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The Difference Between Orgonite And Orgonium

Orgonium is actually a Resonant Orgone Energy Product, which has been created to vibrate at a significant frequency, which happens to be in harmony with your Nervous System, your energy fields and your aura, as well as in synchronized harmony with Mother Nature. The truth is Orgonium actually mimics purely natural Earth resonances as felt with Ley Lines or Synchronic Lines.   These are generally acknowledged for their balancing and comforting energies, which reduces stress, tension, anxiety, pressure and from your Heart, Immune System and Nervous System, creating a sense of wellness. 
When an Orgonium Orgone Energy Product is positioned over your Heart, you will actually feel energized all over, especially around your head and your shoulders.  You will feel your entire Nervous System relax, particularly if it was previously under stress from nearby sources of dangerous Positive Ions.
Orgonium Orgone Energy technology results in a feeling of bliss, peace and well-being, by balancing the two hemispheres of your brain, in addition to your brain chemistry.  When Orgonium Orgone Energy Product solutions are positioned inside of an electromagnetic radiation field (EMF), the source of your EMF which happens to be hazardous Positive Ion resonance, the complete electromagnetic field (EMF) is completely instantaneously harmonized.   The stress, tension, anxiety, pressure and strain which was put on your Nervous System from this EMF is then immediately released the moment the Orgonium Orgone Devices were set into position. 
Precisely the same effect can be with felt with Earth Magnetic Radiation Grid Water Veins, Fault Lines, radiation in phones, radio frequencies and microwave beams.  Earth Magnetic Grid lines are classified as the most detrimental of Geopathic Stress lines, due to the fact that they produce the highest amounts of harmful 'Positive Ions'.   Ley Lines or Synchronic Lines are classified as positive, beneficial lines that create healthy Negative Ion resonance.  Both of these equally positive and negative resonances are quickly felt by the experienced Geomancer, and both of these may be mimicked with resonance technology.

Orgonite Is The Same Energy As Earth Magnetic Radiation

Orgonite resonates within the same frequency as Earth Magnetic Grid line resonance, producing unhealthy, harmful Positive Ions', whereas Orgonium Orgone Energy resonates within the Ley Line resonance creating healthy balancing Negative Ions.  Orgonium is generally utilized to balance Earth Magnetic Grid line resonance identical to the destructive EMF and radio frequencies.   Earth Magnetic Gridlines run at a continuous direction and spacing, whereas beneficial Ley Lines or Synchronic Lines are random at no set spacing.
The most typical type of Earth Magnetic Grid line is definitely the Benker Grid line.  This grid line runs in seven metre centres, which is 1100mm wide, and is a standing wave of hazardous Positive Ion resonance that emanates into the Ionosphere.  Benker Grids operates in the north to south or east to west directions.  The Benker Grid is among the leading causes of Geopathic Stress, and is particularly commonly associated with triggers which result in Cancers, long-term chronic health issues, with physical or psychological manifestations.
Impressive and revolutionary Orgonium Orgone Energy technological know-how significantly differs from Orgonite in its formulation, resin style and a lot of other factors.  More accurately, what Orgonium Orgone Products and solutions are created from, and exactly how it is actually produced is proprietary information that is in the process of becoming patented by the inventor and product manufacturer, Gerard Bini.

The Hazards Of Orgonite

Orgonite is really a formulation comprising of harmful metallic shavings, such as aluminium, brass or copper and toxic polyester resin, as well as a variety of different crystals such as quartz points and sometimes even quartz sand.  This combination results in an uncomfortable energy that pulses at varying hazardous and harmful Positive Ion frequencies. 
Position a chunk of Orgonite around your Heart, and you will feel it pulsing each and every four to six seconds.  Each individual pulse feels like a blow to your Heart and these pulses has a severe influence on your Solar Plexus area, creating a nauseous, sickly sensation inside your abdomen, which many people experience from just from looking at images of Orgonite.    Alternatively utilize a Heart Rate Monitor to keep track of your Pulse to also verify this, which will clearly show you the amount of stress that Orgonite is putting your body under.  Orgonite also places a great deal of tension within your Nervous System, placing it under an extraordinary load, draining you of your respective energy and vitality.   Regrettably numerous individuals have not developed their energy sensitivity enough to realize or even to comprehend precisely what is occurring. 
You may be feeling an energy or power that you simply may feel or experience that is somewhat pleasant. However, what you don't comprehend is the harm to your overall body and systems. This is certainly destructive to your health, well being and overall fitness, and will ultimately in the long run damage your Nervous System, your Heart as well as other organ and gland systems, and your energetic fields.
Orgonite displays energy very similar to what is generally felt as EMF, such as fluorescent lighting, for example, at around fifty milligaus.  Fluorescent lighting is actually a Group 2 Carcinogen, which happens to be a source of EMF greater than four milligaus, statistically regarded to result in childhood Leukaemia’s and Cancer in adults, as determined through the International Cancer Research Institute.

