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5 Best Low EMF Infrared Sauna

Many people consider a sauna a great option to detoxify their bodies while relaxing their mind. However, most don’t realize the amount of EMF pollution they produce. Thankfully, there are some healthy alternatives. Check out the 5 Best Low EMF Infrared Saunas. 
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Many people consider a sauna a great option to detoxify their bodies while relaxing their mind. However, most don’t realize the amount of EMF pollution they produce. Thankfully, there are some healthy alternatives. Check out the 5 Best Low EMF Infrared Saunas. 

If the heat of a traditional sauna is too much for you, a ‘cooler’ option  to detoxify your body is to use an infrared sauna.

Infrared saunas use infrared waves to warm your body, which is generally considered safe. However, most infrared saunas have high EMF pollution levels, which over time can lead to health problems and acute symptoms in susceptible populations

It is not enough to know that infrared saunas give off electromagnetic radiation; it is also worth considering how to avoid this exposure if you want to use an infrared sauna. In this article, we will explain why infrared saunas are potentially dangerous and what you can do to manage this risk. 

What is Considered Low EMF for a Sauna?



There’s a lot of false claims and confusing information on the internet about low EMF infrared saunas. One of the main reasons for this is that most of the people who claim to offer or provide information about low EMF infrared saunas just don’t have a solid understanding of EMFs

Here are some common mistakes:

  • A false assumption that low-frequency magnetic fields are the only human-made electromagnetic field that matter in saunas. In fact, there are 4 types of electromagnetic fields and it is important to consider each of them. These include low-frequency electric fields, magnetic fields, microwave radiation (RF), and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

  • When mentioning magnetic fields, many people mistakenly claim that 2.5 mG ​​is the “safe” value (a number that was once considered for Swedish safety guidelines and is just below what various studies have found related to childhood leukemia). The actual value allowed by US federal regulations is 1000 mG. However, this figure is well above what most EMF experts recommend. Generally, experts advise limiting exposures to magnetic fields below 0.1 mG. This is the level at which many electro-hypersensitive (EHS) people can experience symptoms and is the maximum level you would want in your infrared sauna.

  • Many are using improper EMF meters which are not accurate enough and are usually uniaxial meters which can easily lose a field if the counter isn’t rotated along all three axes.

Which Infrared Sauna Has Lowest EMF?




Generally, there are four (4) types of saunas:

  • Steam sauna
  • Hot sauna (Finnish)
  • Far infrared sauna
  • Near-infrared sauna (with red bulbs)


From an electromagnetic field perspective, steam and hot saunas are generally quite good

Steam and hot saunas have been shown in studies to lower the risk of premature death and reduce cardiovascular disease. However, several people with health concerns cannot tolerate the heat of hot saunas (140-210°F).


Steam saunas are easier to tolerate, but if you don’t know that the water is filtered (very rarely), you can be exposed to many toxins, including chlorine and fluoride, as well as their byproducts. 


Additionally, steam and hot saunas heat the skin primarily by convection, so the detoxifying effect may not be as pronounced as in infrared saunas.

Popular with Health Conscious People



Far-infrared saunas have been around for a few decades and have become very popular with health-conscious people, although sauna prices generally range from $2,000 to $4,000. 


The added health benefit is that far infrared energy enters the body from the inside (about 1.5 inches below the skin) and heats it, which can offer better detoxifying effects than steam and hot saunas. 


This also occurs at a temperature of 110 to 140°F which is significantly lower temperature than a traditional hot or steam sauna (140-210°F). 

The problem with this type of infrared sauna is that they almost always generate very high EMF levels which can affect some people. Electromagnetic fields are created when electricity flows over many plates on the walls of the sauna.

Near Infrared Saunas



Near-infrared saunas employ reddish 250W bulbs and can be tailor-made at a lower cost. The bulbs generate infrared energy at wavelengths of 600 to 1200 nanometers (nm). This type of sauna uses the lowest temperature of all saunas (95-110 degrees) but produces excellent detoxification effects because near-infrared energy penetrates the body more than far-infrared (about 3 inches). 


As a result, the body heats up from the inside and you can sweat a lot and use the sauna for a longer time (usually 20 to 60 minutes). Also, this type of sauna has the potential to be the lowest EMF infrared sauna.


Do Infrared Saunas Emit Radiation?



