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How to Reduce or Block EMF from Solar Inverters

It’s amazing to see many solar panels on top of houses nowadays and they are still popping up like gangbusters. With clean energy incentives and potential cost savings, it has been hard to resist jumping on the bandwagon.

But there are drawbacks - one of them being the extra electric and magnetic field EMF radiation they produce which has been linked to various health problems. At the basics, solar panels turn sunlight into electricity but they can’t be used. As soon as it hits those panels, it has to be changed. So it first has to travel through the wires and through something called an inverter. So the inverter is what changes it from raw solar energy to the proper voltage in your country. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about solar inverter radiation so you can make an informed decision and know how to decrease your risk.

Do Solar Panels Emit EMF Radiation?

Solar panels emit low levels of EMF radiation, which is harmless, although the entire solar system gives off dirty electricity, which can be a real problem. The dirty electricity generated increases EMF radiation in your home. Each of the solar components is equipped with modern electronics that emit low-frequency EMF and radiofrequency radiation. Solar inverters, for example, convert the direct current (DC) generated by solar modules into alternating current (AC) that can be used by different electronic devices. The inverter serves as a source of EMF and RF radiation, as it converts DC into AC.

The EMF radiation emitted is made up of protons that move at different frequencies and acquire different properties, while the RF radiation from solar panel inverters is non-ionizing. Like the cables that carry AC power from the inverter, solar inverters produce small amounts of electromagnetic radiation. The DC cables from the solar modules to the inverter do not emit the same EMF radiation like that emitted by the AC cables. DC cables only emit static magnetic fields when electricity passes through them.

How Does a Solar System work?

The solar system is made up of different components, each of which emits different types of radiation. These components can be divided into four (4) parts:

  • Solar panels
  • The wiring system
  • Solar controller or smart meter
  • The inverter

Since solar panels themselves do not emit dangerous electromagnetic fields, they do not expose you to high radiation risk. Solar panels only produce a low-voltage direct current that gives off small amounts of electromagnetic radiation. Additionally, the panels are mainly installed on roofs or outside the house, where they absorb the sun’s rays. Therefore, they are far from your body and although they produce high levels of electromagnetic radiation, they will not affect you.

When sunlight hits the solar panels, they convert the solar energy into electricity. Photovoltaic cells within solar panels can generate electricity from solar energy. The energy generated is transferred to other solar components through the onboard network. Connecting the solar panels to the inverter ensures that the generated direct current flows into the inverter and is then converted to a 120-volt alternating current, which powers all the electronic devices in your home.

Inverters are typically installed in the house. For instance, you can have a large inverter box near the main appliances in your home, or you can have a micro-inverter under the solar panels or closer to the solar panels. Micro-inverters transfer power to a larger inverter, which can then distribute the power to other devices. The electrical energy from the solar panels is clean, while the alternating current from the inverters gives off dirty electricity. Also, you can install a solar controller to regulate the level of electricity sent to the inverters.

Dirty Electricity from Solar Panel Inverters

Dirty electricity leads to unusable electricity that gets trapped in the wiring. When solar panels produce more electricity than connected devices need, the excess electricity is trapped in the wires. Modern electronic appliances are designed to use less energy, and consequently, unusable electrical energy is recovered due to the high-frequency voltage transients. Electricity trapped in the cable system increases the electromagnetic radiation in your office or home.

In most instances, dirty electricity is given off by devices with 50 or 60 Hz electrical systems, for instance:

  • When the inverter converts 60 Hz alternating current into low voltage direct current
  • When using high voltage alternating current
  • When devices are intermittently consuming power, they are consuming power in a smaller burst, usually within seconds, while the power continues to turn on and off

Converting low voltage direct current from solar panels to usable alternating current in your home creates dirty electricity. Dirty electricity builds up in your wiring system, which over time exposes you to high levels of electromagnetic radiation. If you are sensitive to EMF radiation, you are more affected. The radiation emitted by smart meters and inverters can be very detrimental to your health.

Are Solar Inverters Bad for Your Health?

To answer this question, remember that solar panels generate DC power that needs to be converted to AC power to power the electricity and appliances in your home. The solar inverter takes the high-current and low-voltage signals and converts them to 120 volts or 240 volts alternating current. It is this conversion that creates what we call “dirty electricity” (DE) or “microsurgical electrical pollution”

Solar modules generate direct current, which has to be converted into alternating current with an inverter. Dirty electricity is considered one of the top four concerns for a building biologist or other EMF consultant at home. Besides testing your home for radio frequencies, magnetic fields, and electric fields, the advisor will spend a lot of time measuring your DE fields, as these can be some of the most biologically harmful.

