their home, and very commonly they are on the wall of the Master Bedroom where most people sleep.  The Geoclense Orgone Generator is the best possible and most effective protection currently available, as they totally harmonize and neutralize the harmful energy produced by Smart Meters. 

    However, if you are really Energy Sensitive or have other systemic health issues, you may also require an Orgone Schumann Generator Dome to provide you with extra protection from the harmful spikes of Smart Meters.

    Beware Of Graphs Such As This One That Provides Misleading Information About Smart Meters!

    People who really do not understand the unbelievable dangers of Smart Meters in general have done many incorrect measurements of Radio Frequency (RF) tests on Smart Meters.   The whole Smart Meter issue is much more complex than most of us can even imagine.

    Misleading Information Designed To Cover Up Just How Dangerous Smart Meters Really Are

    When measuring Smart Meters with Radio Frequency (RF) meters, it would appear that they emit fewer Radio Frequencies than a standard cordless phone and Wireless modem in your home.  However, it is not that simple and here is why:

    "There is a lot of misleading information about SMART METERS being provided to the general public.  Measurements may appear to be electrical, in Volts and not power density.  Furthermore, you need a very expensive Radio Frequency (RF) measuring meter to read the extremely FAST SPIKES produced by Smart Meters. 

    Even a high quality instrument, which are not still not actually adequate for the task, can only reading a very limited range of the harmful energy being emitted.   The energy readings from Smart Meters are so high and so fast, that they actually shoot right OFF THE SCALE.   In addition, readings of the power density are variable, some high, some low and many are at varied intervals.  

    Quoted safety standards, while being inadequate, are often giving us an "average", and not a true reflection of these harmful peak values.   Smart Meters contain cell or mobile phone transmitters, which send signals either half hourly or hourly, or at varied times back to your phone phone tower, depending upon the power company.  

    We are dealing with a very high frequency harmful energy spikes that do not fit with our Brain Harmonics.  This is a serious danger to human health especially for the elderly, young children and pregnant women.   Until the truth is known, Smart Meters should be dispensed with or better still refused where possible".

    The units of measurements used is mV/m (Millivolts per meter), while the accepted standard of measurements for Radio Frequency in Australia is mW/m2 (micro or milli watts per metre squared), recent research lead us to a very useful website with a conversion calculator. Interestingly it favoured the mV/m unit of measurements: http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/science/unitconversion.asp

    Here is a more accurate assessment and interesting article by US Nuclear expert and lecturer, Daniel Hirsch, who suggests that Smart Meters are many times worse than Wi-Fi, microwave ovens and mobile phones, and that the reporting that says otherwise is very skewed as all the variables are not reported accurately.  

    It is actually quite complicated to compare all of these devices accurately.  This is due to the  need to take into account the level of radiation; the amount of time exposed in a 24 hour period; the proximity and whether the measurement is taking in to account whole body radiation; and is referring to localised radiation in a particular part of the body.  

    This is really worth a look as these tests are far more accurate!  Hirsch's article shows just how misleading statistics can be, especially when reported by businesses and governments with vested interests in wireless technology: http://www.committeetobridgethegap.org/pdf/110212_RFrad_comments.pdf

  84. With the Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator is there any difference between the green one I received and the one I was shown on the plane by an Air Steward, and the Pink one I received?

    Some people have beliefs that certain colours do certain things, relate to certain chakras, organs or acupuncture meridians.   The colours that we offer are purely for choice, therefore, the colour an item does not mean anything.  It is simply a colour choice.  If we made everything one colour, then people would be asking for other colours and why we did not offer a selection.  

    In my 20 years clinical experience as a Kinesiologist, I found some people were actually "allergic" or even "energy sensitive" to certain colours based on past emotional experiences.  

    There is absolutely no difference in how your Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator works, its effectiveness, nor the amount of protection it provides based on the colour of your item nor the size of the energy field it creates.

    This information is clearly advised on our website in the Full Product Description for our Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator:

    "Please note that the Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone product may vary from the photograph shown on our website in size, shape and colour due to being made from different moulds from time to time and different coloured resins, as our Product Manufacturer reserves the right to use varying moulds and colours."

    With the Green Dome Orgone Generator is there any difference between the one I received initially and the opaque one in this last order ?   

    All of our Orgone Products are designed to work in exactly the same way, based on what they are programmed to do.