Infrared saunas have gained popularity in recent years as they offer a much more efficient and practical alternative to the original sauna design. However, as with most other technologies, people are becoming increasingly aware of the potential health effects of continued use. 

With infrared saunas, however, it is worth separating the “bad” radiation from the “good” radiation. Understandably, the word radiation worries people a bit, but that does not always have to be a bad thing.


One of the good types of radiation is infrared radiation. Like visible light, it is almost entirely harmless to us. We are just saying almost because like visible light, there are ways in which it is potentially harmful (for example, how looking at bright light can hurt your eyes).


Infrared heat lamps employ a similar technology as saunas and are used in several applications. While it is interesting to note that infrared radiation is inherently safe, the devices will continue to generate significant amounts of EMF radiation.


All electronic devices generate some level of electromagnetic radiation; this is nothing new. However, the type and strength of EMF radiation generated by a device are more relevant to potential health effects than if it generates EMF radiation. 


For instance, electronic devices with a heating element sometimes generate high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Because heat generation is energy-intensive, which means a lot of energy is wasted. Often, it is not particularly effective either.

Dirty Electricity



So while devices like smart meters and Wi-Fi routers are considered the prime culprits for electromagnetic radiation, things like infrared saunas and hair dryers have concerns of their own. These devices also produce dirty electricity by operating at a different frequency than the power grid. 

You can assume that an infrared sauna generates electromagnetic radiation, as well as a strong electric field as a by-product of heating. These are the things that are potentially harmful to health but also depend on the duration of exposure, among other things.

How to Protect Your Home from EMF Radiation



If you want the health benefits of low infrared saunas without the EMF exposure, consider some home EMF protection. 

At Orgone Energy, we believe in protecting what matters most, which is the health of you and your family. 

EMF produces harmful positive ions. Exposure to EMFs can cause many short and long term issues. 

Short term effects of EMF exposure include

  •  Nausea, headaches, and other physical discomforts

  • Trouble concentrating and foggy brain

  • Lethargy and fatigue

  • Sleeping difficulties

  • Negative emotional energies of depression, anxiety, and anger

Long term effects of EMF exposure include an increased risk of certain types of cancer, including leukemia in both children and adults as well as glioma, a type of brain cancer. 

Fortunately, there is a solution available to protect yourself and your family. Our Orgone Energy line of EMF protection has something for everyone and every situation to protect you from exposure both at home and on the go. 


Our Geoclense® : EMF and Earth Radiation Harmoniser protects your home by producing healthy negative ions to neutralize the dangerous positive ions produced by EMFs. 

The Geoclense® is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation, and Bioplasmic Radiation.

Measuring EMF Radiation from Infrared Saunas



All EMF radiation can be measured with an EMF meter, although you must get the correct one. EMF radiation is divided into three main types (magnetic field, electric field, and radio frequencies). It is worth buying a good-quality EMF radiometer that can detect all three.

Generally, EMF radiation meters measure magnetic fields, and the correct name for this type of device is a gaussmeter. In the United States, the unit of measurement is milligauss (mG), while the rest of the world uses micro-tesla. 

You should opt for a meter that can read down to 0.1 mG or 0.01 micro-tesla. Another thing you have to measure is the electric field, which is typically measured in volts per meter. A good EMF radiometer measures these two fields and should allow you to easily switch between the units. 


Check out: What is the Best EMF Meter? 


Do the following To measure the EMF radiation given off by an infrared sauna:

  • Remove general background readings from electronic devices. Your metric will never be 0, but it’s helpful to have some base value for your region.
  • Begin by measuring the radiation values ​​in the sauna when it is turned off. This gives you a good idea of ​​your baseline levels, which will help you confirm the amount of radiation produced by the sauna.
  • Then turn on the sauna and start measuring. We would recommend beginning with the lamp and stepping away.
  • Of course, test the seating area and measure the radiation levels at approximately the height of your body and head. Write down all of this information and confirm that it is in the safe zone.
  • Check all lamp wiring. Even though the lamp looks nice, the wiring can emit a lot of EMF radiation.


However, a high reading does not always mean danger. For instance, you might live in an area with high levels of radiation, or there might be other devices nearby that increase your readings. Once you have some information, do some research online to find out which values ​​are acceptable in your specific situation.