Try This Orgonite Experiment

A practical demonstration of this would be to place a compact fluorescent light globe or bulb inside of a lamp and place it on the ground outside lit up.  This lowers the already harmful Earth Magnetic Grid Lines, which can be felt for the radius of around five metres.  This places immense stress on the Nervous System of absolutely everyone present within this hazardous electrical energy field. 

Then take the lamp together with the compact fluorescent light globe or bulb away, and then place a piece of Orgonite in the same exact spot.  What you will notice is that people making Orgonite produces precisely the same identical effect on your Nervous System, the same way the harmful compact fluorescent light globe or bulb in the lamp did. 
Intriguing?  Try this as a "Double Blind Study" with a group or team of your friend, or some college students and examine their responses.

Other Orgonium Articles
Benker Lines (Ten Meter System)

Benker Lines (Ten Meter System)

These Are Harmonized Easilty By Orgonium Orgone Energy Products
Anton Benker of Germany is the Dowser who found this system of Benker Earth Magnetic grid lines. Benker Earth Magnetic grid lines, which lie on every individual fifth Hartmann Line, radiate upwards into space but are significantly more powerful. 

One particular aspect of these Benker Earth Magnetic grid lines is that they are "positively charged", as well as "negatively charged" on the other side.  They are really regarded as being |thought of as an excellent source of numerous health conditions and medical problems}, and therefore are best located and cured by Dowsing, Divining, Feng Shui and Geomancy.
What Are Water Veins?

What Are Water Veins?

A Water Vein is a actually a psuedo-scientific and commonly applied term to a body of flowing stream of underground water.  Ordinarily groundwater does not form an underground stream. This rarely occurs in karstic terrains which are crevices or fissures in massive rocks. Water veins have an influence on varying degrees of Geopathic Stress, which is locatable with Dowsing, Divining or other means of testing.
Hartmann Lines

Hartmann Lines

Hartmann Lines are a natural phenomen taking place, running| from North to South and from East to West.   They were named after Dr Ernst Hartmann, a very well regarded German Medical Physician, who initially described them shortly following the Second World war.

Alternate Hartmann Lines tend to be positively and negatively charged|, therefore wherever Hartmann Lines intersect you will have double the positive charges and double the harmful negative charges, or one positive charge and one neative charge.  These intersections are known to generally be the source of| potential challenges. These Hartmann Lines appear as being a structure of "radiation" soaring vertically through the ground like invisible, radioactive partitions, each and every twenty-one centimetres (or nine inches) apart.

The Hartmann grid is magnetically orientated  from North to South where they can be encountered at intervals of two meters (or six feet six inches apart), although from East to West they can be two to five meters (or eight feet) apart.  In between these rather concerning geometric lines lies a neutral zone, a purely natural micro-climate.  This network penetrates everywhere you go, regardless of whether there is open ground| or through buildings and dwellings.

These Hartmann Lines are very well defined utilizing the Chinese terms of Yin and Yang.  With Yin being the North to South Hartman Lines, which |is usually a cold| energy which functions gradually and corresponds to the winter season and ts related to cramps, humidity and all varieties of rheumatism.  

The Yang being the East to West Lines, which relates to hot, dry rapidly acting energy.  This is associated with fire and is particularly connected to heat and inflammation.   These points which form through the intersection of such lines are either beneficial or detrimental, and therefore are dynamic environments sensitive towards the rhythms of your body, which after very short exposure, along with the seasons, may be quite harmful and will particularly affect your Acadian cycles and sleep.
Curry Lines

Curry Lines

Curry Lines are a world wide grid network of electrically charged grid lines of natural origin.  These grid lines operate diagonally towards the Earth's poles (true and magnetic), and were initially identified by both Dr Manfred Curry and Dr Wittmann.
These Curry Lines are approximately three metres apart, despite the fact that some industry experts claim that this may actually fluctuate.  Curry Lines on their own are usually not found at being an issue, nevertheless, once again the points exactly where they cross are harmful.  These Curry Lines have numerous intersecting points.  Since the Curry Lines are electrically charged, the intersecting points are both double positives, double negatives, or once again, one negative and one positive.

From his scientific research, Dr Curry felt that the positively charged spots along Curry Lines resulted in the proliferation of cells, which may possibility result in cancerous growth.  Whereas, the negatively charged places may lead to inflammation, irritation, swelling, pain and discomfort, as well as other significant overall health challenges.
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