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mark campbell
dishwasher at W Hotels
I would like to take the time to thank you for sending me this invitation as I greatly appreciate it and most importantly it's good to spread the truth about the negative radiation people are exposed to on a daily basis without being told about these important health information by their government which the people have every right to know what's having a dangerous impact not only on their health but also their mental state as well since these negative radiation can trigger people to be in specific types of moods that they themselves don't have full control over unless they have one of your most powerful products which is the geoclense home harmonizer and I'm proud to say that it's one of the best investments that I have ever made for my home especially noticing the change in my family members actions/emotions on how calm and easy going and most importantly being happier then they ever were before when I plugged in the unit into my power outlet.. Wow is all I can say on how legit the product really is. I'll definitely be back buying other products from your company:).

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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2014 23:42:47 
I immediately plugged the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator in and placed the Dome Orgone Schumann Generator in the recording studio where we recorded my rock n' roll CD as an experiment...   We did an epic amount of throughput with six songs nearly done in just two days... amazing!  I really like the tangible feel of the Dome Orgone Schumann Generator - I did a little "test" and recorded a session with and without it... the difference was palatable... Francesco, and 
Smart Meter No Longer Making My Father Tired And Unwell

Smart Meter No Longer Making My Father Tired And Unwell

My father cannot explain it, (he is pleasantly surprised and somewhat baffled by the instant change) but he said he felt a lot better almost as soon as he installed it, he has noticed that he is less fatigued and his blood pressure has returned to perfectly normal. The doctor had taken him off one medication during the week of getting his Geocleanse Orgone Generator, but he found it hard to believe that ceasing to take the medication would cause such an instant change, as in the next day.
He has played his regular weekly golf without feeling tired, and he doesn't have to rest now when he does any odd jobs and chores around the house. He also experienced unexplained pains in his chest which stopped as soon as he installed the Geocleanse Orgone Generator.  He feels a lot better.
He has had the Smart Meter for more than a year now.  I suppose he has gradually felt worse and worse and didn't think to connect it to the Smart Meter. He put some of his symptoms down to ageing, but since the Geocleanse Orgone Generator, he has felt a lot better. He has more energy. He is quite baffled by this result, being a bit skeptical.  I told him to unplug it and see what happens, and he said "No! I don't want to do that!"
He said that he had his Geoclense Orgone Generator for four days without telling me too!  Haha he wanted to wait a few days before telling me because he was so surprised at the difference and wanted to see if he still felt better.  It has about 9 days now and I spoke to him again this morning and he said he still felt good and still is baffled by it all :)
Jacqueline, Melbourne Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 11:47:20
Happy Customers' Orgone Energy Testimonials

Happy Customers' Orgone Energy Testimonials

Best Orgone EMF Radiation Protection for your home would be our Geoclense Orgone Generator

  • Calvin Kim Great products that really works! I am enjoying the essential kit of Schumann Generator Buddha, Orgone pendants, and the Car Harmonizer.
    Thursday, 23rd January 2014 at 10:20am · Unlike · 1

I received my Orgone Generator a couple of weeks ago and instantly felt a difference.  I bought it on the recommendation of a friend, who has been using one to clear the EMF at a University Media Centre, full of edit suites and TV equipment, and was impressed by the results.
I had contacted him when I finally succumbed to an iPhone, only to find my health go into freefall, with abdominal and lower back pain, and decreased ability to think and all kinds of other disturbances.  It also seemed to amplify the effects of all my other electronic gadgets, which I had been coping with, I thought, up until then.
When I plugged in the Geoclense Orgone Generator I instantly felt better, discovering that it also greatly decreased the amount of condensation and damp in my apartment, to the extent of even beginning to clear the condensation in between the panes in a double-glazing unit.  I went on to order Phone Protectors for my WiFi equipment, and a Orgone Pendant for further protection.   Veronica A.  UK Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2013 12:28:39

