Blue Apatite Jewelry

Blue Apatite Jewelry

Apatite is largely an insider gem collector’s secret and largely unknown to the general public. Displaying a kaleidoscope of colors, including an electric neon blue sometimes confused with Paraiba tourmaline, apatite is considered a prized possession by collectors. High-quality blue apatite gemstones can rival the beauty of other more valuable gemstones, and when set in well-crafted jewelry, blue apatite really stands out.

When it comes to blue apatite jewelry, most have faceted stones. As apatite ranges from translucent to transparent, faceting allows the gemstone to reflect and capture light effectively, giving the gemstone a shimmering feel and even inner warmth. Faceted apatite is often used for pendants, earrings, and rings.

While the highest-quality apatite gemstones are faceted, some apatite stones from lower-quality specimens are used to create beads or cabochons. Because of this, you can easily find jewelry with apatite cabochons, including rings and pendants. Besides apatite beads, strand necklaces are probably the most common use. But there are also apatite beaded bracelets, and sometimes you can find beads in earrings as well.

Due to its easy availability and affordability, it is a gem that everyone can afford. Interestingly, however, apatite is not a conventional gemstone and is unknown to most people, despite being a well-kept secret and a gem collector’s favorite. Join us on a journey into the secret heart of blue apatite jewelry and discover some of the jewels enchanted by this magical stone, waiting to be unearthed. 

It’s important to note that the blue apatite gemstone tends to be somewhat brittle. If the user is not careful, they can accidentally break the stone with a strong impact. Therefore, it is best not to wear a blue apatite ring or bracelet when engaging in activities that could result in the jewelry striking a surface. Let’s explore our Blue Apatite Jewelry collection:

Blue Apatite Bracelets

Blue Apatite Bracelets

Whet your appetite for this scrumptious Blue Apatite Bracelet. Blue beauty is all about helping to create a healthy body image. If you are working on balancing your lifestyle, physical transformation, or self-esteem, this blue apatite bracelet will be your enthusiastic cheerleader. Do you need motivation, confidence, or wellness? Show the world your amazing personality with this gorgeous blue gemstone on your wrist.

Your new bracelet is adorned with genuine blue apatite gemstones. These stones feature various shades of white, blue, and organic brown veining. They are cut into round beads and strung on a strong elastic cord. The Apatite bracelet accentuates your arms with renewed luster and enhances your mundane looks in an instant.

Blue Apatite Earrings

Make way for a dazzling impression as give your ears to a blue apatite indulgence. It’s a real boon for fashionistas, as some of the most coveted shades sparkle above the ears and enhance the shine of the piece of jewelry. Accessories have long been a woman’s love and something so eclectic and surreal in the form of a teardrop, hoop, or stud with a precious metal frame and overlay is nothing but brilliant to behold.

Blue Apatite Rings

Often, it takes more than a spark of confidence to define a woman as she is. Although the woman is a superwoman in every respect, her date with jewelry is more than inseparable. Rings are her favorite bridesmaid accessory and you’ll find her mentioning them whenever she can. These treasured fortresses enhance your taste for elegance and majesty. Made in an exclusive selection of unique designs, you’ll love wearing them to your next party.

Blue Apatite Pendants

Blue Apatite Pendants

Elevate your jewelry collection with something vintage yet so contemporary. The blue apatite pendant is a masterpiece to seduce you and glue your eyes to your minimal but so amazing jewelry.

This enchanting blue apatite pendant is your go-to healthy-inspired crystal. Wear the blue gem at your center and feel motivated to be the best version of yourself. Get your health and exercise routine in order, rejuvenate your mindset and align your life path. This blue apatite pendant will keep your spark alive.

Your new pendant is crafted from genuine apatite. This is a premium blue gemstone with an iridescent surface luster. It’s polished in the shape of an oval and set in sterling silver. Each gemstone differs in its pattern, color, and inclusions.

Your new luxury apatite pendant is a work of art that will make your aura shine. These genuine gemstones are set in genuine sterling silver. Give off positive vibes and attract the best of the best to your kingdom. This is a one-of-a-kind crystal pendant, as unique as you are.

Blue Apatite Necklace

Blue Apatite Necklace

Blue Apatite Necklace set in sterling silver with a snowy texture that catches the light. Blue Apatite is a calming and healing stone believed to reduce stress, increase concentration, and promote productivity and quick thinking. It removes negativity, calms the mind, and leaves you feeling grounded and centered. Also, it inspires determination and creativity. It is considered a great help in achieving your goals because it helps you feel confident in your abilities and be innovative.

The beaded necklace features blue apatite set in sterling silver. The gem is blue. Blue apatite is found in the phosphate mineral collection. The gem is soft because it has a hardness of 5 Mohs. The size of the gemstone is the same throughout the necklace. Wear a single Blue Apatite Necklace or layer it for fantastic energy.

Is Apatite Used in Jewelry

Is Apatite Used in Jewelry

Before the discovery of the now-coveted neon-blue-green apatite in Madagascar, these colorful but little-known gemstones were rarely found in jewelry collections. However, mineral collectors valued them not only for their colors but also for their beautiful fluorescence.

Since the discoveries in Madagascar, the ornamental use of apatite of all colors has increased. Although the best neon-blue specimens can approximate the color of the legendary Paraíba tourmalines, all gem-quality apatite has a hardness of 5 or more. Sadly, apatite lacks the hardness of their tourmaline rivals. Like precious stones, they require special care.

