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Does an Orgonite Pyramid Work? – Orgone Energy

Many are concerned about the harmful effects of EMF exposure but are unsure how to protect their health. With so many options available on the market many wonder, does an orgonite pyramid work? 

Many are concerned about the harmful effects of EMF exposure but are unsure how to protect their health. With so many options available on the market many wonder, does an orgonite pyramid work? 


What is Orgonite? 


Authentic Orgonite Pyramid

“Orgonite” is a word to describe a material designed to channel the life force energy of Orgone.

Orgone is a cosmic energy source first explored by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. Probably a combination of the words orgasm and hormone, this energy source can affect our lives in a variety of ways.


What Does Orgonite Do? 


7 Chakra Orgonite Necklace 


Positive orgone energy fosters vitality and aids in the removal of obstacles or impediments in Orgone energy.

Deadly orgone energy is negative energy, can be found in geopathic stress regions, as well as being transmitted from radio towers and devices with wireless Internet.

Orgonite, such as an orgonite pendant, can help you by neutralizing deadly orgone safeguarding your physical and mental health from the effects of EMF exposure. 

Orgonite is a substance that helps draw in deadly orgone energy and neutralize it.


Orgonite sends the cleansed orgone energy back out into the world as positive orgone energy in all directions.


A good way to envision the way that this orgone device manipulates orgone energy is to picture light passing through a prism and being redirected in all ways.


Where Can I buy Orgonite?




Orgonite is easy to find for sale on the Internet. However, it is important to find a reputable retailer who sells genuine products.

At Orgone Energy, our products are verified and certified by SGS, a worldwide leader in cerification.



If you are looking for genuine orgonite at competitive prices, Orgone Energy is a great fit for you. However, since some prefer DIY, you can also make your own orgonite at home. 

It is fairly easy to make orgonite yourself, in the comfort of your own home. This mixture of organic and inorganic materials works together; the organic, live materials drawing the energy in and then the inorganic material scrubbing it and sending it back out into the world cleansed.


How to Make an Orgonite Pyramid


All you need to make your own Organite is a clear catalyst, quartz crystals, and metal shavings.

Polyester resin is the most commonly used binding substance and can be found on Amazon or in an industrial store.

Your mechanic can likely provide you with aluminum or copper to help you create your own orgone generator. Finally, clear quartz is the base crystal needed to create this amazing substance.

Orgonite generators offer positive energy and can take a variety of forms. Many people like to wear an orgonite pendant as they can carry the balancing and harmonizing advantages of this substance. They also offer benefits from the manipulation of positive energy at all times.

With orgonite pendants like our 7 Chakra Orgonite Necklace you can achieve uninterrupted shielding from electromagnetic radiation and negative energy.


Orgonite Tower Busters


Orgonite can also take the form of orgonite pucks, also called tower busters. These are easy to make and have the advantage that you can make batches of multiple tower busters at once.

You can then spread them throughout your home, placing one under your bed to protect you from negative energy while you sleep, while another rests in your vegetable garden to promote life force energy and yet another near your television or in your office to protect from electromagnetic radiation due to deadly orgone waves. 

Finally, and perhaps most powerful of all, is the orgonite pyramid. Beyond aesthetic beauty, there are many reasons to choose an Orgonite pyramid over other orgone generators.


Firstly, the orgone pyramid has significance in sacred geometry, meaning that it has been charged with symbolic and sacred meanings.

Most famously, the Egyptians constructed the great, important and extremely sacred pyramids of Egypt. The Great Pyramid of Giza is considered one of the wonders of the world.

Although we think of the pyramids as a frightening place because of the suffering it took to build them, as well as the fact that they are used a tomb, the Egyptians believed in an afterlife.


The pyramids were used as a source of power, providing new life to their dead. The pyramid is known as a spiritual symbol of rebirth.


In sacred geometry, the pyramid shape is thought to be the ideal shape for channeling energy, as energy will flow through the point at the top and then be dispersed evenly through all four corners.

This is also the reason that many spiritually powerful people, including priests and witches, traditionally wore a cone-shaped hat.

The pyramid or cone shape also represents consciousness as well bringing your being and your soul to terms with one another.


Orgone or life flow etheric energy is an excellent form of cosmic energy for harmony, balance and deeper levels of spiritual awareness.


Orgonite pyramids are also extremely beautiful to look at. If you want to have Orgone generators spread out throughout your house, you may as well ensure that the pieces also contribute some decorative aesthetic to the rooms they are being placed in.


Golden Tree of Life Orgonite Pyramid

Orgonite pyramids, because of their shape, will also be the ultimate receptacles for orgone energy. After deadly energy has been drawn in, captured, and scrubbed, it will be evenly projected out through all sides of your organite pyramid.

Even the construction of an orgonite pyramid itself supports this theory. The crystal in the tip or point of the pyramid will be a catalyst allowing the energy to enter.

In the center, the energy will come into contact with the metal and be scrubbed, changing for deadly orgone energy to positive orgone energy.

It will then be radiated back out in all directions via the quartz crystals at the base, which are placed in a cross formation.


An Orgonite pyramid is probably the ultimate orgone generator that an individual could possess.


Not only does it possess the proper materials to attract and scrub deadly orgone energy, but also its shape has very specific meaning in the realm of sacred geometry. These include rebirth and spiritual awareness.

Most importantly, the pyramid is considered the ultimate shaped for channeling energy, which is essentially the purpose of an orgonite piece.

For protection from both mental and physical disease stemming from electromagnetic radiation and geophysical stress regions, as well as for promoting proper flow of life source energy throughout the body, an orgonite is a beautiful and valuable tool.