Orgone Energy is committed to providing only the best health and wellness products to our customers. This is why we have partnered with Orgone Effects® to bring you the best in EMF protection with their line of Orgone products. 

Founder Gerard Bini has a long-standing history of developing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) harmonizing products to neutralize the harmful effects of all forms of noxious energy emissions for over 20 years. 




Orgone Effects® are based in Melbourne, Australia, and is the sole manufacturer of the Orgonium® range of EMR harmonizing products. Their impressive range of EMF protection products is the result of over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience and intricate and advanced knowledge of the types of harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) which may exist within a space.

With technology advancing more and more each day, the need for EMF protection has never been greater. The Orgone product line works by emitting a negative charge resonance to neutralize and balance the harmful positive charge imbalance created by EMF radiation. This acts as a way to neutralize the electromagnetic stress put on the body by our everyday conveniences such as Wi-Fi, cellphones, laptops, microwaves, and other forms of EMF radiation.

The full range of Orgone harmonizing products have been field-tested and proven as non-placebo, and are recommended and distributed worldwide by Accredited health professionals such as Kinesiologists, Bioresonance Practitioners, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Holistic Health Practitioners, and Integrated Medical Practitioners. 



Orgone Effects® products are made from our exclusive Orgonium® process and will last a lifetime because the negative charge does not decay.


What makes Orgone Effects® distinctly different?

Orgone Effects® is significantly different from anyone else as founder Gerard Bini is a pioneer in the field of EMF protection through Orgonium® technology. This technology has been through rigorous testing for 20 years and is health practitioner tested and approved. Our EMF harmonizing products last a lifetime, and our harmonizers comprehensively cover over 30 different types of harmful radiation fields.