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How To Cleanse Amazonite

Learn how to cleanse your Amazonite crystal to maintain its positive energy. Discover easy methods like water, earth, salt, and sage cleansing. Ensure your Stone of Hope stays pure and powerful. Read our expert guide now at Orgone Energy.

Feeling like your amazonite isn't quite firing on all cylinders? Maybe it's time to refresh its energy! Here's a guide to cleansing your amazonite to keep it working its crystal magic.


Known as the Stone of Hope, Amazonite has a reputation for attracting positive energy. Its easily recognizable greenish-blue color sets it apart. If you have recently purchased one or are in the process of purchasing one, you may be interested in learning how to cleanse your Amazonite crystal.


Just like any other crystal, it is important to periodically cleanse and charge your Amazonite to ensure you are harnessing its full potential and to demonstrate your care for it. The good news is that Amazonite is very easy to cleanse and charge, as you’re about to learn. This guide will walk you through the proper methods to cleanse your Amazonite crystal.


Do You Need to Cleanse Amazonite?


Orgone Energy Amazonite Crystal 


Crystals like Amazonite are thought to harbor vibrational energies that can influence our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. With time, these gemstones can accumulate negative energies from emotional baggage, personal interactions, and environmental factors.


It is necessary to cleanse amazonite to eliminate possible negative vibrations and restore their original positive energy.


Like a battery, a crystal’s energy can be depleted over time. A crystal’s energy can be depleted after use in energy work or simply through the effects of everyday life.


The charge replenishes the energy of the crystal and revitalizes it to its maximum energy.


Similar to other crystals, Amazonite undergoes a lengthy formation deep within the Earth, spanning thousands or even millions of years. Throughout this period, it absorbs energies from the earth, essentially “charging” itself in the process.


When introduced into your home or worn, it interacts with your aura, affecting energy balance within the body.


This allows the body to use this energy in a more balanced and harmonious way.

Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that the gemstone can absorb energies from itself and those around it.


Negative emotions, energies from others, or electrosmog can affect the crystal.


For this reason, cleansing your Amazonite is important to guarantee its energy stays pure and beneficial.

Cleansing eliminates undesired energies and charging introduces it to revitalizing and powerful energy. This process ensures the vibrational energy of your Amazonite is maintained at an optimal level, allowing it to operate optimally and bring you maximum benefits, whether you use it for meditation, healing, or as an integral part of your everyday life.

Keep in mind that the more you care for your Amazonite, the stronger its energies can become, allowing you to live a more harmonious and balanced life.

How Do You Clean Amazonite Stone?



Cleansing Amazonite, or any crystal, involves cleansing from various available methods. Choosing the right method depends on a few factors, like personal preferences, the availability of the resources, and the specific energy the crystal has absorbed.

This discussion examines some widely used methods:

  • Water cleansing
  • Earth cleansing
  • Salt cleansing,
  • Sage cleansing

Each method has distinct benefits and qualities for cleansing crystals while also restoring their natural energies.

By comprehending the nuances of each approach, you can make an informed decision based on their preferences and needs. It’s about choosing the method that resonates best with you.

To guide you through the process, here is a step-by-step guide to cleansing Amazonite, ensuring a thorough understanding of each method’s properties and the actual steps involved.


How to Cleanse Amazonite with Water


Wondering if Amazonite like water? Absolutely! Known for its calming properties and captivating color, Amazonite benefits from regular cleansing to maintain its pure energy.


Here is a quick guide to effectively cleanse your Amazonite with water.

  • Find a water source: If possible, find a natural water source. It could be a river, a stream, or an ocean. If these are not accessible, your home faucet may also work.
  • Hold Amazonite in water: Take your Amazonite stone in your hand and submerge it completely under water.
  • Visualize the cleansing process: Shut your eyes and envision the flowing water removing any negative energy from the crystal.
  • Let it soak: Leave the stone submerged for a few minutes to ensure it is completely cleansed.
  • Dry your crystal: Once this process is complete, remove your Amazonite crystal from the water and dry it with a soft cloth.
  • Rest and Recharge: Position your crystal in a quiet place to rest and charge after the cleansing ritual.


Keep in mind: Due to their composition, not all crystals can be safely cleansed with water. They may disintegrate or rust with time if exposed to moisture. Be rest assured with your Amazonite as it is perfectly safe with this method!


How to Cleanse Amazonite with Salt



Amazonite is valued for its calming energy and can accumulate negative vibrations that diminish its effectiveness.


Regular cleansing is essential to restore the crystal’s radiance and powerful energy.


