A Geoclense Orgone Generator In Your Home Will Harmonize All Harmful Energies And Radiation

Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator

Geopathic Stress places the body's organs under tension, which leads a compromised immune system. Oxygen inside buildings becomes depleted due to these high levels of Positive Ion noxious energies. This is immediately restored by the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator and many notice increase freshness in the air, as well as feeling lighter and clearer as the negative ions produced by this powerful protection product turns all the harmful positive ions into beneficial negative ions.

The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is a beneficial Pure Orgone Resonance (POR) developed to eradicate the harmful effects of Positive Ion resonance, which is also known as Deadly Orgone Resonance (DOR), which in turns creates stress on the organs and glands in our bodies.   The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator converts the harmful Positive Ions or DOR into healthier Negative Ion Resonance or POR. 

Positive Ions are found referred to as harmful energy which is produced by:

  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR)
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • Radio frequencies (RF)
  • Wireless radiation (WiFi)
  • Microwave radiation
  • Earth magnetic radiation and Geopathic stress

Harmful Energies List Orgonium Negative Ion Generators Provide Protection From

When you plug in the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator you may instantly notice an increase freshness in the air, as well as feel lighter and clearer, as the negative ions produced turns all the harmful positive ions into beneficial negative ions around you.  For more information on how to use this amazing Orgone Device click here How The Geoclense Works

Best EMF Protection Ever

The powerful Geoclense Negative Ion Generator continues to be the greatest electromagnetic radiation and Geopathic stress harmonizer for your home ands surrounding property, office, workplace or farm ever.  Generating wholesome, healthy and beneficial negatively charges ions , which neutralize all types of destructive low frequency Positive Ions such as radiation and electromagnetic fields. The Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator offers you and your family members complete protection from all forms of hazardous energy using the resonance of Negative Ions.
Geopathic stress, radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) within of a building places the physiology of your body under stress and strain, which ultimately results in unhealthy and harmful developments like a compromised immune system, nervous system or worse, and places a great deal of stress on your heart as well as your other organs. 

The oxygen concentration inside of any building becomes depleted because of these harmful energies. The incredibly protective Geoclense Negative Ion Generator replenishes the necessary Oxygen levels of the inside air due to the negative ions it generators, as well as replacing the necessary healthy photons or chi that we all need to maintain overall health and wellness, making it a very potent air purifier which is felt immediately.

Negative Ion Neutralize Harmful Positive Ions

Your Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator proficiently neutralizes all destructive low frequency Positive Ions which are then rendered as harmless.  In addition to increasing oxygen and being an air purifier, will bring the entire building and surrounding land around it back into balance harmony.  Within an instant the space feels lighter, fresher and clearer, and the energy of wellness of everybody is restored, creating a much healthier and happier atmosphere and ecosystem for all concerned, including your pets, wildlife, birds and farm animals.

Features and Benefits of Negative Ion Generators:
  • Increases oxygen and purifies the air
  • Brings entire balance back into harmony
  • Improves the taste of food and water
  • Healthier and happier atmosphere and ecosystem
  • Provides protection from all forms of harmful energy
  • Increases energy levels and improves health and wellness

US, UK and Australia Geocleanse Negative Ion Generators
USA Canada, UK And Australian Geoclense Negative Ion Generators
I am so amazed at the results. I bought an Orgone Pendant for my son, who is Autistic, very energy sensitive and one for myself.
I have been searching for years to find a solution for my son's rollercoaster behaviours. After extensive research on geomagnetic stress and the health issues produced to the body, I came across your Orgone Pendants. I have also purchased the Geoclense for my home. The results for the home are incredible. I plugged in the Geoclense and I felt light headed. I felt a wave of energy brush over me, as if something was pushed away and it was an incredible experience. The energy of the home is more peaceful and lighter.
The results for my son, has also produced a calming effect on him. He is able to verbalize more instead of tantrums. His behaviours and actions are more appropriate, more harmonious. He is able to sleep a full night of seven hours. Medication for hyperactivity dosage has been reduced.  What incredible improvement.
My own results have been incredibly improved. I am able to sleep in peace at night. I am able to concentrate and focus better. As I am very sensitive to people's energies, I can actually feel electrical currents through my fingers, tingling sensation when I am doing prayers, affirmations and energy work. I can feel an added protection. I have found a harmony again within me. I am so happy and appreciative words are indescribable for the immense gratitude for your products...Thank you so very much.
Written by Vilma Iglesias on Mon 31 Aug 2015 6:56:47 AM GMT

