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Hedron EMF Protection

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Hedron makes a wide range of products, but they are best known for their cell phone stickers and body shield. Also, they have blue light blocking lenses, whole house harmonizers, large electronic harmonizers, pendants, and more.

We’re going to take a little time to talk about all of these products, but we’ll talk a little about the company first. After that, we will talk about the most popular products.

What is Hedron Life Source?

According to their website,

Hedron has been in the wellness education field for over 10 years. The company consists of doctors, geophysicists, naturopaths, and other employees.


Not only do they develop a variety of products to protect against the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, but they also seem to spend a lot of time researching their products. Their research eventually led to products such as the Hedron Body Shield, the Hedron EMF Shield, and other products.

Dr. Jerod Bergman and Dr. Ida Allen founded the company. They were already working together to offer their patients comprehensive health solutions. They recognized the need for proven products that help their patients stay healthy in a world that is increasingly contaminated with electrosmog. They are constantly producing new content on the dangers of electromagnetic radiation and it seems that they are still working to develop and improve their already wide range of products.

How Do Their Products Work?

Each one works a little differently, but they are all based on similar ideas. They use a mixture of certain earth minerals that they say harmonize the electromagnetic radiation from tablets, smart meters, cell phones, and other technologies. These minerals, together with Schumann resonance and scalar technology, serve to protect people from the electromagnetic radiation surrounding them without affecting the effectiveness of their devices.

Have Hedron Life Source Products Been Tested?

One problem with such products for the average consumer is that it is difficult for us to test them ourselves.

The problem is that it does not really reduce the measurable electromagnetic radiation, but rather harmonizes it and protects the body from it.


While a good quality EMF meter is an essential tool on your path to protection against EMF radiation, it will not help you measure such a product. Instead, we have to rely on the numerous independent tests that have been conducted on the Hedron Life Source line of products.

According to their website:

“The Hedron Life Source EMF Shield is approved by the popular electronic device test and measurement laboratory CIEMS (California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science), with an electromagnetic shielding efficiency of 99.95 percent when tested at 9.375 GHz frequency. Note that the latest CDMA and GSM phones currently only operate at a maximum frequency of 2.1 GHz (2100 MHz), while the Hedron EMF Shield has been tested to protect radiation even at 9.375 GHz frequency. When you attach the Hedron EMF Shield to the hole of the cell phone earpiece or the front or back of the cell phone as close as possible to the earpiece, it immediately begins to harmonize the radiation and reduce the heating of the cell phone, thanks to the scalar technology and mineral technology used in The Hedron EMF Shield.”


However, they also have a host of other studies that you can check out on this page. However, if you want to read the details of how their products have been tested, be sure to visit their website.

Okay, that’s enough. Let’s get on with the product reviews!

EMF Hedron Life Source Product Reviews

Hedron Body Shield Review

For me, this is one of the most interesting products from Hedron. Wearables are becoming increasingly popular in the field of EMF protection products. People are attracted to the lightness and simplicity that portable products bring. Be it an EMF protection bracelet or pendant. What’s special about Hedron’s Body Shield is that it is small and not tied to anything. So it can be kept in the pocket, purse, backpack, or even your clothes.

The company claims the shield will protect the user from electromagnetic radiation from a wide range of devices, including cell phones, Wi-Fi, laptops, televisions, as well as other electronic appliances. Also, it protects against power lines and cell phone towers. The company also claims that it helps protect the body from damaging areas of geopathic stress. It does these things with its “7.83Hz Earth Resonance” as well as a proprietary infusion of a patented crystalline matrix that helps convert harmful frequencies into harmonizing frequencies that the body identifies and benefits from. Also, the product contains shungite. Shungite is an ancient crystal found in Russia's Karelia region and is believed to contain fullerenes.

Hedron Cell Phone Shield Review

There is not much different information available on the Hedron Cell Phone Shield. It appears that the product works identically to the body shield. The only major difference is that it has a self-adhesive backing so users can stick it to the back of their laptop, phone, tablet, or other devices. Like Hedron’s body shield, the cell phone protectors seem easy to use. It is basically a thin sticker (0.1 inches) that you just stick on the back of your electronic devices and then forget about it. It offers similar protection by the same technology as the Body Shield and other Hedron Life Source products.

Hedron Pendant Review

The Hedron Pendant is another of this company’s products that people seem to love. It is an attractive and simple pendant that is easy to wear and lightweight. It comes with a silk cord that feels great around the neck and goes great with the pendant. The necklace itself appears to be made primarily of minerals, crystals, and shungite in a resin. There is a silicone gasket that surrounds the exterior of the pendant to make it waterproof and extend its life.

Other Hedron Life Source Products


Also, Hedron makes a wide range of other interesting and useful products, including:

  • Large Electronics Harmonizer
  • Home Protection Harmonizer
  • Air Tube Headphones
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • and more.