The use of salt is particularly important in this process. Here’s a quick guide to effectively cleanse your Amazonite with salt. 


  • Find a suitable container: Select a container large enough to comfortably accommodate the sea salt and Amazonite stone.
  • Add sea salt: Fill the container with enough sea salt to completely cover the Amazonite.
  • Bury the Amazonite: Position the Amazonite in the center of the container, making sure it is completely covered in sea salt.
  • Wait overnight: Let your Amazonite rest in sea salt overnight. This gives the salt time to absorb the negative energy.
  • Discard used salt: Discard all used sea salt carefully after the overnight process.
  • Wash away remaining salt: Rinse the Amazonite under flowing water to eliminate any remaining salt from its surface.
  • Dry and store: Dry the cleansed Amazonite and store it appropriately until its next use.

Remember, this is merely one approach to cleanse your Amazonite stone. There are other techniques available that you may want to try depending on your preferences or situation.


How to Cleanse Amazonite with Earth


Amazonite can accumulate undesired energies over time, and an earth-based method can effectively cleanse it. The stone is buried in the earth so that it can release negativity and absorb new energy from the earth. Follow these steps for optimal results.


  • Find a suitable location: Choose a quiet, undisturbed spot in your garden or other outdoor space.
  • Dig a small hole: Create a hole deep enough to completely cover your Amazonite stone.
  • Place the Amazonite in the hole: Gently place the stone so that the earth completely surrounds it.
  • Cover the stone: Fill the hole entirely, making sure that no part of your stone is exposed to air or visible.
  • Wait a whole day and night: Allow your Amazonite to discharge the accumulated negative energy and recharge with the earth’s natural energies during this 24-hour period.
  • Unearth your Amazonite: After about 24 hours, return to your chosen location and carefully dig up your gemstone.
  • Remove remaining dirt: Gently brush any remaining dirt from your cleansed and charged Amazonite.

Remember that it is important not to touch the stone during the cleansing process. Therefore, make sure it is in a place where it can remain undisturbed for up to 24 hours.

How to Cleanse Amazonite with Sage or Incense


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Amazonite is also cleansed with sage or incense. Sage is a unique herb with a variety of healing properties. For sage cleansing, you will need a fireproof container, matches or lighter, and sage in bulk or packages.

  • Hold the Amazonite in one hand and gently waft the sage smoke over it using your other hand.
  • Let the smoke engulf the stone for approximately 30 seconds. If you feel it needs more, you can smudge it for another 30 seconds. Your stone is now ready.
  • When using incense sticks, you must first light the top of the incense stick until it smolders. Afterward, gently waft the smoke over your crystal to cleanse it from any negative energy.
  • Perform this in a well-ventilated environment to allow negative energy to dissipate while fresh air circulates.

Follow these steps to maintain the Amazonite energetically potent and healthy for healing, adjusting the frequency of cleansing based on the use of the crystal and energy exposure.

How to Charge Your Amazonite



Comprehending the concept of crystal charging is pivotal for those who want to unlock the full potential of their gemstones.


The charging process introduces an essential element of crystal healing, offering spiritual insights into this transformative practice.


From a spiritual standpoint, charging a gemstone such as Amazonite is akin to awakening its energy or spirit. Each crystal is thought to possess a unique “life force” or vibration.


Charging rejuvenates this life force, improving the properties of the crystal and better aligning it with your intentions.


This allows the crystal to respond better to your energy field, enhancing its ability to promote peace, healing, or whatever you are seeking.

Different Ways to Charge Amazonite



There are different methods for charging Amazonite, each tailored to different natural energies. These methods include sunlight, moonlight, and other crystals.

If you would like to learn more about how to charge and activate your crystal, you can explore how to charge your Amazonite to enhance its properties and bring added benefits to your life.

How to Charge your Amazonite with Sunlight



Sunlight is a powerful source of energy and many crystals, including Amazonite, respond well to its vibrant, life-force energy.


  • Select a location where the Amazonite can directly receive sunlight. This can be a sunny spot, a windowsill, or an outdoor garden.
  • Position your Amazonite in the desired location early in the morning, when the sunlight is still tolerable.
  • Allow your gemstone to bask in the sunlight and absorb its vibrant energy.

Remember to retrieve your Amazonite before midday to prevent prolonged exposure, which may cause the crystal’s color to fade.

How to Charge Your Amazonite with Moonlight



Moonlight is a more subtle, gentler energy than sunlight, but it is just as effective at charging crystals.

