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Citrine Healing Properties

Unlock the secrets of Citrine's healing power! This vibrant crystal goes beyond sunshine & joy. Discover its impact on balance, emotions, & physical well-being. Explore our Citrine collection & embrace its multifaceted properties.

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Citrine is beloved by the wellness community for its ability to attract abundance and repel negativity, but its power goes well beyond that. Check out Citrine's healing properties. 


Citrine is a beautiful stone with a vibrant yellow color that reminds you of the healing effects and joys of the sun. It is even called the crystal that gives vitamin C to the soul. But citrine is so much more than its sunny, vibrant energy.


Raw Citrine

Our collection of products includes citrine necklaces, bracelets, rings, beads, towers, spheres, crystals, and stones. They are conduits for this crystal’s multifaceted healing properties.


Citrine’s healing properties can help with balance and physical, spiritual, and emotional issues.

It has healing powers that can help with emotional problems and physical ailments. Also, it is used for energy healing and chakra balancing.


Citrine crystal healing therapies include promoting proper metabolism, directing personal powers, and balancing the solar plexus.


The therapeutic applications of citrine boast an extensive and well-documented history. Meditating with Citrine is highly recommended as well


Citrine Healing Properties


Citrine Beads


The term “citrine” originates from the Greek word “citron” as many early Citrine stones resembled the bright yellow hue of citrus. Let us examine some of Citrine’s healing properties in detail below.

Increase Sunny Cheerfulness and Optimism

Designated as the gemstone of luck and good humor, Citrine has the power to uplift and invigorate. Whether you’re experiencing a low mood or simply seeking a lift in your spirits, consider acquiring a Citrine stone and spending a few moments in its presence for a revitalizing effect. 

If you want to amplify this healing, make sure you sit somewhere in the sun. You can even incorporate sun gazing into the practice, creating a powerful healing blend.


Citrine channels the luminous power of the sun, so you can even use it to grow your plants.


If you reside in an apartment with little sunlight, you can strategically position Citrine around it to revitalize your houseplants. Not only that, but it will also help you release your anger.

Whether you’re grappling with frustration over global affairs or experiencing a sense of helplessness, Citrine can effectively counteract these negative emotions, facilitating a shift toward a more positive and empowered mindset.



You already know that staying in a negative state for too long is not good because it can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to fatigue and illness.

Enhance Manifestation Abilities and Powers

Do you often find yourself struggling to initiate action? Are you still waiting for a “better” moment ahead to pursue your heart aspirations?


One of the most important of Citrine’s healing properties is that it works as a manifestation crystal.


However, it’s important to clarify that using Citrine as a healing crystal for manifestation does not mean that you can just relax and do nothing about your desires and dreams.

Of course, we must take proactive steps! But it will certainly help you express your deepest desires and needs better and faster. And we could all use more of that in our lives. Right?

Align Your Chakras

Everyone on this earth walks around with imbalanced energy centers and chakras. It’s no surprise that a multitude of suffering exists, whether factual or perceived. Citrine can help align your energy chakras, which is very important. But beyond that, it can help you harmonize your solar plexus chakra, contributing to inner equilibrium.


Familiarity with chakras reveals that the solar plexus chakra governs proactive steps, achieving your goals, resolute adherence to plan, and putting things into action. 


This chakra represents the fiery energy that we universally have. Once equilibrium is achieved in the solar plexus chakra, you will find that you can complete your projects effortlessly and with greater motivation. You won’t need to exert effort to engage in your projects.

In addition, you will also find it easier to stick to habits. You will not stop exercising or eating healthy. Your solar plexus keeps you focused. Balancing your solar plexus chakra also helps you realign your other chakras. So, it’s important to focus on that.


Cleanse Your Aura

Due to the heat treatment, Citrine contains a lot of light and spiritual energy. Because of this, it can cleanse your aura easily and effectively if you sit with it, even for a short time. You are already aware that your aura functions like an energetic or magnetic field that absorbs all neutral, positive, and negative vibrations in your surroundings.

For empaths or very sensitive individuals, you will experience heightened sensitivity to the energies in your environment, especially negative energies. This underscores the significance of carrying Citrine on your person so that you can protect yourself from these negative tendencies.


Citrine can help you keep a positive outlook even amidst an environment saturated with stress, hatred, and negativity. 


The frantic pace of those around you doesn’t necessitate that you mirror their actions; with Citrine’s influence, you can maintain your composed demeanor.

As the world around you becomes more insane and chaotic, you must take responsibility for your health and vitality. You can’t trust someone else to do it for you. And your Citrine stone will be a suitable partner to help you.

Promotes Digestion and Improves Mental Clarity

Perhaps you may have noticed how utterly disorganized your mind feels when your aura or energy field has been disrupted. Conversely, you’re acquainted with the serene state that accompanies positivity and cheerfulness.

The Citrine crystal can help you keep your mind sharp when everyone around you can’t. Also, it can help you stay peaceful and calm, which of course helps keep your digestive system healthy.

Stress has a major impact on the digestive system as your body shifts all of its resources to the fight-or-flight mode instead of wasting it on digestion or other non-essential activities.

Boosts Energy

Just like the soft glow of the sun, Citrine works wonders to warm the body and create an uplifting mood. If vitamin D were a crystal, it would certainly be Citrine. When you bring Citrine into your life, you can say goodbye to slow vibrations.

Citrine provides an instant boost of energy, provides tremendous energy, and can be an incredible gift for those suffering from chronic fatigue or other conditions that drain your resources.

Helps the Thyroid

Although Citrine is an energizer, that doesn’t mean it gets you going at full speed. It is a gemstone that propels you under its power but does not throw you off balance.


Citrine helps the thyroid function well, promotes a healthy digestive system, improves blood circulation, and minimizes allergies and skin irritations of all kinds.


Even those who are suffering from menstrual cramps and an out-of-control cycle will love Citrine’s healing properties and it can be used as a remedy for nausea as well.

Helps Relieve Anger and Tension

It’s no surprise that bright and sunny citrine vibes are mostly good vibes, excitement, and not giving up that personal power. If you ever feel like you’ve lost your balance, Citrine is here to remind you to pick it up with a smile.


Citrine helps you open your mind, release tense feelings of anger and negativity, and take deep, cleansing breaths that help you overcome feelings of depression, confusion, and destructive tendencies.


This crystal teaches you how to get rid of all those elements that no longer illuminate your inner self. Citrine can help you overcome your phobias through the gentle current of healing energy, knowing that you can take responsibility for your safety no matter what and that you simply won’t fail.

Boosts Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Feeling the current of sweet optimism helps you tap into those manifestation powers. With Citrine as your ally, you suddenly believe in boundless possibilities – and rightfully so!

You will feel your self-esteem skyrocket, you will go with the flow of the river instead of feeling like life is one big uphill battle, and you will stand your ground and even be ready and willing to take criticism with meekness and grace.