    Most of these Orgone Products are individually hand made as described in each Full Product Description, where we clearly state that each item will be different in colour, size, weight and shape can vary.  

    This is because every time our Product Manufacturer mixes each batch, they cannot put exactly the same amount of colour and resin.  The drying temperature variations makes it impossible to get the same colours, depending on the time of the year, the weather and the temperature variations between seasons.  For example, our Orgone Energy Products are refrigerated in summer in order for them to set correctly.

    This makes each of our Orgone Devices totally unique.  We do not wish to have them mass produced commercially, as this would severely reduce their effectiveness.

    Orgone Energy Products Provide Incredible Protective Energy Resonance
  85. One report says that a Geocleanse will clear a whole 50 story building while another says it will give protection to all small appliances on that circuit!

    As I live in a split level house with three electricity circuits does that mean that I need more than one Geocleanse Orgone Generator in the house but then that wouldn't make sense with the 50 storey building scenario. Could you please clarify this please?

    Our Technical Advisor Gerard Bini has done much research to test the effectiveness of the Geoclense Orgone Generator.  When he had one plugged into an office in one of the Rialto Towers in Melbourne, he found through Dowsing, that it harmonized and neutralized the entire 50+ floors of this office tower.  

    The Geoclense Orgone Generator works based on "Radionics" therefore our Technical Advisor has found it will cover an entire property, based on its "Property Title" from boundary fence to boundary fence.  However, sometimes we have found them to do several property titles.  For example, one of our neighbours here in regional Victoria got a Geocleanse Orgone Generator and plugged it into his home.  His farm was 611 acres on three property titles.  We found his Geoclense Orgone Generator actually harmonized and neutralized some 600 acres of the farm (which had been one entire farm for and had been kept this way for a long time).

      Orgone Energy And Schumann Generators

    We brought our Technical Advisor up to do a Consultation on some very noxious energies in a back paddock that we had to fix by placing some Schumann Generators in various locations there to fix some very nasty energy (as it had been an old Aboriginal slaughter site).  Had these events had not occurred in this particular paddock, where most of his livestock would not even walk, his Geoclense Negative Ion Generator would have done his entire 611 acres.

    Therefore, if you house is on one Property Title, your Geoclense Orgone Generator would be harmonizing and neutralizing your entire property from boundary fence to boundary fence, including all buildings on it, no matter how may levels they have.

    Geoclense Orgone Generators Work More Effectively Than Radio Frequency Screens 

    The improvements you are seeing would be attributed to your Geoclense Orgone Generator working to harmonize and neutralize your Smart Meter, and would not be to do with the Radio Frequency screen or curtain.

    Radio Frequency screen does nothing to reduce the organ stress, not to mention that a Radio Frequency Screen will leave an imprint, which is what really caused the stress in the first place.
    A Radio Frequency meter will show a reduction in Radio Frequencies. However, a Radio Frequency meter is extremely over sensitive and give the impression that the Radio Frequency levels in a given space are dangerous to human health, when really they are not!
    Geopathic Stress is what was affecting your health and your home's overall energetics, which we now see has been improved on all levels, which we can see from what people say on our Orgone Reviews page.
  87. We Recommend Consulting A Qualified Complementary Medicine Practitioner
    We are not at liberty to give advise regarding other products, including Health and nutritional products.  Please be aware that any pollen extracts can be a cause or allergic reactions, even underlying ones that you may not be aware of.
    Be very careful of any Royal Jelly or Bee Extract products as they can be very potent and not necessary right for everyone.  Once again they can trigger underlying allergic reactions that may even be Anaphylaxis.    

    Without proper Kinesiology, Bioresonance or Biofeedback testing by a qualified Health practitioner to check if you body requires these products, that they are safe, non-allergenic and non-Porphyric, it would not be wise to use them.