  • Choose a safe outdoor location, or on a windowsill where the Amazonite can directly receive moonlight.
  • Place the Amazonite in the desired location on nights when the moon is visible.
  • Allow it to absorb the moon’s energy throughout the night.
  • Retrieve your crystal in the morning before it is exposed to intense sunlight.
  • Please note that while these methods are widely used to charge crystals such as Amazonite, it is important to handle them with care and a deep respect for their inherent properties.

How to Charge Your Amazonite with Other Crystals

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Certain crystals, such as selenite and clear quartz, are renowned for their ability to amplify and charge other stones.

  • Before starting the process, make sure your selenite or quartz is cleansed as well. This can be achieved by exposing it to sunlight for a few hours or running it under clean and pure water.
  • Find a quiet and peaceful place where stones will not be disturbed. Place the Amazonite close to the chosen selenite or quartz.
  • Leave the stones in place for 24 hours. During this time, the charging crystal will cleanse and amplify the energy of the Amazonite.
  • After 24 hours, your Amazonite should be thoroughly recharged and prepared for use, now boasting a revitalized and improved energy field.

Remember, regular cleansing of your Amazonite crystals is advised to maintain their vibrational level.

Let your Amazonite Rest



After selecting your preferred charging method, allow your Amazonite to rest for optimal cleansing and revitalization. Depending on the size of the stone and the energy absorption, this rejuvenation process can span from some hours to several days.


Once your Amazonite has rested, it will be ready to be used in ritual or healing.


Find a secure place for it, away from any type of interference, such as electronic devices or items with strong energy absorption. Optimal lighting is ideal for this room. Consider visualizing a protective aura or using sage smoke as an added measure.

Please wait patiently for Amazonite to complete its charging and self-cleansing process. Allow it the time it needs without hastening the process.

Note: When incorporating smudging practices or choosing herbs like sage, it is important to be respectful and mindful of indigenous cultures. Specific types of sage, like white sage, have sacred meanings in these cultures.

To avoid cultural appropriation and foster cultural sensitivity, we highly recommend conducting extensive research before selecting a specific type of sage for smudging.

Have confidence in yourself, use the healing properties of Amazonite, and unlock your true potential.


Can Amazonite Go in the Sun?



Certainly! Amazonite thrives in sunlight. Like other crystals, they should always be cleansed and charged regularly in the sun.


This practice helps eliminate any negative energies it has absorbed from the environment and replaces them with positive energies.


However, exposure to sunlight should not be excessive, a maximum of 4 hours. This can cause discoloration that damages the gem.

To avoid discoloration, you can place your crystal on a window-sill as glass filters out much of the ultraviolet light that can lead to discoloration. Alternatively, expose them to the sun before noon in the morning when the sun is still mild. If you are in a cloudier environment or with a few days of sunshine, you may want to consider other methods of charging your Amazonite crystal.

Can I Put Amazonite in Salt?


Yes, you can place Amazonite in salt. Salt has a historical reputation for absorbing undesired energy from the environment and dispelling negativity. This can effectively clear your Amazonite of negative energy before it can be rejuvenated through the charging process.

However, dry salt is far preferable to salt water for cleansing Amazonite. There have been instances where the gemstone became brittle and eventually broke when immersed in salt water.

You need to make sure this method aligns with the needs of your Amazonite crystal. Otherwise, it is recommended to opt for other cleansing methods.

Amazonite Benefits



Amazonite offers a variety of benefits, from increasing courage and self-confidence to promoting calmness and balance in your life.

It is not just a captivating stone, but it is also a powerful instrument for personal development. With its calming energy, Amazonite sparks creativity and emboldens you to tackle challenges with optimism.

Wearing Amazonite as jewelry not only showcases its beauty but also offers a convenient way to embrace its benefits without the bulk of carrying a larger stone.


Even subtly hidden, it effectively protects against negative energies and cultivates inner harmony.


Incorporating Amazonite crystal into your daily life can have a profound impact on your well-being. Serving as a perpetual reminder of your capacity for greatness, it acts as a shield against worries or doubts at bay, resulting in an invigorated and balanced state of mind.

Final Thoughts



Cleansing Amazonite is an essential step in maintaining its natural energies and reaping its full benefits. This healing stone has been treasured for centuries for its ability to promote harmony, balance, and inner peace. And now with the knowledge of different cleansing methods at your disposal, you can choose the one that speaks to you the most.

Whether you prefer a water or earth cleanse, opt for salt or sage purification, each method has unique qualities that can benefit both the crystal and its owner.

Take some time to experiment and find what works best for you, as it is crucial to establish a strong connection with your Amazonite stone.

Remember to be patient and intentional while performing the cleansing ritual, as this will ensure optimal results.

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