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Hello, I purchased the Geocleanse earlier this year. My family loves it! We always have peace in our home, but the Geocleanse improved it dramatically.  Everyone can feel it, it's amazing.  Thank you graciously for your time and also this remarkable product!

Latitia, USA

Hi, Some feedback on my purchases.  I notice every day the fresh, lighter air in my home.  It's the first winter where my sinuses remain open and I am sleeping very well, too.  I have the Geoclense plugged into the wall where I sleep and I wear the Pendant every day.

Rose Hoover, USA

I received my Orgone Generator a week ago and instantly felt a difference.  I bought it on the recommendation of a friend, who has been using one to clear the EMF at a University Media Centre, full of edit suites and TV equipment, and was impressed by the results.

Veronica A, UK

The Orgone generator produced here is the best. When the ground pin of the GeoClense is placed so that it is in contact with the glass of the Medic 5G, the output of the Medic becomes noticeably stronger. That is because the GeoClense is an orgone generator, where orgone radiates from the ground pin of the electrical plug included with the GeoClense. In my experience, the orgone generator made by GeoClense is the best in the world, right now.

Robert Boyd