5 Best Low-EMF Infrared Saunas

If you’re still interested in the health benefits of infrared saunas, don’t worry as there are lower EMF versions available. We looked at the reviews of some of the most common options to compile this list of the top five low-EMF infrared saunas. So whether you are looking to spend a lot or a little, we have found options to suit a wide variety of needs and budgets.

Durherm Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna



The Durherm Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna is somewhat unique to tent-style infrared saunas because it is made of copper


Copper is a conductive metal that helps dissipate dirty electricity. The Durherm Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna weighs only 25 pounds and uses negative ion technology.


 It is a little more expensive for a tent-style sauna; however, reviewers found that the product is relatively sturdy, and the manufacturer was quite responsive to those who had problems. 



This low-EMF sauna comes with a tent, chair, and footrest, as well as wired manual controls, and, like other tent-style infrared saunas, is easy to set up and assemble.

Smartmak FAR Infrared Sauna


The Smartmak FAR Infrared Sauna is also a tent-style sauna that sells for around half Durherm’s price

It includes a foldable chair, foldable sauna, handheld controller, and heating footpad. 

The sauna does not have to be installed, just open it up and plug it in. To use it, preheat the sauna for about 5 minutes. The manufacturer also recommends drinking a cup of water before entering the sauna to avoid dehydration



Reviewers of this low-EMF infrared sauna remarked on the ease of use of the product as well as the manufacturer’s quick response time if something goes wrong.

Durasauge Portable Infrared Sauna



Durasauge’s Portable Infrared Sauna is equipped with a chair (weight limit 220 lbs) and manual controls.



It unfolds for easy assembly and folds for convenient storage. Durasauge claims that this is one of the lowest EMF infrared tent saunas on the market. Besides being easy to set up, reviewers also reported that the product could block electromagnetic radiation when tested with an EMF meter.

HeatWave BSA6310 Rejuvinator Portable Sauna



The HeatWave BSA6310 Rejuvinator Portable Sauna is a tent-style sauna that can be easily transported. 

The configuration includes 4 carbon fiber heating plates, a folding chair, and a footrest. 



Setting up the HeatWave BSA6310 sauna is as easy as unfolding the chair and tent, and unfolding it is just as easy. This model also has a low EMF, with the complete unit generating between 5 and 10 milligauss. 

It was designed for people who are up to 38 inches tall. This portable low-EMF infrared sauna has an ionizer function that purifies the air in it. Also, it applies negative ions so you can enjoy a clean and fresh environment that will help you relax and heal while you stay in the cabin.

IdealSauna Negative Ion Far IR Portable Sauna



The IdealSauna’s Portable Infrared Home Spa is a great device for your home and offers real value for money. It uses carbon plates that help create infrared heat while releasing negative ions that can certainly reduce EMF radiation. 

The readings only show about 10 mG to 13 mG electromagnetic radiation, which is slightly higher than recommended, but still lower compared to other saunas out there. 



Like other portable saunas on the market, IdealSauna has a folding chair and heated footrest for general comfort when you need it. And there is also a remote control that only lasts 30 minutes for the timer, which is pretty weird since most people want to spend over 30 minutes relaxing in portable spas.

What are the Dangers of Infrared Saunas?



The primary concerns about infrared saunas are how long you are exposed to them and their proximity to your body

Unlike other electronic devices, it can be assumed that people do not use a sauna more than once or twice a week. This keeps the exposure time at least on the lower end of the spectrum. However, when it comes to being close to the body, this is a much bigger problem. Although, unlike other devices, the sauna lamp does not have direct contact with your body, given the electromagnetic radiation it can potentially emit, it is still quite close.


When you are in a sauna, you are usually trapped in a small box. This makes the problem worse simply because the EMF radiation cannot be dispersed like it would in a larger room.


This means that sitting in an infrared sauna is not that far from sitting in a large, low-power microwave. However, that shouldn’t mean that you don’t automatically enter a sauna. It is worth researching your particular situation, including the model of sauna you are using, to see if you should be concerned. Once you know that, find out what to do.

Final Thoughts

Infrared saunas can claim to offer a wide variety of health benefits, but their negative health effects are also worth considering. After all, they emit electromagnetic radiation and therefore cannot be considered 100 percent safe. If you are concerned about electromagnetic radiation from infrared saunas, then we advise you to stop using them. After that, take a look at the alternative options to see which one best suits your needs.