DE is also known as “hash”, “noise”, “transients”, “dirty power”, “electromagnetic interference”, and other terms. This is basically a modified sine wave on your 50 or 60 Hz power line (60 Hz in the US or 50 Hz in Europe). Frequencies or harmonics outside the standard 50-60 Hz cycle are considered dirty electricity.

If you are reading this blog, you’ve probably heard of EMFs, which cause health problems in some people. Even when we talk about electromagnetic radiation, we are talking about electromagnetic fields composed of magnetic fields, radio frequencies, electric fields, and of course, dirty electricity. Generally, DE is the most underrated and most misunderstood of the four main areas.

Solar Energy and Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)

People with electrohypersensitivity report a wide range of symptoms, including cognitive decline, memory problems, irritability, seizures, depression, anxiety, muscle weakness, insomnia, tinnitus, headache, and many more. Although these people are sometimes described as “overly sensitive”, this does not mean that they are the only ones affected. The body is an electrical being as it communicates through its electrical signals. When we expose the body to non-native electrical signals, such as electromagnetic fields, this communication can be disrupted.

We know from the work of Dr. Pall and others that electromagnetic radiation seriously affects our biology. As with many things, some people are affected more than others. Those who are “hypersensitive” can feel the effects of electromagnetic fields immediately and the symptoms can be exhausting. The interesting thing is that some sensitive people are more sensitive to radio frequencies, some are the most sensitive to magnetic fields, some are electrical, and some people have more trouble with dirty electricity.

How to Protect Yourself from Solar Radiation & the Dirty Electricity Associated with it?

Exposure to EMF carries obvious risks. If you have read them and are still interested in going solar, or if you are already going solar and just looking for ways to lower your risk, there are a few things you can do.

You can’t completely reduce your risk, but you can significantly reduce your exposure.

EMF Meter

The first step to reduce your exposure should be to buy a high-quality EMF meter. Look for a device that can detect RF, magnetic, and electrical radiation. You can find out by looking at what frequencies the device can detect. The lowest range (up to 3000 Hz) is electromagnetic and electric field radiation, with a very low frequency. The highest range (20 kHz to 300 GHz) is the high-frequency range. When you want to detect radiation from solar panels and associated equipment, you must be able to detect both extremely low frequency and radiofrequency radiation.

We generally recommend the TriField TF2, which can detect RF, magnetic, and electrical radiation with reasonable accuracy. It is easy to use and typically well-received by critics. Once you have purchased an EMF meter, use it to check your EMF levels before and after while making adjustments to your home and solar panel settings. You can do this by taking and saving measurements before implementing the changes and then repeating the process. If your changes were successful, you should see a decrease in EMF levels.

EMF Protection Device

If you have discovered that your solar system contains a smart meter, or if you want to sell the electricity to the utility company, you must find a way to address emissions from the smart meter. There are a few things you can do to get started. The first is to purchase the Dome Orgone Schumann Generator or Geoclense Negative Ion Generator. The highly protective Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators are powerful Orgone accumulators that neutralize and harmonize electrical wiring in your walls and dangerous Smart Meters.

This makes them an ideal energy balance for any electromagnetic fields in any room. Orgone Generator domes raise the vibrational healing energy of the magnetic grids and fault zones to a life-giving status, reducing the physical stress and mental health problems in places where solar panels are installed.

The GeoClense is another EMF protective device that offers protection against EMF radiation.

The Geoclense Orgone Negative Ion Generator consistently generates healthy beneficial Negative ions that work by harmoniously neutralizing harmful "dirty electricity" from the solar inverters and highly noxious smart meters, counteracting each one of these destructive energies such as radiation and electromagnetic frequencies.

Reduce your Home’s Overall EMF Levels

If you are planning to use solar panels, in addition to the steps above, you should also take steps to reduce the total amount of EMF radiation in your home. There are numerous changes you can make to lower the levels in your home - some are pretty simple and others require a little more effort. On the simpler side, you can swap out your CFLs and LEDs for incandescent bulbs.

When you’re ready to go the extra mile, hardwiring your internet connection is one way to drastically lower the EMF levels in your home. Also, you can check if your utility company is using a smart meter to monitor water or gas usage and install a smart meter cover if necessary. The EMF meter is a very helpful tool when it comes to bringing down levels in your home. Go from room to room through your home and take EMF measurements on the go. Note the levels in living rooms and heavily frequented areas of the house. Then make some of the changes suggested above and test your levels again.

Final Thoughts

If you are unsure about solar energy, familiarize yourself with some of the risks before making a choice. Solar panels have many advantages, but they also generate potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation. This EMF radiation has been associated with detrimental health problems. If you decide to give solar technology a try, there are several things you can do to make the technology safer.

The protective Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators is a must if your utility company uses one. And The Geoclense Orgone Negative Ion Generator are very effective in reducing the amount of dirty electricity in your home. Use a high-quality EMF meter to see before and after levels of changes.