Blue Apatite Bracelet

Blue Apatite Bracelet

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Whet your appetite for this scrumptious Blue Apatite Bracelet. Blue beauty is all about helping to create a healthy body image. If you are working on balancing your lifestyle, physical transformation, or self-esteem, this blue apatite bracelet will be your enthusiastic cheerleader. Do you need motivation, confidence, or wellness? Show the world your amazing personality with this gorgeous blue gemstone on your wrist.

Life feels more brilliant and brighter with our Blue Apatite Bracelet. Blue Apatite guides you to a healthier lifestyle and emphasizes the importance of self-care. You deserve to look good because it is this moment that matters most. Be the best in your class with the Blue Apatite Bracelet cheering you on.

Blue Apatite brings you all kinds of good energies. Not only does this gorgeous gemstone helps you get rid of physical baggage but releases the drama, worries, and stress in your life as well. Blue Apatite stone is associated with the Throat chakra, also known as the Vishuddha chakra. The Throat chakra is, of course, related to the color blue and is primarily related to our ability to communicate.

Wearing Blue Apatite Bracelet can unblock the Throat chakra, making it easier to communicate and express yourself in other ways. Signs of a blocked throat chakra include feelings of shyness and social anxiety, difficulty speaking, and insecurity – definitely things we want to avoid!

Blue Apatite is powerful and beautiful. Using it in your spiritual practices and daily life can be very beneficial, making it essential to your overall health. Apatite promotes creativity and awakens the finest inner being.

It’s a gemstone of the future, bringing knowledge to those who are in harmony with it. It can be used as an interface between matter and consciousness to translate our humanitarian endeavors into teaching, communication, information, and healing.

Your new bracelet is adorned with genuine blue apatite gemstones. These stones feature various shades of white, blue, and organic brown veining. They are cut into round beads and strung on a strong elastic cord. The Apatite bracelet accentuates your arms with renewed luster and enhances your mundane looks in an instant.

Each gemstone bead has a different shape, pattern, color, and inclusions.

You Match this Bracelet If...

  • You need a bracelet that encourages you to stay healthy.
  • You need a splash of color in your life.
  • You are in self-improvement

Is Apatite Used in Jewelry?

Apatite Used in Jewelry

Most Apatite occurs in small grains. However, when large crystals form, they’re excellent for jewelry and polished stones. Apatite isn’t very well represented in the gemstone industry, as magnificent specimens are not that common.

Apatite is also soft and crackly, so jewelry featuring this gemstone is more expensive. If you get a green or dark blue gem in this enigmatic gemstone, you are sure to appreciate how it was created.

Benefits and Healing Properties of Blue Apatite

Benefits and Healing Properties of Blue Apatite

Like many other gemstones, Blue Apatite has several advantages and is of great importance. People have found that it can help with self-acceptance, confidence, ambition, and motivation. Generally, blue gemstones are associated with the mind’s connection with the spiritual world. This does not necessarily mean some sort of organized religion, but rather an opening of the mind and heart that allows you to access your authentic self.

Also, Blue Apatite has been linked to psychic perception and the ability to access the realm of the paranormal and is sometimes even an aid to those engaged in past life work. This ability, in turn, encourages creativity as it allows people to get in touch with previously forgotten parts of their minds and thoughts.

Several people use Blue Apatite gemstones to better appreciate their inner world and evaluate their needs, desires, and problems.

Besides these spiritual and metaphysical benefits, Blue Apatite crystals can also be used to improve physical health. It may surprise you, but one type of apatite, a biological mineral, is found in human bones and teeth.

So, it is no surprise that the Blue Apatite crystal has physical benefits: people have used it to boost their metabolism and suppress hunger. Some have also found it to be very helpful in promoting the healing of cartilage, teeth, and bones.

Ways to Use Blue Apatite Bracelet in Healing

Use Blue Apatite Bracelet in Healing

Blue Apatite is associated with the throat chakra, also known as the Vishuddha chakra. The Throat Chakra obviously has a connection with the color blue and is widely associated with our correspondence abilities.

