While the rapid increase in technology has created many positive effects for humankind over the last 200 years, it has also brought many health concerns.


At Orgone Energy, we recognize avoiding new technology is not an option for most people in the world. However, there are solutions to help minimize its effects on our physical and mental health. 


Orgone Energy is a proud distributor of Orgonium® range of EMR harmonizing products. These products are proudly produced in Melbourne, Australia by Orgone Effects®. 


Gerard Bini Orgone Effects


Our Founder


Gerard Bini, is the founder of Orgone Effects Australia and the foremost Australian expert in the development of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) harmonizing products.


He is a well-respected and internationally renowned Intuitive Building Biologist with 20 years of experience and research into EMF beyond the normal.


Gerard's background started in the construction industry and many years of Building Biology dowsing experience, which is why he calls himself an Intuitive Building Biologist.  All his knowledge and the product development to neutralize the harmful effects of all forms of noxious energy emissions were produced intuitively. 


Gerard has invented the Geoclense® Home & Workplace Harmonizer and a wide range of EMF harmonizing products.  The first Geoclense® was developed in 2004 out of necessity for an efficient Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and Earth Radiation harmonizer for his consultancy work in Melbourne. Since this first prototype, the Geoclense® has been programmed to neutralize around 30 different types of radiation fields! 


This line of products has been developed with over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience. As well as an intricate and advanced knowledge of the types of harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) which may exist within a space.


Our Orgone line of products have either been manufactured by Orgone Effects® or are sourced and infused with our unique Orgonium® Resonance Technology (Patent Pending). These products have been developed and refined through many years of research and field testing. 


These products are effects against EMFs by producing a negative charge resistance, which is as close to nature as possible. This negative resistance is vital in neutralizing and balancing the positive charge that is produced by EMF devices. While the idea of a positive charge sounds good, it is actually the harmful component that can be harmful to our physical and mental health. 



Our full range of harmonizing products have been field-tested and proven as non-placebo, and are recommended and distributed worldwide by Accredited health professionals such as Kinesiologists, Bioresonance Practitioners, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Holistic Health Practitioners, and Integrated Medical Practitioners.


Orgone Effects® products are made from our exclusive Orgonium® process and will last a lifetime because the negative charge does not decay. 

At Orgone Energy, we are committed to providing only the best products in the wellness field. We believe in the importance of safeguarding your physical and mental health in order to enjoy a more peaceful existence. 

Water Protection Products 




Our line of water protection products offers both EMF protection as well as the benefits of hydrogen and alkaline water. By taking a closer look at the benefits of hydrogen and alkaline water, we are able to offer products to combat oxidative stress in the body. We are all exposed to oxidative stress, which is linked to the pathogenesis of almost all diseases, including cancer. 

Our passion for wellness continues to grow as we are constantly researching and sourcing new products to add to our collections. We love learning more about our customers and how we can better serve their health and wellness needs.