    Best Porphyria Guide Book Which Causes Environmental Illness and EMF Sensitiviity

    Please see further information about Porphyria below or go to:  http://www.orgoneenergy.com/porphyria-book

    Amazing TMJ Jaw Pain Treatment Manual | RESET Jaw Correction Manual

  88. Do Orgone Products Lose Their Effectiveness Over Time?

    Quantum Orgone Pendant Energy Healing Necklace For Radiation Protection

    Quantum Orgone Energy Healing Pendants do not lose their power in any way, shape or form due to being made with our unique Stand Alone Negative Ion Technology (S.A.N.I.T.).   What happens is after they have initially healed and repair your aura, energy fields and physical body.   Often people comment on the fact they they do not feel that their Pendant is no longer work.  It is still working, however, we get used to the energy and not longer notice it like we first did.
    We have done a lot of tests on our older Orgone Energy Healing Pendants at the many Expos that we attend, where customers who have them come to our stand, ask us to test them.  Even when they are eight (8) year old, we have found them still balancing the energy fields and organ stress caused by electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  

    Our standard Quantum pendants are all handmade using Biocompatible resin and are an ideal Radiation Shield.  
    Now we are making them out of better materials and better quality resin, making them last a lot longer.
    In the eight years we have been selling these items, we have only had one customer whose Orgone Energy Healing Pendants it eroded after she was wearing one it 24 hours 7 days per week.    

    When we asked her what she had been doing, it turned out she had Cancer, was going to the gym daily and sweating out toxins profusely, that she knows was the cause of her Cancer.  She knew that she had a lot of toxins coming out of her body as she could smell them, and well understood that they damaged it!

    There is no coating on yor Orgone pendant that can come off.  If any peeling occurs, it may be a reaction between the resin which your Orgone Pendant is made from of and some type of chemicals, toxins being excreted from your body, or even oil that your Orgone Pendant may be coming in contact with.  If you are doing a number of detox protocols, then these toxins are also being excreted out via skin, sweat and mor
    You may carry your Orgone Energy Healing Pendants in your pocket if you wish, however, you are more at risk of loosing it.  

    Please note that the "new" version of our Pearl Seashell Necklace Pendants are much stronger and thicker than our previous ones, and would last the longest out of all of our Orgone Energy Healing Pendants.

  89. Can An Emotional Release Occur With Orgone Energy?

    Effects Of Orgonium Orgone Energy Products On Your Aura

    Yes our highly effective Orgone Energy Healing products are very effective with assisting you to release, eliminate, cleanse and purge old emotions that have been suppressed or held onto that no longer serve you.  We even have some customers who have written reviews regarding this on our website.

    Aura Before Exposure To Orgone Energy Devices

    As you are best to let go of thoughts, feelings and emotions at the time of experiencing them, there are several tools you can use to release them:

    1.  Acknowledge them, appreciate them for what they have taught you, breathe them out and let them go.

    2.  Ask:  "Who do these belong to?"  98,000% of what we hold on to does not belong to us, and because we are incredible energy receptors, we feel what everyone else feels and think it belongs to use.

    3.  Say to your 'money-mind' (which is Universal and is the same one we are all connected to) "Interesting Point Of View".  Keep doing this until the thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc dissipate and stop returning.

    4.  Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day at assist with elimnating emotions.

    Your Aura After Exposure To Orgone Energy Devices

    Once you have released or purged these old thoughts, feelings and emotions, you will feel much better, have more energy and more vitality.   And when you let them go, they will stop holding you back and allow you to move forward in life with more ease, joy and glory.  Enjoy!

    Some of the above are tools from Access Consciousness.  For more information about this amazing healing system, please see the Access Consciousness website at: https://accessllc.infusionsoft.com/go/SAP/LotusConnections

  90. How To Be Live Longer And Stay Healthy
    As a Complementary Health Practitioner I have learnt that keeping healthy, happy and fit involves stacking the odds in your favour. For instance, it is not realistic think that if you eat processed foods, don't exercise, take lots of pharmaceutical drugs and use a mobile phone held to your head four hours every day that you will be OK.  