Best Sleep I've Had In Years
Day 1 - Many thanks for the beautiful Shell Pendant which I received this morning. It feels so smooth against my skin:)
It arrived very quickly, thank you.   
Still don`t know how it works but last night was the best sleep I`ve had in years. I put my Shell Pendant on top of the bedside digital clock, didn`t wake up once and got out of bed feeling human. 
Day 2 - I couldn`t believe the results either but this morning I feel very calm. My  life has been extremely stressed for years so something is happening and the only difference is that I now have an Orgon Pendant. I don`t feel so angry this morning either.  
Dee Wicks, United Kindom  - Emails received 14th November and 15th November 2013

Great Aircraft Harmonizer Travel Orgone Generator!            
I have made use of my Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator on four different flights now, together with two flights which were in excess of five hours in length.  Although I used to be exhausted and fatigued the next day following flying, immediately after these flights I had no jet lag whatsoever. The Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator has certainly addressed the toxicity which I had always experienced previously from aircraft flight travel. I do not know nor understand the way in which the Orgone is effective, but to my satisfaction and surprise it really works for me. Thank you!   Alexandra Hopkins on Sun 20 Oct 2013 

The Geocleanse Orgone Generator That My Husband Uses At Work Has Made A Huge Difference To His Work Environment

He works in a pharmacy in a shopping centre and it had a very heavy feel to it.  So I bought two Geocleanse Orgone Generators, one for home and one for work.  It has made the workplace lighter in feel and the customers often comment on how pleasant it is to come into the pharmacy, the staff are happy and are more energised. 
The Geocleanse at home is superb as it gives us protection from neighbours who have solar systems and inverters on their houses, and we all sleep well during the night and wake up energised and ready for the new day.
I've now just purchased the Orgone Wrist Bands for the whole family as I would like to protect my children at school from Wi-Fi radiation.   J Harris Queensland Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 16:12:12

Thank you very much
really appreciate your magnificent service and answers to all of my questions.  I am a life-long customer and will be ordering more of your amazing products in the near future.  Many blessings,  Monica, New York, USA Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2013 10:52:54 

No More Fatigue And Headaches From Computers and Phones
I have suffered from fatigue and headaches when using either my computer, portable phone or cell phoner. 
Since installation of my Orgone Generator I have no headaches.  Long car rides are no longer problematic. 
I used to drop off to sleep no matter how much rest I had prior to road trips, which no longer occurs with 
my Car Orgone Fuel Reducer. 
Marie, NY, USA Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 06:27:03

I have been placing the Geoclense Orgone Generator in the homes of many people, and I can confirm that in the houses where I have placed these Orgone Generators, the energies improve considerably.  I am working and testing energies with a Lecher Antenna.  In all houses where I have placed Geoclense Orgone Generators, the energetic frequencies reach a much higher level of energy.   Energies are brought back to the optimal original ones of the places where the Geoclense Orgone Generator is placed.  Furthermore, electromagnetic interferences are shielded and reduced. Geopathic interferences are also considerably reduced or even completely shielded.
By activating the Geoclense Orgone Generators, everybody feels a big movement of energies (sensation of freshness and fresh air), but after 2-3 days after the activation, the energies produced get to the optimal level of frequencies and at that specific time the benefits are really felt.    In some cases, during the adjustment period of these energies in2-3 days, some persons cannot sleep well and feel some dizziness.  I have personally checked these energies regularly in the treated houses and can confirm that even after several months, energies remain stable.    Thank you very much for your work and contribution to improve people wellness.   Paolo Batlle, Lugano, 10.8.2013, Switzerland

My sister and I, along with our dog and cats are continuing to feel the benefits of the Geoclense Orgone Generator which is the best product I have ever bought!  The house just feels much 'lighter' and none of us get stressed like we used to.  Especially one of my cats who is the happiest she has ever been.  So a huge thanks!  I also have a couple of Schumann Generators and the Water Energizer Disk.  Thanks so much for keeping me, my family and pets all protected and restoring harmony to our home and garden. I forgot to say we have lots more birds coming to the feeders since installing the Geoclense.  Kind regards, Liz Falconer, Scotland,UK, Sat 22 Jun 2013 9:47:45 PM

