Blue Apatite Tower

Blue Apatite Tower

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Amplify Your Intentions!

Do you need to dispel negativity, apathy, and confusion? Blue Apatite Tower is your perfect ally. Blue Apatite is a dual-action gemstone known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals. It clears away negativity, apathy, or confusion, then stimulates the intellect to expand truth and knowledge, which can be used for personal growth or collective good. It is a manifestation gemstone that promotes a humanitarian attitude and service to others.

Blue Apatite is a deeply spiritual gemstone with a purifying effect on the aura, particularly the mental body, as well as a motivational stone that promotes ambitiousness and independence. Blue Apatite, a Throat Chakra gemstone, supports self-expression and communication, thereby increasing extroversion and openness. It’s an excellent gemstone to balance the Yin-Yang and promote the growth of your spirituality.

In harmony with the Third Eye chakra, it also improves memory skills and concentration and is a good crystal for study purposes. Used during meditation, the Blue Apatite Tower promotes deeper states of reflection and meditation. It can contribute to peace, inner clarity, and unity with the higher self.

With its ability to elevate the energy of everything around it, you really want a Blue Apatite Tower at work, at home, and wherever you require a boost of energy. Crystal towers are incredibly helpful in many ways, including as decorative items, ritual items, and metaphysical protection. Their sculpted shape makes crystal towers natural energy purifiers that actively absorb negative energy from the surrounding space.

These Blue Apatite Towers are polished to perfection and the end-result you will receive is a beautiful, shiny, translucent piece that you will love and cherish. Because the crystals are natural, their color, size, and markings will vary. Also, they may contain natural inclusions and flaws.

Blue Apatite Tower Healing Properties

Blue Apatite Tower Healing Properties

The Blue Apatite Tower allows for deeper immersion and self-reflection in search of self-understanding and inner clarity. Blue Apatite will keep you in search of “freedom” because it allows you to always plan for the rest of your life.

Blue Apatite amplifies the energy of nearby crystals, making it a perfect gemstone to keep close to your collection. A deeper meditation with the Blue Apatite Tower develops insights into humanitarian activities, such as healing, information storage, energy balance, and communication.

Blue Apatite Tower can also be used to clear blockages that can prevent or cause hyperactivity and mental imbalance. Having a Blue Apatite Tower nearby increases ambition and motivation, so keep some close to your workplace!

This deeply spiritual stone has a purifying influence on the aura, particularly the mental body, the vibrational level associated with paranormal abilities, and psychic perception.

It’s a particularly powerful stone to use for past or alternate life work, as it can access the energy planes in which an individual’s Akashic Records and Soul Templates exist. It is ideal as a dream stone for creative problem-solving and for vertical visions, where it’s possible to see various levels of consciousness working simultaneously and harmoniously.

How Do You Use the Blue Apatite Tower?

How Do You Use the Blue Apatite Tower

Raise the Vibration of Your Space

The shape of the carved crystal tower directs and focuses the energies to the termination point. These gemstones are ideal for raising the vibration of a place. Place the crystal tower on your altar or in a sacred space to release its healing power.

Hold your Blue Apatite Tower and repeat a mantra consistent with why you chose this gemstone and what you wish to invoke and/or release, such as I’m confident. I accept myself for who I’m right now.

As the Focal Point of a Crystal Grid

Using a crystal tower on mandalas or as the focal point of crystal grids, magnify and intensify the energy of your intention as well as your entire crystal grid. Write down your intention on a piece of paper and place it under the point in the grid’s center. Keep your Blue Apatite Tower in mind by placing your focused intention out into the universe, even when you’re not thinking about it.

For Stress Relief and Meditation



Meditating with a Blue Apatite Tower in your hands or placed in front of you helps clear your mind of anxiety, stress, and clutter. Blue Apatite facilitates the release of attachments and helps you let go of things that no longer serve you and hold you back.

Set Targeted Intentions



Crystal towers are the most powerful tool for setting intentions and manifesting them in the universe. Make space in your sacred space for your Blue Apatite Tower and written intentions.

Hold your crystal tower in your hands and visualize your intention as you program your crystal. Write your goals or intention on a small piece of paper, fold it towards you, and place your crystal tower on it.

Keep it somewhere sacred to you and revisit it daily as you set your intentions for the day. Your Blue Apatite Tower will project your focused intention out into the universe throughout the day, even when you’re not thinking about it.

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