    If you would like to stay healthy into old age, here are my recommendations for stacking the odds in your favour:
    1. Eat organic whole foods including plenty of raw food .  Source as much as you can locally.  The more altered your food is with pesticides, hormones, preservatives, chemicals, genetic modification, high temperature cooking and processing the more dangerous it becomes to our health.  Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer and a whole host of other disorders are more often than not, unwittingly self-inflicted through diet and lifestyle choices.
    2. Drink 8-10 glasses of pure water free from chlorine, fluoride and other toxins. Use glass or stainlessOrgone Energy Ionized Water Bottles are durable, reusable & are completely safe to use BPa Free steel water containers or PBa Free Orgone Water Bottles. Water is an amazing solvent. If pure it will help cleanse your body, if impure it will deliver toxins to your cells.
    3. Exercise. Get outdoors.  Got walking, hiking, swimming or do gardening regularly.  Resistance exercise is particularly important as you get older for maintaining the skeleto-muscular system and increasing Human growth hormone (HGH).   Human growth hormone stimulates protein synthesis, which builds muscle and helps strengthen bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage.  Exercise helps to improve your balance, burns off body fat, improves your fitness, your resting pulse rate, your level of health and your wellness.
      Doing Regular exercise boosts your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production and will increase your energy levels, your concentration, your attitude and your motivation.  HGH will thicken up your hair, tighten and reduce wrinkles, reduce body fat and strengthen your bones, preventing oesteoporsis. Exercises that boost HGH production are particularly beneficial for older adults, because HGH secretions decline as you age.  Join your local Exercise group and make new friends too.  This is especially important as we get older.
    4. Use only natural organic personal care, cleaning products and gardening products. Your skin absorbs much of what comes into contact, especially in a hot shower.  Most regular household, personal care and gardening products contain harmful ingredients. Become a label detective and learn to use natural healthy alternatives, even on your vegetable garden and home fruit trees.  They are available and easy to find, and some of them can be made in your kitchen, e.g. crushed garlic in water sprayed on aphids keeps them away.
    5. Get plenty of sunshine and fresh air daily.  Expose your skin to the sun for at least 20 to 30 minutes per day.  If you do this you will never get burnt.  We have become sun phobic and ironically several cancers including breast and colon cancer are linked to vitamin D deficiency.  Lack of vitamin D has also been implicated in a whole host of other health disorders. It is a vital nutrient. Supplement if necessary, especially in winter when only your face and hands may be the only areas of your body to get sun light, or it is too wet and cold to go outside.
    6. Learn techniques to manage stress such as meditation, yoga, breathing methods etc. Make no mistake, stress is a killer and our fast-paced modern living is inherently stressful for a majority of people.   If one thing is out of balance in our lives, it will feel like our entire life is entirely out fo balance.  If you do not take time to relax, mediation and switch off, then you will feel like your entire life IS out of balance.
    7. Avoid long-term exposure to high levels of electromnagnetic fields (EMF), radiation and very low electromagnetic fields (VLF), which are being continuoulsly exposed to in most suburbs now.   Areas to pay close attention to are house wiring, appliances, lighting, computers, mobile phones, cell phones, tablet computers, car GPS systems, WiFi, microwave ovens and mobile phone towers. The bottom line is you don't want to be over-exposed to any of the above if you value your health and longevity.   Make sure that you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator installed in both your home and your workplace to keep you protected from all this harmful radiation all all times.  A most effective anti ageing device.
    8. Get plenty of Sleep - more than you are currently getting as 99% of the population is actually Sleep Deprived and don't know it.   Studies have revealed that people with sleep disorders are more likely to suffer from disease and die prematurely.  Sleep is healing and totally rejuvenating.  Always get to sleep by 10:00pm every night, as the two hours before midnight are the most important for the body and the most beneficial.
    9. Earth or Ground yourself for 20 to 40 minutes every day by placing your bare feet directly on the ground, walking or sitting directly on grass, on ceramic tiles or concrete that are placed directly on the earth.  The more you can do the better you will feel , though most people experience a noticeable improvement in health and well-being from just 40 minutes.  Go for barefoot walks in the park or on the beach to soak up the Earth's health Negative Ions, which reset and normalise many of the bodies systems and have a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.   Placing your bare feet on the ground also normalized your cortisol levels (the Stress hormone) levels in subjects.   This significantly  increases your Melatonin hormone, which regulates and improves sleep and is a powerful anti cancer hormone levels.
    10. Only pharmaceutical drugs and medical procedures in emergencies or as a last resort when all else fails.  Pharmaceutical drugs do not heal (they actually prevent your body from healing), they destroy and kill your body one cell at a time and they amost always wipe out or erase your memory.  They simply mask or remove symptoms without treating the cause.  And then you need more of them to deal with the symptoms the current ones you are on are causing.   They do have their place and can save lives for people suffering acute and life threatening conditions.  They more often do great harm than good, and take over your body's normal functions so that your body can never function normally again.
    Generates negative ions harmonizing & neutralizing your entire property right boundries
    Geoclense Orgone Generators Protect Your Entire Family
    From ALL EMF and all forms of Harmful Energy

    There are obviously more precautions you can take to maintain your health, however, these are the top ten that have work for most people.
  91. Charge Your Electronic Devices Up While You Drive

    Most of the new cell phones and electronic devices now use USB cable to charge them up now, hence we changed our Car Orgone Generator to one with a USB Cable port for this purpose.   However, your Cell Phone does not have to be plugged into your Car Orgone Generator to be harmonized and neutralized, unless you are recharging it. 