I am a diabetic with acute circulation problems in my legs, amputations of toes and bones in feet and currently an ulcer under my foot that’s been there for 12 months.  However since Geoclense Ogone Generator arrived, the ulcer has improved and the cellulitis in the lower leg has dramatically improved in just the two weeks of having the generator – amazing!!   We are anxious to receive the personal pendants, water ionizer and car generator to have this Orgone Energy going on around us at all times.
Marilyn Howieson Email Received:   Tue, 18 Jun 2013 10:28:24

Using Orgone Energy To Generate & Manifest Money Owed
Today we did a manifestation exercise to clear some sluggish energy around an ongoing financial issue for a friend, where he was owed a substantial amount of money and the people involved had been trying to stall the repayment.  The next step was going to be legal action to recover the funds.  We wrote out a positive affirmation to get the energy moving in his favour and placed it on the Orgone Energy Water Energizer instead.  I got this idea from your Blog at:
Water Energized Orgone Generator Schumann Genarator For Manifesting
Many thanks for this tip.  I am so relieved as he was on the verge of tears, as there has been way too much drama for him to deal with of late. There was quite a massive energy release as I explained to him that his energy was contracted around the issue, effectively preventing him from getting what was rightfully his. I suggested he just needed to leave his positive affirmation on the Orgone Energy Water Energizer and forget about it.  
Within an hour he received an email to say that the issue that has been going on since November last year is now finally being resolved in his favour. This lifted his spirits substantially and he had what turned out to be a great day. I also learned alot from this!!  I am both relieved and grateful for these insights and experiences with these amazing Orgone products.  A.R. Australia email received Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2013 02:54:48

Sleeping So Much Better And Far Less Negative
All the rest of the Orgone Products I ordered have helped drastically.  The Dome Orgone Generator is under our bed.  It sits on a wooden board and now I sleep like I first did when I got my Geoclense Orgone Generator.  Even Randy sleeps real well.  In fact, (lol) he sleeps like the dead till 3:00pm and there is no getting him up.  I am so alert and wide eyed at 10:00am now. My Quan Yin Schumann Generator is out in the living room between all the radiation output from the Digitial TV, the radio and the computer.  And the Aircraft Harmonizer is in the fridge.  I hope it makes a difference in the freshness of the food because it was in the bedroom till yesterday. Oh!   Randy has been very calm in the past few days, so I trust that this lasts, and he is not as negative as he has been recently.  Samera K.  USA

For the Samera's Progress Report and to find out how all her symptoms of EMF Hyper Sensitivity vanished in just 2 1/2 weeks see

Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer
Doreen Wulbrecht commented on Orgonium Orgone Energy's photo.
Doreen wrote: "Used it on my last cross country trip and it made a huge difference in how I felt!!! Excellent product."  21/03/2013

I just wanted to let you know that I have been wearing the Orgone Pendant (Pearl Shell) since it came in and love it!  It totally is helping me with al the EMF crap I am perpetually inundated with.  Ruth Ann, USA Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 09:43:59 

Sleep Very Restful

We have noticed that our sleep is very restful since we plugged our Geoclense Orgone Generator in two days ago, and my wife slept in the first morning.  Will be interesting to see if the rest of the family notices the difference.  Brad Cann  Sat, 23 Feb 2013 10:34:16 

This Amazing Orgone Product Is Worth Every Penny

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how good of an Orgone product the Orgone Pendants are. I was not able to go into a mall for longer than 30 min or else I would get very tired. Now I can go for 2 hours easily it does not affect my energy levels.  I wear my Orgone Pendant everyday to protect against EMF's. I am going to recommend this incredible Orgone Pendant to my Nutrition teacher as she also suffers from sensitivity to EMF's and furthermore to anyone I meet that wants an EMF protector that actually works. I have tried many EMF protectors nothing has come close. Thank-you very much and the amazing Orgone effects is worth every penny.