Blue apatite can be used to make enchanting jewelry pieces. The color of the apatite resembles beautiful tropical waters. The aqua-green shimmer of this stone is easily accentuated with pearls and/or silver beads. This gemstone is best used in necklaces and earrings because its Mohs value of 5, comparable to the hardness of teeth, makes it scratch easily.

Apatite exhibits an extremely rare flattening, a slit in reflected light that resembles a cat’s eye. The stone dangles brilliantly on a necklace or earrings. The color beautifully reflects a crystalline blue reminiscent of water, which is particularly relaxing in the dining room.

Caring for Blue Apatite Jewelry

Caring for Blue Apatite Jewelry

Apatite is ranked 5 on the Mohs scale, making it a rather brittle and soft gemstone. Also, it is known to be brittle and easily scratched, cracked, and chipped. Apatite stones are fragile and delicate and must be cut and used with care. Although difficult to polish and cut, faceted apatites look beautiful with topaz, tourmaline, and quartz gemstone patterns.

For blue apatite rings, use protection settings and reserve them for occasional use. Earrings, pendants, and necklaces are safer jewelry options. Since apatite gemstones are shock, heat, and acid sensitive, they deserve the same cleaning, care, and storage as opals. Never use a mechanical cleaning system on these jewelry pieces.

If you find your blue Apatite jewelry is dirty and needs cleaning, simply use mild liquid soap and water to clean it with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive or harsh cleaners and materials as these will scratch the surface and can do more harm than good. Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner on your blue apatite jewelry.

Always remove blue apatite jewelry when taking part in activities such as gardening, swimming, exercising, cleaning, or washing dishes.

Keep blue apatite jewelry away from heat and impact as it cannot be handled well. Make sure the stone does not come into contact with household chemicals and cleaning products, including perfumes, cosmetics, or hairspray.

Finally, always store blue apatite jewelry in a separate dust-free pouch or bag, away from other metals and gemstones to avoid scratches.

How Do You Know if Blue Apatite is Real?

Of course, a certified gemstone from a reputable dealer is the best way to go, but that’s not always possible when you’re looking for a bargain!

When you find out that apatite gets its name from the Greek word Apatao, which means to cheat, deceive, or trick, you can imagine that identifying apatite gemstones can be a little tricky, particularly “in the field”. In the lab, we can check absorption spectra, dispersion, pleochroism, and refractive indices to really determine if an apatite is real or not.

Apatite has, for long, been confused with quartz, tourmaline, and beryl, and a simple hardness test would suffice to distinguish it from them; all are much harder, about 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

The standard scratch test is an easy way to check many gems, but apatite falls right in the middle on the Mohs hardness scale and can be scratched with anything harder than a kitchen knife. Even a piece of glass can be harder, so it doesn’t greatly limit identification.

A faceted apatite has what is called vitreous luster, meaning it has a glass-like finish, which is also not very useful as glass can be used as a synthetic stone.

Apatite fluoresces under both short and long UV light. So, if you’re looking at one in a gemstone store or at a trade show where this type of lighting is available, here’s a way to check. Of course, other gems are also fluorescent.

Apatite stone may be beautiful, but it’s not very expensive, so sellers probably won’t put a lot of time and effort into getting people to buy counterfeit apatite gemstones.

Apart from a few exceptionally large specimens with spectacular colors, professional appraisals are usually not worthwhile. Again, we would simply recommend purchasing this beautiful gemstone from a reputable dealer like Orgone Energy.

Can Apatite Change Color?

Some gems show a dramatic or distinct color change under various light sources. Look at a garnet under artificial or electric light and it might look red, put it in sunlight and suddenly it’s green! This doesn’t happen with apatite gemstones.

What is Special About Blue Apatite Jewelry?

What is Special About Blue Apatite Jewelry?

Blue Apatite makes beautiful jewelry pieces, the gemstone can be cut into almost any shape and comes in decent sizes up to 10, 20 carats, or even larger with clarity and brilliance that rivals almost any other gemstone. Despite this, they are quite affordable, and while still a rare find, they are readily available.

Apatite gemstones are usually all natural and not treated or heated in any way, although the neon blue version is often slowly and carefully heated to achieve deep Paraiba blue.

Part of their charm is that they’re so seldom mentioned by gemstone dealers or jewelers around the world that they often attract questions and attention because people are so curious about this striking piece. Just because they’re an excellent substitute for the outrageously expensive Paraiba tourmalines shouldn’t take away from the fact that they’re perfectly attractive on their own.

Why Buy Blue Apatite Jewelry from Orgone Energy?

We pride ourselves on quality blue apatite jewelry at reasonable prices. As an established and reputable retailer of crystal and gemstone jewelry, we are directly linked to an extensive network of leading miners and jewelry suppliers from around the world. This ensures that our blue apatite jewelry prices stay competitive and affordable for every budget.

Put on your gear and dance to the symphony of blue apatite jewelry as Orgone Energy has put together an enchanting plethora of jewelry for all ages and gender. We love to see our customers happy and satisfied and are happy to help you with questions you may have about blue apatite jewelry, other gemstone, and crystal jewelry, or your online purchase.