    New Car Orgone Generator With USB Port Charges New Electronic Devices

    Your Car Orgone Generator will harmonize all harmful energy whilst is it operating, by being plugged into your 12 volt cigarette lighter and will always be active the entire time your car ignition is on, and will continually harmonize all Cell phones usage in the vehicle.  The Cell phones do not need to be connected to your Car Orgone Generator, unless you are charging the battery.
    If you still have an old style Cell phone that needs to be plugged directly into the 12 volt point to be charged, then you would need to go to an electronics store to purchase a 12 volt cigarette lighter point double adaptor plug.  This way you can keep your Car Orgone Generator plugged in on one side, whilst still charge your cell phone on the other side.  The main reason you would want to do this, is it will keep your car totally harmonized while you are driving, and reduce your fuel consumption by up to 1/3 of your usage whilst your Car Orgone Generator is operating.

    A car's entire dashboard is a very harmful electromagnetic field, then you have the electrical wiring and the fuel lines running throughout any vehicle.  Your Car Orgone Generator needs to be plugged into a 12 volt DC (cigarette lighter) socket in your car, and the ignition needs to be turned on so that you Car Orgone Generator can connect to the electrical circuitry of the vehicle to harmonize it, in order for it to work correctly and works the same way as our Geoclense Orgone Generator.
    You would NOT ever use a cell phone in a vehicle without your Car Orgone Generator operator, or without a Cell Phone Radiation Shield inside your phone.  When you make a call on your mobile phone or cell phoneinside a vehicle, your phone will turn your entire vehicle into a Cell Phone aerial which is extremely dangerous to sit inside.  It is not advisable to ever use your Cell Phone while it is plugged in and being charged, as this is also very dangerous. 

     Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer Orgone Personal Space Protection

    To be totally protect you whilst travelling on trains, buses, trams or other forms of Public Transport, we highly recommend that you wear your Quantum Orgone Pendant, or for greater protection, carry an Aircraft Personal Space Harmonizer in your briefcase, purse, handbag, backpack or pocket.   This is because as soon as someone connects their cell phone or wireless device whilst in a vehicle carriage, the entire carriage becomes a Cell Phone or Mobile Phone aerial.  This is the reason in some countries that they are now creating device free train carriages, as this makes some people so ill, they cannot be in a carriage whilst cell phones or wireless devices are being used.

    Negative Ion fields are rich in oxygen And Increase Your Aura
  92. Earthing Or Grounding

    In the early 1950's 95% of our footwear had leather soles (which is very conductive).  There were no mobile phones, DECT cordless phones, microwave ovens, wireless technolgy or WiFi.   The airwaves were much "quieter" then.

    Now, in 2012, 95% of all footwear has rubber or plastic soles (which insulates us from Planet Earth).  The air is totally bombarded with waves of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's), radiation and radio frequencies (RF) at a level many thousands of times higher than in the 1950's.

    Radio Frequencies,Microwave, Wireless Radiation And WiFi Is All Around Us Now

    Simply put we have massively increased our exposure to EMF, radiation and radio waves, and at the same time have almost totally insulated ourselves from the Earth's healing negative charge that our bodies requre.   During this same period of  time (1950's to present) chronic and inflammatory illness such as diabetes have gone through the roof.  

    Could there be a connection (or rather a disconnection) here?   We believe that Grounding or Earthing is the "magic bullet" to cure all these chronic conditions.  It is an important pillar for maintaining good health along with diet, exercise, sleep, sunshine and fresh air. 

    The solution is simple.  Spend as much time as possible walking on Earth with your bare feet.  The more you spend with your feet on Earth, the more you will recharge yourself and increase your energy levels.  Better still, make sure you only by shoes with leather soles so that you can "ground" yourself more every day.  Walking on the Earth with bare foot and "grounding" reduce the stress of "Positive Ion" friction in the air, taking away all the effects of EMF, Radiation and Radio Waves.  