Wearing the Blue Apatite healing bracelet can unblock the Throat chakra, making it easier to convey and articulate thoughts in an alternate manner.

Signs of a blocked or impeded throat chakra can include feelings of social nervousness, difficulty communicating your thoughts, and shyness – definitely things to stay away from.

This gem has strong properties that can greatly affect the people who wear it. As such, people who have never experienced it before should be careful when beginning to work with this chakra-balancing gemstone.

How To Determine Your Bracelet Size

How To Determine Your Bracelet Size

For elastic and clasp bracelets, use a tape measure to measure your wrist. Place the tape measure at the corner between your hand and the bones of your arm. It is the smallest point between your arm and your hand.

Make sure the tape measure fits snugly around the base of your hand (i.e., your wrist). It may be significantly easier to have your friend measure you.

If you don’t have a tape measure, use a strip of paper or string. Wrap it around your wrist and use that length to measure with a ruler. However, it is important to note that this method may not be as accurate as a tape measure.

Use the length of the circumference of your wrist (in inches) to purchase your new Blue Apatite Bracelet.

How Can I Measure My Wrist Without a Tape Measure?

Another way to find your bracelet size if you don’t have a tape measure is to use a piece of string and wrap it around the wrist.

Note where the string joins around your wrist. Use this length to measure with a ruler. The length of the string determines the circumference of your wrist.

On Which Wrist Should I Wear My Blue Apatite Healing Bracelet?

In terms of lithotherapy, you want to wear your Blue Apatite Bracelet according to your objectives. Your dominant hand is your giving hand and your non-dominant hand is your receiving hand.

If you’re right-handed, this is your dominant hand. Here you should wear your crystal bracelets to project the energy of the body. Some examples are:

  • You want to put a protective shield around your body; you want to wear your Blue Apatite Bracelet on the right wrist.
  • If you want to signal to the universe that your heart is open to new relationships, wear your healing bracelet on the right wrist.
  • If you’re right-handed, your left hand is your non-dominant hand. This is where you receive energy through your crystals. Below are some examples:
  • If you’re receiving healing from a healer, wear your Blue Apatite Bracelet on your left hand to get the energy easily.
  • If you’re not particularly concerned with the flow of energy, you can wear the bracelets on either wrist. Stack them in the formation you want.
  • If you’re a writer or constantly in front of the computer, you should think about which wrist you use most often. You have to keep in mind that the bracelet isn’t constantly hitting a hard surface.

Should I Wear Blue Apatite Healing Bracelets on Both Wrists?

Blue Apatite Healing Bracelets on Both Wrists

When it comes to lithotherapy, there are good reasons to wear a bracelet on each wrist. As we have already mentioned, the energies give and receive according to the mastery of your hand. But sometimes you want to give and receive crystal energies at the same time. Below are some examples:

  • You want to balance your earthing energy with a bracelet on each wrist.
  • It aims to relieve stress with two soothing Blue Apatite bracelets; the giving hand releases tension and the receiving hand encourages relaxation.
  • You want to clear your Throat Chakra with 2 bracelets, one that clears emotional trauma and the receiving wrist that fills the lacuna with amiable self-esteem.

How to Care for Your Blue Apatite Bracelet?


 Wearing Blue Apatite crystal jewelry has no harmful effects on the wearers. However, as a softer healing stone, it can be easily scratched and dented. Here are some simple care precautions for your new Blue Apatite Bracelet.

  • All natural gemstones must be treated with care. They are prone to impact fractures.
  • When showering, washing dishes, and bathing, the bracelet should be removed.
  • Blue Apatite Bracelets must be carefully put on and taken off the wrist. Don’t stretch too much.
  • The elastic cord stretches naturally over time. Restring your stretch cord Blue Apatite Bracelets when you feel them coming loose.

How to Cleanse Blue Apatite Bracelets?

 How to Cleanse Blue Apatite Bracelets

Cleansing your healing gemstones is very important and necessary both physically and mentally/psychologically. Rinsing the bracelet under running water can be both physically and metaphorically cleansing.

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