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Hematite Healing Properties

Hematite Healing Properties 

Hematite Crystals because of their suspected healing properties have been used for a long time by crystal healers. Grounding in your life is important this article will go over the suspected benefits of hematite healing crystals.

Hematite Healing Properties

What is Hematite? 

Hematite is a dark-colored, shiny, and reddish brown mineral stone that is sometimes used as a healing crystal. It is mainly made of iron, which is responsible for its metallic sheen. This crystal is an iron oxide mineral, meaning it is a reasonably heavy and magnetic stone. Hematite is available in shades of gray and black – typically with a strong metallic and sparkling sheen. Also, you can find hematite as a red crystal stone. Beyond that, there is a form of this mineral known as rainbow hematite. Rainbow hematite looks more like an oil slick on water when polished. 

Often, hematite grows in a matrix of other minerals; it is mostly found growing quartz, and this result to a stone known as hematoid quartz. Quartz energetically amplifies hematite properties. The inclusions of hematite in the quartz can coat the outside of the quartz with a reddish brown coating or it can be inside the matrix. It is very common to find hematite inclusions in various quartz types, such as smoky quartz, rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, or citrine. The hematite may be concentrated in an area or it may be diffused within the quartz, giving the crystal a reddish color. Additionally, you will find hematite in beads, rough (natural) stones, jewelry, as well as polished, carved, and tumbled stones. 

Hematite Associations 

Vibration – Number 9 

Element – Fire/Earth 

Planet – Mars 

Zodiac – Aquarius, Aries 

Chakras – Base Chakra 

Typical colors – Red or brown to reddish brown, silver-grey or black to steel 

Origin of Hematite 

For a long time, hematite has been known by man as it was among the first types of chalk in use more than 163,000 years ago. Mentioned in ‘Naturalis Historia’ by Pliny’s and quite popular with the Babylonians as a talisman to procure favor in petitions and judgements. Also, it has been associated with the Greek god of war, Ares. The ground powder was used as a coloring for war paints as well as pottery and textiles. The name hematite was derived from ‘Haima’, the Latin word for blood. Hematite was a popular crystal stone for decorative purposes in Ancient Rome. Weapons, jewelry, as well as armor decorated with the crystal were widely traded. Its dark color was thought to be especially protective or intimidating. 

Hematite Healing Properties 

Hematite are known to have a hexagonal crystalline lattice. Crystal stones with lattice structure like this amplify, energize, and manifest energies. Hematite’s main colors, black, gray, and red, are linked to the root chakra which is typically associated with the energies of establishing boundaries, standing up for oneself, grounding, security, and safety. Here are some healing properties of hematite. 

Hematite is a stone of reflection as it is said to deflect negative energy. This stone will actually help you look deeper within yourself and find your most efficient shield against the outside world, whether that be a talisman or belief. 

Hematite is a stone that matches you where you are rather than requiring you to grow into it. Meaning that this is a stone that is perfect for long-term use – evolving as you evolve, helping to steer you through situations easily and quickly, moving you on to the next one without missing a beat. 

Hematite allows you to shrug off the negative attachment to things, relationships, and situations while you work to evolve and sustain more positive things in your life. This doesn’t mean negativity goes away, this means your reaction to it starts to change. Hematite is a good stone to retrain yourself into being a more positive person, keeping you aware of what you are focusing on. 

Also, hematite is excellent for healing the body because it supports circulation and cleanses the blood. This makes it an essential item to have in your healing stone tool kit. You can use its energizing and warm vibes to fire up a lethargic nervous system while also infusing the energy centers with a new-found strength. 

Incorporate hematite into your daily meditation practice to access its healing power. The iron oxide in this mineral gives it powerful grounding properties. To access its healing properties, clear the room of cell phones, to-do lists, or anything else that can cause distraction to create a sacred healing space. Borrow the Zen tradition meditation practices to remove yourself from the modern world. Light a candle and smudge the room and crystal to set the mood for a peaceful contemplation. Gaze at the crystal and notice its powerful but subtle vibrations during the therapeutic session. 

If you are feeling unsteady, either spiritually or physically, meditate with this crystal to benefit immediately from its grounding effects. Lay on your back on the floor with the legs uncrossed and place the stone on the lower abdomen and another one in each hand to ground the body. With each deep breath, say to yourself, ‘I am connected and grounded to the earth.’ This powerful crystal will absorb any negativity and bolster your inner resolve and strength. 

Although hematite is typically associated with clearing toxic emotions and transmuting negative vibes, the stone is also a great manifestation tool. If you have your head in the calls, carry a hematite stone or hematite jewelry and help transform your aspirations and dreams into reality. 

The energy of hematite crystals will help to align your chakras and balance your aura, as it brings together the energy of the spirit, body, and mind. Often, when working with high crystal energy stone, it is easy to become spacy or dreamy. Rather than integrating the vibration throughout your chakra system, it is possible to lose oneself to the high vibration energy. These crystals can be very helpful to aid you to embody the high energy vibration while also helping you to let go of the excess energy. This is quite important as spaciness can make it very difficult to effectively operate, and to get on with daily living.


Hematite are known to help timid women to have heightened self-esteem and confidence as they help to boost self-esteem and help to make you feel better overall, physically and emotionally. Also, hematite stones are helpful for overcoming addictions. So if you need help with this, you can carry a piece with you to enhance your health. 

How to Use Hematite 

How you use the stone largely depends on what you want to achieve. Primarily you can wear hematite, place it in certain locations, or meditate with it. 


Keep a piece of hematite in your workout space or in your yoga mat’s corner to energize your workouts. While you exercise, you can also carry a piece of hematite in your pocket. Additionally, you can wear the hematite jewelry when you wake in the morning. We don’t advise you wear it to sleep as it may be too energizing, thus hindering a good night’s sleep.

Create Balance 

To help create balance, wear a hematite necklace on a long chain or wear a hematite bracelet on the wrist. Place a piece of hematite at your office desk to help promote a work-life balance. 

Establish Boundaries 

Wearing a hematite bracelet on your dominant hand’s wrist or on your dominant hand can help you establish a firmer boundary. 

Use for Grounding 

You can wear a hematite bracelet or anklet if you want to use it for grounding. A person who isn’t grounded may seem ditzy or absent minded or they may feel spacey. Often, people who are not grounded are very forgetful or lose things a lot.

Absorb Negativity 

Rings made entirely from hematite are usually sold in many crystal shops. You can absorb negative energy by wearing this on any finger. Once the ring is broken, it means it has absorbed enough negativity. So you can bury the ring to return the hematite back to the earth. 

With the modest act of bringing you back down to earth, hematite helps to calm a disturbed mind by giving you the focus and clarity you need to be in charge at the things you do. Regardless of how epic or small your progress every action you take with your eye on the goal is a step closer to dominating the world. Iridescent and dark, the hematite crystal helps one to see the silver lining in any situation, keeping your outlook upbeat and sunny even when it pours and rains. 

More effective and safer than antidepressants, hematite is a trusted and stable companion to keep by your side wherever you go. Incorporate it into your home, workspaces, and life to facilitate grounding, firmer boundaries, and a better sense of self.