I wanted to let you know that the Geocleanse is just marvellous!  It was only a few hours after plugging it in that I noticed the difference - a type of cool freshness in the air, and a feeling of 'cleanness' in the room?   The hints of old mould smell started to disappear.  Now a week later nearly and it is something you know you couldn't be without, and every home should own one!  I took the Geocleanse to work on Monday and the difference was incredible!  Even the boss was commenting on what a "calm" day and environment it was.  She had not realising it was due to the Geoclense that was plugged into the wall.

Philippa, Sydney NSW Email: Wed, 27 Feb 2013


Geoclense Australia NZ Orgone GeneratorGeoclense Australia NZ Orgone Generator

The Orgone Geoclense generates both Schumann Resonance and Orgone to counteract radiationand all detrimental energies such as electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), electro pollution and Earth Magnetic Radiation in any home, office, workplace or land.

Geoclense Canada USA Orgone GeneratorGeoclense Canada USA Orgone Generator

Did you know that your Digital Television set and your Smart Meter at your residence, office or place of work emits dangerous energy much like the Cell Phone Tower in your neighbourhood? And did you know that when you turn your Digital Television off, it leaves a 220 to 440 yard beam of radiation in front of it. Then include all your neighbours’ Digital Television radiation beams that point into your home plus radiation from wireless devices and cell phones.

Geoclense Japan, Brazil, Vietnam Orgone GeneratorGeoclense Japan, Brazil, Vietnam Orgone Generator
The Geoclense Orgone Negative Ion works by rejuvenating all the harmful energy to beneficial energy, using harmonious healthy negative ions to balance the harmful positive ions, increasing the oxygen in the air around us which is vital for your well-being. 

Geoclense Malaysia, Singapore And United KingdomGeoclense Malaysia, Singapore And United KingdomAll Geopathic Stress, EMR, EMF and other harmful energy is completely harmonized and neutralized, when the highly protective Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is plugged in and operating, along with HAARP, Chemtrails, Contrails, Nuclear radiation and atomic fallout. 
Geoclense Scandinavia Europa Orgone EnergieGeoclense Scandinavia Europa Orgone Energie
Unhealthy Positive ions are the harmful ions that occur in cities and built up areas.  Positive ions are produced by electromagnetic radiation, phone towers, electricity, computers, electronic devices and much other harmful energy.  It is the healthy Negative ions back into our environment with Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies. 
Geoclense South Africa, India, South Africa, Switzerland And MoreGeoclense South Africa, India, South Africa, Switzerland And More

The Geocleanse Orgone Generator works by neutralizing and harmonizing all electrical wiring circuitry using the harmonious healing energy 'negative ions' to balance the harmful energy of 'positive ions' reducing the  electro-magnetic pollution and electro smog in your immediate environment.  For Switzerland Geoclense Orgone Negative Ion Generators, please order this product here as we have these in stock.

Geoclense Universities And Schools Second AddressGeoclense Universities And Schools Second Address

Programming your Geoclense Orgone Generator is ideal for harmonizing and neutralizing your Kindergarten, School or University, providing radiation protection for your family members while they are studying. NOTE:  For Schools and Universities only.  Only One Address Programme per Geoclense.

Geoclense Upgrade Memory CardGeoclense Upgrade Memory CardIf you would like to upgrade your Orgonium Orgone Products with the lastest Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies energy infusion, then we highly recommend an Orgone Energy Memory Card Program Upgrade, to protect you and your family from the latest harmful energy frequencies.
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