    Earthing Reduces Stress from Electro Magnetic Radiation From Your Body

    Did you ever wonder why you felt better when you went to the beach or away on holiday where your feet were connected to the Earth for longer periods of time?  Then spend at least 30 minutes a day with your feet in the sea, on the Earth or walking on the grass.  By the way, it is one of the best solutions for Jetlag too!
  93. But hey, bluetooth is safe right?  It is at such low power that it is harmless, isn't it?  

    After seeing the highly Milligaus readings with my own eyes, I decided it was time to disconnect the cordless phones and replace them with good old fashioned corded phones. It seemed like a big technological step backwards, however, I felt good about it nonetheless.

    I still noticed that I was getting a high Radio Frequency (RF) reading from the electrical field around my computer, even though I had disconnected wireless and the cordless phones.  I discovered it was coming from my computers bluetooth transmitter, and also from my bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and the readings were in the range of 1-2 V/m. Much higher than the recommended maximum 200 mV/m!

    After doing some research I discovered that no tests have been done to show whether Bluetooth is safe or not.   It is simply the companies selling Bluetooth technology that say it is safe.  So, I bought a corded mouse and keyboard and switched off my Bluetooth.  I pulled out the RF Meter and now the reading in an RF field of 70 to 150 mV/m.  I don't know if it was just placebo but my hand felt much better resting on a corded mouse and I have a much greater peace of mind knowing that I work in a relatively benign RF and electromagnetid field (EMF).

    Hmmm.  I have also discovered that most of the studies done on the health implications of wireless technology were funded directly or indirectly by the telecommunications industry including Telstra here in Australia.  It reminded me of pharmaceutical companies funding and influencing research about the safety of a new drug from which they stood to make billions of dollars.  In other words, a major conflict of interest.  - Anonymous

    However there is a solution, and it is simpler than having to revert back to corded phones, corded keyboards and a corded mouse... Did you know that EMF protection and Radiation Shielding is now available?

    Highly Protective Cell Phone EMF Shielding For iPhones, Cell Phones And Mobile Phones

    Now you can harmonize all your phone radiation, blue tooth radiation, computer and wifi radiation and all small electronic devices with highly protective Phone Computer and Wireless Radiation Shields.   This amazing radiation shielding proves a protective energy field of 10 metres around all your electronic devices providing you with total protection from DNA damage and the  risk of developing brain tumours.

    Want to know more about how to use these highly effective Phone Computer & Wireless Radiation Shields? Please see:  How To Use Phone Computer Wireless Radiation Shielding

    Kinergetics Kinesiology Effective Balances Mercury Toxicity And Candida

    Karen attained a “Diploma of Health Sciences in Holistic Kinesiology” from the College of Complementary Medicine, Carlton, Melbourne, Australia, graduating in the year 2000. 

    Being in clinical practice since 1992, Karen has seen many clients over the years suffering from health issues due to radiation, allergies multiple chemical sensitivity, Porphyria, mercury toxicity and EMF Sensitivity, and met Gerard Bini (Product Developer) who came to her as a client in the earlier years of her practice.  

    Karen has seen Gerard develop these highly protective Orgone Energy Products right from the very beginning, and actually predicted that he would develop incredible technologythat would change the face of the Planet in his first Kinesiology session, not knowing what this was at that time.

    Karen Winter Dip.HSc. Kin, KinesiologistKaren Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin.
    Body Worker &
    Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
  95. Car Orgone Generators Reduce EMF And Driver Fatigue

    You may not be aware that cars generate a massive electrical field from the dashboard, exposing both the driver and front seat passenger to many times the recommended safe level of EMF.  

    Depending on what country you are in authorities say it is best to avoid long term exposure to EMF levels between 1-3 milligauss.   Are you aware that most cars throw out up to 70 times these levels?  It is a small wonder that we call get driver fatigue leading to Road Rage behind the wheel!  

    In addition to the EMF emanating from the dash, static electricity can build up in your body from your clothes rubbing on the car seat. 

    We have a simple solution to this issue.  The Car Orgone Generator reduces driver fatigue by harmonizing and neutralizing EMF, EMR, ELF and harmful energy everywhere you go in your vehicle, with this amazing Orgone Energy Generator.