Written by Marlen from Toronto, Canada. on Fri 5 Oct 2012 12:12:25 AM GMT


Thanking you so much for such fantastic Orgone products.  I am feeling so great so I am buying Orgone Pendants for the rest of my family and have now placed another order.  Kind Regards, Jean S.  Kuranda, Queensland, Australia   Email received:  Thu, 16 Aug 2012 12:22:28


My Green Orgone Blanket Is Incredibly Beautiful

The touch of it is so soft and to be surrounded by my Bamboo Orgone Blanket is like feeling I am in heaven.  What can I say more – Super Product!   Thank You! Thank You! 
Last night I was sleeping so well and the dreams were so vivid, and I can remember them in more details with my Miracle Orgone Blanket.   When I bring my Miracle Orgone Blanket near to my nose it is like I am breathing ozone due to the air been cleaner.  I don’t think I will travel anywhere now without my Miracle Orgone blanket.  
From yesterday I started to charge my water and my tea on my
Orgone Generator and last night I left my Silver Ring on top of it.  Today it looks much shinier. Luciana, Kuwait  Received Tue 19 Jun 2012 7:38:06 AM

My Orgone Radiation EMF Shields

I have received my Orgone products a few days ago on Wednesday.  I have sensed that my phone with the Cell Phone Protective EMF Harmonizer was not radiating as much heat into my head as it used to.  I have been wearing my Orgone Pendant constantly except when showering.   I have noticed that my cat has been a little calmer when I am around her, but I will have to wait a while more to feel how differently I am with the Orgone Pendant now compared to earlier without my Orgone pendant.   I really want to get a good feel for the effects of the Orgone pendant.  Warm regards, Brenda, New Mexico, USA Sat, 9 Jun 2012 

Laurie Whatley, SUNSHINE NATURAL FOODS - TEXAS Mon, 16 Ap 2012 
Your Orgone Energy products are helping us immensely, especially the Geoclense Orgone Generator.   It seems as though it took about 10 days for the symptoms that we were experiencing to clear up.   One of our employees had a strong emotional release shortly after putting the Orgone Energy Pendant on for the first time.   She had been very agitated and angry ever since they installed the Smart Meter in February 2011, and now she's almost completely back to her cheerful self. 

Liz Falconer UK, Wed, 11 Apr 2012 
The Geoclense Orgone Generator has made such a difference!  Especially to my little cat Suzy who is soooooooooo happy and well now!  

Feedback So Far!  Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2012
Well many thanks for the Geoclense Orgone generator and amazing Orgone Pendant which arrived so very promptly at Warburton some time ago now.  As soon as I held the package I felt such a clear and could feel the energy surge.  The Geoclense Orgone Generator has been really intense and has made a great difference to our home.  It feels so very protective but has also been busy clearing things.  It has felt very intense for me and like I am living in a fully charged circuit.  The Orgone pendant helps me manage better too.   I have felt a strong need for it constantly.   So wonderful for when I am out and when travelling.   It has been very helpful clearing many things and going back to unhelpful beliefs or life events and transmuting them.  Incredible.  At night when the Panic Attacks come, their intensity has been drastically reduced and I find myself unable to go into the depths of Fear that I use to.   I look forward to when they dissapate altogether but am grateful that they are no where like they used to be before.  There is a genetic predisposition to fear and anxiety from my grandmother as well as childhood things to clear that feed these attacks.  My daughter and I both have got very sick with chest infections recently and she is also very emotional re moving house and schools  She has worn her Orgone pendant and found it very helpful in improving her disposition which was Sad, Angry and Fearful.  Once again many thanks for your assistance. I am so very grateful for your extremely effective Orgone Energy Products and cannot imagine coping with my environment without them.  Sincerely, Janine of Lal Lal and now Warburton, AUSTRALIA

Wow your FAQ!  Sun, 29 Jan 2012 
I just got through the FAQ page of your website. How does I say "WOW" to the 1000th degree!   I understand it. I am totally feeling better and I can grasp a better understanding of using these amazing Orgone Products.   I'm on to all of your e-mails now.  Thank you! Leslie USA

