The 7 Most Common EMF Exposure Symptoms

The 7 Most Common EMF Exposure Symptoms

Did you know that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from the transmission of electricity, telecommunications, and broadcasting, as well as domestic and other industrial appliances,  are hazardous to your health? The danger that electromagnetic fields can cause humans (in terms of health) is increasing as technology evolves. As you may or may not be aware, electrical substances exist in the nervous system due to the chemical reaction that occurs during standard activities. For example, our nervous system sends signals by transmitting electrical impulses during digestion of food substances which can be affected by EMF sensitivity.

Whenever the charges in our body come into contact with outside charges in the electromagnetic field from our devices, these charges then become induced in our own functioning system, which can lead to an alteration in the way our cells perform and could potentially to lead to a number of health issues and potentially even cancer. Therefore, this article is created to inform you that many symptoms can occur if you are always exposed to electromagnetic field radiation. In this article, however, for the sake of brevity, we’ll reduce the symptoms that we'll be discussing to the seven most common health problems.

Lack of Quality Sleep

This is one of the most common symptoms that indicate exposure to the electromagnetic field. It is caused by the constant exposure to cell phones that we take around with us during the day and next to us when we go to bed. Apart from the EMF generated by cell phones, the electricity in the wiring of bedroom appliances also contributes to this specific symptom. When the frequency within the wire (during the flow of current) is above 50Hz–60Hz, then the additional frequency is released into the bedroom, which causes your body’s functions to react. These reactions later lead to a lack of sleep (insomnia) or similar sleep disturbances, which, in turn, can lead to chronic fatigue.

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Tinnitus Tinnitus is a debilitating illness where the patient continually hears sounds such as hissing, roaring, thudding, clicking, and other unpleasant noises. The sounds occur when there are no sounds present in the infected person’s immediate environment. All of these sounds are also common in people who suffer from severe Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), which is one of the health effects connected to exposure to EMF radiation. EHS symptoms are also commonly called ringing, though it is known as tinnitus.

Brain Fog

Exposure to electromagnetic fields can also hurt our brain and cause concentration difficulties. Being exposed to EMF radiation can affect the blood-brain barrier, which, in turn, affects cognitive or severe memory declination, which is likely to make it difficult for you to recall the names of people you know, places or events, and even rapidly depletes your levels of concentration. It is said that exposure to electromagnetic fields as well as the advancement of wireless technology is contributing to a rise in Alzheimer’s disease all over the world. A study conducted at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that the number of individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease is likely to triple by the year 2050. You can read more about that here.

Heart Palpitations and Chest Pain

The use of electronic gadgets can lead to electromagnetic sensitivity resulting in overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. One of the things that result from this sympathetic nervous system is heart palpitations (irregular heartbeats), which can be an early signal that your stress response is in override. If this kind of symptom occurs, you will need to avoid exposure to electromagnetic field radiation. If this happens, move your smartphone and other devices away from your body to reduce your exposure to EMF. You can learn more about this symptom at heart institute.


Exposure to EMF can make you feel exhausted even after many hours of sleep. How intense your exposure to electromagnetic radiation doesn’t determine how much the effect is going to be on you. This is because some people are more responsive to electromagnetic fields than others and, as such, suffer more from Electromagnetic Hypersensitive. Apart from fatigue, people suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitive can experience any of the symptoms listed here.

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Dizziness is another symptom of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity that the World Health Organization (WHO) has verified. This particular condition has pushed a lot of people to seclusion. If you want to explore this symptom further, read the article published upper cervical awareness. Students commonly report this symptom of electromagnetic field exposure. It can be seen as a result of many wireless devices that are everywhere on campus from the classrooms to the dorms.

Skin Reaction

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation might not show in the form of symptoms mentioned above but instead manifest itself as a skin reaction on the person being affected. This skin reaction includes redness, rashes, or even tingling of the skin. Although these skin reactions mostly occur in the face or the upper arms of the patients, it can also occur nearly anywhere on the body.

If you observe any of the above symptoms, it might be high time to monitoring how much you expose yourself to electromagnetic radiation. Since it is most likely that you are exposed to harmful radiation daily (the entire general population is to some degree), it is better to consider finding a means to reduce the effects of the electromagnetic field.

It’s essential you take this seriously because of the anxiety and stress it can create, the pressure it places on your heart, and the dangers it poses on your nervous and immune systems. In order to help you with this, we will, at this point, recommend a product that can release all the effects electromagnetic radiation that may be secretly affecting your health and your life. This product is Orgonium Orgone Energy Product.

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Recommended Product: Orgone Energy Product

Orgonium energy products are technological products designed to vibrate at a frequency in synchronization with your nervous system and your energy fields. So, whenever you are exposed, these smart meters release healthy negative ions that counteract the harmful positive ions emitted by the radiation from electronic devices thereby neutralizing the effects of the radiation.

As explained above, the cancellation of those ions results in calmness and a relaxed sensation. It releases the anxiety, stress, and whatever harmful effects the non-ionizing radiation might have created in your body. This is the reason Orgone Energy products are called “harmonizers” or “neutralizers.”

Benefits of Orgonium Energy Product:

  • Releases anxiety

  • Relieves stress

  • Provides a “fresh” feeling

  • Invigorates the nervous and immune system

  • Reduces pressure on the heart

  • Removes any aches and strains in your body