    The amazing Car Orgone Generator also counteracts all cell phone radiation, computer radiaton, mobile phone radiation and wifi radiation when using these devices in your vehicle and from the environment around you whilst driving, providing you with total personal space protection, further reducing driver fatigue
    Harmonize and Neutralize EMR & EMF From The Dash Of Your Car Reducing Driver Fatigue & Road Rage
  96. Due to being incredibly "Energy Sensitive" we have been able to fine tune these highly effective Orgone Products beyond what everyone else is doing on the entire planet.  

    In fact, due to being so very sensitive we feel the effects of all harmful energies ongoingly, even with these highly effective Orgonium Orgone Energy products around me everywhere we go.  This is how we are able to help so many people.
    When we find people are still extremely sensitive, electrification or have electromagnetic hypersensitivity to harmful energies even though our highly protective Orgonium Orgone Energy products are providing them with maximum protection, it can generally be a few this:

    • They have Mercury, Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins in their bodies, and Candida is badly out of balance (refer to earlier email regarding this).
     Have You Suffered Needlessly For Years Not Knowing What Has Been Wrong With You All Your Life?

    They suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, EMF Sensitivity and severe allergies  because they have Porphyria (1 in 5 people have this and it is going to get worse).   In fact, Karen has recently tested "positive" to Genetic Porphyria or Erythroitic Protoporphyria (EPP).  She was also severely poisoned "In Utero" by mercury and amalgam from her mother, who had her teeth remove when she was 5 months pregnant with her.  This situation that occurred before she was born, caused another variation of Porphyria as ANY poisoning, pharmaceutical drugs, environmental toxins, and constant exposure to harmful chemicals cause this disorder in everyone).  
    • They maybe under Psychic attack, be having their energy drained by someone, or are carrying around Entities, negative energy fields, etc (entities are everywhere all the time and we need to clear these constantly cleared the best way to clear these daily is to see an Access Consciousness Facilitator or attend the courses and learn these techniques yourself.
    • They may be living on land that is cursed which we clear for our customers free of charge.  When we clear this we get such am immediate response from customers noticing an incredible difference in how they feel right away
    We always work with all of our customers to completely resolve what is going on for them, which is why we do not provide a "money back" guarantee because of the above issues.  
    When customers come back to use saying they are still sensitive, that they still don't feel right or they feel that there something else is going on, we provide them with a free Google Earth Remote Reading of their property.  We also tune into their energy fields to see what is going on if their property is being totally harmonized and neutralized by our Orgone products.  
    We most often find these fall into the categories listed above and we assist our customers by either correcting whatever issues they have, or referring them to appropriate practitioners to assist them further.

    Your Aura Is Fully Strengthen After Only 24 Hours Exposure To Orgone

    If you wish to view how these highly protective Orgone Devices actually work using energy healing, see our Research page.
  97. Orgone Generators Can Be Used To Make Rain And As A Food And Water Ionizer

    Orgone Generators Can Be Used As Rain Makers | Water Enegizers And Ionization

    Orgone Energy Generators have been long known for the fact they they can impact on weather conditions, and be used as a tool to encourage more rain clouds to fall over your region.  

    As for how long using your Orgone Generator as a Rain Maker takes to produce rain, that really depends on a lot of factors and conditions in your area.  We used our Rain Makers here all through summer two summers ago, and then in the following winter we got the most rain in 25 years, totally breaking a record breaking drounght.  However we did not us it this last summer and have had a very dry winter this year with very few wildflower this spring which usually indicates that we are in for a very hot, dry summer.  

    Orgonium Orgone Devices | Orgone Generator | Orgone Device | Orgone Chi Accumulator

    Most Of Our Orgone Energy Generators Can Be Used As Rain Makers
    Several year ago when my mother was visiting for several weeks, the weather kept looking like it was going to rain and huge black clouds would be all around us, and then we would only get a few spots or nothing.  So one day I said to my mother "Right that's it, I have had enough of this weather!  I am going to get out there with my Rain Maker!" and out I went.  My mother just shook her head sitting their watch me perform the Rain Making procedure.  Lo and behold, it poured with rain that afternoon.  My mother was astronished!  Coincidence?  Or did I actually make it rain that day?

    When you purchase any of our highly protective Orgone Generators, you receive our Rain Making Prodedure Instructons for free, which can be immediately downloaded upon your purchase.