Email received Mon, 28 Nov 2011 13:13
I just wanted to say a big thankyou for the fast delivery of the Geoclense Orgone Generator and Orgone Pendant.   I plugged the Geoclense Orgone Generator into the wall nearly 48 hours ago and the difference it has made in my downstairs area which was damp and full of bad energy / noxious frequencies is just incredible.  
I have been wearing the Orgone Pendant and the calm, centred and happy feeling I have had since I put in on is wonderful, not to mention the increase in my energy levels, clarity and no headache is truly amazing.  I didn't realised just how much I was being affected by all these electrical signals until I had a clear head to think about it!  Also I am sleeping much better. Thank you SO much for the Orgone products!
I realised how much I was getting affected in the shopping centre after wearing my Orgone Pendant there for a few hours, I wasn't even tired and still in a great mood!  Usually I can barely focus to talk straight in shops with fluorescent, etc.   I couldn't believe the difference, I am going to order Orgone pendants for my Mum, sister and friends.
Thank you again, I am really excited by the new developments. I feel that the Geoclense Orgone Generator will continue to grow stronger, at the moment I'm sitting a few metres away and can feel it's effects whilst wearing my Orgone Pendant, it's just so good and so different from what I've been living with for nearly 7 years! 
I have done a lot of healing work on myself, kinesiology and other modalities.  To have these amazing and very effective Orgone Products work in they way they do has reassured me that my efforts have not been in vain.  I am finally feeling good again and can start to enjoy life.  The benefits are truly amazing!  Natasha, Hornsby Heights NSW

Email received 1:58am 21st July 2010
Thank you so much for the wonderful Orgone Energy Sports Energizer Wrist Band I got recently.  I can definitely notice greater alertness going about my day to day activities, especially at work, and I am feeling great.  I am thinking I may like to take up Tennis again, this time with a winning edge on the competition.  Truly incredible technology. Kelvin, Tatura, Australia

Email:  Friday, 16 April 2010 
I met Gerard Bini and had a chat with him, which was very interesting.  I feel so much better with the Geoclense Energy Generator in place. Within 10 minutes I felt the energy change in the house, it 'lifted', cleared, got lighter. The air is cleaner.  My partner said he felt better, he had been feeling down, and suddenly wasn't. Even the cat came out of hiding and played on the couch with us. She has been much more herself since then, too.
How amazing that something so simple has had such a profound effect. I can still feel some 'hard' energy coming from one side of the house, I suspect it will clear with the purchase of a Quan Yin and a Buddha Schumann Generator, which my partner didn't want to do but I will anyway! 
I can feel it affecting my ears, pressure in my head, and discomfort in my spine. Interesting.   Thank you, Karen, for your help, sensitivity and support. Thank you for doing the service you do for all of us by having these products available. If only more people knew the effects of all this technology, and took steps to protect themselves, how many lives would be so different!  
Regards, Kaytie Wood, Upwey, Melbourne, Australia

Email:  Monday, 3 August 2009 6:14 PM  
The energy of our home is very different now with our Geoclense Orgone Genertor, Quan Yin & Buddha Schumann Generators, our Orgone Energy Generators, our Orgone Energy Pendants and our Mobile Phone Shields.  My daughter has slept so much better and so much deeper, and she has been having really nice dreams!  Thanks for everything and that great chats.   I am glad you do what you do. Love Claudia xxx

Email: Thursday, August 27, 2009 2:50 AM  
I got my order on Friday, and I am very excited about the big benefits.  My two boys wear their pendants with big pride.  I really have to tell you what happened to my oldest son Jonas. I never seemed to be able get his bladder properly stabilised. He always had to get up at  night to go to the toilet and very often he had "accidents" getting wet. After he started to wear his Orgone Energy Pendant, I found a bacterial infection in his bladder that  had not showed before. After I corrected this imbalance in his bladder, and with him continously wearing his Orgone Energy Pendant, he can sleep all night and no more wet accidents have occurred.  Love from Brynhild, Norway, Physiotherapist & Neuroligical Integration (Neurolink) Practitioner

Amazing Quan Yin & Geoclense Orgone Generator

Amazing Quan Yin & Geoclense Orgone Generator

My wife and I are definately getting a much deeper sleep from the Schumann Generators.  Lastly, the Geoclense Orgone Generator seems to allow me to work on the computer long and cut down on at least 80% of my normal fatigue. My back and neck aches and pains are greatly reduced and its allowed me to be so much more productive and energetic in my daily life!
Kai, Beijing, China, Email: Saturday,16 January 2010 3:29:08pm
Absolutely Delighted With My Green Bamboo Orgone Blanket