  98. Water BEFORE and AFTER Exposure To Orgone Generators
    Water Before and After Exposure To A Highly Protective
    Geoclense Orgone Generator

    Gerard Bini, our Orgonium Orgone Energy Product Developer and Technical Advisor, has an Alpha Labs Air Ion Counter, which gives excellent negative Ion readings for all our highly effective Orgone Devices.   However upon further research, he has found that these meters have inaccuracies, due to modern science have extremely limited knowledge of the the different methods that can be produced.  

    Negative Ions are better measured by using body indicators if a person  knows how to recognize Negative Ion resonance.   Please read our Testing Noxious Energies and How To Test Orgone Energy products page which will give you a range of questions you can ask, which can be modified to Ion count?  

    Note that this is best referred to as "negative charge" or "positive and negative point charge". For further references to this, please refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_charge

    We actually measure the protective energy field of our Orgone Products which provides a better perspective for customers.  Details of these measurements on in most of our Product Descriptions, and more information is on our main Blog at:  http://lotusconnections-lotusconnections.blogspot.com.au/

    Geoclenses Have A Negative Ion Count Of 2500 As Measured Via An Alpha Labs Air Ion Counter

    The Negative Ion count of our Geoclense Orgone Energy Generator is
    2500 Ions And  A Dome Orgone Schumann Generator is 2000 Ions

  99. This is scary - there is No Opt Out With Smart Meters - they will just disconnect you instead and take away any analogue meter you install!!!  

    See what has happened to others who tried:  http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2012/09/21/smart-meter-no-power-all-nevada-energy-sends-armed-men-disconnect-power-just-opting-out/


    Symptoms Of Smart Meter Radiation Poisoning

    Best Solution To Protect Against Smart Meters

    Check Out The DARK SIDE OF SMART METERS   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLeCTaSG2-U

    Jaw muscles affect learning, headaches, migraines, the spine, digestion, posture and pain
    Balance the Jaw - Balance Your Entire Body
  100. What Other Orgone Energy Protection Do My Family And I Require?

    Protect Your Food In Your Refrigerator From Its Harmful EMR Keeping Your Food Fresh For LongerThe advantage of having Water and Food Ionizers as well, is that you can more specifically place your drinks such as wine, or give your food an extra zing.  You may also wish to place all your hair care skin care products and make-up on your Water and Food Ionizer for a few minutes before use.  

    You would not need Phone Radiation Protectors or Computer Radiation Protectors if you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged into your home, office or at work as this highly protective Orgone Device covers all harmful energy from everything in your home where ever you have one operating.  Only if you are operating these electronic devices away from home, therefore you will require these.
    The Car EMF Orgone Generator and Phone Charger will give you far greater protection while you are driving. Your Car EMF Orgone Generator and Phone Charger will REDUCE your fuel consumption as well as driver fatigue.  

    However, you would still need to wear your Quantum Orgone Energy Pendant when you are away from home. office or workplace where your Geoclense Orgone Generator is plugged, to keep you protected from harmful energy, and even psychic attack, while you are at out, shopping or socializing.  

    Aura 3 Hours After Wearing An Orgone Pendant
    The Orgone Bottle works differently from your Quantum Orgone Energy Pendant and will provide you with 10 metres of protection.  Your Orgone Bottle is designed to ionize and energize the water or drinks you place inside it.
  101. What Is The Hertz Frequencies Of The Orgone Geoclense?

    As according to Fred Soyka, author of "The Ion Effect", the frequencies of 60-100 Hz are stimulating to a person, while less than 25 Hz are relaxing. A negative ion generator with ion frequencies of more than 25Hz may keep one alert and awake longer at night than desired. 

    So what are the frequencies emitted by Geocleanse for which the negative ions are being generated? 

    The frequency of our very powerful and highly effective Geoclense Orgone Generator is 7.83 Hz to 4.5Hz, which are in an octave.   For more information about this measured with a Lechter Antennae please see: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-energy-research

    Frequencies of 60 to 100Hz may be stimulating, however they may also cause organs stress, which is not what healthy negative ions do.  In fact, healthy negative ions remove the stress from your body and your orgons.  So those frequencies may stimulate, but these are not the frequencies of true negative ion.  

    Please note that 60 Hz and 25 Hz does not produce negative ions whatsoever.  

    Negative ions can only be produced by Schumann Resonance frequencies because negative ions ARE the Schumann Resonance or Schumann Waves.

    Water Before and After Exposure To Geoclense Orgone
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