Absolutely Delighted With My Green Bamboo Orgone Blanket

My cat simply loves it too and she got quite ill recently.  I thought I would have to take her to the vet.  So I sat my cat on my Orgone Blanket and covered her in it, where she stayed for three days.  After this time, she became completely well again, and I did not have to take her to the vet.   This was just so wonderful!  Now she loves sitting on my Bamboo Orgone Blanket as much as she can now, needless to say.
Many thanks, Helen, South Australia Received Sat, 7 Jul 2012 10:12:39
Orgonium Versus Organite?

Orgonium Versus Organite?

Want To Know More About Orgonite?  Read Our Articles Page For An In Depth Explanation
Wasn't sure the harmonizer would really work but after just a couple of days I noticed a sense of peace in our electronically filled home. My two year old grandson who is very "strong-willed" was having no temper tantrums and began sleeping much better. No fights for naptime. My husband was less anxious and there is a much calmer atmosphere. As the weeks have gone by, I noticed that there are more birds in our yard than any of the homes around us and when people visit they don't want to leave. That can be good or bad. lol. I plan to purchase one for my mom for Christmas and would love to get one for each of my sons when I can afford it. I love it!

Windi Cooper, 16-5-11

Good day, I wanted to give you some feedback on the Glass Harmony Wear Orgone Pendant I purchased.  When I first opened the package "rush" I felt the loving orgonic energy.  I put it aside for a couple days until I felt clear.  When I first put it on I didn't feel much "I wondered what happened to the energy I first felt?" then the second consecutive day wearing it 'booya' I felt it.  Although not as recognisably strong as when I first opened the package, it felt 'fresh' and natural and very soothing/relaxing.  Another thing I want to tell you is that you are are ones of the few that I found that mention the debilitating effects of Orgonite.  Some people might think this is ''hog wash'' or a marketing scheme, but let me say "it is not", and I say this from experience not from ignorance or speculation.  A brief example is I had a Orgonite pendant for about six months.  The first few months I felt great I was feeling the orgasmic energy but around the third or fourth month I started to feel a subtle negative vibe.  "I like to experience things first hand and if my purchase turns out to be bunk I look at it as a night out at the casino!".   "Condemnation without investigation is the hight of ignorance" Albert Einstien. I wanted to put that out there, maybe you would like to use it somehow. Anyway I want to say the Orgonium Orgone Pendant feels great and I feel so much more peaceful especially when in the matrix.   Feeling great, thank you and I am glad I found you. Much Love, Pete  email: Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 19:27:40


Dear Karen, Oh, what a Blessing you are!! Thank you SO much for all the valuable information you sent me. It is priceless.  Many years ago, I ordered an Orgone Pendant and I have been wearing it, yet I truly did not notice any difference.A friend of mine had gotten the Vortex Filter and really liked it and advised me to get it, and I ordered one but it never arrived - perhaps they went out of business!   Karen, I think the Higher Powers were blocking me from this, and I truly believe I was protected. And someone else had sent me a little, it looked like a cupcake, with little bits of metal in it, I was to set beside my bed. I thought it rather "strange" and did not do it. Thank heavens!  
I believe it was toxic "Organite". 
There was just something within me, that kept me searching and searching, and I feel I was led to you.  My new Orgonium Orgone Energy pendant and your products really feel "right." I am so happy I found you!!   You are so right, in saying there is so much out there, and we really have to be careful. Thank you, too, for the info on the wool sweaters. I am going to check that out. I am seriously considering getting more products, will have to wait just a little while longer, though.  Blessings, Olga email 24/11/10

Still Happy Two And A Half Years Later   I really like my Orgone Pendant and the plug in Geoclense unit that I have that clears the energy, not only in my apartment but surrounding areas.  Your products are great.   Thanks, Olga Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 14:45:54  

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